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Mindset and Manifestation Coach and Yoga Instructor

Jackie Fernandes
14 Crestview Cir #165, Londonderry, NH 03053

Jackie Fernandes combines coaching and yoga to offer services to budding entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals.

Are you ready to launch your business?
Jackie is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach
helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their business.

Looking for the zen in life?
Corporate yoga programs resulting in happy and productive employees, decreased health insurance costs and stress reduction.

Can’t make it to a yoga studio?
Private sessions for individuals looking for a customized practice of their own. Whether you’re looking for a personalized practice, healing from injury, weight loss or stress management, I will customize a practice for you.

All services offered in person and online.

Category: Coaching, Yoga
Quick Facts:


Business and life coaching

Corporate yoga programs

Private yoga sessions

Customized packages


Phone/Skype 60 min sessions

Clarity foundational session

Identify barriers and limiting beliefs

Plot your path

Roadmap to success

Email support