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Molly McCarthy, LHMC, BHSP

Molly McCarthy
22 West St. Suite 4 Unit H, Millbury, MA 01527

Do you struggle with feelings of shame and other negative feelings about yourself? Do you struggle to create and maintain nourishing relationships? Is anxiety keep you stuck? For many people, past hurtful experiences or trauma continue to impact their ability to fully step in and create what they want in life. Feeling held back in this way is deeply painful. I help clients to heal from past traumas and hurtful experiences so that they can decrease anxiety, increase feelings of self-worth, and develop authentic relationships (both with themselves and others).

Working with me, we will integrate energetic, somatic and traditional forms of psychotherapy. Together we will address the underlying patterns and fears that are keeping you in survival-mode so that you develop the confidence and courage to move toward the life you want to live.

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Category: Counseling & Therapy
Quick Facts:

I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Massachusetts.


I am certified as a Brennan Healing Science practitioner.


I am a Certified Meditation Instructor.