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Remembering What Matters Most

Susan McNamara
268 Fomer Road, Southampton, MA 01073

Hi Everyone, my name is Susan McNamara and I am the author of the book Trusting Your Body: The Embodied Journey of Claiming Sacred Responsibility for Your Health & Well-Being and the founder of The Healer Within: A Unique Online Health & Healing Community for Women. I also created Remembering What Matters Most, a life-affirming business and movement focused on helping you discover what a human being actually needs to thrive and to live a life based on what matters most.

Whether it’s a yoga class, an online community, a workshop, a retreat in the mountains, sacred dance, or a book club, my aim is always the same: To support, educate and inspire you to live in health, and according to the real Truth of who and what you are. From there, everything is possible.

Category: Spiritual Education