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TeddyCanHeal - Healing Using Data

1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

Too many treatment options? Feeling confused? Do you need help knowing where to start or how to navigate the options available to you? Our data-driven software helps you evaluate the effectiveness of over 500 treatment and wellness options for a particular symptom before you start a new program. It takes away the guesswork from the process, saving time, money, and health. As new research appears, we alert you with the information. Our service can make a life or death difference for our users, and we already have a number of happy customers. Information and ratings are available for different treatment options. Please contact us for a free trial.

Category: Wellness Consultant
Quick Facts:

Features and benefits

Annual wellness tests

24/7 access to doctors

$0 copay

Data-driven health, weight-loss and wellness

Discounted MRI, x-ray and imaging

Discounted lab tests

Discount drug card

Membership to Global Self Employed Association