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Your Inner Spark, LLC

Rev. Theresa Pruett, RMT/M.Msc
31 Hilton Street, Manchester, NH 03104

Helping you to sparkle from the inside-out.
At Inner Spark we don’t believe in a bandaid approach and we don’t sugar coat Your Truth. Here you’ll always get what you need for your Souls Highest Good! 

When our body needs help, we seek medical attention. When our mind needs help, we seek therapy. But what about our soul and the effect our life has on it? Reiki can help you heal you from within your soul and sparkle once again from the inside-out so that you can become your absolute best version of yourself and help get you through all of life’s ups and downs.

We also offer intuitive guidance through the form of readings both in person and via email for those who seek assistance in navigating through difficult situations. Your Inner Spark offers ongoing Reiki certification and atunement courses to encourage clients to heal themselves and others from within. We will also be offering our own self care products to include essential oil blends, crystal bath bombs and wellness supplies.

At Your Inner Spark, we provide spiritual healing through forms of Reiki and intuitive guidance to help those who need assistance navigating the trials and tribulations of this life as well as past lives. We believe in a holistic approach to promote spiritual, mental and physical well being.


Geobase 27822 Theresa PiperUsui Tibetan Reiki Master Rev. Theresa Pruett, RMT M. Msc has been practicing spiritual development and Reiki for over 15 years and has helped countless souls find their true path to happiness. Your Inner Spark is a top rated service provider in New Hampshire receiving numerous awards.


Some of our 5 Star Google ratings & reviews:

Roy G. – Allenstown, NH

Theresa is a very gifted person that I’m very happy to have met and I will be seeing again very soon. I am what you would call a very tough case, meaning many layers To penetrate. I am sure that together we will get through them. The feelings of dis-pare and anxiety are beginning to disappear. Thank you very much Theresa!

Dorothy W. – Manchester, NH

 Theresa is a master of awakening your spirit in an honest and compassionate way. While I didn’t know what to expect, I started my journey with an open mind. Learning about your inner feelings and life challenges is the first step towards a more rewarding and enlightened life. I recommend taking the first step towards a journey of self awareness, healing, inner peace, gratitude and happiness. Thank you Theresa!

Julie B. NH

Theresa is amazing. She far surpassed my expectations of my first visit, and she spent an incredibly generous amount of time digging to figure me out, which she did miraculously. When I left, I felt 50 pounds lighter, and enlightened like you would when someone gives you a riddle you can’t solve, then you see the answer and are like, “Oh wow – the answer was before me the whole time – so crystal clear, yet I never saw it.” She is so gifted, genuine and spot on in her work. I can’t recommend her enough. I will definitely be going back. And recommending her to my friends. Thank you, Theresa. Today was really life changing, path altering, and freeing. I can’ t wait to continue my journey with her.

Dionna H. Nov, 2020

Theresa is soo special! This woman has a beautiful spirit and an infectious presence. I had a spiritual reading and it felt like she knew me, she knew my troubles she understood everything and helped me gain clarity and answers to things that I was unsure about and doubted. I love how sassy she is too! Haha I love her truth and rawness with you! We connected truly on a spiritual level! I was so fulfilled with this experience I ventured further and asked to be taken on as a student. It was a calling I have been fighting for some time. On another occasion we reviewed a great deal of information and she atunned me. It was beautiful and fulfilling. I was filled with so much confidence and desire to impact others with filling them up with light or healing their broken spirits. I am a clinician at my day job. So it was befitting! We truly and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company that day! I met her in the morning and stayed until the evening and it didn’t feel like soo much time had passed. She is truly passionate and very much soo talented at what she does! I am not one to really write reviews but she really does deserve the credit. It is not about what service she provides but more soo about who she is as a person. When you visit her, it is not an activity or a service, it is an EXPERIENCE! I can go on for days, but that’s enough for now. Just know you are truly appreciated! <3

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