March 2021 Daily Astrology

March 1: March begins under a string of soothing lunar aspects to Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter, the trio of planets holding court in visionary Aquarius. The egalitarian sign of the Waterbearer represents friendship and community consciousness. The Libra Moon’s predawn trine to Saturn has a stabilizing, calming effect. Early birds dutifully honor commitments and attend to chores. The Moon’s afternoon trine with Mercury fosters clarity of mind and facilitates communications. Brainstorming and strategy sessions are fruitful. Co-dependence can be a good thing. The workday is capped off by a feel good lunar trine to Jupiter. Some folks grow philosophical. Others tell long stories or share impressive dreams. Faith in a better future increases. What will be, undoubtedly will be good.
Moon in Libra.

March 2: The early going is tricky. The Libra Moon makes most souls keenly aware of essential partners and important associates. However, the Moon is at odds with Pluto this morning. Sensitivity is one thing, cooperation is another. Hypersensitivity can make teamwork a difficult proposition. Only the most skillful diplomats avoid bumping up against a partner’s boundaries. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course, easing earlier tensions. Regroup, consider alternative approaches. A little truth telling session could help clear the air. Late afternoon sees the Moon arrive in Scorpio. Further reflection may provide greater understanding of others as well as self-knowledge.
Moon in Libra v/c 9:009AM-3:38PM Moon enters Scorpio.

March 3: Overnight, the Scorpio Moon’s opposition with Uranus contributes to restless feelings. Dawn breaks with worldly cares weighing heavily. Fortunately, Venus is in a sextile to Uranus today. Love and kindness are the answers to every concern and worry. The midday period is especially cheerful. Hold successful meetings during lunchtime and the early afternoon. Go with the emotional flow, following your instincts and impulses. Evening brings more complicated thoughts and feelings. The Moon is testing Mercury and Jupiter. Words can beautifully capture moods or conversely, seem hopelessly inadequate. Forge ahead anyway. Do your best to express the secret longings of your heart. Knowledge may come via dreams tonight.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus sextile Uranus, Mars enters Gemini.

March 4: After a night of sweet dreams we are off on a solidly efficient morning. The Scorpio Moon is forming a productive sextile with Pluto. Resourcefulness is notable. Cooperative spirits work well together. Research and detective work yield good returns. Try to finish important projects before lunchtime. Late morning sees the Moon go void of course. As a result the afternoon pace slows dramatically. Even though expectations are inflated by Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter, it is best to hold off on entering into agreements, signing contracts or making major purchases. The void of course period ends this evening with the Moon’s arrival in Sagittarius but a lunar opposition to Mars is reason to proceed cautiously. Slow down. It isn’t until after nightfall that the coast is clear for adventuring. Think and dream big tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 11:10AM-5:43PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

March 5: A steadying lunar angle with Saturn bodes well for a fruitful morning. Diligence leads to success. The upbeat Sagittarius Moon is also at odds with Venus so it may feel as if a lot is happening all at once. Stay on the proverbial middle path, neither too high nor too low. to maximize your rewards. Distractions can delay work but morning social interactions can also be enjoyable. Moods change during the afternoon hours. The Moon is approaching her more challenging Last Quarter phase. Emotions run hot and cold. Some folks are prone to exaggerating their feelings. Others try too hard to please. Be realistic about needs. Temper enthusiasm and caring with understanding. The late night vibe is decidedly more upbeat.
Moon in Sagittarius, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 8:30PM.

March 6: The post-midnight hours scintillate. Insomniacs enjoy reading, catching up on the news and dreaming big. However, under a predawn lunar square to Neptune. fantasies may become unsettling. The Sagittarius Moon then goes void of course until well after nightfall, when she arrives in Capricorn. The daylight hours thus unfold in a less energized and unfocused fashion. The easy-going atmosphere lends itself to going with the flow. Enjoy hobbies and other creative outlets. However, numerous distractions are likely. Resist any temptation to draw irreversible conclusions, make major purchases or fateful decisions. The late night period brings improved clarity and renewed powers of concentration.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:44AM-9:20PM Moon enters Capricorn.

March 7: The pull of family ties may be surprisingly strong today. The Capricorn Moon is rightfully known as ambitious but she also nourishes deep appreciation for those who made life’s upward climb possible. A late morning lunar trine with Uranus expands that gratitude to include friends and other associates. Tip your hat to parents, teachers and other mentors. Don’t hold back with words of thanks. Another likely midday possibility is a trailblazing idea or performance enhanced by a new piece of high tech gear. Lunar harmony with Venus in Pisces promotes open-hearted, loving ties throughout the day. Some folks grow unexpectedly sentimental. Relish the tender moments and be sure to let others know how important they are to you.
Moon in Capricorn.

March 8: Early risers begin the day with a mix of old-fashioned, down to earth enthusiasm and missionary zeal. The dutiful Capricorn Moon is the motivating factor. Focus determines how much creativity fills morning routines. Take occasional timeouts to converse with your Muses and better angels. Art, music or Mother Nature can be creative catalysts. Intensity builds as we head towards the evening hours. The Moon is approaching a conjunction with Pluto. To get the absolute most out of this powerful union, put your experience, energy and skills to good use. Willingly help others. Teamwork can be mutually beneficial. Some folks feel they are at a physical or emotional breaking point but a void of course Moon period gives everyone an opportunity to unwind and refresh this evening.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 7:52PM-12:00AM.

March 9: At the crack of dawn eager beavers are off and running. Minds are sharp. Goals are clear. The intrepid Aquarius Moon is in a thrilling trine with Mars in Gemini. Energy supplies seem limitless. By midday, momentum could be interrupted as unexpected complications arise. After noon the Moon is triggering the tense square between Uranus and Saturn. Brace yourself. Be prepared to take a detour, face a delay or even have the rug pulled out from under your feet. Who is in control is an open question. Respect uncertainties. Adapt and plan as best you can. Expect partners to do likewise. At this late stage of the Moon’s cycle solutions may have to wait as situations, guidelines and goals are in flux.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-2:41AM Moon enters Aquarius.

March 10: Humanitarian and artistic impulses motivate today. Imaginations are stirred as the Pisces Sun passes by visionary Neptune. Idealism, love and compassion are enhanced by Venus’ close presence. Guided by higher sensibilities, responsive souls may find a charitable mission compelling. Progressives are also encouraged by a second powerful stellium composed of the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius. What best serves humankind is obvious. Personal opinions are clear. Exercise your right to free speech. Discuss principled philosophical interests with passion. Apply the concepts of positive thinking. Win friends and influence people using kindness, gentle humor and well-reasoned explanations. Support the people you love and causes you believe in.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:32PM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Neptune.

March 11: The waning Aquarius Moon is void of course early today. The slow start gradually gives way to renewed momentum when the Moon enters Pisces during the mid-morning period. This is the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle, a time for gathering in, resting and preparing for the coming New Moon. If you relax and go with the natural flow, emotional detachment and objectivity come more readily. However, the psychological undercurrents of Pisces can also be tricky to navigate. Keep your head above water. An evening lunar square to Mars in Gemini presents communication challenges. Think twice before speaking or acting. The late night period could bring an interesting breakthrough in self-awareness or insights about a friend.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-9:44AM Moon enters Pisces.

March 12: This final day of the lunar cycle is an unhurried, low energy affair. A magical Pisces stellium of the Moon, Venus, Neptune and the Sun dominates the day. Dreams may be prophetic or touch the deepest recesses of the psyche. Creative inspirations glow and come readily. Charitable motivations are also strong. However great the vision or worthy the cause, finding energy to act can be difficult. The lunar tide is out and as every good sailor knows, it’s easier to launch a boat on a rising tide. For now it’s better to rest or be content to dream up plans, gather information, people and other resources. Hold off on actually starting projects until tomorrow’s New Moon gives the Cosmic all clear sign.
Moon in Pisces.

March 13: Today’s predawn Pisces New Moon ushers in a fresh activity cycle. Actual and figurative seeds now planted are in deep, rich soil. The Moon, Sun, Neptune and Venus are joined together in a remarkable stellium. The fusion of faith, love and imagination have the power to change the world. A sextile from resourceful Pluto enhances the transformative potential. Set your sights high. Despite a substantial middle of the day void of course Moon period, what begins today has far-reaching and lasting impact. Tonight brings an Aries Moon and the exact conjunction of Venus and Neptune, an omen of love and beauty perfected. Turn to your Muses and express the artist within. If you need inspiration commune with the stars above, take in a movie or try your hand at poetry or photography. Remember to turn your clocks an hour ahead before going to bed tonight.
New Moon in Pisces 5:21AM, Moon in Pisces v/c 11:38AM-6:44PM Moon enters Aries, Venus conjunct Neptune.

March 14: In what has become a modern era ritual heralding the approach of spring, we turn our clocks an hour ahead today. Excitement about the coming season of rebirth is sparked the first thing in the morning. The waxing crescent Aries Moon is sextile Mars, encouraging speed in mental and physical activities. While the brisk pace may thrill some early birds, it’s wise to maintain self-control. Under a lunar sextile with Saturn, take time to reflect on recent events. Reassess unfinished business, as well as projected needs. After the recent retrograde and a nearly two month long visit, mental Mercury is poised at the final degrees of Aquarius. It’s an appropriate juncture to touch base with long time friends or look in on a neighbor. Wisdom and common sense are shared this afternoon. If you’re on the road driving, keep an eye on the speedometer.
Moon in Aries. DST begins.

March 15: There’s a nice energy flow to start the day. The Aries Moon is sextile optimistic Jupiter. The alignment fosters high hopes, enthusiasm, and friendly ties. Leadership abilities stand out even as team spirit is strong. The morning atmosphere is ideal for planning meetings, sales calls and informational presentations. The second half of the day sees new challenges. Mental Mercury is on the move, entering Pisces this evening. For a few hours the sign change could feel similar to a retrograde in its effect. Be prepared for moments of confusion. Keep close tabs on important items. We learn more by osmosis when Mercury visits the ultra impressionable Sign of the Fishes but a late night lunar square to Pluto could complicate matters. To best avoid the influence of needy or manipulative people screen your calls, if necessary. It’s okay to protect your physical and emotional space.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:40PM-12:00AM, Mercury enters Pisces.

March 16: Neptune, Venus and the Sun continue to shine as a beacon of peace and love from late Pisces. Today’s solar sextile to Pluto energizes the trio. The alignment bears testimony to love’s cousins, sympathy, empathy and compassion. Empowering others is uplifting work for everyone involved. More attuned souls may feel the presence of guardian angels and protector spirits. The day’s slow beginning gains momentum with the early morning entry of the Moon into Taurus. Here the Moon is sextile mental Mercury, a blessing for commuters as well as decision-makers. Mental gymnastics can be impressive as the Moon is also conjunct inventive Uranus late tonight. Be open to groundbreaking ideas and new technology. Networking is also favored.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-6:56AM Moon enters Taurus, Sun sextile Pluto.

March 17: Today’s comparatively mellow skies feature a waxing Taurus Moon. A wee hours of the morning lunar square with Saturn is the day’s only exact aspect. As a result, insomniacs may be beset by worries or the pangs of a loss. By dawn the somber mood has passed. A developing lunar square to Jupiter influences the slow but steady pace. Spirits gradually grow upbeat and more inclined to indulge. St. Patrick’s Day revelers, you’ve been warned, easy does it tonight! As midnight nears hopes and dreams intersect. There’s magic in each quiet, ordinary moment. One only needs to appreciate life’s multitude of gifts.
Moon in Taurus.

March 18: Rudolf Steiner, the 20th century German spiritual scientist, considered Thursday to be the best day of the week for planning meetings. Today’s stars reaffirm Steiner’s belief. The waxing Taurus Moon forms two uplifting noon hour aspects, favoring the constructive use of time, energy and money. Meetings feel empowering. Venus is also in a perfect trine with Pluto. Thus the workday hours are excellent for business as well as personal matters. People feel comfortable in themselves and in their relationships. There are profits to be made and partnerships ready to blossom or bear fruit. The most productive trends last through the afternoon. By early evening the Moon is void of course, just in time for a relaxed dinner. The Moon enters talkative Gemini after dark, launching flurries of texts, emails and social media posts.
Moon in Taurus v/c 4:40PM-7:47PM Moon enters Gemini, Venus sextile PLuto.

March 19: Sorting out priorities and schedules can be tedious work early this morning. The Gemini Moon is testing mental Mercury. Pay extra care to messages, phones and other communication devices. Take steps to avoid a misunderstanding. Tensions ease and productivity increases by mid-morning. The Moon is aligning with Mars and her own North Node. There’s no need to hesitate. The path forward is clear. A tempering lunar trine with Saturn sustains efforts. As a result, this shapes up as a highly constructive day. The Sun is at the final degree of Pisces. As we bid adieu to Winter and prepare to welcome spring it may be wise to look back on the wild events of the past three months. We have all lost and gained so much. As the actor, writer and painter John Lurie put it, “The sky is falling, I am learning to live with it.”
Moon in Gemini.

March 20: The Zodiacal journey begins again. It’s the Spring Equinox and a new astrological year! The daylight and nighttime hours are again equal. Take a deep breath and inhale a world in balance. Before sunrise the Sun enters Aries and the new season officially begins. A waxing Gemini Moon harmonizes with Jupiter, increasing expectations. The optimistic alignment also fosters a longing to have an adventure. The Moon simultaneously squares Neptune. Reading or flights of imagination can be just as educational as getting on a plane. A walk in nature may also be instructive. If running errands is on your schedule, don’t forget your shopping list. Pay close attention to the weather and be on the lookout for potential dangers. Nurture healthy habits tonight.
Moon in Gemini, Sun enters Aries 5:37AM, Spring Equinox.

March 21: It’s an eventful day. Word from an old friend could grace your morning inbox. The Moon enters her own sign of Cancer and promptly tests Venus and the Sun, both newly arrived in Aries. This First Quarter phase energy can motivate and easily amplify stresses. Stay calm. Don’t hurry. Balancing personal needs with those of family members may take up a good part of the morning but the afternoon is prime time for play. Mercury’s sextile with Uranus and Mars’ trine to Saturn put almost everybody in a happier, more relaxed mood. Explore something new and different. Spontaneity is encouraged, as are social mixers while keeping proper social distancing protocols. Later in the day those who have schoolwork or other responsibilities meet the challenges head on.
Moon in Gemini v/c 8:04AM-Moon enters Cancer 8:18AM, First Quarter Moon in Cancer 10:40AM, Mercury sextile Uranus, Mars trine Saturn, Venus enters Aries.

March 22: The waxing Cancer Moon increases nurturing and protective feelings. It’s fine to offer assistance or advice but don’t be overbearing. A pending square aspect between Mercury and Mars has impatient folks set on doing things their own way. Arguing is futile. Stand clear and let others proceed as they will. It may be painful to watch but making mistakes is the sure and universal path to knowledge and wisdom. It may come as something of a surprise but late tonight Florence Nightingales and other do-gooders find their kindness is well-received and much appreciated.
Moon in Cancer.

March 23: Feelings vacillate today. The morning hours are dominated by the Cancer Moon’s opposition with Pluto. Obsessive types are quick to engage others. Intentions may be good but not every person is open to conversation or compromise. Another reason to proceed with caution is mental Mercury’s testing angle with Mars. The two form a late night square, stirring impatience and possibly angry outbursts. Judgement and timing can be faulty. Slow down if you’re driving. By noon the Moon is void of course and emotions simmer down for several hours. Tempers may reignite this evening, after the Moon enters fiery Leo. Timely lunar trines to Venus and the Sun help some couples get past their differences, kiss, and make up. However, others may need more time to regain their composure. Tread softly.
Moon in Cancer 11:26AM-5:56PM Moon enters Leo, Mercury square Mars.

March 24: The morning hours require finesse. The Leo Moon is at odds with Uranus and Saturn. Sparks may fly. The ongoing unstable square between Uranus and Saturn is a major cause of uncertainty during all of 2021. Think of it as a year of evolving awareness and situations. As new realities emerge, corresponding steps have to be taken. We all must stay alert to which way the winds are blowing. Forces much larger than our individual selves are in play. Today’s testing period lasts until mid-afternoon. Be ready to improvise, invent and adjust plans. A change of outlook could be in the works. Easier, more productive energies are in place during the quieter late afternoon and evening hours.
Moon in Leo.

March 25: After a bright and hopeful early morning the Leo Moon goes void of course until nearly midnight. If you have important papers to review and sign, mail to send, or a big decision to make, do it first thing. The customary void of course rules apply to the rest of the day. Go with the flow. If you can, live your life as though it’s an unfolding stream of consciousness story. Activities that draw from the subconscious self can be successful and rewarding. Communicate with your inner child. Self-help work and counseling can be fruitful. Get creative. With the Sun and Venus conjunct, this could be a banner day for artists and designers. When it comes to business, stick to the tried and true. Put off new commitments and project launches until another, more auspicious time.
Moon in Leo v/c 9:27AM-11:25PM Moon enters Virgo.

March 26: Night owls take flight under a fine Sun/Venus conjunction. The passionate pairing is in early Aries. Be warned, too much late night fun and romancing can detract from the morning’s pressing business. The waxing, nearly full Moon is in Virgo. Her afternoon trine to Uranus favors those using their own inventive abilities. A fabulous idea could come in a variety of ways. Follow hunches. Listen to a friend. In an instant, a life-changing concept could flash across a computer screen. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches. This is one of those “nothing ventured, nothing gained” days. Unrest builds tonight as the Moon tests Mars and the Lunar Nodes. Doubt and uncertainty are usually reminders to be patient and wait.
Moon in Virgo, Sun conjunct Venus.

March 27: The swollen Virgo Moon is a reminder that Full Moon fever is at hand. Emotions are magnified. The Moon’s oppositions to Mercury and Neptune evoke deep compassion and longings. During the morning dreams and reveries may seem larger than life. The world could appear magical and entrancing one minute, or mysterious and unfathomable the next. Empathic hearts go out to those who have faced a loss or are disadvantaged. Lend a helping hand if you wish. Homebodies are advised to keep their feet planted on solid ground. Take care of basic chores and responsibilities. Clean, organize, recycle and repurpose. At sunset don’t forget to look east for the full moonrise. Cook a healthy meal. Serving others is deeply satisfying. Two heads are better than one this evening so have a confab with a trusted pal.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:48PM-12:00AM.

March 28: The Libra Moon is full at 2:48PM Eastern Daylight Time. Across the heavens in Aries are the conjunct Sun and Venus. It’s a dramatic time under a powerful configuration, spotlighting the give and take dynamic between self-identity and awareness of others. In pioneering Aries, the Sun/Venus tandem is a fine omen for loving bravely. Rifts may be exposed or ties may be strengthened. The Libra Moon is part of a fortunate Grand Trine configuration with Mars and Saturn. Extend the olive branch when and where it is warranted. Peace and healing are real possibilities for a great many partnerships. People instinctively know what to say and do to strengthen ties. Timing is good. Make a tactful effort to restore friendly ties. Regrets will be few.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-1:22AM Moon enters Libra, Full Moon in Libra 2:48PM.

March 29: With fallout from yesterday’s Full Moon gently settling and the Libra Moon in an upbeat trine to Jupiter, the workday plays out in comfort. Messages are received by open minds. Fleet-footed Mercury overtakes mystical Neptune, adding otherworldly charm and mystery to the proceedings. More impressionable than usual, minds work in curious fashion. Creative thinkers have an advantage. Those who cling to logic do well to double and triple-check facts and figures. The evening’s lunar square with Pluto could produce a few tense moments. Steer clear of those jealous types who deflate every feeling or idea they cannot comprehend. For artists, visionaries and movie fans, tonight’s vibe is perfection.
Moon in Libra v/c 8:08PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Neptune.

March 30: Overnight the Moon enters Scorpio. Some folks naturally play their cards close to the vest when the Moon visits this intensely curious but secretive sign. A late morning Venus sextile Saturn aspect suggests that talking about a private matter with a trusted, more experienced advisor could be a huge relief. The aspect also favors making longterm commitments. However, mixed trends are the story today. The Moon is soon at odds with unpredictable Uranus. By early afternoon, what had seemed settled this morning could suddenly again be in flux. The evening’s lunar square with Saturn can bring up doubts and insecurities. Before backing out of a deal, keep in mind that there will be opportunities to rework agreements over the next few days.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-1:33AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus sextile Saturn.

March 31: Given the celestial aspects, there’s every reason to believe that March will go out like a lamb. A noontime lunar trine to Neptune adds sweetness to the morning hours. People are happy to extend a kindness. The afternoon pace is busy, perhaps a little hectic but manageable. The Scorpio Moon is busy throughout the second half of the day, keeping folks attentive, engaged and productive. The Aries Sun is sextile Saturn, toning down personal impulses in favor of working as an effective and efficient teammate. Spirited cooperation continues into the evening when the Moon harmonizes with Pluto. Many hands make light work. It’s amazing what like-minded people can accomplish today.
Moon in Scorpio 8:29PM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Saturn.