March 2022 Daily Astrology

March 1: The void of course Aquarius Moon, at the end of her monthly cycle, holds sway this morning. Due to a steamy stellium of Venus, Mars and Pluto, relationships are complex, captivating and at times intensely dramatic. Aquarian-oriented folks play it cool, relax with the ebbing lunar tide and exercise careful restraint. Sensitive sorts are contemplative. Some are socially shy. Under these stars it is easy to drift in and out of inspirational reveries and imagined scenarios. The Moon’s late afternoon arrival in Pisces offers renewed emotional clarity. The Pisces Sun is nearly sextile Uranus. Psychic powers are enhanced. A strong sense of where things are headed is likely to be accurate. Emotional growth and spiritual evolution are favored as we head towards tomorrow’s Pisces New Moon.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-3:43PM Moon enters Pisces.

March 2: Pay attention, night owls. The visionary idea that sparks your imagination can herald a truly significant change. As dawn breaks though, it’s time to attend to practical affairs. Mental Mercury is conjunct serious Saturn as the midday Pisces New Moon signals it is safe to proceed with fresh projects. Most auspiciously, the Pisces Sun, Moon and Jupiter are in a favorable sextile angle with Uranus, the planet of genius and invention. The time is right for individual as well as collective leaps forward. Commit to your highest goals. Put your unique talents to good use. Maintain and develop professional and personal connections. Social and technological progress work hand in hand. Like-minded people make great things happen!
New Moon in Pisces 12:35PM, Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury conjunct Saturn.

March 3: A potent Capricorn stellium composed of Venus, Mars and Pluto provides the day with passion and intensity. Objectives are pursued enthusiastically. The concentration of some souls can border on fanaticism but great efforts do produce great results. A cooperative Pisces Moon infuses the productive afternoon hours with a great number of fertile ideas and missionary zeal. Human kindness is also abundant. Before nightfall the Moon is void of course. Passions ebb as darkness deepens. The evening hours are perfect for unwinding after the busy day. Tonight the barely visible waxing crescent Moon enters Aries and thoughts turn to new challenges.
Moon in Pisces v/c 4:45PM-7:52PM Moon enters Aries, Mars conjunct Pluto.

March 4: Due to a lack of planetary aspects, today holds an unusually wide range of inventive possibilities. We’re not exactly working on an empty canvas. Under a waxing Aries Moon positive thinking and a pro-active approach tend to generate their own rewards. Where attention is focused determines what type of day you’ll have. Choose your objectives wisely. A pending conjunction of the Pisces Sun and Jupiter, exact tomorrow morning, inspires and inflates numerous hopes and dreams. Spiritual and artistic sensibilities are heightened. Helpfulness and self-sacrifice are prompted. Before taking on a challenge make sure there are real benefits to be had from your efforts.
Moon in Aries.

March 5: Early birds greet the day with a clear sense of purpose. The guiding words of mentors, teachers and parents easily come to mind. A mid-morning conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter motivates some folks to set out, eager for an adventure. Enjoying life is encouraged and so is sharing exuberant feelings. Confidence builds. Imaginations awaken and hopes are high. The Aries Moon forms favorable alignments with Saturn and Mercury, sustaining responsible behavior while running errands close to home or taking off on a lengthy journey. Be attentive to partners tonight. A long ago or forgotten incident could be subtly coloring moods as well as expectations. If you feel inclined, share the secrets of your heart.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:02PM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Jupiter.

March 6: Today is complicated. During the wee hours of the morning Mars and Venus enter Aquarius within minutes of each other. The waxing crescent Moon soon enters Taurus and tests the dynamic duo. Familiar emotional patterns are being stirred. It may be clear that needs are changing. To get what we want, action has to be appropriate. If you can’t sleep, sit with feelings, breathe deeply and relax. By daybreak the skies are calmer. Enjoy favorite pastimes and pleasures. Savor the people, places, tastes and sounds of your choosing. Later in the day restlessness increases again. For those who feel stuck and long to reinvent themselves, an extraordinary idea or experience late tonight can offer comfort and hope.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-3:00AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus conjunct Mars, Mars enters Aquarius, Venus enters Aquarius.

March 7: With its mix of celestial influences, today offers a variety of options. The Taurus Moon activates the weakened square between Uranus and Saturn. A test of will could play out. At heart is a desire to break free of restrictive situations. Fortunately, the waxing Moon is also in harmony with Jupiter, the Sun and Neptune. Magic is afoot this morning. These soothing aspects foster happiness, empathy and inventiveness. Expect miracles and blessings! Humanitarian impulses are also sustained. Wisdom suggests following a path of ease. Seize upon lucky opportunities and walk through open doors. Remain steadfast, helpful and kind, human qualities that are the surest ways to transcend both temporary and longterm hurdles.
Moon in Taurus.

March 8: After careful consideration the day commences with serious intentions and initial progress. Apparently all the bases as well as the contingencies are covered. But then, by mid-morning, the Taurus Moon is void of course. Complications are likely to arise. Take a step back if you run into an obstacle. A hesitant or delayed partner could make matters more difficult. The tide will soon turn. By early afternoon the Moon is in vivacious Gemini where she forms energizing trines to Mars and Venus. Moods brighten, networking is fun and the afternoon hours are notably fruitful. Under Venus’ loving umbrella, an evening get together is a sparkling good time.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:35AM-1:40PM Moon enters Gemini.

March 9: The Gemini Moon speeds steadily along through the Sign of the Twins. Moods are light and breezy. Senses are alert. Many people are eager to learn. Mental Mercury spends most of the day at the final degree of Aquarius. The placement can bring long ago friends and memories to mind. A reunion could occur. In true Gemini fashion, we may feel as though we are in two places at once, both feet firmly planted in the present moment yet able to make forays into the past. Tonight brings interesting developments. Mercury enters Pisces and the Moon tests Jupiter. Mental agility may be required as emotions are likely to surge and mindsets can quickly change in the fluid atmosphere.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury enters Pisces.

March 10: The waxing Gemini Moon reaches the motivating First Quarter stage early this morning. The Moon’s simultaneous trine to Saturn also has a galvanizing effect. For early risers, goals and motives are clear. However, second thoughts, missing pieces and nagging doubts increase over the course of the morning. Plans may have to evolve quickly and creatively. By noon the Moon is void of course and waning enthusiasm can give rise to additional unanswered questions. Let your attention wander where it will. Mental drifting can actually be helpful. Mercury, positioned at the first degree of Pisces, channels a smorgasbord of potential creative solutions. Some proposed plans may seem unrealistic at the moment but the coming week could see those schemes revisited and put into action.
First Quarter Moon in Gemini 5:45AM, Moon in Gemini v/c 11:43AM-12:00AM.

March 11: During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon enters her own sign of Cancer. Five of the ten major planets are now in water signs. Feelings and instincts are front and center. The Pisces Sun is sandwiched between Jupiter and Neptune, two planetary sources of endless hopes and wishful thinking. For some folks, idealism is peaking. This morning the Moon is nicely aligned with mental Mercury, recently arrived in Pisces. Their trine aspect fosters a healthy balance of intellect and instinct. This is a solid day for making decisions based on wisdom and emotional intelligence. Listen and believe in your hunches and premonitions. Intuitive faculties remain strong past midnight tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-2:24AM Moon enters Cancer.

March 12: The waxing Cancer Moon, nestled in her own sign of Cancer, makes a series of strengthening and encouraging alignments. A post-midnight lunar sextile to Uranus gets the ball rolling. Night owls feel expansive. The future looks promising. The idea that better days are coming is reinforced by the Moon’s subsequent trines to Jupiter, the Sun and Neptune. The potent trio of planets is holding forth in mysterious Pisces. Faith is a powerful ally on this day of wonder and delight. Optimistic feelings dominate the midday period. Brunches and lunches are gregarious and celebratory. Gratitude permeates hearts and minds. Creative as well as spiritual practices are encouraged. Museums, movies and other art forms inspire appreciative audiences while artistic output can be prodigious. Count your blessings and enjoy life.
Moon in Cancer.

March 13: Here in Massachusetts we move our clocks ahead one hour shortly after midnight. The shift to Daylight Savings Time is always disorienting but the early morning stars help soften rude awakenings. The Sun is conjunct Neptune, the planet of dreams, fantasies and unconditional love. There are numerous inspired possibilities, including forgiveness, kindness and sacrifice above and beyond what is considered duty. The Cancer Moon is opposite Pluto shortly before noon. The delicate angle can represent a deepening divide or restitution and healing. Handle partners with care. Avoid stirring up or compounding trouble. Take yourself and others lightly. Be cooperative. A midday void of course Moon period favors relaxing for a few hours. By late afternoon the Moon is in Leo, where she lights the fires of joyful self-expression. Have fun but watch your speed late tonight.
Moon in Cancer 11:44AM-3:32PM Moon enters Leo, Sun conjunct Neptune, Daylight Savings Time begins 2:00AM.

March 14: The big-hearted Leo Moon faces challenges. The morning’s lunar oppositions to Mars and Venus spark desires for social interactions. Needs can be intensely felt. There is a balancing act that occurs in all close friendships. Today’s stars highlight stylistic differences but working together, agreements can also be reached. Increase joy and trust by sharing mutual concerns and interests. Space must also exist in partnerships for each person to feel nourished and empowered. Make room for a healthy give and take. The Moon’s mid-afternoon square with Uranus requires calm and humility in the face of unexpected events. Be quick to regroup if plans fall apart. The evening hours are quieter and more relaxed.
Moon in Leo.

March 15: The waxing Leo Moon makes a tense opposition to Saturn early this morning. Duty calls insistently. However, inertia may stem from any number of worries and insecurities. The early morning Moon/Saturn opposition does evoke perfectionistic tendencies. It also underscores inadequacies and fears of falling short of goals. Fortunately, limiting thoughts and emotions soon fade under brightening skies. After testing Saturn the Moon is void of course for the remainder of the day. Imaginations are freed to improvise and be spontaneous. Mental Mercury’s approaching alignments with Uranus and Jupiter reassure doubters and energize visionaries. Put your improvisational talents to use today.
Moon in Leo v/c 6:56AM-12:00AM.

March 16: The Full Moon’s feverish pitch turns up a notch with the Moon’s post-midnight entry into Virgo. The Full Worm Moon is this Friday. Communications can be tricky today. Offer suggestions and advice to those who ask. Do what you can to stay in synch with partners, friends and coworkers. Many people strive to improve on the job performances. A late night lunar opposition to Mercury keeps the focus on being helpful. However, iconoclasts and more independently minded souls are unlikely to be receptive. Still, with the Moon also in trine to Uranus, better ideas are waiting to be discovered. Look far and wide for inspiration.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-12:59AM Moon enters Virgo.

March 17: Some will swear from the get go that the Moon must be full. In fact it will look full this evening and reach exact fullness during the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Game on. An early morning sextile between Mercury and Uranus puts senses on high alert. Minds tend to race at hyper speeds. Imagined possibilities and outcomes have added potential for eventually manifesting. Follow your inner guidance. Even if it leads you on a circuitous route, the result is likely to bring happiness. The swollen Virgo Moon opposes Jupiter and Neptune today. Take a magical mystery tour through your imagination. Tap into wisdom teachings and artistic traditions from the four corners of the globe. The power to dream true is enhanced. Imagine the world you’d like to live in.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury sextile Uranus.

March 18: As the Virgo Full Worm Moon soars across the heavens. bright moonlight keeps many folks awake long past bedtime. Transformative healing experiences, self-acceptance and spiritual awareness are all intensified by the celestial forces. The curative effects of the natural world as well as inspiring arts may be felt. Threats to our clean air, water and food supplies may be in the news. Come early morning the Moon moves on into Libra. Common interests can bring estranged partners back to the bargaining table. The Pisces Sun’s mid-afternoon sextile to Pluto will see significant deals struck. The evening social prospects are promising. A meetup with frisky friends can be pure joy.
Full Worm Moon in Virgo 3:18AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 4:11AM-7:26AM Moon enters Libra, Sun sextile Pluto.

March 19: This is the last full day of the Sun in Pisces, AKA the end of winter and the Zodiacal year. As we reach this delicate point of completion the potential of the new year also entices. Take a timeout sometime today and review the achievements, lessons and joys that mark what has for many of us been a challenging journey around the Sun. Don’t get stuck in remembrances. Learn from the past and begin charting a new course. Venus’ square with Uranus shake things up socially. It may also rattle financial markets or bring an unexpected expense. Fortunately, the Libra Moon is in a helpful trine with Saturn this evening. Experience guides decisions. Resolve is strong. Listen to the voices of people who have been tested, yet succeeded.
Moon in Libra, Venus square Uranus.

March 20: Shedding old attitudes, outworn clothes and things as well as uncomfortable situations preoccupies many minds this morning. As noon approaches a gigantic shift occurs. Spring arrives as the Sun enters Aries and moments later the Moon enters Scorpio. Happy Spring Equinox! We stand on the breathtaking threshold of the new season and a new astrological year. Both events are cause for celebration and with Mercury moving into a conjunction with Jupiter, optimism prevails. Eager anticipation lightens hearts but some work remains to be done. Give serious thought to the actual requirements of getting where you want to go. Dare to dream but a game plan for the coming year is an essential tool, the clearer the better. Today’s Scorpio Moon is a timely asset for addressing the details.
Moon in Libra v/c 8:40AM-11:45AM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun enters Aries, Spring Equinox.

March 21: Mixed trends make for an uneven first full day of Spring. The morning hours require poise as the Scorpio Moon tests Mars and Uranus. The commute can be a stressful lesson in passionate patience. Watch your speed and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. If you must take a detour, pay attention. Computer and cell phone issues may also complicate matters. Walk on eggshells with certain partners, especially where teamwork is a necessity. The upbeat afternoon hours are more conducive to peaceful relations. Welcome news is heard this evening, a fine time for mind and heart-opening discussions. Bedtime prayers are answered. If you have a need late tonight, ask for help.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

March 22: Size up challenges and put your mental, physical and emotional powers to work this morning. At midday the waning Scorpio Moon is sextile Pluto, a good omen for marshaling resources and making things happen. The prime fruitful period concludes at noon when the Moon begins to travel void of course. A desirable long lunch break may or may not be a luxury you can afford. Either way, relaxing won’t come easily. By mid-afternoon the Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius. However, resuming activities is complicated by Mar’s late afternoon square with Uranus. This is a volatile combination, warranting extreme caution and a probable cause of interruptions. Be patient with yourself and others. Use the greatest care while operating machinery of any sort. Evening at last brings much needed calm.
Moon in Scorpio v/c12:01pm-2:59PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mars square Uranus.

March 23: The Sagittarius Moon hooks up with Mars and Venus and we are on a fast track. As a result the day begins at a breathtaking pace. Energy levels are elevated and challenges are welcomed but a new wrinkle soon surfaces. Mental Mercury’s early afternoon conjunction with Neptune can have a surrealistic impact. Use your suddenly potent imagination. Reveries may tap into spiritual traditions and Mother Nature’s primal wisdom. Daydreams offer inspiration and direction. The commonplace can seem quite extraordinary. Seeing the world through rose colored lenses is a first rate blessing. A fondness for fun, companionship and romance brightens the evening mealtime. With the Moon engaging both Venus and Jupiter, appetites are joyously excessive.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct Neptune.

March 24: Be on guard against misplacing items early today. Oversights and missed messages can also cause problems. Thoughts may be carried off to greener pastures while the Moon is at odds with Neptune and Mercury. The Moon is void of course by mid-morning. Easy-going, ambiguous moods persist until evening. Correcting mistakes can eat up a good part of the day so avoid making them. Pay attention. The ambivalent, less energetic atmosphere is fine for entertaining different ideas and philosophies but the Aries Sun is pushing for action. Some things will just have to wait until evening when the Moon arrives in ambitious Capricorn. However, the cautious Moon is at odds with the more impulsive Sun tonight. With an approaching Last Quarter Moon don’t expect everything to go smoothly on the first try.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 8:59AM-5:54PM Moon enters Capricorn.

March 25: Post-midnight Quarter Moon energy can cause bouts of restlessness. To ease any angst, a loving conversation with your inner child could be the key to peaceful sleep. With the Moon in “no pain no gain” Capricorn hard work is satisfying today. The afternoon’s lunar trine to Uranus increases feelings of camaraderie and makes some folks feel lucky. Shortcuts are appealing. Computer technology enhances progress. Phone calls and social networking can also be advantageous. Today’s gains coupled with fortuitous evening stars elevate moods. A party-like atmosphere prevails as the weekend begins.
Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 1:37AM.

March 26: Clever minds are quite capable early today. Thoughts and words are precise. Assessing the hidden potential in various situations and people is assisted by Mercury’s sextile with Pluto. Notable discoveries are also likely to be made. Consider making investments and what possessions might be put to better use. A mid-morning lunar sextile to Neptune contributes a sense of artistic possibility. Kindness also has the power to inspire creative souls. Minds and senses are sharp throughout the day. The Capricorn Moon overtakes Pluto this evening, a good omen for sharing honest feelings. Make sure protective maternal instincts are not also controlling. An ensuing lunar sextile with Mercury helps keep conversations on point and meaningful. The late night hours are mellow.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 7:51PM-8:55PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury sextile Pluto.

March 27: During the wee hours of the morning Mercury joins the Sun in Aries. Speech becomes a more forceful and sharp-edged tool so choose your words wisely during the coming days. For those anxious to know, we are still a month away from Spring retrograde season. Steady on. The waning Aquarius Moon and Aries Sun make a stabilizing sextile this morning. Hearts and minds tend to be in agreement. Tensions gradually increase during the afternoon. A lunar square with Uranus raises anxiety levels as perfectionists and controlling personalities face unforeseen developments. Stay calm. Don’t overreact to a minor inconvenience or more serious difficulty. Live and let live. Most of all, stay true to the spirit of friendship.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury enters Aries.

March 28: A powerful Aquarius stellium is today’s big story. Between the post-midnight hours and late morning the waning Moon passes over Mars, Saturn and Venus. Some encounters may seem as though they are arranged by Fate. You may recognize such an occurrence by an instant sense of familiarity, haunting karma or bona fide magnetic attraction. On a professional level, business meetings can be sensationally fruitful. Because the ‘make it or break it’ Venus/Saturn conjunction is exact this afternoon, other partnership journeys may reach the end of their road. By then the Moon is void of course and pondering the day’s earlier developments can be all consuming. It’s best to wait on final decisions until tomorrow, when the Moon’s arrival in Pisces presses the Cosmic reset button.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:11AM-12:00AM, Venus conjunct Saturn.

March 29: The waning Moon enters Pisces shortly after midnight. Here she sensitizes feelings and stimulates imaginations. Dream scenarios can be intriguing. Happy or sad, past events have ways of influencing moods throughout the day. At this late stage of the lunar cycle it is best to tie up loose ends and complete work rather than start new projects prematurely. After nightfall today’s sole exact alignment tightens, a lunar sextile to Uranus. The aspect promotes friendly ties and strengthens bonds among those who share common causes. It also fine tunes intuitive abilities. Heed your own psychic impressions and hunches or listen attentively to those evolved souls possessed with the gift of foresight..
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-12:32AM Moon enters Pisces.

March 30: The Moon, Jupiter and Neptune, grouped together in Pisces, bestow faith, optimism and trust in higher powers. Today does bring heavenly moments of sweetness, love and light. Still, it is best to be cautious. The key thing is believing in people who are genuinely as advertised and truths that are legitimate. In this age of instant communications, rumors, distortions and lies swirl daily. Mercury’s proximity to the Aries Sun breeds excitement. The pairing also leads impatient folks to jump to conclusions. Don’t abandon logic. Facts speak for themselves. Opinion pieces are tailored messages, almost always containing hidden agendas. Mull things over late in the day. Tonight, Pluto in Capricorn, ever the realist, urges savvy pragmatism.
Moon in Pisces.

March 31: This final day of March happens to be the last day of the monthly lunar cycle. By dawn today the waning crescent Moon is in impulsive Aries. At this phase the typical burst of Aries energy, is toned down. Take it easy. Pace yourself and be patient. The first half of the day is a little too early to safely begin new ventures. As afternoon progresses the Moon nears a conjunction with Mercury. The pairing makes mental gear wheels churn. Thorough, well thought out planning is advisable. Because Aries’ sign ruler Mars is about to conjunct perfectionistic Saturn, no detail is too small. Good timing is also essential. Hold off on launching projects until after we turn the calendar page and April begins. The Moon will be new early tomorrow, about two hours after midnight, and that’s no joke.
Moon in Pisces v/c 2:37AM-5:30AM Moon enters Aries.