May 2020 Astrology Forecast

May 1: May Day begins with a cheerful early morning sextile between the playful Leo Moon and charming Venus in Gemini. It’s time to fall in love with living. These early hours are well-suited for welcoming in this merriest of months. All seems bursting with the promise of spring. Enjoy a sunrise meditation, walk or solo turn around the Maypole. If you’re housebound, stick your head out the window and savor the fragrance of dewy blossoms, lilting bird calls and new greenery. For those caught up in their self-isolation, the lack of social contact may grow wearisome. By midday the Moon is in a restless opposition to Mars. Frustrations peak during the noon hour but the Moon then begins a substantial void of course period, lasting past midnight. Use the mellower second half of the day for artistic interests, hobbies and other pleasures.
Moon in Leo, v/c 12:04pm-12:00AM.

May 2: During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon enters earthy Virgo where she complements the even more grounded Taurus Sun. The harmonious balance between the two celestial lights puts the day on secure, fertile footing. Garden work and planting are facilitated. Additional afternoon lunar alignments with Uranus and Mercury foster a lively, intellectually curious atmosphere. Computer driven technologies prove to be great vehicles for mind expanding experiences. Discussions and social media networking may be eye-openers. Humanitarian causes are also well served. Get the latest info on developing trends in healthcare and politics. Pleasing and harmonizing trends continue until midnight. Enjoy.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-1:35AM Moon enters Virgo.

May 3: Those on the mystic highway will enjoy today’s swirling atmospherics. The Virgo Moon and Venus in Gemini both test Neptune, forming a tricky T-square configuration. Gateways to spiritual realms and creative inspirations are open. Morning meditations and reveries can be deep. However, Neptune also presents challenges. Emotional needs are keenly felt and open hearts may feel vulnerable. Handle loved ones with care. In practical matters, maintaining focus and initiative are big hurdles. Mysterious Neptune has also been known to induce unrealistic fantasies. Fortunately, evening brings the Moon into stabilizing and constructive alignments with Pluto and Jupiter. Second efforts and resourceful ingenuity resolve metaphysical as well as practical problems.
Moon in Virgo v/c 10:45PM-12:00AM, Venus square Neptune.

May 4: An early morning lunar trine to Saturn sounds a call to duty. The waxing Libra Moon answers, calling all hands on deck. Coordinate efforts with family, friends and co-workers. The added efficiency is well worth the effort it takes to get everyone on the same page. Mental Mercury overtakes the Taurus Sun late this afternoon. While the sign of the bull is often billed as the most stubborn of the zodiac, minds may be surprisingly supple as eccentric Uranus orbits a few degrees away. However, it’s best to avoid making flip comments or hasty judgments. Hold fast to the moral high ground, putting the needs of partners and community first. Others are likely to respond in kind to a good example.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-3:09AM Moon enters Libra, Sun conjunct Mercury.

May 5: The morning hours are quietly pleasant. The Libra Moon is nearing a beguiling noon hour trine to Venus, lifting moods and stimulating generous impulses. Be in touch with beloved friends, neighbors and family. The evening’s mixed trends lead into a complicated emotional landscape. The Moon is forming an airy grand trine with Venus and Mars. Although it’s a rarity these days, an old-fashioned hug can feel fulfilling. For many, on line conferencing must suffice. Testing lunar squares with Pluto and Jupiter may give rise to second thoughts. With certain individuals, knowing the right thing to do or say could be an adventure. Raise your psychic antennae. Be alert to subtle, between the lines messages. With the Lunar north node slipping into Gemini, don’t miss out on the chance to make peace.
Moon in Libra v/c 10:31PM-12:00AM.

May 6: As the Moon waxes in Scorpio the emotional pitch rises. A tense T-square sees the sensitized Moon opposite unpredictable Uranus while both stars test stoic Saturn. During this era, when uncertainty is prevalent in so much of the world, this is another “anything goes” day. Avoid making unforced mistakes. Slow your pace. Stay humble and treat others with respect. Give partners emotional as well as physical space. The same energies are potentially transformative. Progressive types rise to meet daunting challenges. Mental Mercury is nearing a healing sextile with Neptune, alerting hearts and minds to the the needs of less fortunate souls. Help if you can. A simple caring hello, text or phone call may make a huge difference in someone else’s day.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-3:05AM Moon enters Scorpio.

May 7: Today’s early morning Scorpio full Moon puts the focus on emotionally charged, life and death concerns. Who wields power may be the underlying thread tying numerous points of conflict together. This is the annual “Wesak” full Moon, when the spirit of Buddha is said to return to the earth plane. If things get tense, practice the art of non-attachment. Stay in the present. It may help to keep in mind that the ego’s two main defense mechanisms are anger and self-righteousness. The former covers up an underlying fear, the latter, repressed guilt. Tonight, an overheated lunar square to Mars suggests progressives feel frustrated. Fortunately, the Moon is also favorably aligned with Pluto and Jupiter, raising hopes that substantial accommodations can yet be made.
Full “Flower” Moon in Scorpio 6:45AM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 10:39PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Neptune.

May 8: After the sultry intensity of yesterday’s Flower full Moon, today brings a change of pace. Now in Sagittarius, moods are naturally more relaxed, tolerant and easy-going. An early morning lunar sextile with Saturn motivates those shouldering chores and responsibilities. Mental Mercury is nearing powerful trine angles with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Expect to connect some dots. The time is ripe for increased self-awareness. Profound insights into the forces prompting personal issues as well as behind world events are probable. Relationships may benefit from a sudden perception or appreciation of a talent or strength. Don’t hold back, share your thoughts.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-3:15AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

May 9: Mercury’s mid-morning trine to Pluto is an excellent auspice for spring clean outs in any part of your home. From basement to attic there are items waiting to be dusted off, repaired, polished, repurposed or given away. The stars encourage the better use of assets as well as space. Exhaustive research and workouts are also encouraged. As midday nears less certain energies are in place. The Sagittarius Moon is testing Neptune and Venus this afternoon. There could be confusing messages from partners or the pangs of unrequited love may be felt. Be gentle in matters of the heart. It’s also wise to be extra careful with money under these auspices. Night owls could hoot up a storm as the Moon nears an energizing aspect with Mars.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury trine Pluto.

May 10: Happy Mother’s Day! Insomniacs are likely to dwell on the past. What I would give to be able to hug my Mom. If yours is still with you, let her know how much she is loved and appreciated. Give kudos to all the nurturers in your life! Happy trends dominate. Before sunrise the waning Moon enters tradition-loving Capricorn. A building lunar trine to Uranus strengthens team spirit. The universality of human emotions is enhanced by mental Mercury’s trine to Jupiter and the Taurus Sun’s sextile to Neptune. Optimism and empathy rule the day, fine omens for trust, faith and optimism. Late tonight Mercury is nearing a taut square with Mars. Easy does it. Watch your temper and use a soft tone of voice. Slow down.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 2:11AM-5:39AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun sextile Neptune.

May 11: Minutes after midnight lord of karma Saturn turns retrograde in early Aquarius. Recent events have focused attention on emerging new leaders as well as shifting collective needs and priorities. Some bosses will soon double down on their values and efforts. Saturn can delay progress but in the end it usually delivers the goods. Mental Mercury’s afternoon entry into Gemini may cause momentary confusion or a misunderstanding. Pay close attention. By nightfall minds and senses are again in fine working order. Fortunately, the Capricorn Moon is well-aligned with Neptune and the Taurus Sun. Regardless of the challenges, don’t give up. Steady on is the way to go.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury square Mars, Saturn Retrograde, Mercury enters Gemini.

May 12: Self-quarantining can be a tough pill to swallow this morning. Early birds are eager to share thoughts and feelings as the Capricorn Moon trines Jupiter. A lazy void of course Moon period follows, slowing the morning pace. Just before noon the Moon arrives in Aquarius, opening the curtain on today’s second act. A lunar trine to mental Mercury sharpens tongues, senses and minds. The Moon is also conjunct retrograde Saturn. With Saturn also in trine to Mercury, many folks show preternatural wisdom beyond their years. Feeling discouraged, a few may sink into a funk. Imminent celestial events indicate important changes are afoot. Work to maintain a positive outlook. New pathways will soon appear.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 6:30AM-11:39AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury trine Saturn.

May 13: The wee hours of the morning see two important astrological occurrences. Just after midnight fiery Mars enters mysterious Pisces. The god of war has issues when visiting this emotionally volatile, psychically sensitive sign. We all need to rise above melodramatic feelings and direct our energies into constructive creative channels during the coming weeks. Loving Venus is also active today, turning retrograde during the overnight period. She will tarry in Gemini until early August, which is good news for those born under the sign of the twins. Word may arrive from a long lost love, relative or friend. The waning Aquarius Moon is quietly aloof, helpful for socially inclined souls living under self-quarantine rules.
Moon in Aquarius, Mars enters Pisces, Venus retrograde.

May 14: The planets continue to reshuffle the cosmic deck, with Jupiter turning retrograde this morning. Jupiter is now In Capricorn and remains a part of the Saturn/Pluto trio. All three stars are retrograde until autumn. The last quarter Moon in Aquarius raises late morning alarm bells. Being housebound may feel claustrophobic. Rules can seem arbitrary but remember, Aquarius is a team first sign. Think of the greater good, the well-being of your community of friends and family as well as front line defenders. By noon the Moon is void of course and tensions ease. Well after sundown the Moon arrives in Pisces where she draws close to Mars. If you feel energized, get creative. Immerse yourself in a late night cooking or art project or other hobby under the encouraging influences.
Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:03AM-9:24PM Moon enters Pisces, Jupiter Retrograde.

May 15: The Taurus Sun’s overnight trine to Pluto instills a great sense of commitment and resolve. Challenges will be met and overcome. Daybreak finds the Pisces Moon nearing a sextile to visionary Uranus. Teamwork is a joy this morning. Technology may be a life saver. An intuitive flash is worth heeding. Trust first impulses and gut feelings as second thoughts tend to hinder rather than facilitate progress. The evening skies are mellow as the Moon supports imaginative wanderings. Use an artful touch in the kitchen or plunge into an emotionally expressive project. Less ambitious souls happily stake out a comfy spot on the sofa and watch television.
Moon in Pisces, Sun trine Pluto.

May 16: Heartfelt longings are powerful today. The waning Pisces Moon passes by mystical Neptune during the afternoon, triggering a square between the mystery planet and Venus. Spiritual students and adepts may feel enveloped in universal love. On the other hand, the fragility of personal relationships can be a difficult proposition. In either case, trust and faith are required. Artists, too may be divinely inspired but putting one’s visions down on paper or canvas can be challenging. Keep trying. The ethereal vibrations gradually subside during the evening hours as the Moon moves into a sextile with Pluto. This alignment holds the promise of cathartic healing. Whatever we receive or accomplish is proportionate to what we invest. Karma is in play.
Moon in Pisces.

May 17: Due to the Pisces Moon’s void of course status the early morning hours are exceptionally quiet and mellow. Expect a slow start. By mid-morning the Moon arrives in Aries, reinvigorating the day. The Sun’s midday trine to Jupiter fosters confidence, comfort and great new hopes. The cheery alignment also opens minds. Expand your horizons through study or connecting with stimulating people, regardless of their location or political persuasions. In fact, the scope of the pandemic, something that impacts people on every continent, could make this a supremely teachable moment. Expanded awareness includes current challenges in far flung locales. Closer to home, the stars favor looking in on neighbors and relatives, especially vulnerable seniors.
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:59AM-9:36AM Moon enters Aries, Sun  trine Jupiter.

May 18: As the new working week begins, the waning Aries Moon stands well-aligned with mental Mercury and Venus in Gemini. The enlivening lunar aspects favor bold moves. Make an overture to a business associate, friend or relative. Float new ideas. Midday meetings and discussions are especially promising. Because Venus is retrograde some proposals may be considered and then placed on hold for the foreseeable future. Be patient. Seeds planted today will eventually bear fruit, probably over the summer. Among the other possibilities today are hearing from long lost pals and loves, collecting on an IOU, or receiving an overdue item in the mail. Count your blessings tonight.
Moon in Aries.

May 19: The Aries Moon tends to make folks challenge-oriented. Those who feel ready and eager to plow ahead need to be careful. A midday lunar square to Pluto cautions against overbearing behavior. Try to work with others. If you’re just not interested, it may be best to stay out of the way of a highly motivated partner. Taking on too many projects is an afternoon temptation. Complete one task before moving on to the next. The waning Moon is void of course by early evening, heralding more relaxed moods. Things slow down later this evening as the Moon slips into Taurus. Some folks feel tired and are early to bed but the Moon’s pending square with Saturn causes others to fret over losses. Be strong and have faith in a better tomorrow.
Moon in Aries v/c 4:33PM-10:10PM Moon enters Taurus.

May 20: Today’s trends offer a fascinating mix of shifting moods. The Taurus Moon makes an invigorating early morning sextile to Mars, an especially good omen for inventive types. By mid-morning the Sun arrives in Gemini, joining Mercury, Venus and the lunar North Node in the lively, youthful and changeable sign. Many folks want to be active and on the move but the Moon’s early afternoon conjunction with Uranus cautions against taking hasty or irrational action. Bigger forces are in play. That point is again driven home tonight when retrograding Venus aligns with Neptune in an exact square. The testing angle can be a reminder of a heartbreaking loss or betrayal. People of faith find solace in loving unconditionally.
Moon in Taurus, Venus square Neptune.

May 21: This final day of the monthly lunar cycle is a low key affair. The Taurus Moon is in harmony with Neptune and Pluto, suggesting that progress can be made in certain areas. As is typical of this part of the Moon’s phase, it’s wise to consolidate and complete tasks rather than start new ones. Artistic expressions and refining edits are facilitated under Neptune’s mysterious afternoon influence. A reverie, dream or act of Mother Nature could be a source of creative or spiritual inspiration. Intuitively aware folks are advised to listen to the small voice within. Both Neptune and Pluto may expedite healing and self-knowledge. Sharing discoveries with close partners is favored tonight.
Moon in Taurus.

May 22: New Moon days are usually fairly quiet. A rebirth is occurring. With it comes increased inner focus as the Sun and Moon join in the heavens. This afternoon’s Gemini New Moon is part of an active sky pattern. The Sun/Moon duo harmonizes with Saturn but is also at odds with Mars. Mental Mercury is conjunct retrograde Venus and both stars form a testing square to Neptune. Well thought out plans may be initiated but unexpected complications are likely. Don’t be hasty. It may be hard to get the truth out of some folks. Others encounter or receive word from long lost loves and former partners. Reaching goals will probably take longer than expected. Watch your speed tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 4:01AM-9:36AM Moon enters Gemini, New Moon in Gemini 1:39PM, Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trine Saturn, Mercury square Neptune.

May 23: The visible sliver of the now waxing Moon joins the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the lunar north node in mercurial Gemini. In the sign of the twins this quicksilver Moon keys up the six senses and stimulates thought processes as well as curiosity. Persistent folks keep asking questions. Those who don’t pay attention to the answers can be quite annoying. Overanalyzing relationships as well as financial issues tends to generate more confusion than clarity. Reliable facts are rare as the Gemini stellium tests nebulous Neptune. Don’t force decisions. If in doubt, wait. The day ends under the happy union of the Moon and Venus. Besides tender moments shared with loved ones, the retrograde Goddess planet may oversee sweet reunions.
Moon in Gemini.

May 24: An early morning conjunction of the Gemini Moon and Mercury could see the seed of a new project come to mind. A potential book idea or future learning adventure could be in the making. The first thing this morning is also an excellent time to put out a message. The Moon then travels void of course for exactly half of the day, entering Cancer this evening. As a result, most of today feels mellow. Given the chance to relax, thoughts and feelings meander. An imminent sextile between Mars and Uranus calls many souls to ponder their evolving relationships with the world and each other. The possibilities seem exciting. There’s no place like home tonight. Count yourself among the fortunate ones if you’re privileged to have a roof over your head.
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:09AM-7:09PM Moon enters Cancer.

May 25: There’s electricity in the air this Memorial Day morning. During the overnight period Mars forms an exact sextile with Uranus. By the start of the daylight hours the Cancer Moon is sympathetically aligned with both planets. The resulting energy field is powerful, and supports bold, brilliant, pioneering ingenuity. These stars bring together people from many different walks of life. Common interests are clear. Those feeling a debt of gratitude for the sacrifices of those who have served and continue to serve our nation find strength and pride in community spirit, even in this difficult time. The afternoon hours are low key. For isolated souls, loyalty to distant loved ones and country is transcendent, yet the distance may also seem strangely paradoxical.
Moon in Cancer, Mars sextile Uranus.

May 26: Check in on family, friends and neighbors, especially elders and less privileged folks this morning. Kindness as well as charitable impulses are sustained by the Cancer Moon’s mid-morning trine with Neptune. For late sleepers, the same alignment may give rise to dreams rich with symbolism. Sensitive hearts and moods are easily impressionable. Motivation and willpower stiffen through the afternoon. The waxing Moon is moving into oppositions with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Take a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to serious responsibilities and concerns. These alignments can make some folks ultra partisan, obstinate or confrontational. Regardless of the potential friction, hold others accountable for their words and actions. A comfortable calm descends after nightfall as the Moon goes void of course.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:06PM-12:00AM.

May 27: Well before the Sun rises the Moon enters fiery Leo. Thespians and other creative souls may feel their style is being cramped by an early morning lunar opposition to dour Saturn. Daytime is another story. Accord between the enthusiastic Moon and Gemini Sun promote inner well-being as well as harmonious social relations. Creative energy is excellent. Moods remain playful until late afternoon when the Moon assumes a testing square position with unpredictable Uranus. Be ready for potential snafus, computer glitches and confusing messages from authority figures. Avoid stepping on other peoples’ toes. Pride may be easily injured. Proceed with caution.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-2:33AM Moon enters Leo.

May 28: Dawn breaks with confident, friendly moods. Hearts are radiant with love. Relishing memories of happy times is fun. The Leo Moon is pleasantly aligned with Venus but things soon change. The fiery Moon is void of course by mid-morning and remains disengaged until midnight. Passions cool, focus and intentions waver. Physical energy levels may also falter. Mental Mercury changes signs this afternoon. As the Winged Messenger settles into Cancer confusion or indecision can add to the lack of motivation. As is often the case during void of course Moon periods, it’s best to put off important decisions, purchases and other commitments. Concentrate instead on a personal project or hobby.
Moon in Leo v/c 9:30AM-12:00AM, Mercury enters Cancer.

May 29: Shortly after sunrise the Moon jump starts the day as she arrives in Virgo. A pleasant lunar sextile to Mercury follows. With Luna in the meticulous harvest sign minds and tastes grow more discriminating. For those tackling demanding work, organizing and separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff, the Moon’s placement is a blessing. Call it as you see it, especially during the afternoon hours when the Moon slides into a powerful trine to intuitive Uranus. There may be immediate benefits from one’s plainspoken honesty. However, the stars are sending mixed messages. At the same time the Moon makes nice with Uranus she also tests the Gemini Sun, reaching the stressful first quarter phase late tonight. Be extra tactful. Make constructive suggestions rather than criticize.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-7:40AM Moon enters Virgo, First Quarter Moon in Virgo 11:30PM.

May 30: Tricky influences require critical reasoning and great patience. The Virgo Moon is at odds with feisty Mars during the post midnight hours. Jittery nerves can contribute to insomnia. A lunar square to Venus holds sway over the morning. Some souls look for love and affection. Other hearts are happily radiant reaching out and giving. Cooking up sumptuous breakfasts and other indulgences can be enjoyable but overconsumption may also mask unfilled needs. With Venus retrograde, loved ones may be sorely missed. Evening finds the Moon at odds with Neptune, an aspect that in the name of higher love often requires a willingness to go out on a limb. Get your bearings before proceeding.
Moon in Virgo.

May 31: Under a void of course Virgo Moon the early morning hours are quietly restful, a tonic for weary bodies and minds. By late morning the waxing Moon is in Libra, supplying a timely energy boost. Doing the right thing is almost automatic under the early afternoon lunar trine to Saturn. This midday stretch can be astonishingly productive. Those who have business to attend to or people to organize make solid headway. These stars also favor making longterm commitments as well as delegating responsibilities. Put your leadership skills to use. Discussions may become tense during the late afternoon. Differing opinions and priorities can cause friction. Keep in mind the words of the French essayist Joseph Joubert, “The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.” Not having the last word can be a sign of wisdom.
Moon in Virgo v/c 5:17AM-10:38AM Moon enters Libra.