May 2021 Daily Astrology

May 1: Garden lovers and aficionados of Mother Nature enjoy the opening of Spring’s most sensuous month. Reverberations from yesterday’s eye-opening Sun/Uranus conjunction continue. New priorities and partnerships are emerging. Social movements gather momentum. Relax and take time to contemplate recent events. Helping to soothe jangled nerves, six planets are favorably aligned in practical earth signs. Open minds are ably guided by intuitive hunches and gut feelings. Intimate discussions of unifying beliefs and purposes deepen bonds between friends. Celebrate new and rekindled alliances. Firm up commitments and make financial decisions. Expectations, tempered by experience and current circumstances, are more realistic than usual. Loving vibrations increase as darkness falls, making tonight’s social possibilities excellent.

Moon in Capricorn.


May 2: After a deep and restorative sleep the morning dawns with the Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto and trine Mercury. The alignments are perfect for thoughtful consideration of meaningful matters. The deeper one digs, the greater the rewards. The same can be said for gardeners. It’s a good time for tilling the soil, weeding and planting. Recycling, repurposing and disposing of unwanted items are also timely pursuits. By late morning the waning Moon is void of course, making the midday hours opportune for relaxing and going with the less ambitious flow. The lazy mood persists until mid-afternoon when the Moon’s entry into Aquarius generates renewed social activity. Venus’ evening sextile to Neptune fosters love in all its many forms, personal, spiritual, incandescent and transcendent. Artistic souls and nature lovers also thrive.

Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:38AM-3:31PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury trine Pluto, Venus sextile Neptune.


May 3: The Sun jousts with Saturn early this morning. Take lots of deep breaths and pace yourself. Today’s Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius is close to Saturn while the Taurus Sun is still conjunct Uranus. Reinforced, the unstable energies keep many people on edge. Others are eager to push on, whether they are fully prepared or not. Tensions dominate until late afternoon. Take it easy. One cannot be too careful. Mental Mercury begins the day at the last degree of Taurus. Slow learners are at a disadvantage but today’s uncertainties are food for thought. Consider alternative points of view. Check out multiple news sources. This is one of those days when it’s tough to figure out if progress is being made. New outlooks and strategies hold the greatest potential for bringing about positive, lasting change.

Moon in Aquarius, Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 3:50PM, Mercury square Jupiter, Sun square Saturn.


May 4: Moods are sunny as the Aquarius Moon edges closer to optimistic Jupiter. The pairing increases confidence but perhaps more importantly reinforces faith that the future can and will be better. A testing lunar angle to Venus bodes well for the lively midday period. As my bride occasionally reminds me, “There are no strangers, only friends waiting to be met.” Be open to expanding your social circle. Enjoy your companions. This is a fine day for frank discussions and planning sessions. The upbeat, open-minded mood persists into evening. When the Moon begins a short void of course period as the Sun goes down, plan to catch your breath and relax.

Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:05PM-10:09PM Moon enters Pisces.


May 5: Today’s tempo is comfortably balanced and strong. A noontime lunar trine with Mars energizes the morning hours. The urge to act is powerful but success could require additional research as well as a review of how best to proceed. Momentum is unshakeable throughout the afternoon. Friends and allies find their interests overlap. The warm camaraderie lends itself to teamwork. Inspired ideas can be translated into tangible accomplishments. If you come up with a better idea be sure to share it. The evening hours feature the waning Pisces Moon in a sextile with Uranus. Listen to the small voice within while intuitive faculties are sharp. Supportive vibes hold steady deep into the night as the Moon remains in harmony with the dependable Taurus Sun.

Moon in Pisces.


May 6: Venus’ early morning trine with Pluto bodes well for intimate as well as professional relationships. Love’s healing and transformative powers touches many lives. It’s clear that two together is greater than the individual parts. A dreamlike atmosphere pervades much of the working day. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune, the mysterious planet of imagination and self-sacrifice. Folks who have a cause they believe in, an altruistic purpose to serve or creative spark, feel inspired. Spiritual seekers may also experience a sense of being at one with a higher power. Social awareness as well as the inclination to support others remains sharp into the late night period. As HH the Dalai Lama said, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

Moon in Pisces, Venus trine Pluto.


May 7: While the early morning hours can feel like a sleepy climb uphill due to a void of course Pisces Moon, energy levels soon pick up dramatically. The Moon enters Mars-ruled Aries and by mid-morning off we go renewed, ready to run a 10K race or embrace the day’s challenges. We are late in the Moon’s monthly cycle. The lunar completion stage plus this being a Friday suggest that it’s best to concentrate on wrapping up the working week with a steady effort and an orderly approach. Finish what you can. Late tonight sees the Moon move into a testing angle with Mars, another good reason to delay starting projects for now. Tempers are also more apt to flare. Slow down, determine what you truly want. Night owls are advised to take life lightly and stay on the lookout for mood swings.

Moon in Pisces v/c 3:36AM-7:52AM Moon enters Aries.


May 8: This morning’s square between Venus and Jupiter can be cause for celebration, extravagance or self-righteousness. Some souls try to reclaim the lost magic of times gone by. Fortunately, the Aries Moon is also in a sextile with Saturn, helping to keep the most indulgent impulses in check. Enjoy life, count your blessings but don’t live beyond your means. A long ago pal could make a surprise appearance before the day is out. Necessity, forever the mother of all inventions, may lead to some beneficial decisions. The quiet evening skies see Venus enter Gemini, where the ageless Goddess of Love encourages youthful flirtations, charming conversations and general merriment.

Moon in Aries, Venus square Jupiter.


May 9: Happy Mother’s Day! Loving Venus and mental Mercury now stand close to the lunar North Node, an excellent omen for the day’s festivities. Happy moods and charming chatter are facilitated. However, all is not sweetness and light. The Aries Moon tangles with Pluto during the midday period. Some folks feel thin-skinned and, following the path of least resistance, project their own mixed up feelings onto others. Maintain your inner poise and if you are able, be a peacemaker. Don’t take criticism or complaints personally. A kind word can soothe an anxious soul. Helpful hint, defer to mom. Tensions ease by mid-afternoon. As nightfall approaches the Moon slips into Taurus, promising peaceful tranquility as she harmonizes with optimistic Jupiter. The evening hours might well be the day’s brightest and calmest.

Moon in Aries v/c 6:50PM-7:46PM Moon enters Taurus.


May 10: Today has conflicting themes. It’s the final day of the monthly lunar cycle, usually a time of reflection when many people feel fatigued. After a mellow day the action picks up as evening nears. The Taurus Moon is in an energizing sextile with Mars and conjunct excitable Uranus, helping to offset weariness with bursts of energy and enthusiasm. This is a good time to get to some of those household projects, the ones you’ve been putting off. The evening hours could bring unexpected plot twists as the Moon sets off the unstable Uranus/Saturn square. Be prepared to explore new paradigms. You may have to change course. If so, don’t fret. Change your plans and have a good laugh at life’s vagaries. A late night lunar square with Saturn is good reason to at last pause and relax.

Moon in Taurus.


May 11: If you want your seedlings to thrive or other new endeavors to be an enduring success, today is the time to plant and launch projects. The Moon is new in fertile, dependable Taurus this afternoon. Super grounded in the material world, the conjoined Sun and Moon also receive an injection of mystery and magic from multi-dimensional Neptune. Turning a dream or artistic vision into something tangible is an enticing and very real possibility. Fiery Mars is also in a sextile with eccentric Uranus, favoring brave hearts ready to make audacious, progressive moves. The level of daring may catch more timid souls off guard. Follow your passion!

Moon in Taurus, New Moon in Taurus 3:00PM, Mars sextile Uranus.


May 12: Yesterday’s brash ideas and soulful inspirations continue to percolate in individuals as well as the collective consciousness. Although the early hours may arouse concerns that there are too many options to choose from, decisiveness improves with the Moon’s mid-morning entry into Gemini. Discerning and gathering relevant information is facilitated by Mercury’s trine to Saturn. The same aspect helps people get organized and clarify goals. Timely advice from parents, teachers and other mentors could be a godsend. The sensation that we are on the brink of an exciting breakthrough is fortified by Jupiter’s position at the last degree of Aquarius. The giant planet of faith and optimism changes signs tomorrow. The evening is a fine one to share with favorite pals and loved ones.

Moon in Taurus v/c 8:23AM-8:43AM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury trine Saturn.


May 13: Nighttime dreams and reveries hint at a more perfect world. Daylight brings a renewed commitment to improve things. The future cannot arrive quickly enough. Minds are prone to racing as the Gemini Moon joins forces with Venus and Mercury as well as her own North Node. Slow down long enough to make sure you’re communicating effectively. A helpful lunar trine to Saturn helps keep responsibilities and goals front and center. One step at a time persistence is also encouraged. After a mere six months in Aquarius, Jupiter enters mystical Pisces this evening. Until late July the protective and benevolent energy of our solar system’s largest planet will be most strongly felt by those born under the water signs. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces natives, make ready for the mysterious ways of spirit to inform, uplift and guide you.

Moon in Gemini, Sun sextile Neptune, Jupiter enters Pisces.


May 14: The Gemini Moon makes a square with nebulous Neptune early this morning. This is the stuff of sleeping through alarms, missed calls and other minor snafus, not the best way for most of us to begin the day. Dreamers, on the other hand and those who have the luxury of whiling away the hours may find comfort in the unsettled atmosphere. The Moon then goes void of course until after nightfall. Play hooky if you can but if you must work, plan on dutifully completing required assignments. The low key mood lends itself to stream of consciousness investigations and creative self-expression. Delay major purchases, new commitments and important decisions for another, more focused time. Moods grow cheerful during the evening. After sunset the Moon arrives in her own sign of Cancer where she forms a mood-elevating trine with Jupiter. Happiness reigns tonight.

Moon in Gemini v/c 6:51-9:30PM Moon enters Cancer.


May 15: As we settle into the weekend the waxing Moon is in the homey sign of Cancer. Tidying up the nest and tending to other household matters is a natural tendency. Clan loyalties are also strongly felt throughout the day. The urge to socialize increases during the afternoon hours. Spending time with like-minded people is appealing. Inventors, eccentrics and those interested in the esoteric arts feel inspired by the Moon’s evening sextile to Uranus. A psychic impression is likely to be the real thing so pay attention. Protective urges intensify as midnight nears. The pending lunar conjunction with Mars requires careful handling. Well-intentioned concern could come across as aggressive and controlling. Remember to be kind.

Moon in Cancer.


May 16: Emotional desires, maternal instincts and family loyalties run deep and true. The waxing Cancer Moon energizes a powerful trine aspect between Mars and Neptune. Today’s theme is “make your dreams come true.” By all means and in any measure, simple or grand, do the things you love and need to do. Serve others if you must but virtually every person can use a little extra TLC today. It begins with self-love. Listen to your favorite music, eat the best-loved foods and visit places that stir your heart. Buy yourself a present. The Moon’s evening trine with Neptune emphasizes the enduring gifts of love, imagination and Mother Nature. Stop to smell the flowers. A candlelit dinner or walk under the stars is magical. Quietly celebrate and be grateful for your blessings tonight.

Moon in Cancer.


May 17: The early morning hours move slowly under a void of course Cancer Moon. Thoughts and morning meditations may be extra meaningful as the late Taurus Sun is in harmony with Pluto. An underutilized asset, talent or strength could be identified and put to good use. Don’t underestimate your resourcefulness or ability to overcome challenges. By mid-morning life feels re-energized by the waxing Moon’s entry into fiery Leo. Reclaim lost childhood innocence and spontaneity. Immerse and lose yourself in a creative project. Venus is passing by the Moon’s North Node in Gemini, a sure sign that love is both the question and the answer when seeking a path forward. Be sure to tell dear ones how significant they are to you. “I love you” cannot be said too many times.

Moon in Cancer v/c 2:23AM-8:44AM Moon enters Leo, Sun trine Pluto.


May 18: 2021 is dominated by the ongoing square between cautious, conservative Saturn and revolutionary, egalitarian Uranus. Baseline stress levels have risen since the beginning of the pandemic and they continue to be high. The two planetary heavyweights demand progress but changes only come in fits and spurts. Two steps forward, one step back seems to be the way of the world. This morning the Leo Moon activates the mighty pair, so be on your toes. The risk of an accident is heightened. Commuters could encounter detours and delays. Plans may fall through. Adapt and adjust your schedule as necessary. The late morning lunar opposition to Saturn underscores the need to remain respectful of rules, bosses and other authorities. Patience is also helpful. Pressures ease during the second half of the day. By nightfall many people feel more relaxed, outgoing and talkative.

Moon in Leo.


May 19: This last full day of the Sun in Taurus has a busy, productive feel. The waxing Leo Moon reaches her First Quarter phase during the mid-afternoon. The energizing Sun/Moon square magnifies feelings of inner discontent but also motivates people to improve their situation. Under pressure, sunny dispositions shine. Generous hearts inspire others and win new admirers. A short-lived late-afternoon void of course Moon period is the entryway to a fabulous evening. The Moon, newly-arrived in Virgo, opposes expansive Jupiter, restoring confidence and cheerfulness. The aspect brightens dinnertime. Later, Venus’ exact trine with Saturn underscores the importance of faithful, loving ways. Only through the passage of time can we know the true fulness of a committed relationship.

Moon in Leo, First Quarter Moon in Leo 3:13PM, Moon in Leo v/c 3:13PM-4:59PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus trine Saturn.


May 20: To begin the day the Sun is at the final degree of slow moving but steady Taurus. A momentary reflection on recent events or pause to again smell the flowers is appropriate. The Virgo Moon, on the other hand, is moving into a dandy trine with Uranus, speeding up the pace and increasing excitement levels. Psychic antennae are elevated. Tune in around midday for flashes of what the future may hold. Mid-afternoon sees the Sun enter Gemini, ushering in the more changeable part of the Spring season that heralds approaching Summer. An evening lunar square with Venus could initiate a longing for something new and different. Tonight is a favorable time to organize a family gathering or home improvement project.

Moon in Virgo, Sun enters Gemini.


May 21: The working week ends with a burst of activity. The morning hours require focus and determination. The waxing Virgo Moon is at odds with Mercury and Neptune while the Gemini Sun is testing Jupiter. There may be too many things needing attention all at once. As always, having clear priorities is crucial to minimizing distractions. Avoid overreaching. Keep in mind the golden rule used repeatedly by marketing experts, keep it simple. The second half of the day has a decidedly different feel. The Virgo Moon forms a focusing, late afternoon trine to Pluto. Intentions are clear. Demanding tasks are carried out with purposeful efficiency. The Moon then goes void of course for the evening hours. Take a break and relax. Late tonight the Moon enters Gemini where she harmonizes with the Sun. For a while all seems well in relationships and the world.

Moon in Virgo v/c 3:56PM-9:35PM Moon enters Libra, Sun square Jupiter.


May 22: Emotions heat up as the Libra Moon nears her full phase. A lunar trine to Saturn emphasizes justice, fair play and doing right by partners. As the Lord of Karma, Saturn keeps a precise record of everyone’s actions. Like Santa Claus, he knows if you’ve been good or bad. The call to be on one’s best behavior provides an intriguing counterpoint to the day’s only other exact aspect, mental Mercury’s square with Neptune. Neptune, on the other hand, loves mystery and often causes confusion and misunderstandings. The challenging square with Mercury may provoke an assortment of possible communication and travel issues.

Moon in Libra, Mercury square Neptune.


May 23: As the Gemini Sun edges over the eastern horizon Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius. The change of direction is likely to bring attention to a number of ongoing situations that need improvement. A balancing of karmic accounts may also soon be at hand. The waxing Libra Moon expedites morning travel and enhances social connections via a midday trine to Mercury. The smooth flow of information is a plus for get togethers. Perfectionists face late afternoon challenges. A lunar square with Pluto could ruffle feathers and test partnerships. Keep your cool and carry on. By evening the Moon is void of course, defusing tensions.

Moon in Libra v/c 5:36PM-11:00PM Moon enters Scorpio, Saturn Retrograde.


May 24: The waxing Scorpio Moon serves as a catalyst, energizing and triggering the continuing Saturn/Uranus square. After several months living with this persistent “question authority” and everything you hear alignment, we are all familiar with the instability and uncertainties it promotes. Because the Moon is only two days from her full phase, flash points are now reached more quickly. Expect the unexpected. Put Scorpio’s emotional intelligence to good use. Listen to inner guidance. Look beneath surface appearances. If you encounter a difficult situation, getting to the heart of the matter may require a changed mindset. Be patient.

Moon in Scorpio.


May 25: Full Moon fever is on the rise. Now in Scorpio, the Moon favorably aligns in turn with Mars, Neptune and Pluto during this fast-paced day. The morning gets off to a brisk start due to a lunar trine with Mars. Passions burn, desires are strong and preferences are clear. By late morning imaginative ideas and creative impulses are percolating. Follow through on your inspiration. The afternoon hours can be productive as the Moon forms a sextile with resourceful Pluto. If enthusiasm can be kept under control and the potent energies harnessed, progress may be memorable and lasting. Hard work takes a toll and a quieter late afternoon void of course Moon period is just what is needed. Follow the lead of the disengaged Moon and relax. The rising Moon appears full, a fine sight at sundown, visible in the eastern sky.

Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:20PM-10:39PM Moon enters Sagittarius.


May 26: The Sagittarius Moon is full and eclipsed early this morning. As often happens around the time of an eclipse, details emerge that have a dramatic impact on ways of thinking. Because the opposing Gemini Sun and Moon are poised in the two knowledge and information signs, the odds of a revelation altering viewpoints is high. This is not the time to rush a judgment. Keep your options open and delay a major decision if possible. As we collectively exhale in the hours after the eclipse, the Moon next moves into a stabilizing sextile with Saturn. Common sense rules the day. The imposing strength of the unvarnished truth, the value of knowledge and time-tested alliances each serve as guiding lights on this eventful day.

Moon in Sagittarius, Full “Flower” Moon in Sagittarius, Lunar Eclipse 7:14AM.


May 27: In the wake of yesterday’s dramatic Lunar Eclipse, rumors and speculation continue to swirl. The opposing Sagittarius Moon and Venus in Gemini are both at odds with nebulous Neptune. An epic scandal could be in the making. Closer to home, it’s wise to be extra attentive to partnerships as well as your own personal needs. Uncertainty or confusion are signs that a mistake is imminent. Take the time to clarify ambiguous messages and unsubstantiated claims. Early afternoon marks the beginning of a less anxious void of course Moon period. Venus also forms an exact mid-afternoon square with Neptune. The testing angle can inspire artists and nature lovers, arouse spiritual curiosity or trigger bouts of self-pity. If you are feeling lost or blue, ease your troubles by listening to music, taking a walk in the natural world or helping less fortunate souls.

Moon in Sagittarius, v/c 1:35PM-10:23PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus square Neptune.


May 28: The power of thought is accentuated during the next few days. Don’t doubt the essential role thinking plays in the creative endeavor we call life. The now waning Capricorn Moon helps broaden minds and open eyes. Eminently practical, today’s Moon takes a walk on the wild side, forming an expansive sextile with knowledgeable Jupiter just after midnight and then engaging innovative Uranus in a trine during the evening. Creative and original thoughts are the order of the day. Unexpected associations are derided as strange bedfellows by critics and hailed as brilliant strategic alliances by more progressive types. A pending conjunction of Mercury and Venus bodes well for old and new friendships as well as tonight’s effervescent social life.

Moon in Capricorn.


May 29: The gritty Capricorn Moon orbits into the powerful conjunction with Pluto and the two stars oppose Mars. Competitive people are up for any challenge. Energy is abundant but needs to be managed carefully. Misused, passion can become an urge to dominate partners. Desires are intensely felt and for some folks, insatiable. Resist getting caught up in tunnel vision and overly selfish behavior. Imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes. Lifting others up is also one of Pluto’s gifts. Fortunately, Neptune is in position to soften hearts and help direct intense feelings into charitable acts. If intimacy and agreement are what you’re looking for, trust your heart. In the middle of spring eclipse season mental Mercury’s retrograde begins this evening. Thoughts, news and even long held assumptions are to be viewed with skepticism. Because the Moon is also void of course, tonight is low key.

Moon in Capricorn v/c 6:15PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Venus, Mercury Retrograde.


May 30: Just minutes after midnight the waning Moon enters live and let live Aquarius. She spends the day harmonizing with the Gemini Sun. The alignment has a calming effect. Tolerance for different ideas as well as personal idiosyncrasies increases. Social gatherings may feature a delightfully eclectic mix of personalities. Evening brings a substantial mood shift. The Moon first squares Uranus and then conjuncts Saturn. Nerves grow edgy. A persistent worry or old nemesis could resurface. The likelihood of an accident increases. Fortunately we don’t have to get caught up in uncertainty. Mars is nearing an exact trine to Neptune. The “make a dream come true” alignment enables many people to more easily shrug off controversy and unsubstantiated reports. For safety and security tune in to your inner guidance. If you’re able, make something beautiful happen.

Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-12:04AM Moon enters Aquarius.


May 31: Dreams may be urgent or inspirational as Mars forms a trine to visionary Neptune during the overnight period. Insomniacs enjoy a few hours of fabulous creativity. Immersion in a novel or movie are other possibilities for the wee hours of the morning. Dawn brings calmer, more leisurely skies. The Aquarius Moon is easing into a trine with retrograde Mercury. The alignment facilitates clear-headed reimagining and receptivity to new information. Travel moves smoothly. However, minds are just as easily drawn to the past. Revisit a favorite place or leisure activity. With Venus close to the Winged Messenger, this is an opportune time to woo a loved one or be in touch with old friends. Much to everyone’s delight, a long lost pal or relative could also resurface.

Moon in Aquarius, Mars trine Neptune.