May 2022 Daily Astrology

May 1: Here in New England May 1st is the essence of springtime. Emerging leaves, perfumed flowers and cheerful birdsongs punctuate the day. While outer appearances convey comforting seasonal normalcy, much is brewing beneath the surface. Coming on the heels of yesterday’s revelatory New Moon/Solar Eclipse, a post-midnight lunar conjunction with Uranus, the Great Awakener is the indicator that something different is taking place. Personal as well as collective goals come into renewed focus as the Taurus Moon is also conjunct her North Node, the Cosmic marker spotlighting the path forward. Peace, security and sustainability are worthy objectives. What people want and are worthy of is having their basic needs met. Surely there is enough wealth in the world to make it happen. Priorities must change.
Moon in Taurus, Venus sextile Pluto.

May 2: A sweet overnight dreamtime is followed by an enchanting sunrise. The Moon enters vivacious Gemini during this early morning period. Here she overtakes Mercury, sharpening mental clarity and bestowing the gift of gab. Senses are finely tuned. Morning meetings are fast-paced. Discussions are animated, wide ranging, and friendly. Some souls find themselves pausing to reminisce about the good old days shared with lost loves and friends. Just minutes after noon Venus enters Aries where the Goddess Planet takes on a more forceful or independent demeanor. Because Jupiter is nearly sextile Pluto we are in a good position to solve complicated problems. Don’t be shy. Deal with prickly people and gnarly issues.
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:13AM-6:47AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus enters Aries.

May 3: The waxing crescent Gemini Moon tests Mars late this morning. An offhand remark can quickly set off a firestorm. Improvise at your own risk. Be considerate, patient and tactful. A second thought could actually prove helpful. Fortunately, Jupiter’s fruitful sextile with Pluto is exact this evening. Positive thinking grounded in sensible, realistic appraisals of situations and people helps resolve problems and leads to long-lasting gains. One of the essential ingredients of a successful day is sticking to the issue at hand. Concentrate and stay on a constructive track. Avoid distractions, no matter how tempting.
Moon in Gemini, Jupiter sextile Pluto.

May 4: Mars forms a brilliant sextile to Uranus late this morning, giving the day an unusually strong sense of camaraderie and community-mindedness. Some souls are willing to make personal sacrifices for the greater good. Others envision unity on a scale never seen before. Imaginations run wild but there are likely to be communication challenges as the Gemini Moon is at odds with Neptune and Jupiter. Minimize the confusion by faithfully attending to details. Double-check facts and schedules. Make sure partners are on the same page. Late afternoon brings a short-lived lull as the Moon goes void of course. Less than an hour before sunset the Moon enters Cancer where she sounds a call to come home to the safety of one’s nest.
Moon in Gemini v/c 4:37PM-7:05PM Moon enters Cancer, Mars sextile Uranus.

May 5: The wee hours of the morning are when the stars are busiest. A lunar square to Venus highlights various needs. Whether fulfilled or unmet, happiness and contentment may seem fragile or elusive. The Taurus Sun is conjunct Uranus, the fickle planet of sudden changes, infatuations, odd events and awakenings. Among the possibilities are breakthrough scientific discoveries and enlightening spiritual realizations. Needless to say, the planetary currents do not lend themselves to sleeping soundly. If you find yourself wide-eyed and unable to sleep, steady deep breathing may help calm nerves. Luckily, Mercury is nearing a favorable sextile to Venus. Even in uncertain times, cheerfulness is a stabilizing force. Optimism increases throughout the day. The evening is a good one for being in touch with friends.
Moon in Cancer, Sun conjunct Uranus.

May 6: Night owls are treated to a medley of upbeat, soothing and stimulating celestial energies. The Cancer Moon is the prime motivator and she remains so throughout the day. A wee hours of the morning Mercury/Venus sextile finds some people dreaming of love while others wax poetic. The skies quiet down by dawn. The day then unfolds under a strengthening lunar trine to mysterious Neptune. These are fertile auspices, good for gardening and planting. Empathic awareness is perceptive and a pending sextile angle between the Taurus Sun and Mars energizes imaginations. Whatever you dream today has the potential to become reality. Dream on!
Moon in Cancer, Mercury sextile Venus.

May 7: Early birds are quick out of the gate this morning, propelled by the Sun’s sextile to Mars. Be warned, just as the Sun edges over the eastern horizon the Moon begins a two and a half hour void of course period. Momentum fades for a while but the Moon is in Leo by mid-morning, breathing fiery enthusiasm into routine as well as special activities. Moods become increasingly celebratory. Late afternoon social interactions are spirited. Tonight’s lunar trine to Venus assures happy gatherings, scintillating parties and extra special artistic performances. Be sure to observe proper safety protocols.
Moon in Cancer v/c 6:26AM-7:50AM Moon enters Leo, Sun sextile Mars.

May 8: The waxing Leo Moon generally enjoys any excuse for a celebration but today she hits a snag. An early afternoon square with Uranus could precipitate a major change in plans or a big jump in stress levels. Unforeseeable events are likely to be a deciding factor. Proudly show off your ability to stay calm, relax, smile and adjust plans accordingly. More tests come later in the day as the First Quarter Moon phase dominates. Choices may be limited, and not a one may feel entirely right. Since this is the day to honor Mothers, cherish the loving Goddess figures in your life. Defer to their wishes and make merry.
Moon in Leo, First Quarter Moon in Leo 8:21PM.

May 9: Early this morning it could seem as though time is passing slowly and accomplishing anything important takes a gargantuan effort. The waxing Leo Moon is at odds with Saturn and determination is the one path to overcoming obstacles. However, resolve soon falters as the Moon begins a daylong void of course period. If you made headway early on, relax and ride the momentum until evening. If not, and a problem remains unresolved, relax and get creative. Tune inwards. A challenging situation could benefit from an idea dug up from the subconscious, inner child self. Or your day may improve with a less serious, more playful approach. Evening sees the Moon enter industrious Virgo, setting the celestial stage for tomorrow’s big changes.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:39AM-6:53PM Moon enters Virgo.

May 10: The Virgo Moon’s predawn square with Mercury in Gemini precipitates many changes of heart and mind. The Winged Messenger then begins a roughly three week long backwards turn early this morning. Expect the usual flurry of gossip stories which may or may not be true, revelations and flip flops. Adding to the likelihood of sensational news, the knowledge planet Jupiter enters fiery Aries later in the day. Opinions are forceful, and not without controversy. Given that both communications and travel planets are in flux at the moment, some confusion is likely. It is wise to be aware of your intuitive promptings. The Moon’s late night trine with Uranus enhances psychic as well as telepathic abilities. Believe in your gut feelings and spirit guides and don’t hesitate to act on unselfish impulses.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter enters Aries.

May 11: Watch your step this morning. Easy does it. The Virgo Moon’s alignments with Mars and Neptune can trigger toe stubbing episodes as well as more serious falls and fender benders. The same stars could be good motivation to straighten up your home or work space, keeping safety as well as efficiency in mind. A late morning lunar sextile to the Sun helps expedite numerous practical matters. Given Neptune’s propensity for creating confusion and Mercury’s recent retrograde, it is best to check in with partners and go over important information throughout the work day. Things make more sense late tonight as the Moon moves into a trine with resourceful Pluto. The aspect is also a good one for recharging one’s physical and emotional batteries.
Moon in Virgo.

May 12: Retrograde Mercury is more than a bunch of minor aggravations. The roughly three week retrograde period can offer different and in some cases unique perspectives. A new frame of mind can be used to advantage today. Carefully review plans and details under the Libra Moon’s late morning lunar trine to the backpedaling Winged Messenger. Rereading instructions is another good idea. The morning is also a favorable time to catch up with friends and partners. Expect good news. Lunar oppositions with Jupiter and Venus make for a lively and enjoyable social scene. Just be careful not to overextend yourself. Be a receptive listener and think twice before offering advice or an opinion.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00Am-2:34AM Moon enters Libra.

May 13: Today features two important astrological aspects. Under a waxing, nearly full Libra Moon there’s plenty of energy and room for imaginations to wander. The Taurus Sun is passing over the lunar North Node, astrology’s symbolic point of destiny. Quests for stability and security are spotlighted. Life paths can become clearer or deepen. Because the Sun is approaching a testing square to Saturn, peer pressure, conscience and world-weariness may have to be overcome. As fate would have it, tonight’s lunar trine to Saturn fosters an elevated sense of fair play. Priorities are clear. The correctness of one’s choices is likely to be backed up by a partner. Have faith and trust your instincts.
Moon in Libra.

May 14: Partnership matters intensify under the nearly full Scorpio Moon. Emotions run deep and can trigger heavy handed behavior. We’re in spring eclipse season, just two days away from Monday’s Lunar Eclipse. Take things lightly. Cooperate with others as best you can. Don’t judge people or situations you don’t fully understand. Remember, around the time of an eclipse events rarely go as planned. A soon to arrive new piece of information can radically change outlooks in the blink of an eye. The Sun’s tightening square with Saturn is another excellent reason to proceed slowly and deliberately, one small step at a time.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:07-6:34AM Moon enters Scorpio.

May 15: Rising Full Moon Fever is widespread. The Scorpio Flower Moon triggers upsets, acts of defiance and courage, as well as delays. The Taurus Sun is also busy, testing Saturn and channeling the mystical energies of Neptune. It’s a complicated scenario, ripe with potential for awakenings, realizations and breakout performances. Some folks face a loss or stubborn dilemma that now requires a new orientation. Others, seized by missionary zeal, devotedly pursue creative and humanitarian projects. If you are all in, ready to give one hundred percent to realize a dream, the chances are good you’ll succeed. Just be aware, tomorrow’s Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse. Night owls under clear skies can see the Moon turn brick red as midnight nears. Surprises are in store and plans will change.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun square Saturn, Sun sextile Neptune.

May 16: The midnight heavens put on a grand show. Just minutes after the hour, the Full “Flower” Moon in Scorpio is at the point of greatest eclipse. The eclipse process unfolds into the wee hours of the morning. Coastal residents may notice higher than usual tides. Emotional tides are also elevated. There’s much to consider under these stars. The next few days will likely bring surprising turns of events. Don’t be surprised if key people in your life do complete reversals. By the beginning of the working day the Moon has moved on into Sagittarius. Here she harmonizes with eternally optimistic Jupiter. Silver linings and other blessings come to mind, diminishing the impact of Full Moon fallout. Midday conversations require truthfulness. Be tactful throughout the day.
Full “Flower” Moon in Scorpio/Lunar Eclipse 12:14AM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:28AM-7:50AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

May 17: If you’re faced with a seemingly unresolvable situation, be patient. It could take a few days for the dust to settle from yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse. Thankfully, the Sagittarius Moon and Venus join together in an uplifting late-morning trine. This alignment bodes well for pleasure outings as well as business meetings and social calls. The second half of the day brings trickier trends. Late tonight the Moon is at odds with Mars and Neptune. These squares can be daunting, bringing in no particular order, impatience, anguish and confusion. A simultaneous lunar sextile with Saturn presents the path of least resistance. Be a stalwart friend, use good manners and common sense to offset stresses and uncertainties.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:59PM-12:00AM.

May 18: Mars’ post midnight conjunction with Neptune can inspire some imaginations but also generate unsettling dreams. It’s best to simply observe and be with whatever feelings are triggered. Because the Sagittarius Moon is void of course there is little point in acting on either bright ideas or worries until morning when the Moon is in enterprising Capricorn. The new day feels busy and a late morning lunar square with Jupiter can bring multiple distractions. Keep things simple and stay on track. That shouldn’t be too hard. Efforts are tenacious throughout the day as the Sun is nearing a sustaining trine to Pluto. Be clever and resourceful and put the contributions of talented partners to good use. Two heads are better than one under today’s stars.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-8:02AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mars conjunct Neptune.

May 19: Today gets off to a fabulous start and stays marvelously upbeat. Intentions are clear. Priorities are compelling. The Sun’s trine to Pluto supports teamwork and service to others. The waxing Capricorn Moon forms another trine to inventive Uranus, inviting bravery and experimentation. Risky moves have surprisingly good chances of succeeding today. Juggling numerous people and tasks could require serious concentration this afternoon. It could be time to return a favor or repay a debt. What begins well, ends well. Even retrograde, mental Mercury’s late evening sextile to Jupiter reinforces positive attitudes. The cheerful alignment is good for study, travel and local as well as long distance communications. Speaking from the heart is especially favored.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun trine Pluto.

May 20: As the Sun prepares to exit the Sign of the Bull, poignant memories can well up, particularly during the early morning. The Capricorn Moon is conjunct Pluto and both bodies are in harmony with the Taurus Sun. Ponder unresolved issues and unfinished business. An epiphany could be transformational. By mid-morning the Moon is in visionary Aquarius. Perspective is excellent. Sparkling lunar alignments with Mercury and Jupiter smooth the way for clear thinking, eloquent speaking and complete understanding. The afternoon hours are mellower, a timely transition period as the weekend nears. Tonight sees the Sun enter Gemini, ushering in the fickle winds of change. Be ready for new ideas and other surprises.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 8:00AM-8:53AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun enters Gemini.

May 21: The visionary Aquarius Moon tests Uranus as midday nears. Schedules are apt to change. Phones and computers may go haywire or a planned meeting could fail to materialize. If you work on line log on early to better deal with potential glitches. Nevertheless, many situations feel strangely familiar due to the Sun’s conjunction with retrograde Mercury this afternoon. The “been there, done that” atmospherics give way to a more entertaining late afternoon and evening. The Moon and Venus hook up to bestow happiness and affection tonight. Light-hearted and romantic moments can feel as though they’ve been a long time in the making.
Moon in Aquarius, Sun conjunct Mercury.

May 22: Dawn breaks under a void of course Aquarius Moon, giving the easy-going morning hours a classic, meandering “Sunday drive” feel. As noon approaches, moods change. The Moon enters dreamy Pisces where she soon finds herself at odds with retrograde Mercury. Emotional states can become unfathomable while minds appear indecipherable. Communications may be challenging. Adding to the confusion and potential stress is the mid-afternoon Last Quarter Moon. Whatever your mood, things make more sense this evening as Mars forms a sextile with Pluto. You know what to do. Changes continue tonight. Mental Mercury backs into Taurus where he calms and soothes hearts and minds.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:19AM-11:49AM Moon enters Pisces, Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 2:43PM, Mars sextile Pluto, Mercury enters Taurus (Retrograde).

May 23: Morning spirits are ‘off the charts’ high. The Gemini Sun is buoyed by a sextile with eternally optimistic Jupiter. Hearts are strong. Minds are made up. Steps are brisk and possibilities appear limitless. It’s an auspicious way to begin the new working week. Progressive thinking dominates the afternoon hours. Network with like-minded folks and use cutting edge technology to expedite planning and communications. Mercury’s late night sextile to Mars could revitalize a dormant plan. Certain partnerships and opportunities receive a second chance. On the other hand it may also be perfectly clear why moving on was the right thing to do.
Moon in Pisces, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars.

May 24: A long term social tie is appreciated this morning. Repaying a kindness is one option. Taking a relationship to a deeper, more mystical place is another. The super sensitive Pisces Moon inspires generosity but also awakens psychic awareness. The spiritual bonds between people, pets and astral plane beings may be tangible under a lunar conjunction with Neptune. Pay close attention if you’re driving or using machinery. Practical matters take center stage during the afternoon. Apply creative ingenuity to mundane affairs as the stars favor imaginative solutions. Both the Moon and Mars enter fiery Aries this evening, enlivening adventurers and educators.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:33PM-5:39PM Moon enters Aries, Venus sextile Saturn, Mars enters Aries.

May 25: A dynamic Moon, Mars and Jupiter stellium in pro-active Aries makes the early morning hours an exciting time. Travelers are anxious to be on the move. Challenge-oriented souls are fearless. The temptation to verbally unload may be irresistible. Think before you speak self-righteously. Regardless of how passionate or angry you feel, what are you trying to say and to whom? Fortunately, Mercury is in a trine with Pluto today, a helpful alignment for putting your smarts to work. Research and the shrewd analysis of complex matters is facilitated. Slow down. Strive for workable outcomes and mutually rewarding solutions. Cooperate with partners to achieve the best results.
Moon in Aries, Mercury trine Pluto.

May 26: Quiet diligence is today’s theme. The waning Aries Moon invites us to make our best individual efforts. A beneficial late afternoon alignment with Saturn provides focus and steely determination. By the end of the work day, much has been achieved. Tonight brings mixed trends. Ordinarily, the Moon’s conjunction with Venus sets good times to rolling. However, both stars are at odds with Pluto. A jealousy could surface or love may have strings attached. Questions regarding power and money and who is in control may also arise. To keep potential difficulties to a minimum, be realistic about your own as well as your partner’s needs and expectations. Talk things out. Everyone needs to give a little for there to be peace.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:20PM-12:00AM.

May 27: Venus’ 2:29AM square with Pluto adds drama to relationships. Those in need may be preoccupied with achieving greater intimacy and security. It bears repeating, true love is compassionate, forgiving and understanding. Emotions are mellower by daybreak. With the working week coming to an end and the holiday weekend near, thoughts easily turn to recreational plans. The waning Moon is ensconced in earthy Taurus. Financial and physical comfort are on many minds. Folks in synch with the celestial tides naturally slow down and savor what they have today. A long overdue reunion could be in the making.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-2:22AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus square Pluto.

May 28: There’s a party going on in earthy Taurus. Late this morning Venus joins the Moon, Mercury and Uranus in the Sign of the Bull. Enjoy the fruits of Mother Earth. Relish sensual pleasures. The simple act of breathing can be ecstasy. Sunshine, a gentle breeze, children laughing, a purring kitty, the world offers abundant entertainment. The waning Moon’s conjunction with Uranus encourages spontaneity and adds freshness to ordinary activities. Take a cue from your intuition. Try something new. Visit a place you’ve never been before. The odds of a joyful, unexpected encounter are excellent.
Moon in Taurus, Venus enters Taurus.

May 29: From a dream-filled night until late evening the starry pattern brings shifting moods and busy hours. Dawn is vibrant. Early birds trill under a brilliant Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aries. The energizing pairing ushers in the most dynamic part of the day. Competitive folks are determined to achieve new personal bests. However high your expectations may be, bear in mind that we are at the Moon’s completion phase. Have a great run or ride early this morning but plan on relaxing later in the day. By late morning the Taurus Moon is void of course. Relaxing midday hours follow. Early afternoon sees the Moon enter Gemini, piquing curiosity and prompting some folks to again be on the move. For the young at heart evening activities are lively as the Moon aligns with Jupiter and Mars.
Moon in Taurus v/c 10:11AM-1:23PM Moon enters Gemini, Mars conjunct Jupiter.

May 30: This morning’s New Moon in Gemini marks the beginning of the Cosmos’ next activity cycle. As is often the case at this stage of the monthly lunar pattern, energy levels are low. Moods are thoughtful and tend to be more introverted than usual. Mull over different options. Consider long term goals. Each idea is a potential future reality so think good thoughts. Background support from Jupiter and Mars give hopes sparkle and zest. Most of the day unfolds quietly. Relax and enjoy summer’s unofficial beginning.
Moon in Gemini, New Moon in Gemini 7:30AM.

May 31: Today begins in a quiet, unassuming fashion. The recently new Gemini Moon, is barely a sliver. In classic Twins’ fashion, the stars offer two distinctly different themes.  A testing lunar angle with dreamy Neptune makes certain souls content to lazily drift their way through the day. Others, picking up on the Moon’s nearly simultaneous trine with dutiful Saturn, feel responsibilities must be handled in a timely way. It doesn’t have to be an either or solution. Blending imaginative ideas with a stoic willingness to work can produce stellar results. In some instances it may be appropriate to delegate tasks. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course, signaling the start of a quieter, more relaxed period.
Moon in Gemini v/c 4:10PM-12:00AM.