May 2023 Daily Astrology

May 1: The new month begins under a waxing Virgo Moon. Early birds are moved to get busy by an engaging lunar sextile to Mars. Shortly after noon Pluto turns retrograde in Aquarius, the intrepid sign of friendship and community. The potent planet of transformative experiences is in the process of ramping up people power. It’s worth noting that humankind’s greatest potential is to do good. Altruistic causes are compelling during the second half of the day. The Moon, Venus and Neptune give rise to selfless acts. Work steadily and resolutely at your dreams. Regardless of any confusion, delays are temporary and progress is being made. With the Taurus Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury, the lessons of history can be helpful. The evening is mellow as the Moon goes void of course before sunset.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:53PM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Mercury, Pluto Retrograde.

May 2: During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon enters Libra. Insomniacs and night shift workers have uncanny insights into people and situations. Trust your instincts. Following yesterday’s Taurus Sun conjunction with retrograde Mercury, some minds may be confused or up in the air today. Be okay with not knowing. Make a place at your table for mystery. Answers will come in time. The emotional tenor is rising with the swelling Moon. So too is the sense of an imminent surprise. The next week is sure to have more than one eye-opening moment. Stay centered and tuned in.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-2:09AM Moon enters Libra.

May 3: The waxing Moon is ramping up activity levels. Now in Libra, her sole aspect today is this afternoon’s testing square angle with impulsive Mars. Haste usually makes things more challenging under this influence. Several pending alignments add to the sense that much in life is precarious. Carefully consider goals. Make sure your words and actions are well thought out and likely to increase your chances of success. Be protective of assets and strengths. If in doubt, wait. There is another reason for caution, Friday’s Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse. Around the time of an eclipse most projects will not go as planned. Anxieties do ease late tonight and dreams are sweet.
Moon in Libra.

May 4: Full Moon Fever turns up a notch this morning. Even the void of course Libra Moon can’t calm the rising tide. By late morning the Moon is in Scorpio and exactly square Pluto. Feelings are super sensitive. Emotional responses tend to be overwrought. Venus is at odds with Neptune, inspiring artists and spiritual souls but adding to doubts and worries. The Full Moon is less than 24 hours away. Emotions can easily get the better of logical minds. Do what you can to minimize dramas. Luckily, the Moon enters into a reassuring trine with Saturn this evening. For a while, calmer heads prevail. Wisdom may be found in unlikely places. Memories, as well as time-honored traditions offer meaningful guidance. Tonight brings much happiness as Venus and Jupiter shower the world with blessings.
Moon in Libra v/c 5:17AM-10:32AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus square Neptune.

May 5: Night owls are a joyful lot. Minutes after midnight Venus aligns with Neptune to cast a happy glow across our fair planet. Today’s Flower Full Moon in Scorpio is revered in Asian countries as the Buddha Moon. It is thought that the spirit of the enlightened master returns to visit the earth plane each year at this time. Considering that this afternoon’s Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, there could scarcely be a better day for deep meditation and living in harmony with the spiritual teachings of your choice. The Full Moon alignment is powerful. The Taurus Sun is flanked by unpredictable Uranus and retrograde Mercury. Re-evaluations and strategy shifts are under way. Embarrassing and outrageous secrets are likely to be revealed. Any surprise can be a significant game-changer. Stay humble. Adapt as needed. Even before the dust settles, tonight brings workable new options.
Full Flower Moon in Scorpio 1:34PM, Venus sextile Jupiter.

May 6: For many folks the buzz of yesterday’s Full Flower Moon lasts into the wee hours of the morning. By daybreak calmer, gentler vibes prevail. The Scorpio Moon is in a trine to the mystery planet, Neptune, a heart stirring nod to life’s finer pleasures. Sleep in and savor the extra rest or arise and enjoy special treats. Artistic sorts and outdoor enthusiasts find Mother Nature’s beauty particularly captivating. Homebodies can cook up an inspired breakfast. A lengthy void of course Moon period sustains a quietly relaxed mood from late morning until late afternoon. The Moon then enters outgoing Sagittarius. Some folks are happy to renew acquaintances. Dinnertime chatter is lively but as night deepens fatigue creeps in. Respect rules and boundaries as well as everyone’s needs and limitations.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 10:38AM-4:04PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

May 7: The waning Sagittarius Moon promotes an easy-going, leave well enough alone approach to living. A classic, meandering, take in the scenery Sunday drive is just right for some folks. Venus’ late-morning entry into Cancer strikes clearly nostalgic chords. Family visits as well as returning to familiar haunts can be perfectly satisfying. At the same time the Taurus Sun is approaching its annual conjunction with unpredictable Uranus. Some individuals can see the future and may be excited by their prospects. Others desire independence. For those with clear sight, the impact we have on others is also undeniable. The abundance of conflicting thoughts and emotions may prompt interesting conversations.
Moon in Sagittarius.

May 8: The Moon in Sagittarius brings out the hidden optimist in many folks. Hope is a good thing but there is another counter-current running through the day. The Moon is testing Neptune early this afternoon. Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses carries risks. So does laziness, inattention to details and neglecting personal responsibilities. Do your best to stay alert during the uneven midday hours. Moods take a noticeable upturn by late afternoon as enthusiasm returns in a big way. The evening commute is mellow under a short-lived void of course Moon period. As nightfall approaches the Moon enters Capricorn where she tests Venus in Cancer. The later hours of the day may feel surprisingly warm and tender. Loving ties and gratitude are wonderful comforts.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:28PM-7:33PM Moon enters Capricorn.

May 9: The Sun’s annual conjunction with Uranus sends shockwaves through our universe. From a personal point of view, bigger forces are in play. Unexpected financial and political developments are the order of the day. Welcome personal epiphanies and psychic impressions. Startling developments can be delightful or disruptive, or both. The stoic Capricorn Moon gamely attempts to maintain order, meet timelines and keep things in logical order. The morning’s lunar trine to mental Mercury is helpful in these regards but as the day wears on the inclination to let go and go with the flow grows. This evening, accepting changes can be enlivening and exhilarating, as well as absolutely necessary.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun conjunct Uranus.

May 10: The productive morning hours require gritty, determined effort. It can seem as though things are taking longer and consuming more energy than usual. The waning but still ambitious Capricorn Moon is at odds with Mars. Struggles ease after noon. A lunar sextile to Neptune instills magic and creativity into activities. Apply an artistic touch to your work. Think outside of norms. Expansive trends continue into the evening. Dinnertime conversations scintillate. A mellow void of course Moon period arrives with the sunset. Deepening darkness sees the Moon enter Aquarius where Pluto awaits. Powerful emotion swirl tonight. Instincts are spot on. Trust hunches and first impressions. Like-minded friends share empowering thoughts and observations.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 7:52PM-10:05PM Moon enters Aquarius.

May 11: The Aquarius Moon increases awareness of friends and social trends. Minds are also prone to thinking about the future. However, morning communications require careful attention to word choices and other details. The Moon is in a testing angle with mental Mercury. Morning commuters may face delays and detours. Mercury is slowing to a standstill, in preparation for a return to forward motion this coming Sunday. Look for opportunities to clarify and resolve financial matters. A pending sextile between Mercury and Saturn facilitates fair-minded analysis and solid decision-making.
Moon in Aquarius.

May 12: Mixed trends have many souls off balance this morning. Minds are clear but hearts tend to be confused. The Aquarius Moon is at her Last Quarter stage and testing both the Taurus Sun and Uranus. Some folks are looking for instant gratification but it isn’t there. Cutting corners or breaking rules will not help. Angst subsides over the course of the afternoon. Mental Mercury is moving into an agreeable angle with Venus. Even retrograde, the Winged Messenger is a charming and soothing influence. Tonight the waning Moon pitches in with an uplifting sextile to Jupiter, helping to make an evening reunion, party or social event is a great success.
Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 10:28AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 11:15PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Venus.

May 13: Shortly after midnight the Moon enters Pisces where she joins up with Saturn and activates a stabilizing trine between the Ringed Planet and Venus. The age old game of love, with its many responsibilities, dominates the first half of the day. Long time relationships are held especially dear. Unwavering loyalty is deeply appreciated. Those who exchange vows today are likely to see their partnership endure and grow. With Mercury poised to resume forward motion tomorrow, an unexpected visitor from the past could also appear.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-12:39AM Moon enters Pisces, Venus trine Saturn.

May 14: Happy Mother’s Day! Today’s Pisces Moon evokes an abundance of feelings. Sensitivities are acute so be gentle with loved ones. Eager to please youngsters hold forth early. Morning gatherings are lively. Many people are open to checking out new places and experiences. As the afternoon progresses it may seem as though dreams are coming true. The Moon and magical Neptune assume favorable angles with the Taurus Sun and Mars in Cancer. Magic and mystery are in the air. Imaginations are fertile. Some folks feel as though they are walking on clouds. Be careful about what you wish for. Fantasies can show up in tangible form. Films, concerts and television shows are highly entertaining diversions.
Moon in Pisces v/c 10:56PM-12:00AM, Mercury Direct.

May 15: As the first light barely streaks the eastern sky the Moon enters Aries. A predawn lunar alignment with Pluto spurs early birds into action. Resourceful minds come up with smart ideas. Mars’ mid-morning trine to Neptune keeps imaginations rolling. Dreamers, inventors and do-gooders feel inspired. Altruism is alive and well. Compassionate and charitable spirits are moved to take action. This is also Jupiter’s last full day in Aries. The giant planet of optimism and faith has been inspiring brave hearts for most of the past year. Today could present some souls with an opportunity to prove their courage. Stand up for the truths you believe in. A knowing loved one offers reassurance tonight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-3:56AM Moon enters Aries, Mars trine Neptune.

May 16: The waning Moon fosters self-awareness from her perch in Aries. Independent spirits look for ways to express their unique talents. Some unconsciously manufacture challenges just so they can handle them. A seismic shift in the celestial order occurs early this afternoon when Jupiter exits Aries and arrives in the security-oriented earth sign, Taurus. Physical, emotional and financial health, as well as feeling safe are all essential to living well. With Jupiter now in a testing square to Pluto, shared wealth, power and decision-making are the foundations upon which sustainable relationships, must be built.
Moon in Aries, Jupiter enters Taurus.

May 17: Early birds enjoy a mellow spell. A void of course Aries Moon is close enough to Jupiter to instill hopefulness and good cheer as the day gets under way. By mid-morning the Moon is in Taurus and conjunct Jupiter and Mercury. Hopes are high but trends are mixed. The Taurus trio of stars is testing Pluto. Stubborn types are inclined to argue. To make any progress, cooperation is key. Respect for others, even when we don’t see eye to eye, is imperative. Concentrate on mutual goals and values. Identify ways in which working together is advantageous to everyone. Fortunately, wisdom and experience are also available courtesy of a helpful angle from Saturn. Be receptive to those visionaries who have been there and accomplished great things.
Moon in Aries v/c 5:10AM-8:28AM Moon enters Taurus, Jupiter square Pluto.

May 18: Dreams are sweet and in some cases instructive as the Taurus Sun harmonizes with mysterious Neptune during the overnight period. Hardcore insomniacs can find themselves binge watching television while nightbirds sing merrily. As dawn breaks the waning Taurus Moon is harmonizing with Venus. The new day begins with joyful choruses. This is the last full day of the monthly lunar cycle, the ideal time to complete projects. However, the Moon approaches and overtakes visionary Uranus after noon. This evening many folks have an eye to the future. A pending sextile between mental Mercury and Saturn underscores the importance of finishing one thing before beginning another. It’s a good omen for making plans but wait until tomorrow’s New Moon before launching projects.
Moon in Taurus, Sun sextile Neptune.

May 19: The early morning hours are a tasty blend of pragmatism and idealism. Dreamers work hand in hand with practically-minded people who translate visions into actual results. Business people benefit from the imagination of artists and other creative souls. Minutes before noon the New Moon in Taurus marks the beginning of a fresh activity cycle. A timely assist from fiery Mars increases the likelihood of success. There can be an unusually deep sense of satisfaction as certain long-awaited projects get off the ground. A brief, hour long void of course Moon period takes hold after lunch. By mid-afternoon the Moon is in chatty Gemini. Keep your ears open during the next couple of days. There is valuable information to be gleaned.
New Moon in Taurus 11:53AM, Moon in Taurus v/c 1:51PM-2:48PM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury sextile Saturn.

May 20: The recently new Moon, now in effervescent Gemini, gives rise to a low key, mildly excitable atmosphere. The mellow vibes are countered by a tightrope T-square configuration between Mars, Pluto and Jupiter. Walking the proverbial middle path, neither too high or too low, is recommended. Maintain good decorum. Avoid making incendiary remarks and steer clear of controversial topics. Sarcasm can also be toxic. The same alignments can equally spur on a spirit of inquiry. Constructive engagements are potentially enlightening. What is learned today via thoughtful questioning could have a transformative and lasting impact. As Gandhi noted, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Moon in Gemini, Mars opposite Pluto, Mars enters Leo.

May 21: During the pre-dawn hours the Sun enters Gemini and spring shifts into a higher gear. The Gemini Moon, coupled with a mid-morning Solar trine to Pluto, sees some folks off on travel adventures. Others search for deeper meaning on spiritual retreats or self-chosen contemplation. The trine is favorable for doing research and ferreting out information. The waxing crescent Moon adds to restlessness and curiosity. Her evening square to Neptune is a reminder to make room for mystery in life. There are almost always unanswerable questions and humbling conundrums. Be patient. The late night transition of the Moon into Cancer could herald the arrival of a promising new plan.
Moon in Gemini v/c 6:12PM-11:28PM Moon enters Cancer, Sun trine Pluto, Sun enters Gemini.

May 22: The skies overhead remain dynamically charged. Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury and the Lunar Nodes are forming a Grand Square. It can seem as though there are no easy answers or every avenue is blocked. Each and every option may well have serious drawbacks and unwanted repercussions. Fortunately, today’s heart-centered Cancer Moon points the way to workable solutions. Let others know you care, and that you have their best interests in mind. A midday lunar trine to Saturn confers much-needed patience and good sense. The calming angle counterbalances wildly impulsive urges to resolve matters decisively, quickly and easily. Do your best to keep the channels of communication open this afternoon. With the right intentions and well-chosen words, messages make a lasting impression.
Moon in Cancer, Sun sextile Mars.

May 23: Moods are cheerful and hearts feel warm to start the day. The protective Cancer Moon is conjunct Venus. Affectionate ties are deep and true. Extended family is on the receiving end of more loving this afternoon. Both the Moon and Venus are in harmony with Uranus. When it comes to nourishing others with kindness, food and caring concern, the more the merrier. Sympathy and compassion continue to be felt into the nighttime hours. Relaxing at home after dark is likely to include communing with nature and taking in a favorite show on TV.
Moon in Cancer, Mars square Jupiter.

May 24: Whatever feeling or thought captures your attention today is probably magnified. It’s a celestial case of “Objects in rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.” The cause is an opposition between Pluto on one side of the Zodiac and the Leo Moon and Mars on the other. Desires are intensely felt. It’s hard not to take things personally. Try to avoid blowing trivialities up out of proportion. Naturally competitive folks channel the powerful energies into chores, workouts and sporting games. Self-aware sorts achieve much and set an excellent example to less ambitious companions. Satisfaction is high late this afternoon and the evening brings the chance to at last relax.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:12AM-10:35AM Moon enters Leo.

May 25: Leo Moon adventures continue. Communications can be dicey as the Moon tests both Mercury and Uranus over the course of the day. Be aware of a possible morning misunderstanding or scheduling conflict. A technology glitch can add to delays and confusion. Luckily, Venus is gliding into a favorable sextile with Uranus. A change of plans can lead to a lucky development. An easy laugh and openness to new experiences also is a plus. There is much to be said about staying light-hearted. Try taking the path of least resistance. Welcome serendipity. A new friendship could be waiting in the wings.
Moon in Leo.

May 26: Mixed trends during the weee hours of the morning make some souls restless while others bask in the glow of a sweet surprise. However, the bulk of the day unfolds under a void of course Leo Moon. The usual rules apply. Avoid making firm commitments, major purchases and important business decisions. Stick to routine chores, polishing works in progress or completing projects. Expect concentration and energy levels to falter. Any task that involves tapping into the subconscious can be satisfying. This includes creative projects as well as personal growth work. An hour before midnight the Moon enters Virgo. Night owls feel replenished, physically, emotionally and mentally.
Moon in Leo v/c 2:38AM-11:05PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus sextile Uranus.

May 27: Stress levels tend to rise during both Quarter Moon phases. Today’s tense First Quarter Moon is compounded by Saturn’s influence. My spouse’s mom had a nifty approach to life’s occasionally heavy and sometimes awkward moments. She would turn out the lights and then, as she quickly put them back on, call out, “New party!” Fortunately the Gemini Sun is a pretty good quick change artist. But, with the testing Moon in nitpicking Virgo, the devil is in the details. Keep your mind right. Don’t be petty, especially during the midday hours. By evening, easier-going and friendlier energies are in place. The Moon’s late night trine to Mercury both sharpens mental faculties and facilitates lively, entertaining conversations.
Moon in Virgo

May 28: Early this morning the Gemini Sun is in a testing square with Saturn. It’s time to deal with what is and face what isn’t. Lighten your load. Let go of the unnecessary. Those who feel stuck, alienated or depleted do well to get extra rest. If reality seems depressing, do your best to reframe your situation. By midday more sociable, hopeful feelings are encouraged by a lunar trine to Uranus. Friends can be a source of levity that melts away limiting thoughts. The happy trends continue into the evening. A dinner date or social gathering sparkles happily under the Virgo Moon’s sextile with loving Venus.
Moon in Virgo, Sun square Saturn.

May 29: The early morning hours move at a snail’s pace. The Virgo Moon is orbiting void of course. It’s a great time to putter in the garden or simply while away a few low key hours. Relaxing can be rejuvenating. By late morning the Moon is in Libra. Awareness of others is heightened due to a lunar trine with Pluto. Showing respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of liberty and equality is supported. For the living, two heads are better than one under this soulful influence, provided there is genuine give and take. Vows have staying power as the Moon makes a nighttime sextile to Mars.
Moon in Virgo v/c 5:46AM-10:51AM Moon enters Libra.

May 30: Impressionable folks and skywatchers are noticing the increasing size of the waxing Moon. Now in Libra, Luna will be full in less than a week. Expect events to steadily crescendo in the coming days. Today’s only alignment is a harmonious one, a sextile between the Sun and Moon during the wee hours of the morning. The nighttime’s celestial tranquility supports restful sleep. Daybreak sees certain relationships heating up. Physical attractions can take on new urgency but mentally seeing eye to eye with partners can be challenging. A frank discussion about needs and expectations may be helpful.
Moon in Libra.

May 31: Full Moon Fever is on the rise. The waxing Moon begins the day in sociable Libra where she tests Venus. Unrequited love and awkward social situations are difficult to ignore and hard to understand. On the other hand, some souls are delighted to extend themselves in caring ways. Under a Libra Moon, politeness and consideration for others are often a convention. All the same, it is wise to draw a line on giving. By late morning the Moon is void of course. Be disciplined and remain firm in your decisions. Codependence can lead to inappropriate, regrettable choices. As evening arrives the Moon enters Scorpio where she is exactly square Pluto. Tread softly. Be wary of those who overdramatize, intimidate or come on too strong.
Moon in Libra v/c 10:53AM-7:45PM Moon enters Scorpio.