November 2020 Daily Astrology

November 1: A collective exhale follows yesterday’s momentous Full Moon. From before dawn until long after night falls the now waning Moon makes a series of reassuring angles. A lunar sextile to Neptune brings sweet dreams and arouses aspirations. By late morning the Moon engages the Capricorn stellium, making confidence building trines to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. We feel capable. Work is satisfying. Contacting friends in far-off places can also be enjoyable. However, a challenging square between mental Mercury and dour Saturn cautions against making inappropriate remarks, revealing too much or failing to listen. The square can also magnify fears and anxieties. On the other hand, the powers of concentration may be extraordinary, especially with a positive, constructive mindset. Tonight’s void of course Moon ushers in a much-needed period of deep relaxation and rest.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:29PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Saturn.

November 2: Just before sunrise the Moon arrives in vivacious Gemini. The celestial stage is set for a day of pleasing social interludes and heartwarming conversations. From her perch in the Sign of the Twins the Moon forms a scintillating trine to Venus. The alignment could be a harbinger of good news or a welcome financial development. In ordinary times this would be the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a party, meeting or romantic rendezvous. Mental Mercury at a standstill and set to turn Direct tomorrow. The Winged Messenger stays square to Saturn until Friday. This is not the week to flaunt rules or abandon common sense. Precautions are recommended. Stay positive, look for good things to focus on. And of course, keep your distance, avoid crowds, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-5:00AM Moon enters Gemini.

November 3: At last, Election Day is here. The waning Moon is in Gemini and under conflicting influences. A midday lunar sextile to Mars energizes countless souls this morning. Ideas are captivating and passions vigorously pursued. At nearly the same noon hour moment mental Mercury resumes forward motion. When Mercury reverses course confusion is possible, even probable. A bout of indecision could lead to a change of heart. As nightfall nears the Moon is at odds with Neptune, the mysterious planet of dreams, compassion, deceit, deception and at times, scandal. Doubts and uncertainties are likely. Because Mercury continues to be at odds with Saturn, election results and other decisions may be delayed. Saturn delays, it doesn’t deny. Be patient.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury Direct.

November 4: After a promising start, fueled by a lunar trine to Mercury, the day loses momentum. By mid-morning the Gemini Moon is traveling void of course. Plans change and could fizzle out. Forgetfulness or missing information can contribute to delays. Keep your mind occupied with constructive thoughts. Stick to routines at work. If you have the freedom to improvise and be creative, go for it. Mental as well as physical meandering can be delicious. Take the road less traveled. Visit a place you’ve never been before. It’s best to avoid making important decisions, commitments and purchases until early evening, when the Moon enters Cancer. Seek the comforts of home tonight but do consider dream scenarios and other eccentric interests.
Moon in Gemini v/c 8:49AM-4:45PM Moon enters Cancer.

November 5: The waning Cancer Moon plots an eventful course, keeping life busy. A morning sextile to Uranus facilitates meetings. Those relying on technology for networking find the going smooth. Futurists dare to dream big, as well they should. The Moon’s early afternoon square with Venus can enlarge social circles or bring familiar faces together. In either case the middle of the day is a good time to reach out. Harmony between the Moon and Scorpio Sun calms emotional waters and buoys inner strength as evening unfolds. Faith may be renewed and inner knowing enhanced. Trust instincts and gut feelings. The nighttime skies are more challenging. Be alert to those who overstep boundaries or threaten and intimidate those they disagree with. Might does not make right. The pending square between Mercury and Saturn warrants sticking up for principles. Some ideas and relationships have outlived their usefulness.
Moon in Cancer.

November 6: Mercury’s early morning “reality check” square to Saturn urges a closer look at what is. For some folks, the challenging alignment is a depressing reminder of failures and losses. In fact the aspect is a clarion call from the Cosmos. Lighten your load so you can elevate your game to a higher, more fulfilling level. Let go of the things and attitudes that block progress. A simultaneous lunar trine to Neptune illuminates the hope of a kinder, more self-realized existence. By morning’s light the Cancer Moon is nearing oppositions to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Transform we must. Incredibly, partners and other associates also recognize the need for change. Many details are yet to be worked out. Relax. Deep changes are under way and cannot be reversed. The evening’s void of course Moon period is a timely opportunity to quietly digest and contemplate recent developments.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:27PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Saturn.

November 7: During the wee hours of the morning the Moon arrives in passionate Leo. The lunar placement has a knack of awakening the child within and spurring the young at heart into action. Hitting on a plan that friends agree with or can actively support may be a daunting proposition. The Moon is in a testing angle with volatile Uranus. Some folks can’t resist butting heads or playing the devil’s advocate. Be alert. The afternoon hours can feel tense. Those who act inappropriately are more likely to be triggered by their inner demons than current events. Now that Mercury is again on the move this weekend could be a good time to talk with partners about aspirations and dreams.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-2:18AM Moon enters Leo.

November 8: The early morning hours may feel confusing. Building momentum before dawn, the waning Leo Moon harmonizes with Venus and retrograde Mars. However, the Moon then reaches the Last Quarter phase just as most folks begin their day. Testing angles between the Moon and Sun reinforce inner mental and emotional contradictions. The spirited Leo Moon encourages a playful, outgoing approach to life. The Scorpio Sun tends to be more reticent, prizing private, intimate moments. Any stresses are short-lived. The quest for fun is likely to win out. Spend today enjoying favorite pastimes, hobbies, games and other activities. Put your unique talents to use on a creative project.
Moon in Leo, Last Quarter Moon in Leo 8:46AM.

November 9: As we engage in morning rituals preparing for the new work week, a brief two hour lull occurs. The Leo Moon is void of course. Pay close attention to key items. Note timelines and scheduled activities. By mid-morning energy and focus are again sharp as the Moon enters diligent Virgo. Be discerning but don’t get hung up on myopic thoughts or irrelevant information. Venus’ late morning opposition to Mars can increase distractions as well as a tendency to take on too many commitments. Prioritize. Know which issues and people are truly essential to your success and happiness. Act accordingly. Spontaneous and creative urges increase in number and intensity as darkness falls. Films and artistic performances, as well as dreams are captivating tonight. Make note of your psychic impressions.
Moon in Leo v/c 6:05AM-8:30AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus opposite Mars.

November 10: Dreamscapes whether asleep or awake are enticing. The Scorpio Sun forms a post-midnight trine to Neptune. During the day the Virgo Moon opposes the same mysterious planet of fantastic visions. Reality can seem crystal clear one moment and confusing in the next. With mental Mercury transitioning from Libra into Scorpio late this afternoon, minds may fail to operate with the usual efficiency. Hunches can also be off base. Rather than take an unnecessary risk, bide time until evening. That’s when the stars take a major turn for the better. Knowing confidence is unassailable as the Moon favorably aligns with the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto. These are great auspices for making decisions. Communications, study, teaching and writing are favored. Big problems may be solved tonight.
Moon in Virgo, Sun trine Neptune, Mercury enters Scorpio.

November 11: Early birds catch a noble trine from the Virgo Moon to taskmaster Saturn, an appropriate alignment for honoring Veteran’s Day. The Moon is void of course as the Sun rises. As a result, the morning is low key and lethargic. Motivation is lacking until just before noon when the Moon enters Libra. The Scorpio Sun is beginning to align with the powerful trio of Capricorn planets, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This potent grouping is the big astrological story of 2020, a once in seven hundred and thirty-six year event! There will be no shortages of intention or purpose during the coming week. Use the transformative potential of your time, money and energy wisely. Those who care for and help others help themselves.
Moon in Virgo v/c 5:58AM-11:09AM Moon enters Libra.

November 12: The Libra Moon is at odds with fiery Mars in Aries. The Red Planet has stationed and will return to forward motion this coming Friday. Today’s midday Moon/Mars opposition is a reminder to know what you want and have a well thought out plan. Projects that have been on hold may soon have a second life, so be patient. Ambitions are ably assisted by the afternoon conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. The powerful pairing brings unusual gifts and talents to the fore. Partnerships shine as pooling resources is favored. An alliance formed under the alignment has great potential but be wary of folks with a ‘winner takes all’ approach. Adding excitement is the Moon’s early evening conjunction with Venus. The dinnertime hours feature celebratory moods. Feelings grow more pensive late tonight. Open up. Share your concerns. Input from a trusted pal just might ease a worried heart or mind.
Moon in Libra, Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

November 13: Tensions persist during the overnight period as the waning Libra Moon tests Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Fears may be entirely reasonable but keep in mind that  every problem holds clues to its solution. As the Sun cracks the eastern horizon the Moon begins a substantial void of course period. The lethargic vibe lingers for most of the morning. As midday nears the Moon joins forces with Mercury in Scorpio. Their afternoon conjunction jump starts minds. Critical thinking is a welcome addition to any intelligent conversation. Planning is facilitated. However, the Moon is late in its cycle and also opposing unpredictable Uranus. Even though Mars resumes forward motion this evening, it’s better to wait until Monday’s New Moon before launching ventures. Use caution, especially if you’re traveling late tonight.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:32AM-11:19AM Moon enters Scorpio, Mars Direct.

November 14: A post midnight lunar opposition with Uranus can rattle nerves. If you have a bout of insomnia, stay alert. With the Scorpio Moon nearing the end of another cycle, inattention adds to the risk of a fall or accident. Calmer, more productive trends dominate the remainder of the day. With the waning Moon close by, the Scorpio Sun aligns with the Capricorn stellium of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Draw upon a fine mix of emotional as well as practical wisdom. The constructive energies persist into the late night hours. Intimate conversations are healing. Because the New Moon occurs just minutes after midnight in one of the Zodiac’s key relationship signs, the astrological omens support close cooperation. Commit to making a shared dream come true during the coming weeks.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Jupiter.

November 15: The Scorpio New Moon is a Cosmic green light for launching ambitious projects. The promise of new beginnings is boosted by the Sun/Moon tandem’s harmony with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn as well as Neptune. Visions are inspired and within reach. Night owls can drift off to sleep secure in the knowledge that successful outcomes are written in today’s stars. Day dawns with the Moon void of course, a classic signature for lazy Sunday wanderings. Relax, rest easy. Savor quiet moments. By late morning the Moon is in Sagittarius and social inclinations grow. A testing square between Venus and Pluto poses several potential obstacles. Feelings are easily bruised so treat others with sensitivity. Be wary of impassioned but unreasonable requests. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you don’t feel comfortable asking for or receiving something, avoid making a commitment.
New Moon in Scorpio 12:07AM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 6:13AM-!0:47AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus square Pluto.

November 16: Midnight snackers beware, Venus’ square with Jupiter could see some big indulgences. Other appetites take over by morning. A fiery trine between the Sagittarius Moon and Mars raises passions as well as ambitions. Challenge-oriented competitive types thrive on the energy, a timely omen for the start of the work week. Moods are less motivated during the afternoon hours. The Moon squares nebulous Neptune, setting off a series of snafus and miscommunications. To minimize misunderstandings speak slowly and clearly. If you’re not sure about another person’s intentions, ask for clarification. Take precise notes at important meetings. Kindly hearts help offset minor annoyances. Be in contact with distant friends tonight. The news, regardless of how surprising, can be equally enlightening.
Moon in Sagittarius, Venus square Jupiter.

November 17: During the wee hours of the morning mental Mercury is at odds with Uranus. The tense alignment can make sleep difficult but it can also be a gift to visionaries. Cope with any sleeplessness consciously. Breathe deeply or meditate. Practice yoga or use one of the occult predictive arts. An ensuing void of course Moon period brings a measure of calm. The less energized, unfocused period extends into the late morning. By noon the Moon is in Capricorn and duty calls. Most people willingly regroup and tackle afternoon chores with renewed vigor and attention. Powers of perception steadily increase after dark. Pay heed to your hunches tonight. Intuition is spot on. Envision improved conditions. Planning and networking may take some doing, but celestial trends are promising.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 2:55AM-11:35AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury opposite Uranus.

November 18: Flurries of bright ideas dot the wee hours of the morning. Take notes if you’re up late. By daybreak the gritty Capricorn Moon is at odds with Mars, a reminder that patience and perseverance are key parts of all success stories. Know what your goals are today. Be efficient and take your time. If an obstacle appears, learn from it. Fine tune plans as needed. Hurrying is likely to be counterproductive. Steer clear of an early afternoon spat. Stay focused on reaching goals and meeting deadlines. An imminent sextile between the Scorpio Sun and diligent Saturn steadies efforts, helping to keep things on track. By evening the Moon is harmonizing with Neptune, a plus for creative work as well as easy-going, cooperative behavior.
Moon in Capricorn.

November 19: The early morning square between Venus and Saturn may strain social ties and budgets. Limitations must be respected. Partners have to play fairly and honor agreements. Likewise, this is no time to be frivolous with money. Invest wisely, whether it’s in the love you share or the money you spend. With the pragmatic Capricorn Moon joining Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn this morning, realities are clear. No amount of wishful thinking will change what is. On the other hand a fantastic amount of energy for change is at hand. This is the final time this year that these four astrological ‘planets’ join together in the Sign of the Goat. A similar alignment will not occur again for seven hundred and thirty-six years! The midday hours are suddenly lethargic as the Moon goes void of course. By late afternoon the Moon is in Aquarius, directing attention to friends, community interests and planning the future.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:30AM-3:25PM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun sextile Saturn, Venus square Saturn.

November 20: The waxing Aquarius Moon charts an uneven course, testing Uranus and Mercury and later coordinating with Mars. The early morning hours could feel restless. Plans may change. Minds also seem to be in flux. It can be hard to pin down details, a meeting time for example or agree on much. Be tactful during the afternoon when the Moon squares Mercury. Stubborn personalities tend to lock down on a narrow point of view under the influences. Avoid sarcasm if you feel frustrated. Asking others for an opinion or explanation may offer a good opening for helpful discussions. Evening brings more free-flowing energies. With the waxing nighttime Moon void of course and the Sun and Venus about to change signs, thoughts may drift to lost loves and other memories.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 7:49PM-12:00AM.

November 21: Changes may sneak up on us. The Aquarius Moon is void of course almost the entire day, the Cosmos’ way of saying relax and go with the flow. Put off major new commitments and purchases for another time. Early this morning Venus arrives in Scorpio. Love interests can suddenly seem fraught with hidden meaning. Intentions may be questioned but given the Moon’s disengaged state, a partner’s answers could be vague and inconclusive. The Sun is also on the move, entering Sagittarius this afternoon. When the Sun visits this upbeat fire sign the holidays are nearing. Moods tend to brighten. Even the Moon gets into the change act, splashing down in Pisces and reaching the anxious First Quarter phase shortly before midnight. Keep your cool. Address any upsets with clear-eyed loving non-attachment and compassion.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-11:06PM Moon enters Pisces, First Quarter Moon in Pisces 11:45PM, Venus enters Scorpio, Sun enters Sagittarius.

November 22: Night owls enjoy a lunar trine to Venus. Helpful Venus aspects are the best omens for successful parties and other social events. Artists feel inspired. Cuddling is also encouraged. The waxing Pisces Moon is soon on her way. A midday lunar sextile to Uranus frees adventurous spirits and fosters friendly moods. Minds open. Progressive causes are served. Some exciting technological breakthrough could be announced. A visit to a new place may be in order. Some folks are content to network via phones and computers. Moods remain changeable, sensitive and introspective this evening. Dare to dream and imagine while respecting the privacy needs of others.
Moon in Pisces.

November 23: The waxing Pisces Moon is conjunct mysterious Neptune today. Moods are empathic as well as unusually sensitive to the energies of places and other, unseen realms. Spirits draw closer under these soul-stirring auspices. Hearts easily go out to underdogs and people in need. Mental Mercury is also in harmony with the Moon and Neptune. Feelings bubble up and need expression. Imaginations are muscular, smoothly flowing from one area of interest to another. After midday, entrepreneurial types find numerous ways to translate their visions into reality. Artists in all fields flourish. The fruitful creative period continues on long after nightfall. If ever there was a time to pursue a passion and burn the midnight oil, this is it.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury trine Neptune.

November 24: Early birds begin their day with a sense of destiny and purpose guiding them. However, the Pisces Moon goes void of course before sunrise, dramatically slowing the pace. A lazy, less enthusiastic mood dominates much of the morning. Pay extra careful attention if you want to avoid unwanted complications. By late morning the Moon is in challenge-oriented Aries. Minds perk up and bodies feel rejuvenated. A fiery late afternoon lunar trine to the Sagittarius Sun prompts eager participation in both physical and mental exercises. Self-expression can be healing so speak your truth. Just be sure to keep your listener’s sensibilities in mind.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:44AM-10:05AM Moon enters Aries.

November 25: The Aries Moon overtakes feisty Mars during the second half of the day. The two make a pugnacious pair and with the God of War still at odds with Pluto, self-control is recommended. Watch your temper or a tendency to rub others the wrong way. Avoid coming across in a “me first” way. It may also be wise to turn down the flame on the stovetop. Slow cooking is safer. Channel enthusiasm and competitive urges into well thought out, constructive channels. Even better, put some effort into getting partners solidly on board with a project. An afternoon strategy session could be an opportunity to show real leadership. Slow the pace and relax tonight.
Moon in Aries.

November 26: Yes, we are living through historically challenging times but we must be grateful and lend a hand to those less fortunate. Testing lunar squares tend to keep folks on edge today. The Aries Moon is at odds with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. It is unrealistic to think that losses and fears can simply be glossed over. For too many people holiday traditions are simply not possible. Absent family and friends are missed. There are silver linings to contemplate. Fortunately, mental Mercury is nearing an insightful sextile to Pluto. The writer Isabel Allende offered her observations on the meaning of Covid-19. Among them, “We need to relax and appreciate what we have and live in the present.” The evening hours are laid back under a void of course Moon. Well before midnight the Moon enters stabilizing Taurus, bringing calm. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.
Moon in Aries v/c 6:46PM-10:43PM Moon enters Taurus.

November 27: Mental states are perceptive early today. Mercury’s sextile to Pluto sharpens intellects as well as the powers of observation. Don’t second guess yourself this morning. The afternoon hours are more wildly unpredictable. The nearly full Taurus Moon joins up with Uranus and the duo opposes Venus in Scorpio. Thus the midday period is likely to hold several surprises. Be prepared to receive a windfall, or an unexpected expense might crop up. A surprise social encounter could be a total mind-blowing delight. Yet on the other hand a sudden separation may also occur. No matter what plays out, be ready to roll the dice and move past seen and unseen boundaries. Mellower trends dominate the evening hours. Kick back and savor your best and most favorite creature comforts.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus opposite Uranus.

November 28: Upbeat trends prevail on this marvelous day tinged with touches of magic. The waxing Taurus Moon feeds building excitement. A subtle late morning lunar sextile to Neptune nourishes dreamers and idealists. Immerse yourself in Mother Nature or an artful enterprise. Relaxing is also encouraged. Mercury’s sextile with Jupiter is a fine omen for travel and scintillating conversations. Catch up with neighbors, friends and family. Read and broaden your horizons. The Moon’s nighttime trines with Pluto and Jupiter suggest that learning can be both healing and transformative. Be selective when it comes to choosing viewing and reading material. Factual information is much more meaningful than a poorly researched opinion piece.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Neptune Direct.

November 29: The nearly full Moon is in Taurus this morning. A void of course period holds sway. Kick back and savor comfort foods, good company and pleasing surroundings. By noon the Moon is in Gemini where she will be full early tomorrow. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis spotlights knowledge and information, as well as the resulting philosophies and beliefs that inform our values. Political and other debates may be lively, even over the top at times. This close to the Full Moon passions are high. There will be a tendency to speak in hyperboles. Skepticism and restraint are advised. Don’t take things personally. What people say and write says more about them than it does about you or reality. Yes skeptics, this author included. Enjoy the Moonrise. Awooo!
Moon in Taurus v/c 7:48AM-11:16AM Moon enters Gemini.

November 30: The Full ‘Cold’ Moon illuminates the late Autumn night sky. Perched high overhead in mercurial Gemini, hearts and minds race. The goodness of positive thinking is emphasized. The destructive power of negativity and ignorance must also be respected. A quest for facts is warranted. Be prepared to share your knowledge with curious minds. Because the Moon is eclipsed, expect new, game-changing revelations in the near future. Plans will change. By daybreak Full Moon fever has peaked. Mercury’s grounding mid-afternoon sextile to Saturn underscores the value of level-headed thinking. Meetings benefit from experienced voices. This could be an excellent time to make a commitment. The nighttime sees mixed influences. Get the information you need but proceed with caution.
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 4:30AM, Moon in Gemini v/c 11:22PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Saturn.