November 2021 Daily Astrology

November 1: November begins with an optimism-fueling trine between Mercury and Jupiter. The angle, exact minutes after midnight, eases worries and brings knowing confidence. The future looks promising. During the morning a waning Virgo Moon and Pluto provide the determination and skill to successfully master numerous challenges. Midday meetings and conversations tend to wander, covering many side interests. However, it may be impossible to meet every need and expectation. The day feels busy into the early afternoon. The Moon then goes void of course, slowing the pace. It’s best to relax and take things as they come during the second half of the day. The Moon enters Libra this evening, a Cosmic cue to look in on partners.
Moon in Virgo v/c 1PM-7:11PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury trine Jupiter.

November 2: A pre-dawn square between mental Mercury and Pluto is reason to monitor each and every thought. If it isn’t constructive, don’t pay it any further attention. Let it go and envision more positive outcomes. Fortunately, the Libra Moon soon finds herself in a trine to Saturn. The aspect directs attention to facing responsibilities and efficiently using time and resources. At this late stage of the monthly lunar cycle it is best to complete projects rather than start new ones. Do what you can to stay on track today, especially if the finish line is in sight.
Moon in Libra, Mercury square Pluto.

November 3: The waning Libra Moon keeps many folks uncharacteristically engaged. A lunar trine to Jupiter gets the day off to a sunny start. Good news is likely. Travel and learning are also expedited. A midday misunderstanding could complicate matters. An offensive remark may simply be taken out of context. Dig deeper to understand a partner’s frustrations and motives. Moods take an upturn during the afternoon. The Moon conjuncts mental Mercury and forms a sextile with Venus. Minds remain sharp and feelings grow more loving with each passing hour. Dinnertime gatherings are lighthearted affairs. Share the happy occasion with companions you treasure. A mellow void of course Libra Moon period is short-lived. After nightfall the Moon enters Scorpio, setting the stage for tomorrow’s dramatic New Moon.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:52PM-8:32PM Moon enters Scorpio.

November 4: The overnight period may be rambunctious. The Scorpio Moon conjuncts Mars during the wee hours of the morning. By daybreak the Moon is in a testing square with Saturn, a reminder to abandon pointless pursuits. With the New Moon imminent, it’s a good time for letting go. As the hours pass the Moon moves into her late afternoon conjunction with the Sun. The celestial pairing stand in opposition to unpredictable Uranus. Get ready for a super surprising turn of events. An alarming Cosmic wake-up call is sounding. Enlightening experiences, political upheavals and earthquakes are among a multitude of possibilities. If you are launching an endeavor be prepared to alter plans. Changing circumstances are a certainty as the new lunar cycle culminates with the start of autumn eclipse season. Expect the unexpected, learn, adapt, adjust and know all will be well.
Moon in Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio 5:15PM, Sun opposite Uranus.

November 5: Change remains in the air. Early this morning Venus enters Capricorn and this evening Mercury arrives in Scorpio. Due to an upcoming retrograde, the Goddess of Love will be in the Sign of the Goat until March. Also due to a retrograde, mental Mercury has been in Libra since the end of August. The sign changes may take some getting used to. The Scorpio Moon’s mid-morning square to Jupiter may increase the sense of being adrift in a sea of changes. Fortunately, a midday lunar angle with Pluto offers both insights and solutions. Keep your priorities in mind and stay focused on them. During the noon hour the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. If you are working stick to the tried and true. If not, let the weekend begin! Brighter emotional territory is reached tonight, when the Moon enters Sagittarius.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:10PM-8:52PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Scorpio.

November 6: Morning chores are made easier by the Sagittarius Moon’s timely sextile to Saturn. The same aspect is favorable for fulfilling obligations of any sort. Once business is taken care of, it’s time for play. Noontime harmony between Mercury and Venus sets the tone. Their sextile alignment is perfect for light-hearted fun and games. A dominating or competitive streak may be noted in some folks. Keep the games friendly. Gadding around the neighborhood or wandering further afield can also be enjoyable. The skies are quiet for the remainder of the day, an appropriate atmosphere for relaxing, contemplating and doing as Spirit moves you. Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour before going to sleep.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury sextile Venus.

November 7: Dream states may be revelatory or distressing as the Sagittarius Moon tests Neptune. A more cheerful early morning lunar alignment with Jupiter can be the impetus for taking a classic Sunday drive. The Moon then goes void of course and everything from cars to people moves at an unhurried pace. It’s a “go with the flow,” announce no major decisions and make no important commitments kind of day. Not until well after nightfall does the Moon enter Capricorn and then real motivation returns. Use the evening hours to make ready for the coming week. As midnight approaches the Moon is nearing Venus, a harbinger of loving ties, happy endings and sweet dreams.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 8:44AM-8:03PM Moon enters Capricorn. Daylight Savings Time ends 2:00AM ET.

November 8: Most of today’s planetary activity occurs during the overnight period. As Fate has it, these nocturnal alignments bode well for a good night’s sleep. As dawn breaks the waxing Capricorn Moon supports the diligent efforts of ambitious souls, especially those looking to make purposeful changes in themselves or the world at large. Improvisational skills come in handy, and with a lunar trine to inventive Uranus exact during the late afternoon, progress can be impressive. The more outrageous and outlandish the plan, the better. Get input from like-minded revolutionaries and evolutionary thinkers. A quiet sense of self-satisfaction increases this evening. Savor the freedom of choosing a new path and the support of trusted pals.
Moon in Capricorn.

November 9: This morning practical matters receive nice support from the stars. The hard working, no nonsense Capricorn Moon’s diligence is softened by a favorable angle with dreamy Neptune. Even members of the Goat Clan can be charming on this day of notable gains and accomplishments. Intensity builds as midday approaches. Efforts are unrelenting. A powerful early afternoon lunar conjunction with Pluto leads some to exceed their own expectations. Those who keep the welfare of others at heart gain the most. The Moon then begins a sustained void of course period, lasting long into the night. Minds may be entirely set on reaching certain objectives but unpredictable celestial forces are in play. Relax. Keep your sights set on goals but be ready to improvise.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:51PM-10:03PM Moon enters Aquarius.

November 10: Impatience and willfulness are possible consequences of Mercury’s early morning conjunction with Mars. Another possibility is courage in the face of difficulties. Today’s sky map is complicated. Communications can be challenging. The Mercury/Mars duo tests the Aquarius Moon and Saturn and is also at odds with Uranus. The resulting T-square configuration generates copious amounts of angst and energy but that energy requires deft handling. Impulsive types are likely to feel thwarted as delays and circumstances beyond their control pile up. Despite its stresses this day can be fruitful. Patient perseverance is one key. Another is a steadfast willingness to listen, offer compromises and cooperate. If things get tense, pause, take a few deep breaths and most of all, stay calm.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury conjunct Mars, Mercury square Saturn, Mars square Saturn.

November 11: The early going can be rugged. The Aquarius Moon reaches the First Quarter phase early this morning. The edgy aspect could easily trigger inner turmoil, especially if a required task is not one’s preference. Restrictions of any sort can feel oppressive. On the other hand, quarter moons also motivate and the Moon is approaching freedom-loving Jupiter, fostering confidence and triggering a thirst for new adventures. One’s point of view goes a long way in determining whether or not the morning hours are productive. In any case, the mid-afternoon Moon/Jupiter tandem sends spirits soaring. Business meetings as well as social gatherings are good-humored and optimistic. With a late afternoon void of course Moon the good vibes continue in mellower fashion, easing us into the quiet evening.
First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 7:46AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:52PM-12:00AM.

November 12: Mixed trends make for an engaging, entertaining day. The Scorpio Sun forms a “dreams can come true” trine with Neptune late this morning. The alignment buoys the spirits of creative and humanitarian souls. It also enables communion with the mysterious forces of Mother Nature as well as usually inaccessible, subconscious realms. Tap into your imagination and make beautiful things happen. The waxing Pisces Moon adds to the otherworldly atmospherics. Her afternoon sextile with Venus promotes kindness and consideration of others. The evening finds the Moon in an empowering trine with Mars. Share the secrets of your heart. Ask for what you want. It’s a fantastic time to get on the same page with friends, associates and loved ones.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-2:54AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun trine Neptune.

November 13: Post midnight reveries may include surprisingly accurate visions of the future. Daybreak brings new challenges. Mental Mercury forms a late morning opposition to unpredictable Uranus. The aspect unsettles nerves and can rattle minds. Pay close attention if you’re on the move, whether on foot or in a car. Intuition can suddenly be way off. If you feel stressed, breathe deeply and exhale the tension. Plans are also likely to change. Mellower trends take hold by late afternoon. A movie or sojourn in a beautiful place can be soothing entertainment. The Pisces Moon’s splendid evening trine to the Scorpio Sun brings out peoples’ better angels. A kindness is deeply treasured. Social connections feel restorative as the hours grow late.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury opposite Uranus.

November 14: The morning hours feel lazy under a void of course Pisces Moon. This is most definitely a Cosmic reminder to ‘go with the flow,’ however unhurried it may be. Speed freaks be warned, Sunday drivers are out in force. It’s far more appropriate to slow down, relax and enjoy breakfast or brunch under today’s stars. Late morning sees the waxing Moon arrive in Aries. The change of signs gives the day a gentle nudge. With little planetary activity after noon, it’s a good time to rest and prepare for what promises to be an exceptionally busy week ahead.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:40AM-10:48AM Moon enters Aries.

November 15: We’re off on a week of big adventures and eye-opening surprises. Each day features a major planetary alignment and autumn eclipse season is also about to begin. First up is this afternoon’s square between the Scorpio Sun and Jupiter. Expectations as well as appetites are large but don’t be gullible or bite off more than you can comfortably chew and digest. A hoped for result may be no more than an empty promise. Resist the tendency to rush things under the waxing, challenge-oriented Aries Moon. Friday’s upcoming Full Moon is a lunar eclipse. Things that begin the week of an eclipse rarely go as planned. Get your facts straight and try to minimize risks. Be sure to do due diligence. Invest the time needed for thorough research. Even after taking into account all the unknowns and uncertainties, an alternative plan will likely still be necessary.
Moon in Aries, Sun square Jupiter.

November 16: The fabulous early morning hours unfold under an agreeable sextile between the Aries Moon and Jupiter. This part of the day hums along smoothly and all appears to be well. A late morning lunar square to Pluto could occasion a notable second effort or a crafty shift in strategy. The Moon then embarks on a lengthy void of course period, spanning from late morning until several hours past nightfall. However, the Sun is also well-aligned with Pluto. Resourceful thinking and tenacity help sustain momentum. Partnering is productive. Move forward one step at a time this afternoon. The Moon’s nighttime arrival in Taurus heralds the rising tide of Full Moon Fever.
Moon in Aries v/c 10:51AM-9:18PM Moon enters Taurus, Sun sextile Pluto.

November 17: Mars’ explosive midday opposition with Uranus warrants caution on all fronts. Live by the Golden Rule. Watch your temper. Be careful around machinery and sharp objects. Slow your pace. Practice patience. The tense celestial standoff continues throughout the remainder of the day and gets a second wind tonight when the waxing Moon conjuncts Uranus and opposes Mars. Fortunately, loving Venus plays a calming role this evening. Still, it is best to be on exemplary behavior. Do what you can to avoid volatile people as well as dangerous situations today.
Moon in Taurus, Mars opposite Uranus.

November 18: Morning dreams and reveries may be filled with significant symbols. Imaginations are excellent. The hearts of empaths are wide open. Mental Mercury is in a trine with Neptune, fine tuning worldly as well as spiritual senses. Put your talents to good use. The nearly full Taurus Moon is also well-aligned with Neptune. If words fail, music, painting, dance and other expressive arts can carry a meaningful message. Humanitarian causes are also well-served. The tempo builds as evening approaches. Lunar aspects to Jupiter and Pluto, as well as a pending trine between Venus and Uranus favor healers, romantics and seekers of truth. An opportunity to patch up strained ties could occur. Moon worshippers take note, there’s fun and magic in the nighttime air!
Moon in Taurus, Mercury trine Neptune.

November 19: Insomniacs be warned, the wee hours of the morning are when today’s celestial action peaks. Venus forms a post midnight trine to Uranus, a harbinger of warm camaraderie or a far more rare “love at first sight” meeting. Either will be quite enjoyable under the spotlight of the Full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus, which also happens to be a lunar eclipse. Personal revelations are distinctly possible so take a few minutes to “tune in” before going to sleep. With the Moon and opposing Scorpio Sun in the “money” signs, questions related to resource management are likely. Considering the disparities in wealth so prevalent in today’s world, expect major controversies. Daylight comes with the Moon traveling void of course. She enters Gemini by mid-morning, triggering lively discussions about where we need to direct attention. Think good thoughts and stay positive.
Full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus/Lunar Eclipse 3:57AM, Moon in Taurus v/c 3:57AM-9:33AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus trine Uranus.

November 20: Full Moon fallout has many souls thinking about and adjusting to recent developments. The Gemini Moon favors the sharing of facts and conversation. However, a good many so-called facts may be based on speculation rather than knowledge. Mental Mercury is in a square with Jupiter. Under the alignment many folks tend to exaggerate and believe in unrealistic claims. Other souls are truly open-minded and eager to learn. Know the difference between an opinion and a certifiable truth. Dinnertime discussions can be lively. However, uncertainties are likely to persist. Avoid making a firm commitment until all relevant details are known.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury square Jupiter.

November 21: The Gemini Moon forms a perfectly delightful trine with Jupiter during the late morning. Athletic types and driving aficionados want to be on the move. Optimism is prevalent. With moods on an upswing, breakfast and brunch gatherings are happy affairs. Still, there is likely to be unfinished business or an unresolved issue on the minds of many folks much of the day. The Moon is void of course before noon and the less engaged state lasts until tonight. There’s plenty of time to delve into and analyze feelings. Talking things out can be helpful. When the Sun arrives in freedom-loving Sagittarius late in the day there is a sea change. Sagittarius, the Sign of the Archer, is transitional, linking fall and winter. The winds of change are beginning to blow and the holiday season is near. A short time later, the Moon enters nostalgic Cancer. Excitement is building.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:52AM-10:33PM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury sextile Pluto, Sun enters Sagittarius.

November 22: The waning Cancer Moon calls some people homeward. With the Sun newly arrived in Sagittarius and passing by her lunar South Node, others are reminded of friends, relatives and places they haven’t seen in ages. Thoughts and feelings tend to be nostalgic. Loyalties are also strongly felt. The chances are good that a companion has more on their mind than is evident. Nighttime brings an enlightening lunar sextile to Uranus. New possibilities and better ideas emerge. Friendships are sources of mutual enjoyment. The aspect is also favorable for air travel, making this one of the better days of the week to be on the move.
Moon in Cancer.

November 23: Settling in and enjoying familiar faces and routines is a natural thing to do under a Cancer Moon. Preparations for the upcoming holiday begin in earnest early this morning when the Moon opposes Venus and trines Mars. There are heartfelt, caring vibes and energy to spare, supporting a cheerful beehive of activity. The fast pace levels off and reaches a more relaxed comfort zone by midday. An afternoon lunar trine to Neptune inspires creative efforts at work, on the road and at home. If you’re thinking about helping out at a food pantry or homeless shelter, charitable impulses are also supported. Mental Mercury now readies to leave pensive Scorpio. Tonight, word may arrive from folks who, for one reason or another, are unable to attend the holiday get together.
Moon in Cancer.

November 24: In recent decades this has been the busiest travel day of the year in the U.S. While I don’t see us breaking records the stars are amenable for travel. Things begin slowly as the Cancer Moon travels void of course until late morning. When Luna enters playful Leo energy levels pick up. By then, fleet-footed Mercury has arrived in globetrotting Sagittarius. Dial up the fun! A late-morning lunar trine to Mercury is a green light for making tracks, fast talking and general merriment. The bubbly good times continue throughout the afternoon as the Moon also harmonizes with the Sun. It’s easy to lose oneself in the pleasure of doing what you love. Hearts are full. Joy is prevalent. The quieter evening hours remain comfortably animated.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:46AM-10:59AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

November 25: Happy holiday! Traditions are stabilizing factors on this complicated day. The waning Leo Moon is activating the continuing Saturn/Uranus square. The pesky alignment has persisted throughout this calendar year and contributed to numerous uncertainties and worries. Now Mars is also involved, forming a Grand Square with the previously mentioned stars. Be careful not to overcook the turkey or burn the pie. Keep an eye on the timer. As I’ve said many times, stay humble, be quick to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and when all else fails, laugh at life’s vagaries. A late morning lunar square to Uranus may complicate celebrations. A last minute cancellation is one possibility. Tonight sees the Moon in a testing square with Mars. Be safe. Slow your pace. Relax and digest in a calm space.
Moon in Leo.

November 26: The morning is the best part of the day for taking care of business. I count holiday shopping as serious business. The Leo Moon is opposite Jupiter, increasing the impetus to be out and about enjoying life and perhaps spending some cash. Overdoing is always tempting when Jupiter is active so keep your budget in mind. By noon the Moon is void of course and spirits become less energized and more tentative. Hold off on major purchases during the second half of the day. Instead turn your attention to child’s play and purely pleasurable pursuits. As we all know, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood experience. Late tonight the waning Moon enters Virgo. Some folks may wish they had eaten less yesterday but it’s a good time to get back on track towards healthy living.
Moon in Leo v/c 11:24AM-9:12PM Moon enters Virgo.

November 27: Sleeping in is probably not the best option under the Last Quarter Virgo Moon. The energizing, early morning lunar square to the Sagittarius Sun is a call to action. There may be numerous chores as well as health related matters to attend to throughout the day. The Moon’s evening trine to Uranus facilitates friendly social get-togethers. Supporting the common good is a common goal as the Virgo Moon forms a Grand Trine configuration with Uranus and Venus. Some partnerships may reinvent themselves. When dusk deepens into night the astro pattern becomes less active. As above, so below. Expect a quiet evening.
Moon in Virgo, Last Quarter Moon in Virgo 7:28AM.

November 28: Today’s busy stars sustain a lively pace. The Virgo Moon is in agreeable alignments with Venus and Mars this morning. Early risers enjoy warm, affectionate ties. Breakfast makers go all out in the effort to please. A late morning lunar opposition to Neptune could be an opportune time to take a walk in Nature. If you’re brunching, count your calories. The afternoon hours are fine for a variety of activities. There’s a good amount of practical, take charge energy, favorable for organizing, planning and shopping. Whether you’re hunting for bargains or looking to pare down your possessions, success is likely. By nightfall the Moon is void of course. Relax, read or catch up with messages and paperwork tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:02PM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Mercury.

November 29: Before the Sun rises the waning Moon enters Libra where she assumes a supportive role to the Sagittarius Sun. This celestial harmony promotes inner composure and peaceful relations with others. In this astrologically fertile environment we also enjoy a superb morning trine between Mars and Neptune. The ingenuity and willpower is available to make dreams or the perfect cup of breakfast coffee a reality. Whatever the cause, artistic, commercial or charitable, this is the time to pursue your vision. For those who believe in a spiritual world, inspiration may indeed come from other realms. Trust your hunches. The evening hours are fabulous for thoughtful chats and firming up commitments.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-3:55AM Moon enters Libra, Mars trine Neptune.

November 30: November makes a flashy exit. Three exact planetary alignments keep the day rolling along. The Libra Moon is also active, testing Venus during the afternoon. Their square promotes a lively social atmosphere. Some partnerships may feel strained but others grow in depth and importance. Make partners aware of your needs. Mixing business and pleasure can be a good way to build a solid relationship. An inspirational late afternoon Venus/Neptune sextile increases trust and affection between colleagues. An important commitment could be made over dinner. The Sagittarius Sun, now conjunct Mercury, is sextile Saturn. Impeccable manners and ethics, everyday common sense and loyalty are prized. As solid as things may now appear, we have one more eclipse coming this fall season. Be ready for plot twists later in the week.
Moon in Libra v/c 11:20PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Saturn, Venus sextile Neptune, Sun sextile Saturn.