October 2020 Daily Astrology

October 1: Fitting a year of incredible highlights and daunting lowlights, October begins and ends with soul stirring Full Moons. Today’s Harvest Moon in Aries underscores the lasting ties and divisions shared between one’s self and life partners. Be nice. Let individual identity be balanced with awareness of the impact words and actions have on others. Conversely, the expectations and needs of those we love cannot be ignored. In a sense, we define ourselves through our social connections, or the lack of them. Because Venus stands poised at the last degree of Leo, many folks are inclined to reminisce about the joys of youthful fun times and lost loves. The good news is love is eternal. Celebrate the wonders and mysteries of the heart this evening, and enjoy the Moonrise. Moon in Aries, Full Moon in Aries 5:05PM.

October 2: The Aries Moon, testing Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, inspires a gritty, unusually strong, goal-oriented work ethic.  The late morning lunar square with Jupiter brings the temptation of trying to do too much. Be realistic about priorities. Finish one job before moving on to another. Manage your time and resources well. The evening hours can be challenging. The Moon is at odds with Pluto while moving into a Conjunction with Mars. Those on a mission may be wearing blinders and feel compulsive or unstoppable. Avoid treating others harshly. The energies are intense. Cooperation is a far more enjoyable and constructive way of channeling today’s Cosmic forces. Luckily, Venus’ arrival in Virgo provides ample opportunity to be thoughtful and helpful. Moon in Aries, Venus enters Virgo.

October 3: During the wee hours of the morning the Aries Moon goes void of course. The resulting restful period lasts until nearly midday. Expect the morning hours to be pleasant but low key. Stick to familiar routines and hold off on making serious commitments and decisions until just before lunchtime, when the Moon sets up shop in Taurus. The midday hours are blissful. A lunar trine with Venus puts hearts at ease. Simple pleasures, friendship, and good eats are celebrated. An extravagance may also be tempting so keep your budget in mind. The afternoon period feels comfortably grounded but mind your Ps and Qs late tonight when the Moon begins to oppose mental Mercury. Night owls may find they don’t see eye to eye. Be the first one to agree to disagree. Moon in Aries v/c 1:47AM-11:12AM Moon enters Taurus.

October 4: Deep in space on the fringes of our solar system, Pluto resumes forward motion this morning. The planet of death and rebirth has been backtracking since last April. With a knack for exposing corruption, hypocrisy and abuses of power, one can only wonder what this week’s headlines will be. The waning Taurus Moon has greater impact on day-to-day affairs. Her early morning conjunction with “The Great Awakener,” Uranus may set off a range of epiphanies, enlightening experiences and earth shaking events. Expect the unexpected on this momentous morning. A sense of faith, composure and optimism increases throughout the remainder of the day. Late night messages contain welcome news. Moon in Taurus, Pluto Direct.

October 5: Take full advantage of the morning’s marvelous trends. The waning Taurus Moon brings emotional calm and a steady pace. Favorable lunar aspects to Jupiter and Neptune suggest dreamers are dreaming true. The start of the workday features the Moon harmonizing with Pluto. A solution-oriented approach is advisable. Put available resources, talents and skills to good use. Focus and productivity remain excellent until mid-afternoon when the Moon begins a substantial void of course period. Try to complete important projects by then as attention spans and energy levels decrease by early evening. The night is mellow. Get comfy and relax. Moon in Taurus v/c 2:41PM-12:00AM.

October 6: The pace picks up under today’s restless Gemini Moon. Minds and tongues grow more active beginning the first thing in the morning when the Moon is at odds with Venus. Some folks find it hard to make up their mind. Loyalties may be tested. Behind much of the chatter is a need for approval and unconditional love. Even if conversations are inconclusive, they will also be entertaining.  There are celestial forces in play this week indicating a great many surprising turns of events. Don’t be caught off guard. Observe. Be a good student and reserve judgment. Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-12:03AM Moon enters Gemini.

October 7: Today’s opposition between mental Mercury and unpredictable Uranus sees moments of pure intuition, creative genius and self-realization. However brilliant a thought may be, Fate can intervene at any time, turning one’s reality upside down. For those gifted with foresight, be patient. The world may not yet be ready for what seems obvious to you. Travelers and exercise enthusiasts are advised to use caution. The Gemini Moon’s early afternoon square with Neptune adds uncertainties. Mystery lovers enjoy the suspense. Tonight brings an upsurge in enthusiasm and initiative. Fortunately the Moon is void of course well before midnight, giving everyone a chance to unwind after an eventful day. Moon in Gemini v/c 9:57PM-12:00AM, Mercury opposite Uranus.

October 8: The early morning hours are beset with indecision. The waning Gemini Moon is void of course. Statements are made without conviction. Collect information but avoid entering into agreements or long-term commitments. Just before noon the Moon enters her own sign of Cancer. Minds become more attentive and instincts grow more compelling. Maternal types are inclined to reach out and protect those in need. A gathering of clan members and close friends is facilitated this evening but with the Sun nearing a square with Jupiter, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Reassuring vibes are in place as midnight nears. Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-11:45AM Moon enters Cancer.

October 9: Between sublime opening and closing aspects, today has its rough and tumble moments. The Cancer Moon and Venus align to grace the post-midnight hours with peaceful and loving moods.  Anticipation and excitement build as day breaks but retrograde Mars’ tense square with Pluto soon follows. Caution is advised. Combative types are spoiling for a fight. More self-aware souls recognize the folly of conflict and the greater wisdom of treading softly. Tough Pluto aspects require discipline and focus, which Pluto provides. Identify shared interests and build on them. The evening’s Last Quarter Moon brings more potential stresses. Loyalties may be tested. Partners can seem to interfere rather than be supportive. Again, set your sights on mutual values and goals, as well as shared dreams. Moon in Cancer, Last Quarter Moon in Cancer 8:40PM. Mars square Pluto.

October 10: The Cancer Moon forms a tough cardinal sign T-square early this morning. The pesky configuration energizes but also generates friction with others. To sidestep trouble, cooperation is the needed ingredient. Defuse tensions by showing respect for folks with differing priorities. Give credit where it’s due. Of course it helps if partners do likewise. This is no time to shirk responsibilities. Take care of chores. A midday lunar opposition to Saturn marks the end of the challenging morning. Moods gradually grow mellower as the Moon goes void of course until after nightfall. Relax at home and with family. Trips down memory lane can be captivating. Venus’ evening trine to Uranus is sometimes known to be a magical, love at first sight signature. On most occasions the trine makes social scenes more lively and engaging. Don’t be shy. Moon in Cancer v/c 12:04PM-8:24PM Moon enters Leo, Venus trine Uranus.

October 11: Today the Libra Sun begins a weeklong series of testing aspects. First up is a square to Jupiter this morning. The configuration raises hopes and dreams of travel adventures and inspires some folks to live up to their ideals. Others are inclined to exaggerate or make empty promises. The Leo Moon is at odds with Uranus and Mercury. Indecision can bedevil minds or change attitudes in unexpected ways. This afternoon many people feel humbled in the face of uncontrollable events. Fortuitously, Jupiter is also nearing an exact sextile with Neptune. Dreams are persuasive. Imagination is irrepressible. The urge to serve and help people becomes an overriding theme tonight. Be receptive and tune in to the longings of your heart. Moon in Leo, Sun square Jupiter.

October 12: During the wee hours of the morning Jupiter’s wondrous sextile to Neptune has a spiritualizing impact. Dreams may touch souls at very deep levels.  The interconnections between all beings could be plainly apparent. Dawn breaks with the Leo Moon in harmony with the Libra Sun, a fine omen for an enjoyable day. The Moon also aligns favorably with Mars, giving early birds a handy burst of energy. The pace slows by late morning as the Moon embarks on a lengthy void of course period. The emotional atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and enjoying favorite hobbies and other pleasures. Mercury’s midday sextile to Venus lends charm and warmth to gatherings and conversations. Artistic projects and shopping can also be fun. Moon in Leo v/c 10:29AM-12:00AM, Jupiter sextile Neptune, Mercury sextile Venus.

October 13: Today brings direction changes and awakenings, while mental Mercury begins a retrograde period tonight. The Winged Messenger ends the retrograde on Election Day, November 3rd. As often happens with the shift, new information can surface, dramatically changing views and opinions. The Virgo Moon’s late afternoon trine to Uranus boosts intuitive gifts. Listen to your inner guidance and gut feelings. The Sun’s opposition to Mars warrants attention now. Don’t rush things today. Sidestep a confrontation. That should be easy to do as the Moon also harmonizes with Mercury and joins forces with Venus late tonight. Love proves to be the clear winner. Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-12:56AM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury Retrograde, Sun opposite Mars.

October 14: This is a promising day for practical concerns. The industrious Virgo Moon is favorably aligned with the powerful trio of Capricorn planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Ambitions are expansive this morning. However, pay attention as the day begins. Misplaced or dropped items can be a real nuisance. It’s a fine day to promote your business. Hard work and persistence pay off handsomely by evening. Keep in close touch with partners throughout the day. The Libra Sun is nearly square Pluto, potentially setting off rivalries between friends and allies. Evening brings a chance to unwind as the Moon goes void of course. Moon in Virgo v/c 6:47PM-12:00AM.

October 15: Minutes after midnight the waning Moon enters Libra. This final day of the monthly lunar cycle is best suited for continuing or refining ongoing projects. If possible, focus on completing a task. Don’t start anything new. The Libra Sun is in a tense square with Pluto this morning. Power struggles may surface as competing interests are made clear. Strategies may change. Little comes easily these days. Tact and cooperation offer the best chance of succeeding. With the lunar tide out, this is an appropriate time to plan for the future and line up support. Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-1:54AM Moon enters Libra, Sun square Pluto.

October 16: Today’s Libra New Moon underscores the difficulties of the era. As loyal readers know, a New Moon is the Cosmic green light to begin again. Ventures started between the New and Full Moons have the best chance of succeeding.  This time the Sun and Moon stand opposite retrograding Mars and square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. It’s a complicated scenario fraught with risks. Bad timing, poor judgment, a lack of financing or unclear goals can all contribute to difficulties. To prosper and thrive, know what you want. In the weeks ahead proceed slowly and deliberately. Remember, most everything in life worth having takes time. We make things special with the love, intention and energy we invest. Mull over the possibilities under tonight’s void of course Moon. Moon in Libra, New Moon in Libra 3:31PM, Moon in Libra v/c 6:11PM.

October 17: During the early morning hours the Moon enters transformational Scorpio. The placement supports self-awareness as well as meaningful encounters. Certain meetings will be deeply transformational. This afternoon’s lunar opposition with Uranus stirs restlessness as well as a commitment to fully honor one’s true self. Be careful though. Some people get a wake up call in the form of an accident, a stumble or fall. Flexibility in thoughts, words and actions opens gentler avenues for personal growth. A recollection or other blast from the past could also trigger an afternoon epiphany. There are plenty of things to ponder this evening. Time shared with loved ones offers comfort and strength. Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-1:05AM Moon enters Scorpio.

October 18: Scorpio Moon periods support intense, meaningful moments. Beginning with lustrous early morning dreams, today’s lunar alignments keep many folks searching for ultimate truths. Probing questions yield revealing answers. As my dowsing instructor Reshad Field put it, “The better the question, the better the answer.” Shoppers do incredibly well as the Moon’s noon hour sextile to Pluto is a bargain hunter’s delight. There are two caveats though. The Sun is in a square to Saturn and Venus is opposite Neptune this morning. The planetary pattern is highly active. Caution and foolishness vie for the upper hand. If you feel conflicted a good rule of thumb is if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Protect your heart as well as your purse. Nightfall sees the Moon go void of course. Relax and recharge tonight. Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:43PM-12:00AM, Sun square Saturn, Venus opposite Neptune.

October 19: Night owls feel the tug of two competing aspects. Mars is square Jupiter while Venus forms a trine to the solar system’s giant planet. The former square aspect inflates opinions, diminishes patience and inclines some souls to assert their superiority. The trine, on the other hand, represents the very sweetness of life, generous, loving and strong in faith. Either configuration can be mind expanding, master classes in a variety of subjects. The Sagittarius Moon enjoys a special relationship with Jupiter. Anticipate a busy day. Mental Mercury retrogrades into a second opposition with Uranus late in the day. Nerves can grow edgy. Some souls intuit glimpses of the future. Take a few deep breaths if you feel stressed. Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-12:49AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mars square Jupiter, Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury opposite Uranus.

October 20: After a slow start, the waxing crescent Sagittarius Moon fires up optimism this morning. An energizing lunar trine to feisty Mars launches the workday. With Mars retrograde a second look at a project may lead to a fresh approach and renewed progress. During the late morning the Moon tests Venus. Good intentions may not sit well with those who feel their independence is being limited. Couples and close associates could experience a few uncomfortable moments. If necessary, give your partner some space. The afternoon hours are quietly upbeat. Peace and harmony return this evening as the Moon moves into a sextile with the Libra Sun. Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:38PM-12:00AM.

October 21: Life gets busy under the waxing Capricorn Moon. There’s a healthy respect for the transformative powers of both love and money as Venus forms a trine to Pluto. The aspect highlights an extraordinarily productive afternoon. Minds are sharp. Communications flow smoothly. Partnerships are unusually fruitful. People work well together and all teammates benefit. This is an excellent time to make investments or upgrade your technology gear. Surgeries as well as healing and therapy sessions are well supported. An evening meeting of eclectic friends or those with progressive political agendas goes well. Adventurous types enjoy trying out new gadgets and cuisines. Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-2:44AM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus trine Pluto.

October 22: The no-nonsense Capricorn Moon encourages taking care of business and handling other responsibilities. Pace yourself. A late morning lunar square with Mars could bring temporary setbacks but a nearly simultaneous sextile to Neptune keeps hopes alive. Then, after noon, as the Moon ventures into the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, resolve returns. Work can feel like a wonderful obsession. Talents are put to good use. Prodigious gains are made. The Sun enters Scorpio during the evening as Autumn’s darkness grows deeper. After sundown a lunar trine to Venus brings love and light to weary bodies. This could be a fine night to celebrate recent gains. Moon in Capricorn, Sun enters Scorpio.

October 23: If you’re up late and sleep is elusive, dispel worries by tackling a chore or two. The Capricorn Moon is conjunct dour Saturn. Under this pairing essential needs and responsibilities must be met. Offering a well-timed rest, the Moon then travels void of course for the rest of the night. By early morning she’s in Aquarius. The mid-morning First Quarter Moon in Aquarius sustains activity but offers little ease or comfort. There’s hardly any time for rest on this busy, challenging day. Pay close attention to afternoon communications. Mix-ups and misunderstandings are likely. So are changes of heart and mind.  Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:35AM-8:17AM Moon enters Aquarius, First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 9:23AM.

October 24: Today brings a smorgasbord of mood swings. A post-midnight lunar square with Uranus keeps some souls awake and pacing floors. Fortunately, more restful trends take hold well before the break of dawn. Loving Venus then forms a late morning trine to Saturn, a fabulous omen for couples tying the knot. The aspect also bodes well for other commitments, especially where loyalty and longevity are desired. The afternoon hours are energized by the Aquarius Moon’s vibrant sextile to Mars. Energy levels are comfortably charged. Evening sees the Moon begin a lengthy void of course period. Hunker down, chill out and enjoy the quiet. Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:54PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Saturn.

October 25: This lazy Sunday was made for easy going. An open-minded Aquarius Moon is void of course until early evening. Catch your breath. As Thich Nhat Hanh put it, “Even if you only stop and focus on your breathing for a few breaths or for a minute or two, it’s very valuable.” Relax. Go with the flow. Check in with friends but avoid making major decisions and commitments. Friends could seem stuck or rigid in their thinking. The Scorpio Sun is conjunct retrograding Mercury but perspectives are likely to evolve over the next few days. The Moon’s evening arrival in Pisces brings greater emotional clarity. Faith and trust grow stronger as midnight nears. Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-5:18PM Moon enters Pisces, Sun conjunct Mercury.

October 26: Amidst an incredibly active celestial pattern this is one of October’s quieter days. The Moon is waxing in Pisces, the sensitive, adaptable final sign of the Zodiac. Self-realization is facilitated by the Moon’s late morning sextile to Uranus in Taurus. The visionary talents of imaginative Pisces compliment the down to earth sensibilities of Taurus. A chance meeting or timely idea could steer the day in an entirely unanticipated direction. On line networking may also be a key factor. Community building is favored. With emotions surging under the swelling Moon, be attentive to the feelings and security needs of associates. Moon in Pisces.

October 27: Dreams weave an interesting tapestry during the overnight period. The predawn conjunction of the Pisces Moon and mystical Neptune can bridge soulful dimensions. Remembrances of past relationships and lost loves are plentiful. Daylight sees attention turn to practical concerns. Translate your ideas, hopes and visions into concrete actions. Lunar alignments with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn generate creative ingenuity. A fairly motivated work ethic persists into evening when celestial changes complicate matters. First, the Moon goes void of course. Mental Mercury then retrogrades into Libra. The sign change may soon bring an opportunity to mend fences with a partner. Venus, traveling forward, also enters early Libra tonight. Peace, love and understanding are good things. Moon in Pisces v/c 8:46PM-12:00AM, Mercury enters Libra, Venus enters Libra.

October 28: After traveling void of course most of the night the Moon enters impulsive Aries a couple of hours before dawn. Here she promptly tests Venus, just recently arrived in her own sign of Libra. Early risers could experience a sense of longing, even emptiness as some needs feel unmet. Others are moved to get closer to loved ones, physically, emotionally or intellectually. The waxing Aries Moon offers plenty of warrior Spirit energy for ambitious souls to use. Gauge your speed carefully. Pushing the pace too fast or hard can alienate partners. If your work depends on timely support from associates, keep them informed of your activities and location. Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-4:45AM Moon enters Aries.

October 29: The waxing Aries Moon is conjunct Mars today. Hot stuff. Some folks grow restless. Others are impatient. Tempers can be quick to flare. The fiery pairing generates plenty of energy. Use it wisely. If ever there was a time to heed Obi-wan Kenobi’s advice and “Use the Force, Luke,” today is it. Tackle demanding tasks but use good planning. Be precise. Follow-through is also important. Tonight’s lunar square with Jupiter can complicate matters. Abide by rules and principles you hold dear. Be respectful but stay wary of self-righteous know-it-alls and zealots of all persuasions. On the other hand, civil discussions, good reading and television can be educational tools for open-minded folks. Moon in Aries.

October 30: As Full Moon Fever nears a crescendo, testing lunar angles with Saturn and retrograde Mercury give reasons to pause. The morning is an excellent time to review progress reports as well as future plans. The news may be sobering but there’s no time like the present for confronting reality. Delays are only temporary. An apparent dead end could offer clues that ultimately lead to success. Shortly after noon the waxing Aries Moon goes void of course. A rising lunar tide carries us forward. It isn’t until early evening that the Moon enters Taurus, setting the celestial stage for tomorrow’s dramatic Blue Moon. Enjoy the moonrise. Moon in Aries v/c 12:12PM-5:19PM Moon enters Taurus.

October 31: Ending October with a Full Blue Moon in the money sign of Taurus, this is an “anything goes” Halloween. Distribution of wealth is front and center. Adding spice to the already sizzling energies, eccentric and unpredictable Uranus is conjunct the Moon. Many folks look forward to turning the calendar page and welcome the thought of a new beginning. The problem is, Uranus represents Fate and other forces no one person can control. Be ready to invent and adapt, or stop on a dime. With retrograde Mercury stationing in preparation for a return to forward motion on Election Day, the Cosmos has plenty of surprises in store. Take adequate safety precautions if you’re out tonight and please keep looking up! Moon in Taurus, Full Blue Moon in Taurus 11:53AM, Sun opposite Uranus.