October 2021 Daily Astrology

October 1: The waning Leo Moon’s opposition to serious Saturn gives the morning hours a gritty feel. Necessities and responsibilities loom large and with Mercury simultaneously testing Pluto, attitude is everything. Employ both mental and spiritual awareness and carry on as best you can. Stout hearts will prevail. See the good in convoluted situations. Identify the lessons in an obstacle. Midday brings a turn for the better. Vibrant lunar aspects to the Libra Sun and Mars facilitate progress. Partners become more cooperative. Life feels enjoyably playful. The late night scene brings a new round of complications. Proceed slowly and carefully, stay humble and be ready to adjust plans as Fate decrees.
Moon in Leo, Mercury square Pluto.

October 2: The morning hours feature great expectations and whole-hearted participation in life. Networking events and play dates with friends are great fun. Gallivanting as well as mind-broadening sightseeing tours are encouraged by the Leo Moon’s midday opposition with expansive Jupiter. Afternoon get togethers continue to be rich with entertaining and informative moments. During the early evening hours things get complicated. Feelings grow sensitive. Haunting old emotional wounds may resurface. Remain sympathetic and be kind. Show respect towards those who hold different views. Things simmer down as the waning Moon, now well into her fourth quarter phase, goes void of course after sunset. Expect a mellow night.
Moon in Leo v/c 7:43PM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Pluto.

October 3: Before dawn the waning Moon settles into discriminating Virgo. Attention to detail is essential during the next two days. Look to polish and hopefully complete a project already under way. Hone personal skills. Mental Mercury’s late afternoon trine with Jupiter provides a rejuvenating blast of enthusiastic optimism. Confidence is spurred, faith is revived and new adventures are eagerly sought out. This mind-opening alignment also favors industrious students and intrepid travelers. Foreign cultures, politics, history and religious beliefs may be of particular interest. Given the risks and rigors of traveling these days, television programs, books and web searches can be suitable alternative ways of learning.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-4:38AM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury trine Jupiter.

October 4: As the new work week begins the Virgo Moon is in an imagination-stirring trine to Uranus. For early risers, the stars encourage flying by the seat of one’s pants, inventing, as well as joining forces with like-minded co-adventurers. A game-changing idea could arrive like a flash of lightning. The fast pace falls off noticeably during the afternoon. The waning crescent Moon is nearing an opposition to Neptune. Confusion and lethargy slow momentum. If doubts arise and persist, wait. Press your internal pause button and attend to lesser ambitions. Review current realities this evening. Soul searching reflection or looking for answers on line could lead to an empowering breakthrough.
Moon in Virgo.

October 5: As longtime readers know, a slowdown usually occurs on the last day of the lunar cycle. The celestial tide is out and fatigue is often widespread. If you want a project to succeed, begin it between the new and full Moons. Today the early going is especially labored as the Virgo Moon travels void of course. By mid-morning Luna is in Libra. Here she restores clarity and soon points the way to making important commitments. A lunar trine with Saturn is exact this evening. The aspect dominates the workday, sustaining organizing artistry and executive leadership. Build on the past. Learn from experience. Work with partners to develop masterful plans. With the Moon, Sun, Mars and Mercury in the relationship sign of Libra, close cooperation is essential.
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:46AM-8:41AM Moon enters Libra.

October 6: A potent stellium enhances this morning’s Libra New Moon. In addition to the Sun and Moon, Mars and Mercury are all close together in the Sign of Relationships. With so much celestial fire power gathered, this time of beginnings is filled with unusually great potential. Determination, energy and clear vision bode well for projects begun today. Trine aspects from Jupiter increase the sense of possibility and likelihood of success. The Jupiter influence also lends ease to communications. Ideas are captivating. All the same, regardless of how convincing or worthy a proposal is, some partners may be reluctant to join in. Be patient. Pluto’s early afternoon return to forward motion could break a logjam. It’s the first of several October planetary direction shifts that will each impact the status quo in the coming days.
Moon in Libra, New Moon in Libra 7:05AM, Pluto Direct.

October 7: Moods are subdued as day breaks. The Libra Moon is void of course. Shortly after sunrise Venus enters freedom-loving Sagittarius. Recent partnership tensions are likely to subside. A long separation could also soon end. Be prepared for an enjoyable reunion during the next couple of days. The Moon enters Scorpio during the late morning. Earlier sluggishness gives way to a more animated and direct approach to today’s challenges. The Libra Sun is nearing a conjunction with fiery Mars. The pairing energizes many folks but handle key relationships thoughtfully. Trends are mixed tonight. A lunar square to Saturn slows some souls while the Sun/Mars duo lights a fire under others. Proceed with self-awareness as well as consideration for the needs of loved ones.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:03AM-10:22AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus enters Sagittarius.

October 8: The one minute after midnight conjunction of the Sun and Mars may keep insomniacs wide awake into the wee hours of the morning. Be careful with hot stuff, sharp edged tools and machinery. By morning the Scorpio Moon is opposite unpredictable Uranus. Nerves can easily get frazzled so be ready to put your favorite stress management skills to good use. Plans can change in an instant. On the other hand, a momentary flash of insight or serendipitous connection with a fellow world traveler can be transformative. The ensuing bulk of the day is fairly mellow. The relaxing evening hours support a new round of discoveries and spiritual realizations. Movies, music and far-ranging discussions are also enjoyable.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun conjunct Mars.

October 9: Thoughts are unusually persuasive this morning. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are united in Libra, the partnering sign. Curiously, objectivity may be lacking, especially when it comes to seeing one’s own self clearly. A void of course Scorpio Moon offers some advantages as it tends to calm emotions. A dramatic uptick occurs around midday. The Moon enters Sagittarius where she hooks up with Venus and the lunar South Node. Moods become friendly. An old acquaintance could reappear in a delightful way. Loving and enlivening trends dominate the second half of the day. Passions swirl yet remain under control as the Moon caps off the day with a sextile to wisdom planet Saturn. Listen to the voices of experience tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 2:05AM-11:24AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury conjunct Mars.

October 10: A breezy Sagittarius Moon holds sway. Moods are upbeat and outgoing. The waxing Moon harmonizes with Mercury, Mars and the Sun. Communications flow smoothly, especially during the late morning and early afternoon hours. The news is good, thinking is clear and a “can do” attitude prevails. The world seems vibrant and filled with intriguing possibilities. Things slow around dusk. A lunar square with Neptune ushers in the less motivated period. Keep an eye on valuables. Relax tonight. Watch a favorite TV show, enjoy music or read a book. There’s something else significant going on. Saturn is turning direct. The Ringed Planet has been retrograde since last May. Priorities are likely to change in the next few weeks. Let go of that which no longer serves you and be ready to double down on the commitments that matter most.
Moon in Sagittarius, Saturn Direct.

October 11: A post-midnight lunar sextile to Jupiter is today’s sole exact aspect. The Sagittarius Moon then travels in void of course mode until early afternoon. The atmosphere is relaxed the first half of the day, with spiritually uplifting undercurrents. Many folks find their minds drifting while considering philosophical issues. Some souls may be blessed with an epiphany while other questions remain unanswered. In any event, the morning is well-suited for both intellectual and physical meandering. Shortly after the midday break the waxing Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn, a reminder to acknowledge the values, people and traditions we admire and cherish.
Moon in Sagittarius c/x 12:30AM-1:15PM Moon enters Capricorn.

October 12: For many folks, today feels challenging. The waxing Capricorn Moon is at odds with Mercury, Mars and the Sun, all in Libra. Avoid making mental miscues this morning. Good timing, as well as ordinary communications can be difficult. The midday period offers a short window of delights. Intuitive hunches are spot on. Fortuitous encounters open hearts and minds. People find common ground. Hold meetings and shore up plans and agreements around this time. The evening hours require the greatest poise. The First Quarter Moon is testing both Mars and the Sun. Get clear about your priorities. When it comes to partnering, be patient if a consensus is unreachable. For the time being, it could be best to let others find their own way.
Moon in Capricorn, First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 11:25PM.

October 13: Motivation and concentration are excellent during the predawn hours. As the Sun rises the waxing Capricorn Moon makes a conjunction with Pluto and then goes void of course until late afternoon. A number of intriguing possibilities are raised. Daytime motivation is likely to slacken but familiar and routine chores can still be satisfyingly productive. Venus’ afternoon sextile with Saturn adds to the sense of contentment in doing. Creative inspiration plus the will to improve one’s circumstances are seeds for future growth. This is also a fine day to be in touch with karmically connected pals. The Moon arrives in Aquarius during the late afternoon, offering a more promising environment for making important decisions and lasting commitments.
Moon in in Capricorn v/c 6:53AM-4:47PM Moon enters Aquarius, Venus sextile Saturn.

October 14: Regrets, worries and poignant memories may well up during the early morning hours before dawn. Minds clear, concerns ease and senses grow sharper as noon approaches. The midday period, with the waxing Aquarius Moon in a trine to mental Mercury, is a fine time for making important calls and participating in group strategy sessions. However, as we all know there are few “sure things” these days. Cagey planners are wise to consider alternatives. A late afternoon lunar square to Uranus can throw more than one plan into disarray. A ready plan B can be very handy. The evening hours are comfortably upbeat and energetic. Friendly vibes prevail and partnerships work well.
Moon in Aquarius.

October 15: The early hours are stellar! The Libra Sun is trine optimistic Jupiter and the Aquarius Moon, giving rise to confident feelings and unshakeable faith. The buoyant atmosphere captures the imaginations of many souls. This is going to be a great day! Folks feel friendly. However, by mid-morning the Moon is in void of course mode. The day loses its exuberance and settles into a steady but low key rhythm. Attention spans grow smaller and energy levels fall. Stick to routines and concentrate on works in progress. Avoid new starts and big decisions. Delay large purchases. Plan on taking it easy this evening. The meandering Moon doesn’t form another aspect today. Late tonight she enters mysterious Pisces, setting the stage for mysterious dream experiences.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:33AM-10:22PM Moon enters Pisces, Sun trine Jupiter.

October 16: The weekend offers a spicy potpourri of curiously conflicted energies. Loving Venus has much to say and offer this Saturday. The Goddess Planet’s soothing energies enhance the afternoon hours. As Venus is tested by the waxing Pisces Moon, she also harmonizes with mental Mercury. Some folks wear their hearts on their sleeves, others communicate in the kindest, sweetest and most loving ways. Mercury is nearing the end of a three week long retrograde period. Minds are in flux. Bear with any momentary confusion. Be patient if indecision causes a delay. A stroke of genius could also be in the offing. The Sun is approaching a tense angle with Pluto. Cooperation is the way to go and tonight’s stars light the way for spontaneity and warm camaraderie.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury sextile Venus.

October 17: The Libra Sun is at odds with Pluto early today. Be as tactful as you can be. Sentimental or darker feelings may compete with the artful keeping up of appearances. Some folks are downright ornery and bent on making trouble. Avoid them if possible. A calm midday interlude follows. The Pisces Moon passes by Neptune, a celestial invitation to relax and imagine. Enjoy art, music and the handiwork of Mother Nature. An evening time lunar sextile to Pluto promotes intimacy. Conversations are heartfelt and meaningful, the deeper the better. Shortly after nightfall a void of course Moon period begins. The quiet is a welcome change, and a good omen for a restful night.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:24PM-12:00AM, Sun square Pluto.

October 18: The working week begins with a day of significant planetary events. During the overnight period, while the Pisces Moon travels void of course, Jupiter resumes forward motion after a four month long retrograde. International, moral and legal issues in politics, sports and on college campuses are likely to make news. By dawn the waxing Moon is refreshed in action-oriented Aries. Late morning sees mental Mercury also return to forward motion. Current events are thought-provoking, and likely to prompt many attitude adjustments. Be open to changing your mind and understanding if a partner reverses course. A lunar sextile to Saturn and Mars’ trine with Jupiter highlight the uplifting evening hours. These aspects encourage lively discussions and bold, ambitious thinking. Truths are clear, as are worthy goals.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-6:04AM Moon enters Aries, Mars trine Jupiter, Jupiter Direct, Mercury Direct.

October 19: The waxing Aries Moon is busiest during the overnight period. Insomniacs and other night owls may notice their minds overstimulated and racing. Reading, journal writing and talking to dear ones can all be calming. A predawn lunar trine to Venus cheers up and warms the hearts of early birds. Full Moon fever is making an impact. Exactly full late tomorrow morning, the rising lunar tide now steps up the pace and emotional tenor of living. Watch your speed, especially later in the day. Because the Moon is also nearing an opposition to fiery Mars, rushing increases the odds of a mistake or an accident. Networking with friends and allies on the other hand, is a constructive use of the daytime energies. Big things are possible when people come together and join forces.
Moon in Aries.

October 20: Challenging lunar aspects to Mars and Pluto increase predawn anxiousness. It’s a busy, pressure-packed tempo leading up to the late morning Full Moon in Aries. Breathe deeply, stay calm, let go and trust. The Moon is opposite both Mars and the Libra Sun, a reminder that clear goals, careful planning and working in tandem with partners brings the greatest rewards. Helpful Jupiter promotes friendship and faith that differences can be overcome. Before midday the Moon is traveling void of course, leading into the more relaxed afternoon hours. Go with the flow. It may feel as though the Cosmos, after holding its breath too long, is at last exhaling. Do likewise and let your shoulders down. By dusk the Moon is in earthy Taurus. Take in the autumnal Moonrise, as well as the physical sensations of the season. Plan on getting a restful night’s sleep.
Moon in Aries, Full “Hunter’s” Moon in Aries 10:57AM, Moon in Aries v/c 10:57AM-3:59PM Moon enters Taurus.

October 21: Repercussions from yesterday’s Full Moon continue to unfold. The Taurus Moon tests Saturn during the pre-dawn hours, prompting some folks to reevaluate and change plans. If a course correction is needed, take your time. Other considerations surface throughout the day. The evening conjunction of the now waning Moon and Uranus could signify a complete reversal or an entirely new and liberating perspective on current challenges. Breaks from conventional protocols are also in store. Mars is at odds with Pluto as midnight nears. Tonight’s necessities could lead to significant upheavals in thinking, strategy and leadership. Who holds power and how they use it is spotlighted. Abuses of authority could find the light of day, signifying grave challenges for more than one public figure.
Moon in Taurus.

October 22: As day breaks a sacred calm visits our chaotic world. The Taurus Moon is in harmony with mystical Neptune, furthering awareness of mysterious spiritual forces, artistic leanings and unifying solidarity with the Cosmos. The magical spell lingers into mid-morning when surging mental and physical activity require more focused attention. Midday meetings are intellectually stimulating but expectations may be unrealistic. Watch out for the tendency to overcommit yourself. A late afternoon lunar trine to Pluto provides a more realistic assessment of the actual financial costs, time and energy required to fulfill obligations. The alignment is useful for finishing the work week with a solid sense of accomplishment. A mellow void of course Moon period holds sway over the remainder of the day. Unwind and enjoy the quiet time.
Moon in Taurus v/c 4:35PM-12:00AM, Mars square Pluto.

October 23: The overnight period brings significant changes. Shortly after the midnight hour tolls the Sun arrives in Scorpio and before dawn the Moon enters Gemini. The light-hearted Moon facilitates tinkering with plans. Inquisitive souls who awaken with the rising Sun are advised to welcome bright and shiny new ideas. The sensitized Sun invites a deep dive into normally hidden emotional places but a pending solar square with Saturn could stir uneasy feelings. Worries and wants may weigh heavily during the coming week. Use these concerns to identify specific needs and ways in which to meet them. Tried and true friends make good company this evening under a lunar trine to Saturn. There’s not much fancy about the alignment, just a solid prompt from on high to do right by important ties.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-3:57AM Moon enters Gemini, Sun enters Scorpio.

October 24: A cheerful Gemini Moon contributes to a day of butterfly-like adventuring, fluttering from one interest to the next. Early birds are eager for a change of scenery. Daytime social activities receive an energy boost from a lunar opposition to Venus. Moods are friendly and upbeat. Freedom-loving types relish learning experiences and meetups with people from different backgrounds. Mind-expanding encounters may be flirtatious, spiritual or purely intellectual in nature. As you head home this evening make sure you have all of your treasured possessions. A look at the weather forecast may also be timely. Midnight brings happy feelings and a sense of contentment. Good things are on the horizon.
Moon in Gemini.

October 25: Make the most of the late morning’s empowering lunar trine to Mars. The alignment expedites communications and smooths the way for travelers. Teachers, storytellers and promoters also benefit from the increased passion and excitement levels. However, the Gemini Moon then begins a lengthy void of course period. Decisiveness could be one casualty of the less focused energy. Imaginations remain fertile. Those who have the freedom to let their minds wander do well. Delay significant commitments and acquisitions until evening, when the Moon enters Cancer. Feelings and instincts become more prominent as the Sun sinks low in the West. Nostalgia buffs may experience wistful longings for lost places and people but tonight’s lunar trine to the Scorpio Sun redirects attention to our evolutionary psychological and spiritual potential.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:11AM-5:00PM Moon enters Cancer.

October 26: Cancer Moon days prompt many souls to snuggle up and get comfortable in familiar haunts, ideally with well known family and friends. Loyalties run deep, whether to clan, country or favorite teams and celebrities. With all due respect to allegiances that are earned or by virtue of birth, there’s more afoot on this intriguing day. For one thing, the Moon is sextile eccentric Uranus. Edging across boundaries into uncharted territory is tempting. “Family” can easily expand to include a wide range of personalities. There’s a visionary, psychic element to the sextile, too. Key in on gut feelings. Pay attention to premonitions and serendipitous occurrences. Tonight’s Venus/Neptune square issues a call for unconditional love. The aspect can bring heartbreak but it can also open up emotional and spiritual worlds. To paraphrase my mentor, Isabel Hickey, serve others or suffer.
Moon in Cancer, Venus square Neptune.

October 27: This morning the Cancer Moon makes a nifty trine to Neptune. Magic is noticeable. Some folks feel as though they’re floating dreamily on a cloud. Inspired imaginations and faith in the universe’s essential goodness are plain to see. Empathy is enhanced while various escape routes can be tempting. Those who keep their nose to the grindstone enjoy a productive afternoon. Growing intimacy and close teamwork provide great insights into partners. A lunar opposition to Pluto reaches maximum intensity this evening. The volatile alignment strengthens some alliances but can seriously test others. Be alert to the special talents as well as the needs of associates. If you think you might be overstepping a boundary, ask or take a less aggressive stance. Use tact. Be helpful when and where you can.
Moon in Cancer.

October 28: Loving Venus’ breezy sextile with optimistic Jupiter cheers up minds and endows hearts with courage. The pleasure of good company is immense. With both planets in easy-going, freedom-loving signs it’s wise to give partners room to roam. Things get complicated during the late afternoon. The waning Leo Moon reaches the Last Quarter phase, simultaneously testing the Sun, Saturn and Uranus in a tension-filled fixed sign Grand Square. It’s long been said that “pride goes before a fall.” Mind your manners, as well as place in the grand scheme of the Universe. Bigger forces are in play. Little egos must adapt. Be ready to change your thinking or plans as personal needs may have to take a backseat to an unfolding situation.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:02AM-5:07AM Moon enters Leo, Last Quarter Moon in Leo 4:05PM, Venus sextile Jupiter.

October 29: Jittery morning commuters could encounter unexpected delays and detours. The Leo Moon is at odds with Uranus, making Fate the mother of invention. Be prepared to make a detour or adjust your schedule. More agreeable trends build in after midday. The fun-loving Moon encourages comfortable, confident and expressive happenings. Dramatic displays and playful escapades help make the afternoon hours enjoyably entertaining. The evening ride home is sped along by a lunar sextile to fleet-footed Mercury. After work gatherings have excellent potential, provided safety protocols are in place. The evening hours continue to play out happily. Late night communications with friends in distant places are inspired by a lunar aspect with Jupiter. Speak honestly.
Moon in Leo.

October 30: Take one void of course Leo Moon, add the Scorpio Sun’s square to Saturn and you’ve got the makings of a low energy morning. Enjoy a well deserved breather if you can. If you must work, tend to just a few select obligations. Leave tasks and commitments that have long term consequences for another time. The late morning entry of Mars into Scorpio provides a boost but it’s the Moon’s early afternoon arrival in Virgo that truly sets the day back on solid footing. Make key decisions and purchases during the latter part of the day. Direct energy towards personal needs, health concerns and various improvement projects. Make promises with confidence. Savor a nutritious dinner as well as the following relaxed evening hours. It’s a good time to catch your breath.
Moon in Leo v/c 3:05AM-2:09PM Moon enters Virgo, Sun square Saturn, Mars enters Scorpio.

October 31: Happy Halloween! Thanks to a pre-dawn sextile between the Scorpio Sun and the Virgo Moon, a steadfast commitment to wellness graces the early morning hours. Fitness enthusiasts feel motivated. The Moon remains active into early afternoon. Her midday sextile to Uranus heralds unexpected surprises and ironic plot twists. Spontaneous friends may come calling. An impulsive decision could be made. Feel free to develop plans on the fly or try something extraordinary. Tune in to your psychic senses. Visionary potential is excellent. An approaching trine aspect between mental Mercury and Jupiter, exact shortly after midnight, permeates the day with good cheer, optimism and high hopes. Moods remain upbeat after dark. Trick or treaters and other Halloween revelers look and feel their spooky best tonight.
Moon in Virgo.