October 2022 Daily Astrology

October 1:  Do the weekend chores this morning while the Sagittarius Moon aligns with retrograding Saturn and Mars. The good news for procrastinators is the Moon/Saturn alignment encourages taking a second look at projects you’ve been putting off. Venus’ early afternoon opposition to Jupiter provides a lively, at times boisterous midday social atmosphere. Sporting events and other contests can be highly competitive and great entertainment. Later in the afternoon the high spirited Moon is at odds with retrograde Neptune and Mercury. Pay attention. Be sure to keep tabs on valuable items and messages, as well as the sky overhead. Negligence or a change in the weather can present unexpected complications. The Moon is void of course by evening, a fine omen for a quiet, relaxing night.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 5:46PM-12:00AM, Venus opposite Jupiter.

October 2: Important celestial changes are under way. During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon enters ambitious Capricorn. Shortly before sunrise, Mercury resumes forward motion in late Virgo. Opposite Neptune, the Winged Messenger is also part of an earthy Grand Trine configuration, harmonizing with Uranus and Pluto. Dreams may stimulate imaginations and offer an abundance of spiritual guidance. Morning activities are fun under lunar squares to Venus and Jupiter. Temptations are numerous. Overindulging is easy. Know when to stop. The late afternoon brings a mood swing as the waxing Moon nears the tense First Quarter stage. Do what needs to be done but also remain considerate of other peoples’ feelings.
Moon in Sagittarius vc/ 12:00AM-3:38AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury Direct.

October 3: There are nifty shortcuts to take this morning. A momentary inspiration can point the way to a brilliant outcome. Your phone, computer or tablet may serve admirably. For the psychically gifted, visions of the future are clear while the Capricorn Moon aligns with Uranus. Camaraderie and group activities are also promoted. The afternoon hours are quietly industrious and fruitful. After a relaxing evening meal the deepening night brings a flurry of messages and mental stimulation. It’s a favorable period for catching up with friends, planning and doing research. As midnight nears the Moon is conjunct obsessive Pluto. Feelings grow sensitive. Be resolutely helpful. Ask questions and share opinions, using a healthy measure of tact and diplomacy.
Moon in Capricorn vc/ 11:49PM-12:00AM.

October 4: After a mellow, void of course Moon night, Luna enters airy Aquarius in time for sunrise. Here in the egalitarian sign of friendship and community she harmonizes with Jupiter. Moods are cheerful and confident, hearts are cordial and warm. A welcome if delayed message or other good news could arrive. The positive vibes continue throughout the day. It’s a fabulous evening for a dinner with someone special but all gatherings are blessed under auspicious stars. Tonight finds the waxing Moon complementing both gracious Venus and the courteous Libra Sun. Relationships continue to flow smoothly. Creative types turn out artful, crowd-pleasing designs. Bask in the loving mood and enjoy your favorite people and pleasures.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-6:20AM Moon enters Aquarius.

October 5: Morning disruptions can catch unprepared folks totally off guard. By midday the Aquarius Moon is at odds with unpredictable Uranus. Choose your responses thoughtfully. Impulsive moves carry risks. Because the Moon is also conjunct Saturn, self-control is recommended. Keep longterm goals in mind and everyone’s best interests in your heart. A temporary delay is acceptable if in the end it sustains even the slightest momentum. Fortunately, the Moon forms an energizing trine with Mars this evening. Persistence will pay off. A void of course Moon period follows, dialing down the speed and lowering expectations. Take a cue from the heavens and plan on relaxing during the latter part of the day.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:46PM-12:00AM

October 6: The early morning hours are quiet as the Moon lingers void of course in Aquarius. Possibilities drift across the mind’s eye but there is little inclination to act on one’s visions. By mid-morning a mild resurgence occurs when the the waxing Moon settles into mysterious Pisces. Hearts and minds become more impressionable and empathic. Follow up on instincts and feelings. Mental Mercury, now gaining speed after a recent retrograde, is in an empowering trine with Pluto. The combination of intuition, experience and resourcefulness is formidable. Put your imagination to work and resolve thorny issues. Call in trusted, knowledgable allies to help advance progress. Gains can be impressive.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-8:47AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury trine Pluto.

October 7: A swelling Moon is bumping up the pace of life. Now in Pisces, the emotional tides are also rising. She’ll be full in Aries Sunday afternoon. Much of today goes smoothly. An afternoon lunar sextile to Uranus supports effortless teamwork as well as the skillful use of technological tools. Improvisational and psychic talents may also shine. Unplanned and unscripted meetings can turn out to be pleasant as well as advantageous. After dark the trends are less certain. The Moon activates a tricky, ongoing square between Mars and Neptune. Pay attention to what you say and do or eat and drink. Sensitive souls may have to deal with allergies or upset stomachs. Watch your temper and your speed. If you happen to be out tonight inclement weather could factor into plans.
Moon in Pisces.

October 8: The morning has its delectably lazy moments. The nearly full Pisces Moon is void of course. Tune in to your heart and let your mind wander. By noon the Moon is in fiery Aries where she links up with Jupiter in an exuberant conjunction. The dynamic pairing raises spirits as well as an appetite for adventure. Fired up folks are eager to learn, travel, lead and compete. Some souls make overly ambitious claims or generous offers. Others are ready to indulge in sumptuous meals or other extravagances. An uptempo, festive mood dominates the afternoon. As evening arrives Pluto resumes forward motion. First impressions are telling. Insights into partners and close friends are penetrating. Surprisingly, advice may be well taken. Today’s news could have a lasting impact on national as well as global affairs.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:10AM-11:57AM Moon enters Aries, Pluto Direct.

October 9: Happy or sad, emotions surge as the Moon edges towards the full stage. With the Sun in the partnership sign of Libra and the Moon in self-reliant Aries, balancing personal preferences with the needs of others is a dominant theme today. Fortunately, the Sun and Moon receive timely assists from Saturn and Mars. The ringed Wisdom Planet, AKA the Lord of Karma, guides people to do the appropriate thing. Mars, Saturn and the Sun are parts of a stabilizing air sign Grand trine configuration. Fierce Mars instills passion but that inner fire for the most part remains under control. Venus too, conjunct the Sun, gets into the act. Genuine kindness and consideration help many alliances flourish. The Moon is exactly full late this afternoon. Under bright moonlight the gathering dusk brings a collective exhalation. Let your hair own, relax your shoulders and let your worries go.
Moon in Aries, Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries 4:56PM.

October 10: The early hours may feel rough and tumble. The Aries Moon is testing Pluto. Pressures tend to be internalized. Read between the lines. Anticipate that close partners and associates are likely to be feeling stressed. Desires and efforts may be frustrated by a dramatic interruption. By late morning the Moon is void of course, easing tensions. The mellower afternoon hours favor quiet, steady progress. Just be careful not to start anything of great consequence. Wrap up what can be completed and postpone major decisions until later tonight. After sunset uplifting news arrives and the social climate perks up. Thoughts are more easily gathered and shared this evening when mental Mercury transitions from Virgo into Libra. A long-awaited reunion is also a possibility.
Moon in Aries v/c 10:02AM-5:04PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury enters Libra.

October 11: Steady on, with a nod to caution. The Taurus Moon provides grounding energy throughout the day. This is a fabulous time for dealing with practical affairs. Maintain emotional calm and stay in your physical comfort zone. Enjoy life’s pleasures as best you can. Tonight the Libra Sun reaches a stabilizing trine with pragmatic Saturn. Authenticity and reliability are prized. Good sense guides actions and decisions, as well as plans. A potentially dangerous square between Mars and Neptune warrants concern tonight. Treat everything from toxic thoughts, possibly tainted water and foods to potentially dangerous weather conditions with utmost respect. Thoughts are most easily fixed. For each limiting or negative idea, force feed yourself a correcting positive thought. External threats require heightened vigilance and appropriate action.
Moon in Taurus, Sun trine Saturn.

October 12: The overnight period is restless due to a series of unsettling alignments. Kudos to those intrepid souls who manage a good night’s sleep. Sunrise brings easier going. The Taurus Moon and Neptune cast a dreamy spell over the morning hours. Our better angels call forth sensitivity and kindness. Creative types thrive. Progress is sustained and the afternoon hours continue to be enjoyably productive. It’s an auspicious time for meetings and strategy sessions. The Moon then begins a lengthy void of course period. Settle into comfy clothes, relax and savor favorite people, foods and other pleasures tonight. The calmer skies also support catching up on sleep.
Moon in Taurus v/c 5:42PM-12:00AM, Mars square Neptune, Mercury opposite Jupiter.

October 13: An hour after midnight the Moon slips into Gemini. Insomniacs as well as morning early birds find their imaginations working at a feverish clip. Words and ideas come in bunches. After an early morning trine to Mercury, the waning Moon makes no further aspects for the remainder of the day. Because Mercury has only recently returned to forward motion this can be an opportune time to get caught up with paperwork and find out what associates have been up to. The latest developments may be pleasantly surprising and with Venus nearly trine Saturn, longterm friendships are especially satisfying. Agreeable news is also likely.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-1:08AM Moon enters Gemini.

October 14: The often fickle Gemini Moon is a key part of an immense, rock solid air sign Grand Trine today. Rounding out the celestial triangle are Mars conjunct the Moon, the Libra Sun and Venus, and Saturn in Aquarius. These harmonizing influences promote the free exchange of information, emotional well-being, excellent timing, good decorum, a refined sense of beauty and ethical behavior. However, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Nothing is guaranteed. To make the most of the auspicious energies, get fully involved in worthwhile projects. The enjoyable hours continue into evening, then give way to potential period of late night confusion. Double-check messages, instructions and directions. Be extra careful if you are on the road.
Moon in Gemini, Venus trine Saturn.

October 15: After an energizing midnight hour conjunction with Mars, the Gemini Moon soon begins a lengthy void of course period. The lazy, less engaged mood persists throughout the morning hours. If possible, plan to relax the first part of the day. Hop in the car and enjoy a meandering change of scenery. Journal writing and other improvisational, stream of consciousness exercises can also be fun. Delay important decisions. Moods shift minutes after noon when the Moon enters pro-active Cancer. Conversations can be far-ranging but also tense. To keep worries to a minimum take your time when speaking and also be a good listener. Don’t expect everyone to agree, especially about political and religious issues.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:11AM-12:11PM Moon enters Cancer.

October 16: A relaxing day at home makes perfect sense under the waning Cancer Moon. Traditional seasonal activities, household chores and familiar rituals can be satisfying. Strolls down memory lane are likely. Some folks contentedly spend their time savoring family photos and other sentimental objects or visiting a favorite haunt. There are few motivating astrological aspects but the instinctive need to preserve and protect is compelling. The focus shifts after sundown. Impromptu get togethers are set in motion by an enlivening lunar sextile to Uranus. A mix of eccentric personalities, unorthodox beliefs and innovative cuisine makes for a lively, effervescent event.
Moon in Cancer.

October 17: The stars convey mixed messages on this Last Quarter Moon day. For the most part the morning hours unfold smoothly. The waning Cancer Moon is busy, testing Venus and buoyed by a trine with Neptune. Lovers, artists and dreamers enjoy the engaging atmosphere. Midday brings a sea change. The Moon is at odds with the Libra Sun. During the afternoon hours powerful emotional undercurrents conflict with social niceties and good decorum. Some folks just don’t feel like keeping up appearances. Others are easily wounded. Regardless of delicate feelings, an overriding aspect between the Sun and Mars, part of a larger Grand Trine configuration, keeps things moving briskly along. With the Moon void of course by sunset, the evening feels more mellow. Plan on relaxing tonight after the eventful day.
Last Quarter Moon in Cancer 1:15PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 4:56PM, Sun trine Mars.

October 18:  During the wee hours of the morning a mood enhancing lunar trine with Jupiter instills confidence and fires up ambitions. Hopeful insomniacs have plenty to think about. By dawn the Leo Moon is keeping the channels of communication flowing. Express yourself. Most importantly, share your good news and hopes. Venus’ commanding trine with Mars is a stellar omen for enjoyable, first rate relationships. Passions are strong. Play is enjoyable. Personal as well as professional partnerships benefit. The evening hours are perfect for an after work party or a romantic rendezvous. Have fun but be careful not to come on too strong or accidentally step on anyone’s toes.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-12:45AM Moon enters Leo.

October 19: Brace yourself. When it comes to hump days, this one could feel insurmountable at times. This morning the Libra Sun and Venus are closely conjunct and at odds with Pluto. The powerful square aspects provide plenty of motivation but be considerate. Keep the well-being of others close to your heart. Having the right reason to act is an essential part of maintaining healthy and harmonious relationships. Give freely but without attachment. The Leo Moon is also at odds with Uranus and Saturn during the early afternoon. Plans can quickly prove unworkable. Unexpected delays are also likely. Be quick to devise alternative arrangements. The great likelihood is that no one person alone is at fault. This is one of those days when patience and kindness are as good as gold.
Moon in Leo, Sun square Pluto.

October 20: The day begins happily. A waning Leo Moon is harmonizing with the Sun/Venus tandem in Libra. Dress for success under these auspices. However, the Moon is soon void of course and the balance of the morning feels listless. Attend to routine responsibilities and postpone new commitments and decisions until midday. During the noon hour the Moon enters Virgo and a more fertile and productive period follows. Because we are late in the lunar cycle and the Sun is nearing the end of its stay in the Sign of Balance, it’s wise to concentrate on works in progress. It’s also a good time to polish various skills. There is always room for improvement.
Moon in Leo v/c 6:35AM-12:25PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus square Pluto.

October 21: The diligent Virgo Moon offers interesting possibilities. Lunar trines to the North Node and inventive Uranus are today’s sole exact aspects. For creative types, the alignments spotlight the future. Inventors, scientists and clairvoyants may feel a quickening pulse with the excitement of a discovery. Unconventional ideas can transform various playing fields. Be sure to consider the practical benefits of a new approach. The approaching conjunction of Venus and the Sun bodes well for weekend activities, especially weddings and other social events.
Moon in Virgo.

October 22: Celestial tidal swings make this an interesting day. At the beginning the Moon is in Virgo where she stirs differing urges. Some souls feel lazy, content to while away the morning lost in dreams. Others are strongly motivated by discontent to make things more to their liking. Pace yourself if you’re working this morning. By mid-afternoon the Moon is void of course and earlier motivation fades. Fortunately, Venus is conjunct the Sun today in her own sign of Libra. The sustaining, pleasurable and sometimes transformative nature of love overshadows all activities. Guidance and inspiration comes from treasured partners as well as other archetypes of beauty and harmony. Tonight sees the waning Moon enter Libra. Get togethers are fantastic fun, satisfying as well as reassuring.
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:17PM-9:24PM Moon enters Libra, Sun conjunct Venus, Mercury trine Saturn.

October 23: Important heavenly changes begin minutes after midnight when ringed Saturn resumes forward motion. The Lord of Karma has been backpedaling in Aquarius since turning retrograde back in early June. Current and evolving realities will give rise to a wave of decisions and endings, as well as new commitments over the coming weeks. Stalled projects may also resume on a forward track. During the wee hours of the morning Venus moves into Scorpio. She is followed a few hours later by the Sun. Dawn arrives with newly found emotional intensity. Venus needs to learn to let go in the sign of the Scorpion. The waning Libra Moon facilitates objective detachment, a useful ability for those emotional types prone to holding on and overreacting.
Moon in Libra, Venus enters Scorpio, Sun enters Scorpio, Saturn Direct.

October 24: Even though this is the last day of the lunar cycle, a pro-active approach to partnering is recommended. At dawn the waning Libra Moon harmonizes with solemn Saturn and by noon is conjunct mental Mercury. The morning is an excellent time for meaningful chats, meetings and conferences. A working lunch can be productive. Due to the lunar phase it’s best to keep the focus on completing projects rather than beginning them. A lunar trine to Mars gives the afternoon and evening hours a nice boost but fatigue is likely to hit soon after dark. Resist verbal sparring. Rest and relaxation are far more pleasant options tonight.
Moon in Libra v/c 8:36PM-12:00AM.

October 25: During the overnight period the Moon enters Scorpio. She soon overtakes and eclipses the Sun. We are officially in autumn eclipse season. Thus today’s morning prayers, meditations and contemplative moments are ideal for setting intentions or mapping out goals and strategies for the new activity cycle. Loving Venus’ close proximity to the Sun/Moon duo is an auspicious omen of future success. However, things begun around the time of an eclipse seldom go as planned. At its core Scorpio is a partnership sign. Two heads, hearts, skill sets and life experiences are better than one. Remain a willing partner. Be wise about what you offer and ask for. Favorable outcomes depend on all parties coming away with something they are happy about.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-3:18AM Moon enters Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio/Solar Eclipse 6:49AM.

October 26: Keep the faith today. The morning hours are a combination obstacle course and endurance test. The Scorpio Moon first opposes Uranus and then squares Saturn, a sure way to test even the most stalwart souls. Stay light on your toes and ready to improvise. A morning detour could be just around the next corner. The lunar square with Saturn caps off the challenging morning. Commitment levels are tested but persistence overcomes delays and other obstacles. In contrast, the afternoon hours bring relief. A lunar trine to Neptune coupled with Mercury’s trine to Mars clear the way for rapid advances that more than compensate for earlier glitches. Enjoy a movie or talkative, quick-witted pal tonight.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury trine Mars.

October 27: As dawn breaks the Moon enters light-hearted Sagittarius. Early risers greet the new day assured wonderful things are in store. Outspoken optimists soon have reason to pause. By mid-morning mental Mercury is at odds with Pluto. Over thinkers are prone to obsessive worries. Rather than look within, the temptation is to project concerns on partners or blame Fate, in effect giving away personal power and responsibility. Fortunately, the Sagittarius Moon continues to promote honesty and plain, straightforward communications. Speak your truth but be patient. Thoughts shared today may not bear fruit for several weeks.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:27AM-6:55AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury square Pluto.

October 28: An hour after midnight loquacious Jupiter retrogrades from Aries into Pisces. The jolly giant of the solar system has not been in Pisces since early May. A philosophical, spiritual or legal issue could soon be resurrected. Travelers may feel drawn to revisit the special places in their lives. Jupiter will linger in the Sign of the Fishes until just before December’s Winter Solstice. The waxing crescent Sagittarius Moon promotes solid work efforts via a mid-afternoon sextile with Saturn. After that, let the weekend begin. Lunar friction with Neptune and Mars raises alarms this evening. Avoid over consumption of food, alcohol and other recreational substances. If you happen to be out late, slow your pace down and use caution.
Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter enters Pisces (Retrograde).

October 29: The Moon segues from easy-going Sagittarius into ambitious Capricorn during the mid-morning. Light-hearted, easily distracted moods give way to more serious concerns. Attend to chores and errands during the latter part of the morning. Increasing indecision or confusion may be noted during the mid-afternoon. A friend who has been trying to get in touch could finally get through. Mercury’s sign change, from Libra into Scorpio, could be behind either scenario. As evening approaches the hours are increasingly enjoyable. This is a fabulous date or party night. The Capricorn Moon is in delightful harmony with the Scorpio Sun and Venus. Hearts are touched by thoughtful gestures. Good company, glittering lights and decorations enhance the cordial atmosphere.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:10AM-9:21AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Scorpio.

October 30: Mars turns retrograde this morning. The Red Planet has been in Gemini since August and will remain in the chatty sign until March, a seven month stay. Mars is currently testing Jupiter and Neptune so watch your tongue. A verbal slip can lead to a hurtful misunderstanding. Luckily, the pragmatic Capricorn Moon helps keep many folks grounded and, thanks to an afternoon trine with Uranus, extremely perceptive. Listen to the still, small voice within. Envision a better future. Act on hunches. Tonight’s lunar sextile to Neptune adds to the sensitivity. A little compassion goes a long way towards maintaining good ties. The evocative Neptune energies are wonderful for relaxing. Put your feet up and watch TV. More enterprising souls are moved to imagine, create and dream.
Moon in Capricorn, Mars Retrograde.

October 31: The industrious Capricorn Moon is waxing and ready for action. Even before sunrise the mental focus is sharp. Determination remains strong as the Moon forms an encouraging sextile to Jupiter later in the morning. The aspect enhances communication skills. Meetings benefit from a mix of practical knowhow, ambition and vision. Proceed with confidence. A brief void of course Moon period precedes the Moon’s arrival in Aquarius. Afternoon concerns are likely to be more social in nature. Consider the good of others in all that you do. An early evening lunar square to Mercury introduces complications. It can be difficult to stay on the same page with partners and associates. The approaching First Quarter Moon increases tensions. Stay on your toes tonight, especially if you’re in trick or treat mode or attending a party. Happy Halloween!
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:14AM-11:43AM Moon enters Aquarius.