Power Up: Ditch The Sofa, Get Up And Move It!

When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, start moving.

Before cars, trains, airplanes and bicycles, our bodies were always on the move. Running, climbing and lifting were all a part of the daily routine in any ancient culture in activities as diverse as gathering food, delivering messages and dancing. By contrast, our sedentary lifestyle and standard Western diet invite sickness to be our daily companion. The food we eat is harmful to the body, numbs our senses and makes us tired, which also makes us want to move less. For someone who is tired and constipated, there is little will or energy for exercise or physical activity, so the sofa becomes a friend.

Get up and move it! No matter where you are at this time in your life, you can always do better. You are always able if you start slow and grow. Ditch the sofa for any kind of activity. Leave the house for some fresh air whenever you can. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, start moving.

Through simply moving what you can, when you can, that becomes your starting point. Always be thankful for what you can do. Being grateful creates more to be grateful for. At one point in my life I was bedridden. Moving anything at all was very painful. All I could do was sit in a rocking chair so that is what I did. I could sit in the chair and I could lie on my back. While lying down I finally managed to do sit-ups. Then I could walk, then ride a bike. Anything you can do, do it, and then some.

Movement Is Vital To Your Health

THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM NEEDS HELP to move lymph through its vessels because it does not have a pump like the blood does. The heart pumps blood through our veins but the lymphatic system, which is vital to our immune system, is powered by our physical motion and muscle contractions. This includes the internal movement of our breathing and blood flow, but the primary lymph mover is our level of activity. Being active is in, couch potato is out.

STRENGTHEN YOUR HEART being active with walking, dancing, yard and housework. Your most vital organ needs to be trained to be strong and fit. This increases blood circulation and sends more oxygen to your cells and tissue. It also reduces blood pressure, relieving stress on the heart. Loving your heart means moving your body.

MUSCLE TONE and SKELETAL HEALTH NEED ACTIVITY for optimal maintenance. The impact of movement builds strong bones and massages the joints. It also triggers new cell growth and cleansing of stagnant lymph. Simply by walking or running you are reducing the risk of osteoporosis by creating bone growth.

BREATHING INCREASES during movement, the lungs are cleared and exercised, and the cells receive more oxygen. The same muscles that help us breathe are also responsible for good posture. Good breath, good posture.

DETOXIFICATION TAKES PLACE when we move the body. The lymph, the digestive tract, the lungs, and sweating through the skin are all important elements of the body`s ability to self-cleanse. The lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system. When it becomes stagnant, we suffer.

ENDORPHINS ARE RELEASED because it feels good when the body is moving in stride. We are overall happier when we are more active; this is why activity and exercise are known to help with depression.

WEIGHT LOSS BECOMES EASIER when you move. Burning calories, moving lymph and strengthening muscles always produces a positive outcome for weight loss. Not only will the body use its stored fuel, but the health of the glands will improve to aid in a more natural metabolism.

BLOOD FLOW TO THE BRAIN IS ENHANCED by exercise. This leads to sharper memory, lower risk of stroke, and a more alert mind. The brain has its own lymphatic system that benefits from our activity.

Daily Movement Suggestions

Chi Machine: This became a lifesaver for me, and I am sure it will benefit anyone who is unable to go for daily walks. It is very simple to use. The original model is a Japanese “passive aerobic exerciser.” While you lie effortlessly on the floor with your ankles resting on the machine, it will move them from side to side as it oscillates from right to left, giving the body the oxygen benefit of 1.5 hours of walking in only 15 minutes. This creates a figure-eight motion of the spine, similar to the movement of a goldfish, which has a great effect upon the body in relaxing nerves, improving energy flow, relieving tension and moving lymph.

Rebounder/Trampoline: A trampoline or small rebounder is a fun place to start a daily movement practice. The up and down motion is great for moving lymph and creating bone mass. The impact is what the bones need, and it will also help you to build some muscle.

A Full Body Vibrator: This is another potential movement lifesaver for people with limited movement. As you stand on the machine, it vibrates, transmitting energy to your body, and forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second. The first time I went on the machine, I had so much acidic waste stuck in my feet and legs that it actually hurt, bigtime. It was like shaking an open wound. I stayed with it, though, every day for three times a day and the pain gradually left. Step by step, find what works, as not moving is not an option.

Walking: My daily walks will always be what I will treasure the most from my road back to health. The day that I could start walking past the mailbox was the best day ever. When it comes to movement, nothing beats walking. It is gentle, natural healing that is a perfect match to our physiology. Work up to walking thirty minutes a day and feel how much energy you generate. Move your arms when walking and break into a brisk walking stride when you can. Take deep breaths and enjoy being outside.

Running, climbing, biking and swimming: These are just a few of many ways to move your lymph, build muscle, expand your lung capacity, release endorphins and so much more. Whenever you are experiencing any form of joint issues, water exercises are low impact and gentle on the joints while still building muscle and strength. Running is great for building bone mass, but we were made for running barefoot on Mother Earth, so running on a beach is your best option. Notice how it energizes your whole system.

Yoga: No matter what your level of health, you can do yoga. It is a gentle way to move, simple, and can be practiced at home. Yoga increases range of motion in the joints, massages internal organs, moves lymph and opens the flow of energy meridians in the body.

Daily household chores: Whether it’s doing the dishes, trimming the trees, cleaning floors or shoveling snow, the more active and present you can be in your daily routines, the more benefits your body will reap. Be mindful about how you use your muscles, how you bend your back and knees, and find ways to make it a fun part of your life. It is a blessing to be functional and strong, a privilege of being able to move.

By ditching the sofa, you are ditching a body suffering from aches and pains. The body is made to be in motion; you will add years to your life and life to your years simply by adding more movement into your everyday life.

Hilde Larsen is an author, a certified health and success coach, an inspirational speaker and raw food teacher. After years of being bedridden with severe chronic diseases, she is inspiring many to take back their power. Visit inspiredbyhilde.com.

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