Practical High Sense Perception

Illustrations by Aurelien Pumayana Floret and Bona Yu
The seven levels of the auric field.

The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself. — Barbara Brennan

High Sense Perception (HSP) is perception that extends beyond the range of what is considered to be normal perception. Normal perception works through the physical body’s perceptual organs and nervous system. High Sense Perception works through the human energy field’s perceptual organs that are part of the chakras.  

When I was beginning to observe the human energy field and the human energy-consciousness system, being a physicist by training, I also observed how I was observing them with High Sense Perception and how High Sense Perception functions through the human energy field.

With High Sense Perception, we have more senses than the normal five senses we are used to. Each chakra of the human energy field has a particular High Sense Perception sense. While chakras take in bioplasma for energy to charge our four dimensions from the surrounding natural fields of bioplasma, they also take in the information the bioplasma contains. Bioplasma is full of information. Most people in the modern world are not aware of the existence of natural bioplasma fields all around us, yet they do unconsciously respond or react to them as the bioplasma moves through them. One can also refer to the bioplasma as energy consciousness.  

The energy consciousness that we sense, and of which our four dimensions are composed, is not just bioenergy and information; it is a signature of who we are. Actually, it is more than a signature: it is us.  

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While perhaps you do not yet experience it as you, you can learn to experience your bioplasma as consciousness with energy, or, in short, energy consciousness. The energy consciousness that is taken in by the chakras of the human energy field carries an enormous amount of information. Unfortunately at this time, most human beings are not consciously aware of the information coming to them through the chakras, yet most human beings do unconsciously react to it in some way.

Chakras Are The Sensing Organs For Specific Types Of High Sense Perception

The chakras are sensing organs. The chakras sense the information in the bioplasma as it moves into them. We respond or react to this incoming energy consciousness, whether or not we are consciously aware of our response or reaction to it. Re-creating your life requires becoming aware of your responses or reactions to this life process that is constantly moving through you.

The following is a list of how each chakra receives information through a particular High Sense Perception sense:

  • The first chakra senses touch, body movement (the kinesthetic), and body position and stance (the proprioceptive sense).  
  • The second chakra senses emotional feelings.
  • The third chakra gives us a vague sense of knowing (intuition).
  • The fourth senses love and loving kindness.  
  • The fifth chakra senses hearing and taste.
  • The sixth chakra gives us the ability to see the human energy field, the hara, and the Core Star, as well as the spiritual worlds within which they exist.
  • The seventh chakra gives us the ability to know the high spiritual worlds and can be used at the same time as all the other chakra senses to integrate the physical and spiritual worlds, thus propelling us to another realm.

Changing The Way You Use Your Mind To Process Information

When first witnessing or trying to use High Sense Perception, most people make the assumption that it is like physical perception. To some extent this is true, but most of it is not; some of the senses are the same, others are not. High Sense Perception requires that you run energy consciousness through your brain differently than you are accustomed.

All of us have been programmed by our upbringing, culture and schooling to run energy through our brains in a certain way. Anyone who went to school will have received teaching that molded the way they use their brain. This molding includes how the energy consciousness flows within the brain as well as the frequency ranges in which the brain is run. In the United States, Europe and many other countries of the world, emphasis has been placed on learning through memorization and deductive reasoning. This charges the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain and increases the frequencies to beta waves.

Eastern countries such as India and Tibet have, in the past, focused on a tradition of contemplative learning meditation, which creates a very different frequency range and flow of energy consciousness through the brain. This results in the center of the brain being charged more and at very low frequency ranges — alpha, theta, and even sometimes delta waves. One’s experience of reality makes a huge shift as one moves from the beta wave reality into the slower alpha and theta waves of meditation. Both methods of gathering knowledge are perfectly legitimate and useful.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the most ancient texts on Earth. It delineates five states of mind:  

  1. Restless, wandering, can’t focus
  2. Stupefied, dull
  3. Distracted
  4. Pointed, a constant flow of awareness toward one thing for any length of time, which can penetrate to the essence of anything
  5. Still, complete clarity, completely focused, can connect with the real self, intuitive wisdom arises

It is easy to recognize the first three states of mind that Patanjali points out. The fourth is a state that can be reached fairly easily in meditation by focusing on an object or mantra and continuing to return your focus to that object or mantra each time it wanders. The fourth state of mind is also used by natives who live in the jungle of the upper Amazon. They use it in group meditation led by a shaman. With the fourth state of mind, they observe the life habits of animals to make it easier to catch them. The fourth state of mind is focused on in meditation as practice to eventually move into the fifth state, which takes years of practice. If you want to know how close you are to the fifth state, just think of a number such as one or ten without thinking another thought for 10 seconds!

Dancing Between The Active And Receptive States Of Mind For High Sense Perception  

High Sense Perception can be seen as a dance between the active and receptive states of mind. More specifically, High Sense Perception uses Patanjali’s fourth state of mind in a dance with the rational mind in the receptive state as well as the active states. To do High Sense Perception successfully, you must learn to move rapidly between the witness state of mind and the active state of mind of focused intent, traveling through the body on purpose by following your curiosity and actively going for what you want clarified.

The more you practice the better you will get. Ultimately the big question is, are you projecting or perceiving? This knowledge will come with feedback. The more your High Sense Perception is verified, the clearer you will become about how it feels, how you see (what it looks like when you see with High Sense Perception), and how you hear (how it sounds when you hear with High Sense Perception).

Exercise: Learn How To Make The Kinesthetic Connection For High Sense Perception

  1. Sit down and close your eyes. Be sure not to look at the ceiling before you do this. Keep your eyes closed until you get to the part of the exercise when it is time to open them.
  2. Reach up with your arm and feel something on the ceiling with your hand. Keep trying until you can feel something.
  3. After doing this for a while, just note (don’t look) what you are doing with your hand. How are you using it? Are you using your fingers and/or your palm? Is your palm facing up or down?
  4. Are you feeling the ceiling up on the ceiling or down in your hand? Keep checking this out until you can tell.
  5. If you are feeling the ceiling down in your hand, purposefully try to feel the ceiling up on the ceiling rather than pulling the information down into your hand. Keep it up on the ceiling. You can do it this way.
  6. Make your perceptions simple in the beginning. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
    • Is it rougher or smoother than the area around it?
    • Is it warmer or colder than the area around it?
    • Does it protrude down from the ceiling or is it recessed up into the ceiling?
    • Is it metallic or organic?
    • Do you like to feel it?
    • Is it associated with air, water, heat, electricity, or light?
    • Guess what it is.
    • Point at it with your finger and look at what you are pointing at to verify your perceptions.
    • How many questions did you answer correctly?
  7. Now repeat the same process in the following way:
    • Reach up and feel the ceiling.
    • Once you are connected with the ceiling, slowly move your arm down until your hands are both placed palm down on your lap, while you still maintain your connection with the ceiling.
    • Now repeat the ceiling exploration steps you did the first time, while keeping both hands in your lap.
    • Then, after answering all the questions about what you found, and still keeping eyes closed, once again point at what you have found and open your eyes to verify what you perceived.
    • Practice this until you succeed.
  8. Now repeat the same process without ever lifting either hand off your lap.
  9. Next do the same thing long-distance.
    • First get permission from a friend with whom you would like to do this.
    • Make the kinesthetic connection to a friend and observe them remotely.  
    • Ask yourself simple direct questions about them.  
    • Note the time of your observations.
    • When you get a chance, call them to verify your perceptions.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher from Core Light Healing @ 2017 Barbara Ann Brennan. Published by Hay House. All rights reserved.

Barbara Brennan, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, is widely regarded as the most influential pioneer in the field of energy medicine. Her theories of the human energy field are still widely quoted and have been adapted and woven into the overall narrative of energy healing today. Barbara is the author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging, both classic texts in the field of energy medicine.

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