September 2020 Daily Astrology

September 1: There’s nothing dull about the start of September. Mercury’s early morning trine to Pluto, the month’s first major alignment, sets inquisitive minds as well as spiritual seekers on impassioned searches for facts, important data and ultimate understanding. Insights into one’s self and others can be profound. Pivotal, life-changing information may be discovered. The waxing, nearly full Moon arrives in Pisces before sunrise. Today’s emotional pitch is undeniably high. With the Virgo Sun easing into an earthy Grand Trine configuration with Uranus and Jupiter, there are likely to be an abundance of hopeful thoughts. Look for good omens. Before diving in more fully or calling it quits, take time to calmly assess an assortment of options and scenarios. Complicated or confusing decisions may best be put off for a couple of days. Weather permitting, make sure to savor this evening’s dramatic Moonrise.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:56AM-5:34AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury trine Pluto.

September 2: The luminous light from the Full Moon keeps many souls wide awake. About an hour after midnight the Full Moon in mysterious Pisces is exact. Because the opposing Sun and Moon both harmonize brilliantly with Uranus, oracles, seers, psychics and ordinary folks are all more likely to experience clairvoyant hunches and premonitions. Our social interdependence is also made more obvious. When Venus forms an early morning opposition to Saturn some partnerships face a stern test. Be realistic about both people and finances. This is no time to be blasé about a loved one or money. Fortunately, the Moon is in sextile to Jupiter, making this a good day to discuss significant issues. Heart to heart meetings and frank talk open doors to deeper understanding and more fulfilling commitments. Take in Mother Nature’s wonders or a movie tonight.
Moon in Pisces, Full Moon in Pisces 1:22AM, Venus opposite Saturn, Sun trine Uranus.

September 3: In the wake of yesterday’s Full Moon comes a busy and productive early morning. The Pisces Moon makes compelling alignments with Saturn, Mercury and Venus. Use these constructive energies to finalize agreements and contracts. The lunar trine to Venus is a fine omen for both professional and personal matters. By late morning the now waning Moon is void of course. An easy-going vibe takes hold. Mood swings and indecision can delay projects. Feelings of disappointment could also surface. Late afternoon sees the Moon enter Aries. Ordinarily this sign change has an energizing effect but with Venus about to square Mars, passion may be misdirected. Enthusiasm can quickly disappear. Slow down. It may be necessary to negotiate with partners, further slowing momentum. Easy does it tonight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 10:34AM-4:22PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury trine Saturn.

September 4: Mercury’s late afternoon sextile to Venus is today’s dominant alignment. The aspect bodes well for cheerful optimists and provides tender-hearted moments with colleagues, family and friends. Welcome financial news could also arrive. Travelers too benefit form the supportive energies. For some souls, the waning Aries Moon arouses their independent streak. Tackling a personal project or testing one’s mettle against competition can be enticing. Tackling personal challenges is fine but don’t overlook today’s excellent social potential. Word from a treasured pal could be winging its way to you even as a totally unrelated destination is reached.
Moon in Aries, Venus square Mars, Mercury sextile Venus.

September 5: The adventurous Aries Moon toughs her way through a series of challenging square aspects with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Peace of mind and restful sleep may be hard to come by. These tense alignments motivate but also carry inherent risks. Slow your pace and take it easy, doing only one thing at a time, one step at a time. Delays are likely when the Moon squares Saturn tonight. Responsibilities or worries could put a damper on evening plans. Be respectful of peoples’ limitations and time constraints. When midnight nears the Moon is also moving into a conjunction with fiery Mars. Tempers grow short just as the danger of an accident or poorly timed move increases. It’s wise to use restraint and be cautious throughout the day.
Moon in Aries, Mercury enters Libra.

September 6: Insomniacs and night owls feel the insistent buzz of a post-midnight lunar conjunction with Mars. The energizing duo soon loses steam as the Moon goes void of course. Venus also enters Leo during the overnight period, testing the Taurus Moon during the predawn hours. Rest may be uneasy. Sleepless souls wonder whether security can be had. Venus in the playful Sign of the Lion could soon trigger a burst of creative energy. So often, great works are spurred by the struggles of the soul. Expressions of love tend to be more colorful and flamboyant. Well before daybreak the Moon is settled in Taurus. Here Luna favors appreciation for creature comforts and tasty indulgences. A laid back late summer day follows. After dark the Moon nears a conjunction with unpredictable Uranus. Be on the lookout for surprises, especially if you are out and about late tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:45AM-4:43AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus enters Leo.

September 7: Fitting for a holiday honoring the sacrifices of 19th century American workers putting their lives on the line fighting for their rights, the Taurus Moon conjuncts revolutionary Uranus during the wee hours of the morning. Restless souls may be privy to a bright idea or even a spiritual awakening. The rest of the night is more conducive to sleep. Daybreak finds the Taurus Moon moving into a celebratory Grand Trine configuration with the Virgo Sun and Jupiter. It’s hard to imagine a better astrological signature for enjoying  this “final” day of the summer holiday season. Weather permitting, get out in Mother Nature. Relish every moment. Revel in green grass, salty seas, mountain air, passing clouds or whatever else awakens your senses. Visit a local farm or orchard. The greater your immersion in the moment is, the deeper is your relaxation and transformative healing potential.
Moon in Taurus.

September 8: The early morning may feel like a beehive of focused activity. The Taurus Moon is trine Saturn, encouraging dedication and a strong sense of responsibility. The productive start is deceptive. The Moon is soon void of course. By mid-morning focus wavers as attention spans shorten. For those willing to go with the flow, meandering imaginations can lead to unexpected discoveries and interesting connections. Content yourself with routine chores and tasks. Avoid making major decisions or purchases. The ambivalence eases when the Moon enters Gemini this evening. Minds quickly rebound, zeroing in on matters of interest. A lunar sextile to Venus provides plenty of light-hearted evening moments. Enjoy lively banter with friends and loved ones. Don’t be shy about asking for what you want late tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:47AM-5:28PM Moon enters Gemini.

September 9: The waning Gemini Moon aligns with Mercury during the hours before dawn. Hearts, minds and senses become more finely attuned. The Virgo Sun forms an uplifting midday trine to mighty Jupiter. Many souls instinctively feel nourished and protected. Self-confidence is enjoyed. Certain businesses are likely to prosper. Farms and health-related as well as educational institutions report good news. However, on a more challenging note Mars in late Aries turns retrograde today. The fiery Red Planet remains at odds with Saturn and Pluto. We are all reminded of the need to examine our true needs and goals. If we are to survive Covid-19 and live in peace and democracy, we have to respect our differences while finding ways to cooperate. There’s work to be done. It’s time to rededicate ourselves to safety first as well as the Golden Rule principles we believe in.
Moon in Gemini, Sun trine Jupiter, Mars Retrograde.

September 10: A restless Last Quarter Gemini Moon may rouse light sleepers well before dawn’s first light. For early risers, minds are prone to racing. Slow, deep breathing is the key to slowing the myriad thoughts. As the Sun clears the eastern horizon a lunar square with Neptune increases psychic impressions as well as empathic responses. Waking dreams may be confusing or prophetic, or both. The remainder of the day is more clearly focused on going about one’s business. During the afternoon hours the Moon reinforces a clear sense of direction. If you’re still not sure where you’re going, give it some additional thought. Check a map. Get informed. Each idea in your head represents a potential future reality. Think big. Be selective, and dare to dream.
Moon in Gemini, Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 5:26AM.

September 11: The Sun’s annual opposition to Neptune highlights the inspirational power of imagination as well as the dangers of misplaced trust. With a waning Cancer Moon testing mental Mercury, there are many reasons to be extremely careful when dealing with important matters. Over sensitized emotions can get the better of rational thought. Oversights, forgetfulness and inattention could lead to a major loss or missed opportunity. Keep track of indispensable items and documents. Make sure “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed. Double-check facts and figures with reliable sources. Weather could also be a factor. Fortunately, the Moon is in a supportive sextile aspect with Uranus late tonight. The angle sharpens intuitive faculties and fosters a sense of “we are all in this together” camaraderie. Hints of the future may also be glimpsed.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:48AM-6:23AM Moon enters Cancer, Sun opposite Neptune.

September 12: The waning Cancer Moon activates the three amigos, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, the transformative planetary trio still holding forth in Capricorn. Because Capricorn is the sign ruling material plane affairs, our world in flux is spotlighted. It’s long been noted that change is the only constant. The question today is, what do you want to change into? The Moon’s noon hour opposition with Jupiter provides a window of bright hopes. Count your blessings and imagine the glowing future you’d like to see. Take concrete steps this afternoon to make your vision a real possibility. Another good option, ways of affirming your connection to Mother Earth, are gardening, a walk in nature or visit to a local farm stand. After retrograding since mid-May, Jupiter resumes forward motion this evening. The direction shift serves notice. Values and moral principles lie at the heart of the busy, history-making fall political season.
Moon in Cancer, Jupiter Direct.

September 13: A tense, emotionally charged lunar square to Mars gets some folks off to an early start on the day. Don’t rush. A hasty move could lead to an accident or injury. Relax and enjoy the morning. The Cancer Moon is soon void of course, perfect for going with the flow activities. With homing instincts strong, it’s a good time to get creative in the kitchen or attend to household chores. Another fine option, spend a few hours doing exactly as you please. Shortly before noon the waning Moon enters exuberant Leo, where Venus waits. The spirited duo promotes playful moods. This could be a wonderful day to spend time with children. Follow your romantic heart. All forms of colorful, dramatic self-expression are encouraged. Resurrecting a project that has sat on the back burner for months is another strong possibility.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:05AM-11:32AM Moon enters Leo.

September 14: Relationships are sure to need care and attention today. Both the Leo Moon and Venus are at odds with unpredictable Uranus. Treat significant others with respect and give them the physical, emotional and psychic space they need. A handy late morning lunar sextile to mental Mercury keeps communication channels wide open. The Virgo Sun is also in a constructive trine to Pluto. If a partnership issue arises, make time to discuss it in detail. Once the problem is identified, there’s every reason to expect a quick resolution. Like steel tempered in flames, some ties grow stronger. Don’t let pride or rebelliousness get in the way of building trust and intimacy.
Moon in Leo, Sun trine Pluto.

September 15: Mixed trends, shifting moods and varying tempos make this day complicated as well as challenging. We’re off to a fast start. The Leo’s Moon’s late morning trine to Mars fires up spirits, ambitions and imaginations. Fabulous energy is available for both work and play. However, the Moon then goes void of course, dramatically slowing the pace. Just minutes later Venus is at odds with Uranus in a disruptive square. For some friends the aspect signals a temporary break. Others face a parting of ways. An unanticipated expense or a sudden urge to be free of an obligation can be cause for alarm. By late afternoon the waning crescent Moon is in Virgo. Self-care or looking after others can become a new focus. Given or received, a little TLC goes a long way towards restoring inner peace.
Moon in Leo v/c 11:09AM-2:37PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus square Uranus.

September 16: Fatigue can be a factor today. The Virgo Moon is at the end of her monthly cycle. In the natural order of the Cosmos this is the time for consolidation, completion and rest. Lunar trines to Uranus and Jupiter form a magical earth sign Grand Trine configuration, symbolizing positive change as a product of progressive thinking. High speed communications, teaching and metaphysical meditations are facilitated. Finely tuned folks may experience a sense of having been here before or seeing the future. Evening finds the Moon in an opposition to Neptune. Artistic and spiritual responses are heightened. Nourish your over-sensitized, impressionable mind, heart and body. Choose your companions and media content wisely. Plan on getting necessary and rejuvenating sleep tonight.
Moon in Virgo.

September 17: For coming to grips with material plane challenges this is one of the most promising New Moons of the year. The Virgo Moon joins the Sun first thing this morning, marking the start of a fresh activity cycle. Both lights are in a stabilizing trine to Saturn. Things begun today have a solid foundation. Success may not come overnight but steady, sustained growth is likely. Because Pluto and Jupiter are also close to the Ringed Planet, endurance, resilience and scrupulous attention to details all contribute to favorable outcomes. Mental Mercury is also in a square to Jupiter today. With the Moon void of course for a prolonged midday period, it’s best to control your excitement. Don’t overstate the obvious, boast or make unrealistic claims. Stellar accomplishments will come in time. Firm up plans with partners during the later part of the day.
New Moon in Virgo 7:00AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 7:42AM-2:56PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury square Jupiter, Sun trine Saturn.

September 18: In delightful Cosmic synchronicity the recently new and now waxing Moon in Libra’s first alignment is a midday sextile to loving Venus. The aspect is a smooth harbinger of good will, warm feelings and fun times. Both morning meetings and lunch time get togethers are immensely enjoyable. An exchange of compliments or gifts can be surprisingly touching. Individuals looking to beautify their environment are also well-served. Tastes tend to be more refined under the influence. Evening brings another round of sociable energy. The Moon tests outspoken Jupiter while nearing the other communications planet, Mercury. Some folks welcome heaps of praise. Others are hot to share their political views. Open minds are ripe for learning. Listen carefully and see what you can discover.
Moon in Libra.

September 19: At the start of today the Libra Moon is at odds with Pluto, Saturn and Mars. Obstacles can range in size from a bump in the road to an insurmountable wall. Because the waxing Moon fosters awareness of other’s needs, keeping everyone happy and on the same track can be next to impossible. Wisdom may dictate forgoing people pleasing and simply following the path of least resistance. The alignments do not favor taking risks. By late morning the Moon is void of course, easing pressures and expectations for a few hours. Mid-afternoon brings another mood swing as the Moon arrives in sultry Scorpio. Some folks need time and space to think things over. Others want to be alone. With a volatile mix of influences over the next few days, don’t push hard for answers or commitments. At this time a big part of caring is being patient.
Moon in Libra v/c 10:29AM-2:33PM Moon enters Scorpio.

September 20: Despite challenging moments, today has its silver linings. Early morning chaos and clumsiness arise from the Scorpio Moon’s opposition to Uranus. Be extra careful if you’re on the move, whether on foot or in a vehicle. An offhand remark could touch a surprisingly sensitive nerve, triggering an oversized and unexpected response. Shrugging off criticism can be difficult. With mental Mercury sliding into a tough square to Pluto people tend to overreact. Remember to be kind. Taking the high road is easier after noon, when a lunar sextile to open-minded Jupiter is in play. The Moon’s nighttime trine to mystical Neptune also fosters empathy and compassion. Balance honesty and realism with seeing the best in others.
Moon in Scorpio.

September 21: Minds function with exquisite precision when Mercury tests Pluto shortly after midnight. The focus of one’s attention is the key question. Use your best, most intelligent judgment. If you must obsess, direct your thoughts along constructive lines. Try to stay open-minded. Midday harmony between the Scorpio Moon and Virgo Sun help make this a productive day. Input from knowledgable partners and advisors can make a project more likely to succeed. Officially this is the last day of Summer. With the world facing so many uncertainties, nostalgic feelings can be expected. The Moon enters Sagittarius during the late afternoon. The sign change has a brightening, mood elevating impact. Keep practicing the great art of positive thinking.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 2:13PM-3:32PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury square Pluto.

September 22: At mid-morning the Sun enters Libra and Autumn officially begins. For a scant few days, the hours of daylight and darkness are balanced. During the next three months darkness will gradually increase until the Winter Solstice marks the next major seasonal turning point. Late tonight in today’s only exact alignment the waxing crescent Sagittarius Moon forms an uplifting trine with Venus in Leo. Moods are friendly, outgoing and encouraging. Opinions are shared with vigor and passion. Some folks do go on interminably! Affairs of the heart are also nourished. Considering that Mercury’s pending square with Saturn is raising a considerable number of doubts and worries, it is wise to set time aside for pure enjoyment and fun.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun enters Libra, Autumnal Equinox.

September 23: This morning’s sobering Mercury/Saturn square can feel ominous. Confidence may waver as imagined fears and faults come to mind. The Lord of Karma teaches through limitation. Know what you can and cannot do. Eliminate distractions and determine your priorities. Midday lunar alignments with Mercury and Mars reveal pathways around obstacles. A refreshing meeting of minds is possible. The teachings of esoteric wisdom schools may help restore trust that all will be well. By mid-afternoon the Sagittarius Moon is void of course and she stays that way until evening. Slow down. Don’t force your pace. Pay attention if you’re on the road traveling. Nightfall sees the waxing Moon arrive in ambitious Capricorn. The energizing First Quarter phase dominates the evening sky. Be tactful and maintain good decorum.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 1:31PM-7:16PM Moon enters Capricorn, First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 9:55PM, Mercury square Saturn.

September 24: Mental Mercury makes an early morning opposition to Mars. The taut alignment can test patience and increase frustrations. Don’t take an annoyance out on someone else. A look in the mirror is almost always a necessity when dealing with celestial oppositions. Knowing exactly what you want is one sure way of offsetting potential angst. Talking things out may also help. An accident is also more likely so pay attention, watch your speed and be ready to make a detour. The Capricorn Moon makes a midday trine to adventurous Uranus. Some souls welcome the chance to make new friends, check out cutting edge technology or stir up some “good trouble.” Curious minds stay awake and open long into the night.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury opposite Mars.

September 25: Roll up your sleeves and prepare to do some heavy lifting. The waxing Moon is in industrious Capricorn, activating the powerful Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn stellium. This day promises to be busy and eventful. On a personal level the energies lend themselves to taking care of important matters. Intentions and goals are clearly delineated. As evening arrives spirits may slump with fatigue as the Moon passes by Saturn but hold on, there’s more work to be done. Testing lunar aspects to Mars and Mercury present a number of potential challenges. Some folks are argumentative and hot under the collar. Keep your cool. Articulating feelings about complex issues takes poise, concentration and patience. If peace can be kept, discussions and hugs can be healing.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:36PM-12:00AM.

September 26: During the wee hours of the morning the waxing Moon enters visionary Aquarius. A hopeful lunar trine to the Libra Sun ushers in the new day. The mutually supportive angle promotes inner composure as well as friendly ties. With Mercury at the final degree of Libra this could be a good day to catch up on correspondence or touch base with long time friends. A relative or pal could reappear in classic blast from the past fashion. Tonight’s mood is more adventurous. The Moon is at odds with Uranus. Some folks bristle at rules and perceived injustices. If you challenge authority be prepared to deal with the consequences. A less risky proposition, try something new and different. A break from routine could be refreshing.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-2:08AM Moon enters Aquarius.

September 27: Planetary sign changes and direction shifts herald continued uncertainty. Mental Mercury enters Scorpio during the early morning hours. Thinking usually becomes more focused and fixated during this transit but not so this time. The communications planets is moving into an opposition with unpredictable Uranus, the planet of surprises. Expect events to challenge prevailing attitudes and expectations during the coming days. The Moon is in freedom-loving Aquarius, increasing community spirit. Moods also tend to be more welcoming and tolerant of individual differences. However, the reigning superstar in your life is likely to be in need of love and appreciation tonight. As the Moon nears an opposition to joyful Venus in Leo, spread affection liberally. Devotion will be duly noted and reciprocated.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury enters Scorpio.

September 28: The day begins lethargically under a void of course Aquarius Moon. Some folks are passive, while others appear stoic. For those following and trying to make sense of the news in the USA, the ongoing collision of cultures, races and values can simultaneously seem wondrous and overwhelming. Over the course of the morning senses are slowly but surely enticed and enthralled. When the Moon enters Pisces shortly before noon, minds snap to attention. Aha moments of clarity and discovery are notable during the early afternoon. This is an excellent time period for making informed, consequential decisions. Tonight’s passionate trine between Venus and Mars is a playful, celebratory omen for lovers of all ages.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:18AM-11:34AM Moon enters Pisces, Venus trine Mars.

September 29: Having been in retrograde motion since early May, Saturn turns Direct shortly after midnight. The planetary Lord of Karma’s direction shift suggests that an accounting is in order. Retrograding Mars in Aries makes the second in a series of three squares with Saturn late this afternoon. Actions speak far more loudly than words today. There is no getting away from history. It’s best to take things very slowly and avoid any conflict. Because Mars is also at odds with slow-moving Pluto and Jupiter these dynamics persist for months. Easy does it. On a more optimistic note, the almost full Pisces Moon is in harmony with Uranus and Jupiter. There are better alternatives to the narrow old ways of thinking and acting. Love, respect and support for all beings is a good starting point, a must.
Moon in Pisces, Mars square Saturn, Saturn Direct.

September 30: Happy or sad, the nearly full Pisces Moon has folks feeling everything acutely. Morning alignments with Neptune and Pluto increase sensitivity but also instill a sense of higher purpose. If you champion a cause, let it be known. The first half of the work day is filled with potential. The Moon’s early afternoon trine to dutiful Saturn is holding sway. Ingenuity and effort can lead to noteworthy gains. A private lunchtime conversation can be very productive. Try to complete important work and meetings before mid-afternoon when the Moon goes void of course. The surging lunar tide provides buoyancy and momentum during the second half of the day but it’s best to avoid making new commitments. This evening the Moon appears full. Late tonight Luna reaches independent Aries, setting the celestial stage for the first of October’s two Full Moons.
Moon in Pisces v/c 1:30PM-10:47PM Moon enters Aries.