September 2021 Daily Astrology

September 1: Rabbit! Rabbit! Bunny! Bunny! Shortly after midnight the Moon enters her own cozy nesting sign of Cancer. Childhood memories as well as protective and mothering instincts are stirred but an early morning lunar square to Mercury could present real time communication problems. Pay attention to details. Even a fleeting reverie may distract from listening attentively. After noon, harmony between the waning Moon and Virgo Sun bestows emotional balance. On the job efficiency is enhanced. Most folks enjoy a solid grasp of what needs to be done and how to best proceed. If you happen to be on vacation or have the time, it’s also a perfect day for quality family time or some self-directed TLC.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-1:26AM Moon enters Cancer.

September 2: Today’s astrological influences are complicated. Be aware of confusing or contradictory feelings. Early this morning the Cancer Moon pushes us to embrace a world bigger than ourselves. Imagine the future you’d like to see and be open to new ideas. Friends may be catalysts for growth and change or just fun to be around. However, a midday opposition between fiery Mars and nebulous Neptune could trigger serious problems. Proceed cautiously. Have information you trust before making a move. If the facts you need are unavailable, wait. The evening hours bring more relaxed and engaging trends. The planets overhead help dispel doubts. It’s an excellent time to discuss lingering issues and formulate new game plans.
Moon in Cancer, Mars opposite Neptune.

September 3: Under a waning, void of course Cancer Moon, the first half of the day moves slowly. Emotions may feel tentative and past events can weigh on minds. A couple of minutes before noon the moon enters Leo. Self-assurance increases but because we are late in the lunar cycle, energy levels remain low key. The next few days are prime time for a needed rest or refreshing break from routine. Late night gatherings as well as travelers receive a nice boost while the fun-loving Moon aligns with effervescent Mercury. Conversations are stimulating and weekend journeyers have the wind at their backs. Be careful if you’re out late as fatigue can be a factor.
Moon in Cancer v/c 1:37AM-11:58AM Moon enters Leo.

September 4: While Mercury and Saturn do their best to keep us on a steady course, the waning Leo Moon faces stiff tests from Saturn and Uranus. We are at another familiar, two steps forward, one step back juncture. The mixed influences are most notable during the post-midnight hours. Night owls are advised to walk softly. A Moon/Mercury angle facilitates harmonious relations but a lunar opposition with Saturn stirs worries and fears, and could bring delays. The daytime is dominated by the Moon’s square with Uranus. Nerves are edgy, plans can suddenly change due to unexpected circumstances. By evening mental Mercury’s trine to Saturn reassures doubters and puts a focus on responsible behavior and wise decision-making. One must do what one must do. Even in a simple act of teaching, parenting or loyalty there is deep satisfaction.
Moon in Leo, Mercury trine Saturn.

September 5: Pleasure seekers, home bodies and day trippers find much to enjoy during the early morning. The creative Leo Moon is in delightful harmony with Venus. A lunar opposition to Jupiter calls some folks to hit the road while others are moved to speak their piece. Be slow to get up on a soapbox and lecture. A little humility increases the odds of getting your message across. The Moon, set to be new tomorrow evening, is then void of course until after nightfall when she enters Virgo. Use the listless Cosmic energy appropriately. Go with the flow. Make no new commitments or major purchases. Finish a project or just relax. Venus forms a square with Pluto late tonight. Love can get complicated. Be alert to unspoken expectations, hidden needs and secret agendas. If you sense something is amiss, speak up.
Moon in Leo v/c 10:22AM-7:06PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus square Pluto.

September 6: Three planetary trine alignments give this Virgo New Moon breathtaking possibilities. Technically, the Moon isn’t conjunct the Sun or new until after sundown. However, the morning’s Mars/Pluto trine energizes the day right from the start. Willpower, ingenuity and necessity drive many souls to accomplish more than they think is possible. Venus is also trine Jupiter, an omen of great good fortune. Confidence, optimism and generosity of heart and spirit elevate relationships as well as performance levels. Tonight’s New Moon sees the combined Sun and Moon in a trine with visionary and egalitarian Uranus. Progressive thinkers gain new strength to push forward. People power is emphasized. At this most fertile juncture, set your intentions for the coming two weeks and beyond. With support from friends and lovers, the sky is the limit!
Moon in Virgo, New Moon in Virgo 8:52PM, Mars trine Pluto, Venus trine Jupiter, Sun trine Uranus.

September 7: Following yesterday’s Virgo New Moon, momentum slowly builds. A mid- morning lunar opposition to Neptune can dissipate energy. Plans could be interrupted by fantasies or incorrect information. Safeguard essential items. By noon motivation returns. The Moon is conjunct fiery Mars and both planets are in a potent trine to Pluto. The hours between late morning and mid-afternoon are the most productive part of the day. Deal with big challenges and make complicated maneuvers during this window of opportunity. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course and stays that way until late tonight. This latter part of the day is a good time to review and fine tune plans. Double check to be sure facts are accurate. Plan to take it easy tonight as tomorrow is most certainly another day.
Moon in Virgo v/c 3:24PM-11:20PM Moon enters Libra.

September 8: The waxing Moon is in the socially aware sign of Libra. Balance and harmony in relationships is a worthy objective. A key challenge is keeping others happy while also pleasing one’s self. The Moon’s noon hour trine to wisdom planet Saturn offers astute guidance. The aspect encourages responsible behavior, respect for precedents, bosses, elders and common sense. Stand by your partner, but most of all, your principles. Because the Moon is also conjunct Mercury tonight, this day is also a favorable time for discussions, negotiations and decisions, with a knowing eye on future growth and longterm security. Set a good example and if it’s appropriate, let others know their dedication and efforts have been an inspiration.
Moon in Libra.

September 9: The waxing crescent Moon continues on her course through Libra. Celestially speaking, the action is greatest after noon when Luna tests Pluto and harmonizes with Jupiter. The competing aspects both motivate and inspire. However, the lunar square to Pluto requires acute self-awareness as well as a delicate approach to partners. The aspect can also lead less enlightened folks to unconsciously cause trouble so they can then play peacemaker. Because the Moon is also trine Jupiter and nearing a conjunction with Venus, loving vibes prevail. Potential stresses are greatly diminished. As the Virgo Sun draws closer to an opposition with Neptune over the next few days, be sure you don’t take anyone for granted. Often those who appear to be the strongest are assumed to be without insecurities or needs. It isn’t necessarily so. Tonight’s love-filled atmospherics are ideal for expressing words of appreciation.
Moon in Libra.

September 10: Feelings intensify. Both feminine archetypes, the Moon and Venus, enter Scorpio today. After a sweet post-midnight, last degree of Libra conjunction with the Goddess of Love the Moon enters Scorpio a couple of hours into the new day. Dreams may include visitations from departed dear ones and guardian angels. By morning the Moon is nearing a pensive square with Saturn. Increased self-awareness could impel some souls to free themselves from a difficult situation. Other folks resolve to take better care of themselves. It is possible to turn a new leaf under these stars. If you decide to call it quits on a job, relationship or other unsustainable commitment, do so with an appreciation for what you have learned and been given. Late afternoon sees Venus transit into Scorpio. For the next month treat matters of love and affection with utmost care.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:48AM-2:05AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus enters Scorpio.

September 11: This solemn anniversary is brightened up by timely planetary alignments. The waxing Scorpio Moon conveys spiritual strength and resolve. Lunar aspects with the Sun, Neptune and Pluto spotlight Scorpio’s best transformational qualities. Purposeful realism graces the morning hours. Empathy is disarming during the afternoon and evening brings an upswing in determination. We can and must learn from the past. A day trip to a scenic retreat can be perfection. Later in the day the stars invite intelligent discussion about resources shared in common and other, more intimate concerns. Dinnertime give and take is fruitful. Assisting and empowering others comes naturally tonight.
Moon in Scorpio.

September 12: During the predawn hours the Moon slips into upbeat Sagittarius. Emotional logjams ease. Feelings flow more readily than they have the past couple of days. Straightforward talk about emotionally charged issues is less difficult. Of all the signs it is Sagittarius that most subscribes to the theory that the truth sets us free. At midday the Moon passes by her own South Node and past events are likely to resurface. A significant memory or the reappearance of an old friend are both possible. The Moon’s late afternoon sextile with Saturn helps keep the day on a fruitful track. The steadying aspect assures that boundaries will be observed. It’s also a good afternoon to repay a debt or fulfill an obligation. No one needs to feel embarrassed by their past. We are all in school. As Maya Angelou reminded us, “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.”
Moon in Scorpio v/c 1:33AM-4:34AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

September 13: This waxing first quarter Moon day is complicated. The impulse to act is powerful but careful planning is required to be successful. This morning things appear to be in place and manageable while the Sagittarius Moon is well aligned with mental Mercury. Feisty Mars is at the last degree of Virgo, fueling an at times urgent need to complete at least one task. Things get tricky after noon. The Moon is at odds with both the Virgo Sun and Neptune in Pisces. This finicky T-square configuration increases the odds of a mistake or misunderstanding. Double-check pertinent data, messages and schedules. Make sure team members are on the same page. Nightfall brings renewed faith and confidence. Be prepared for an entertaining, possibly informative dreamtime tonight.
First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 4:39PM.

September 14: The Virgo Sun’s early morning opposition to Neptune inspires imaginations and arouses empathy. Altruistic motives are also spurred but be sure concerns are genuinely welcomed, appreciated and deserved. Some folks may be inclined to mislead or wallow in discontent. The Moon’s arrival in determined Capricorn soon changes the mood. Ambitions may be great. With the waxing Moon forming an afternoon sextile to Venus, partnering smooths the way for progress and profits. Afternoon meetings can be enjoyably constructive. After sunset Mars arrives in Libra. Mars remains in the Sign of Balance until late October. Sensitivity, understanding and cooperation are musts during the coming weeks. Think twice before casting judgment. Fortunately, Saturn helps keep risky impulses in check.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 6:57AM-7:34AM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun opposite Neptune.

September 15: Clever minds eagerly envision pathways to a better future this morning. A timely inspiration can be a catalyst for making important changes. However, details are also significant, especially for those projects that involve other people. Diligently cooperate with partners. It will take a good deal of physical and mental energy to sustain a collaborative environment. Whatever it takes, it’s worth the effort. Be patient. The best results and ultimate success ride on teamwork. Tonight’s lunar sextile to Neptune offers mellower moods, good for relaxing after a strenuous day. Commune with nature or enjoy a film or concert.
Moon in Capricorn.

September 16: Today gets off to a slow start under the void of course Capricorn Moon. Shortly before noon the Moon enters Aquarius and the day’s second act begins at once. A lunar trine to Mars puts many activities into overdrive. Watch your speed if you’re operating a car or other machinery. The productive second half of the day favors teamwork. The Virgo Sun is in an empowering trine with Pluto. The potent aspect gives shrewd judgment, strengthens partnerships and helps solve gnarly problems. Put your talents to use. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of associates. Under these celestial auspices going it alone is probably not the most efficient option. Tip your hat to a supportive partner tonight.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 1:40AM-11:23AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun trine Pluto.

September 17: Venus’ early morning square with Saturn offers a reminder that all partnerships require care and attention. Avoid the mistake of holding on to a person for the wrong reasons. Those who part ways can do so with compassion and respect. The Aquarius Moon’s proximity to Saturn indicates that this time, an ending is for real. There’s little time to sit with a loss as the waxing Moon makes a ‘wake up call’ square to Uranus during the noon hour. Events could conspire to put the day on an entirely new and unforeseen track. Enjoy the shift. Changes may feel disruptive but in time prove to be for the better. Full Moon fever is on the rise and senses are hyper alert as the weekend begins tonight.
Moon in Aquarius, Venus square Saturn.

September 18: A predawn lunar conjunction with Jupiter provides an early burst of optimism and bold, expansive thinking. The Aquarius Moon then travels void of course until late afternoon. Wanderings of the mind and body are supported, provided one goes with the day’s ebbs and flows. Plan on relaxing. Resist impulsive acts. Even though the waxing Moon is nearly full I recommend holding off on important purchases and decisions. Commitments made under a void of course Moon rarely work out as planned. Evening sees the Moon enter Pisces. Swirling emotions become more intense. Sensitivities also increase. Pay attention to intuitive hunches and gut feelings. Allow yourself to change course as Spirit moves you.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:14AM-4:22PM Moon enters Pisces,

September 19: Today is giddy with excitement. Hearts swell with emotion as the Pisces Moon will be full tomorrow evening. A lunar sextile to Venus brightens morning moods. The celestial atmosphere is tasty. Enjoy friendly breakfasting or brunching with special partners. Affections can be sticky sweet, rich with unspoken expectations. Expanding your social circles could be on the afternoon calendar. Technology can be instrumental in expanding the scope of a meetup. The Moon’s evening sextile to Uranus opens minds and makes many folks feel more inclusive. If Covid protocols make physical gatherings a risky proposition, trying something new can be a safe alternative. Visit a place you’ve never been before, or employ technology. Take a journey on the world wide web. It’s a wonderful time to broaden your horizons.
Moon in Pisces.

September 20: Today has it all, a smorgasbord of celestial delights. The waxing Pisces Moon forms a dreamy early morning conjunction with Neptune. Sensibilities are primed for mystical experiences. A lunar alignment with Pluto empowers idealists and creative souls. Mental Mercury is in a fabulous trine to Jupiter, bestowing knowledge, faith and optimism. Communications as well as travelers move smoothly. This evening is the legendary “Harvest Moon,” the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. The powerful opposition between the Moon and Sun features Neptune conjunct the Moon and Mars close to the Virgo Sun. So much feels do-able. However, we can’t just wish things into being. Roll up your shirtsleeves. Using a mighty effort, personal powers of manifestation are excellent. The post-Full Moon hours bring an almost eerie quiet tonight. Sit a while and just “be” with your feelings.
Full “Harvest” Moon in Pisces 7:55PM, Moon in Pisces v/c 7:55PM-11:13PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury trine Jupiter.

September 21: Take extra time to prepare yourself for the new day. Early this morning the now waning Aires Moon is opposing Mars, a reminder to proceed deliberately. Be careful with sharp objects and machinery. Don’t hurry. First and foremost, know your goals. It could take a few hours to weigh options and decide on the best course. Priorities come into focus over the morning hours. Smooth sailing confirms you’re on the right track. Midday meetings are fruitful. Network and strategize. Listen to advice from more experienced hands. This is the last full day of Summer. The Sun is at the final degree of Virgo and the delicate balance of light and darkness that is the Fall Equinox is imminent. Reminders of the passing season are hard to miss. Tonight, talking about worries as well as hopes for the future can be empowering.
Moon in Aries.

September 22: This day of seasonal change is busy. Mercury tests Pluto during the morning so choose your words carefully. Tone and volume also matter as many folks are super sensitive. Fall officially begins when the Sun enters the relationship sign Libra this afternoon. In yin/yang fashion, the hours of daylight and darkness are balanced. Partnerships do best when both parties contribute equal amounts of effort, care and respect. The evening hours are mentally stimulating under the Aries Moon. Dinnertime conversations are lively. Exercise your intellectual muscles as darkness gathers. Make calls, read, study, take in the news. After nightfall the Moon reactivates this morning’s Mercury/Pluto square. Use tact. Winning an argument could come at a significant cost. In some cases silence is a better option, and a token of wisdom.
Moon in Aries v/c 10:05PM-12:00AM, Sun enters Libra, Autumnal Equinox, Mercury square Pluto.

September 23: The early hours unfold under a void of course Aries Moon. Some folks feel sluggish while others struggle with the impact of Venus’ opposition to Uranus. The destabilizing aspect can turn partnerships upside down or inside out. Unmet needs may have to be put on hold while more pressing matters are dealt with. The Moon’s mid-morning arrival in Taurus renews inner calm. Emotional stability has a positive impact on all relationships, especially those that have been going through tough times. Do what you can to restore ties and keep things peaceful. Tonight’s lunar square to Saturn highlights evolving physical and emotional needs, as well as the limits of what can be done for others. Respect your personal boundaries. Give partners time and space to sort through their own issues.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-8:38AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus opposite Uranus.

September 24: A shock to the system can be a thing of beauty or a rude awakening. Either way, the Taurus Moon’s noon hour conjunction with Uranus is sure to be an eye-opener. In esoteric astrology Uranus is labeled, The Great Awakener.” Leaps in consciousness are a part of its planetary lore. Intuitive faculties and miracles are both sometimes impressive when this maverick planet is active. Stay on your toes and welcome new points of view. The afternoon hours introduce intriguing social possibilities. Magical meetings may contain new faces with breathtaking ideas. Imaginations continue to be visionary as we head into the comfortable overnight hours.
Moon in Taurus.

September 25: Early birds enjoy brisk morning walks, workouts and coming to grips with less glamorous household chores. A turn working in the garden can be gratifying. Yard sale and thrift shop finds can also be notable. By mid-morning the Taurus Moon is void of course and a classic lazy weekend day follows. However, Mars forms a trine with Saturn late this afternoon, keeping momentum going. It’s a nice balance between easy living and mindful necessity. After sunset the Moon enters Gemini, perking up minds and sensory awareness. A dazzling idea could be a pointer towards living more happily. Even if it isn’t yet time to act, make a mental note for future reference.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:09AM-8:36PM Moon enters Gemini, Mars trine Saturn.

September 26: For many folks a harmonious alignment between the Libra Sun and Gemini Moon portends a solid night of sleep. Insomniacs, on the other hand, enjoy mental clarity and peaceful relations. The morning hours are dominated by an air sign Grand Trine. The unifying symmetry of the Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn oversees sincere conversations and lasting commitments. If you’ve been playing a waiting game regarding messaging a friend or loved one, this is an excellent day to pick up your phone. Mental Mercury has stationed and turns retrograde tomorrow, shortly after midnight. The communication planet’s pause can be useful for clarifying thoughts and resolving issues that have been on hold.
Moon in Gemini.

September 27: Shortly after midnight mental Mercury begins a retrograde period that will last until mid-October. Now in the relationship sign of Libra, the Winged Messenger’s retrograde is an opportunity to reconnect with people from the past and renegotiate partnership arrangements. Walks down memory lane can be fun. Minds are more fluid and apt to change as new information becomes available. On the other hand, we must also go to extra lengths to avoid misunderstandings. This latter theme is very much apparent this afternoon, when the Gemini Moon is at odds with confusing Neptune. Make sure you understand others and they understand you. The evening brings an uplifting lunar trine to Jupiter, elevating spirits. Friendships are particularly enjoyable. Sharp intellects and witty conversations brighten the nighttime hours.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury Retrograde.

September 28: The early hours feel sluggish under the void of course Gemini Moon. Minds may be filled with a multitude of ideas but these gain little traction. Mid-morning sees the waning Moon arrive in her own sign of Cancer. Emotional awareness and nostalgic feelings increase. Loyalty to the past can be a good thing but as the day progresses the Last Quarter Moon phase tests partnerships. Compromise when necessary. Don’t let memories cloud your judgment. Remember, we are all adjusting to Mercury’s recent retrograde. Show sensitivity and understanding. Be patient but draw a clear boundary line if someone misbehaves.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:18AM-9:34AM Moon enters Cancer, Last Quarter Moon in Cancer 9:57PM.

September 29: Conquering the midweek ‘hump’ is easily accomplished as today’s stars instill confidence and determination. At noon Venus is in a delightful trine with Neptune. Mystical impulses, compassion and understanding foster unity. The need for love is a shared, common thread and there’s plenty available. The Cancer Moon’s early afternoon sextile with Uranus reinforces universal similarities. Differences are minimized. Friendship is promoted and ‘we consciousness’ serves the greater good. By early evening the Libra Sun is in an affirming trine with Saturn. Taking care of business and other responsibilities is encouraged. Wisdom informs decisions. Home is a place of tranquility tonight.
Moon in Cancer, Venus trine Neptune, Sun trine Saturn.

September 30: Address complicated questions this morning. There’s no situation too daunting. The Cancer Moon is opposite Pluto and square Mercury, a compelling alignment that drives inquisitive minds to get to the bottom of issues. It may also be apparent that some folks are masterfully avoiding responsibility for their actions. Good faith discussions require cooperation and compromise. If partners are inflexible, another day is probably a better option for a heart to heart talk. By noon the Moon is void of course and stays that way until after dark, when she enters Leo. Evening brings more generous and optimistic trends. Venus tests Jupiter, stimulating a growing need to enjoy life. Appreciate your blessings. Give freely, but truly, without expectations.
Moon in Cancer v/c 10:49AM-8:53PM Moon enters Leo, Venus square Jupiter.