September 2022 Daily Astrology

September 1: Rabbit! Rabbit! Bunnies are advised to get an early start today. The first dawning light of the new month feels auspicious. The waxing Scorpio Moon is in harmony with the Virgo Sun while Mars is forming a potent sextile to Jupiter. Purposes, goals and principles are clear. Hearts and minds are in synch. Good headway can be made on challenging projects. Travelers have the wind at their backs. The midday period settles into a familiar groove. Someone from the past may reconnect, setting the stage for new adventures. Nightfall brings an energetic shift. Little is guaranteed as the midnight Moon tests Uranus and Saturn. Be ready to improvise, make alternative plans or laugh at life’s quirks.
Moon in Scorpio, Mars sextile Jupiter.

September 2: The morning hours can be fruitful. The Scorpio Moon is well-aligned with Neptune and Pluto. Artists and other creative souls thrive. Midday get togethers are chummy but stick to your diet and mind your choice of words. Mid-afternoon brings a less intense, void of course Moon period. Evening offers more sociable trends but tonight’s opposition between Mercury and Jupiter has multiple impacts. The alignment inspires leaders, authors, humorists and other optimists. Faith is strong and minds are wide open. Weekend travelers are eager to get on the road. However, thoughts can race ahead of actual events. Some folks may be inclined to ride their high horse. Braggarts are best viewed with healthy skepticism.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 1:22PM-6:29PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury opposite Jupiter.

September 3: Early birds catch plenty of worms while the not quite so early may run into unexpected delays and complications. The waxing Sagittarius Moon begins the morning with stellar, “all systems go” aspects to Jupiter and Mercury. Spirits are upbeat and outgoing. A short time later the Moon is at odds with Mars. Speeding, a misunderstanding or poor directions can add unwanted complications. The midday First Quarter Moon energy adds to potential stresses. Make sure everyone agrees and shares the same game plan. Wherever you find yourself, stay fully present. Enjoy each turn of events and mood swing. The evening hours are comparatively mellow.
Moon in Sagittarius, First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 2:08PM.

September 4: Venus sits at the final degree of Leo, poised to enter Virgo tonight. The placement increases the likelihood of reconnecting with a childhood sweetheart, long ago love or dear friend. It also represents a last hurrah for special kinds of summer fun. After a laid back morning the waxing Sagittarius Moon gradually adds to the celebratory atmosphere. Tonight’s lunar trine to Venus dominates moods the second half of the day. Wholehearted joys, glamorous indulgences as well as innocent and idyllic pleasures are supported. An unexpected rendezvous only adds to the sweetness. When the Moon enters practical Capricorn late tonight more serious matters naturally generate a more grounded focus.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:51PM-10:03PM Moon enters Capricorn.

September 5: Minutes after midnight, Venus enters Virgo. Here in the Harvest Sign the Goddess of Love assumes the guise of caring helper, fixer and protector. The waxing Capricorn Moon ignites the opposition between Mercury and Jupiter during the morning. The resulting jolt of energy moves some folks to get an early start on travel or leisure activities. Others busily prepare for the return to work or school. Attention can quickly wander so if you are dealing with consequential issues, do your best to stay on track. The latter part of the day brings a smoother flow. Emotional calm and poise are strong as the Moon forms a steadying trine with the Virgo Sun this evening.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus enters Virgo.

September 6: In succession the usually stoic Capricorn Moon aspects the three outermost planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Early risers may find themselves jolted from sleep with the lunar sextile to Uranus, the harbinger of great inspirations and ingenious theories. Magic is afoot so don’t hesitate to explore off-the-beaten path places and concepts. Things take a more mystical turn around midday. The Moon and Neptune amplify soulful sensitivities and increase empathy. A growing sense of oneness with partners and/or Mother Nature may also be noted. Use the Moon’s potent late afternoon conjunction with Pluto to shore up partnerships, finalize agreements and engage in transformative processes. Dusk brings quiet as the Moon eases into a lengthy void of course period. Plan to relax tonight.
Capricorn v/c 5:43PM-11:41PM Moon enters Aquarius.

September 7: A mood enhancing, confidence boosting lunar sextile to Jupiter graces the morning hours. The nifty sextile alignment also increases intellectual prowess and sharpens communication skills. As the day progresses the waxing Aquarius Moon augments mental Mercury’s various gifts as well as Mars’ zest. Animated conversations sparkle, travelers make excellent time. The waxing Moon, Mercury and Mars are forming a fabulous air sign Grand Trine configuration. This is a great day for learning. Minds work decisively and at blazing speeds. For some folks it may be tempting to overanalyze information and minute details. Be careful not to neglect heartfelt as well as practical concerns.
Moon in Aquarius.

September 8: Today has its oddities. The start of the day, when the waxing Aquarius Moon is clashing with Uranus and conjunct Saturn, brings push/pull, stop/start anxieties. Knowing what to do or say can be a struggle. It’s probably best to stay on a steady course and fulfill previous commitments. Do your best to live up to your own standards. From mid-morning until midnight the Moon then spends the bulk of the day void of course. Energy and focus are likely to evaporate well before noon. Adding to uncertainties, mental Mercury is slowing in Libra and poised to turn retrograde tomorrow. Indecision is to be expected. Relax your mind and body, listen to your subconscious promptings and go with the unsteady flow. Avoid new commitments. Creative types may enjoy newfound freedom of expression.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:34AM-12:00AM.

September 9: Shortly after midnight the waxing, nearly full Moon enters Pisces. Emotions are supercharged by sunrise. A morning lunar opposition to Venus stirs deep feelings. Empaths and caring souls instinctively know what others need. Tread lightly. Talk things over. Make sure others are receptive. By evening the Moon is at cross purposes with fiery Mars, all the more reason to be patient and proceed cautiously. Mercury has stationed in Libra and turns retrograde less than an hour before day’s end. Many issues are unresolved. Given the astrological hurdles, take extra time to clarify goals, weigh strategic options and sort out differences.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-12:42AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury Retrograde.

September 10: With Mercury joining Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on a retrograde track, it may feel as though life is moving nowhere fast. This sensation can persist despite the energizing Full Harvest Moon in Pisces, exact minutes before the Sun rises. Partnering is accentuated and some colleagues appear to be either lost or missing. A few souls could be on the verge of realizing a dream. Be ready to make a second or third effort at communicating. Economize when it comes to words. Keep your message short, simple and to the point. The evening hours confirm that progress is indeed being made. Conversations are fruitful. Trust and intimacy increase. Nightfall brings mellower trends as the Moon goes void of course.
Full Harvest Moon in Pisces 5:59AM, Pisces Moon v/c 8:29PM-12:00AM.

September 11: Promising trends hearten visionary thinkers and planners. The morning hours feature an enlightening trine between the Virgo Sun and Uranus as well as a lunar conjunction with optimistic Jupiter. The possibilities are endless. Intuitive abilities are sharp. Team spirit is strong and thirst for the new and different is stoked. Resist any tendency to hurry things. Instead savor each moment, so rich with hope. The Aries Moon keeps intellectual appetites eager for learning, debate and good conversation. Sporting types relish friendly competition. Energy levels remain high right up until midnight tolls.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-2:47AM Moon enters Aries, Sun trine Uranus.

September 12: The working week begins under productive influences. The Aries Moon’s steadying lunar sextile to Saturn facilitates good judgment and self-control. The alignment also tempers the tendency to rush things. Because Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius, a fresh look at a stalled project could be fruitful. A talk with a boss or wise adviser can also be valuable. The helpful aspect is at its peak during the early afternoon. Maintain a comfortable pace for the remainder of the day. As nightfall nears the Moon is testing Pluto. Feelings grow sensitive. Preoccupied minds can easily become myopic. Emotions may follow suit, becoming stuck on a narrow track. Understanding and compassion are the antidote. A heart to heart talk can clear the evening air.
Moon in Aries.

September 13: Midnight owls may feel anxious. After testing Pluto, the waning Moon is void of course in Aries for the overnight period. Insomniacs could be more indecisive than usual but those who let their minds wander just might hit upon some uniquely original ideas. Necessity is a wonderful inspiration. Shortly after sunrise the Moon enters the sign of her exaltation, Taurus. In one of her true comfort zones the Moon supports emotional calm and steady, if unspectacular progress. The grounding energies also lend themselves to enjoying favorite creature comforts. The evening hours are best for relishing favorite foods, music, people, scenery and other pleasures.
Moon in Aries 12:53AM-7:39AM Moon enters Taurus.

September 14: Early risers greet the new day under a joyful predawn trine between the Taurus Moon and Venus. Moods are exceptionally good. Some folks wake up feeling lucky while others busily count their blessings. Artists are inspired. Apply your creative ingenuity throughout the working day. Get input from knowledgable friends and put high tech tools to good use. Evening brings a substantial shift. The Moon conjuncts Uranus, triggering the eccentric planet’s ongoing square with Saturn. Plans may suddenly change. Stress levels can quickly rise. If you’re operating a motor vehicle, drive defensively. Stay calm and be ready to take a detour or otherwise adapt to new, unforeseen circumstances. Tensions soon ease and the potential for peaceful sleep increases well before midnight.
Moon in Taurus.

September 15: Determination is strong during the early hours. The Taurus Moon favors Pluto, boosting resourcefulness and tenacity. Where two or more people share a common goal, they maximize each other’s potential. Ride the momentum as long as possible because the promising beginning soon gives way to less spirited energies. The Moon goes void of course by mid-morning. Focus and will power may be lost and energy levels are likely to sag. The sluggish mood persists into the late afternoon when the Moon arrives in mercurial Gemini. Don’t make major decisions, commitments or purchases until evening. By then more ambitious and hopeful trends are again building.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:59AM-4:16PM Moon enters Gemini.

September 16: Today features mixed messages from the Cosmos. The Gemini Moon is conjunct fiery Mars, escalating the tendencies to overthink, talk a blue streak, do, and hurry. At the same time, Venus is testing both the Moon and Mars and the Virgo Sun stands opposite nebulous Neptune. Personal needs, motives and ultimate goals may be unclear. In ambiguous situations it is best to choose your words carefully. Take time to sort out facts and weigh opinions. Don’t rush to make a judgment. Get your bearings and help others get theirs. This is most definitely a day to live by the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would have them treat you. If the energies are used wisely, the results can be spectacularly satisfying.
Moon in Gemini, Venus square Mars, Sun opposite Neptune.

September 17: The early hours provide emotional calm and clear, rational thinking. As midday nears the Sun, Moon and Neptune are forming an edgy T-square. Coming with the Last Quarter Gemini Moon, stresses are on the rise. A misunderstanding is one possibility, a lost item or stormy weather are others. Do your best to relax. Breathe deeply, go for a walk or ride. Fortunately, the Virgo Sun is in a favorable angle with Pluto. Cooperation is the key to defusing tensions. To get back on track, communicate, ask questions, show your concern. Identify common needs and most importantly, points of mutual agreement. With the Moon void of course this evening and Mercury retrograding in Libra, there are good reasons to review the recent past as well as current options.
Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 5:52PM, Moon in Gemini v/c 5:52PM-12:00AM.

September 18: With the waning Moon in Cancer and six planets retrograde there is cause to reminisce. If you’re keeping tabs, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto now appear to be moving backwards. Hearts tend to be sensitive and nostalgic during the Moon’s visits to her home sign. Consider how the past informs the present, and how your future can be made better. Midday lunar squares to opposing Jupiter and Mercury inflate feelings as well as the urge to express them. Appetites are large. Exaggerations and embellishments are likely. For talkative types, sticking to just one story line at a time can be challenging. Some souls make social calls while others need to be on the move. Physical, emotional and spiritual journeys are each impactful in different ways. Tonight’s solar trine to Pluto makes problem solving and deeply transformational experiences more likely.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-3:59AM Moon enters Cancer, Sun trine Pluto.

September 19: On the heels of last night’s solar trine to Pluto many things continue to fall neatly into place. Many folks have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Others proceed without a care in the world. The waning Cancer Moon harmonizes with Venus and Uranus. Venus in turn makes nice with Uranus. Moods are bright and even exuberant. Friendliness is pervasive. Flirting is fun. Personal as well as professional expectations are met and in many cases, exceeded. Fate may play a beneficial role. The afternoon and evening are when planetary energies are strongest. Make yourself socially available. A surprise encounter can be a heaven sent gift.
Moon in Cancer.

September 20: Be on your toes and ready for action early today as the morning hours are filled with potential. The Cancer Moon engages Neptune, Pluto and the Virgo Sun, boosting aspirations, will power and the capacity for hard work. With good focus the first half of the day is quite productive. The noon hour introduces a substantial void of course Moon period. Momentum is likely to slow as focus and concentration waver. Creative enterprises as well as forays into the subconscious self are facilitated but hold off on making major decisions, commitments and investments. Early evening sees the Moon enter Leo where she promptly harmonizes with retrograding Mercury. A second, deeper look at a partnership issue may prove helpful. It’s a fine night for intimate conversation and letting bygones be bygones.
Moon in Cancer v/c 11:57AM-4:38PM Moon enters Leo, Venus trine Uranus.

September 21: We are approaching a yearly balance point, the Autumnal Equinox. This is the final full day with the Sun in Virgo. Insomniacs find good mental stimulation as the waning Leo Moon forms a post-midnight sextile to Jupiter. It could be a great night to open that book on the night table or message a friend. There are no exact aspects to report for the rest of the day. The Sun’s approaching conjunction with retrograde Mercury can produce important realizations and reconnections. Daybreak finds the Moon approaching an energizing sextile to Mars. It is this buoyant energy that carries us over the mid-week hump. Keep your feet firmly planted follow the path of least resistance.
Moon in Leo.

September 22: The overnight period features restless energies. The Leo Moon charts an uneven course with the predawn period feeling particularly antsy. A half hour after sunrise the Moon is void of course. She stays that way until midnight, leaving the door open to subconscious impressions and creative flights of imagination. Allow yourself to relax and go with the flow. As with all void of course Moon periods, it best to delay important commitments, decisions and acquisitions. Today is most notably the Autumnal Equinox, when the forces of light and darkness are equal in balance. The Sun enters the relationship sign of Libra tonight and the new season officially begins. Minds are likely to be pensive as attention is now directed towards the state of various partnerships.
Moon in Leo v/c 7:07AM-12:00AM, Sun enters Libra 9:04PM, Autumn Equinox.

September 23: During the wee hours of the morning the Sun, newly arrived in Libra, overtakes retrograding Mercury. Night owls may find themselves thinking about lost loves and other important figures in their lives. As the Sun rises in the east and daylight spreads retrograde Mercury backs into Virgo, accentuating an opposition between Venus and Neptune in Pisces. There could soon be an opportunity to correct a wrong or address hurt feelings. Love is a powerful motivator. Creative types may be moved to write poems, pick up paint brushes and cameras or compose new music. The evening atmospherics remain enchanting.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-3:53AM Moon enters Virgo, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury enters Virgo (Retrograde).

September 24: Venus’ predawn opposition to Neptune sweetens dreams and inspires artistic early birds. Ordinary moments can feel extraordinary. Nature lovers find much to their liking. The Virgo Moon is waning and nearing the end of her monthly cycle. Expect energy to be scarce. This is the time of month to complete projects and if possible, rest. A midday lunar square with Mars cautions against forcing the pace. It’s also a good reminder to know exactly what you want before pursuing it. An afternoon lunar trine to Uranus brings pleasant surprises and supports improvisational thinking. Movies and other artful performances are highly entertaining tonight. Make plenty of popcorn and get comfy.
Moon in Virgo, Venus opposite Neptune.

September 25: Sleep is deep and restful as the stars preside over a pleasant interlude. A stimulating stellium composed of the Virgo Moon, Venus and Mercury ushers in the dawn. A reunion is a distinct possibility. Senses are instantly “on” but by mid-morning the Moon is void of course. A laid back, low energy period persists into early afternoon when the Moon arrives in Libra. The new activity cycle officially begins this evening, with the Moon and Sun conjunct. The two astrological lights are opposite Jupiter, highlighting great expectations for the coming weeks. Venus’ pending trine to Pluto suggests that support from partners will be an important part of upcoming success. Significant adventures are in the making.
Moon in Virgo v/c 8:49AM-12:43PM Moon enters Libra, New Moon in Libra 5:55PM.

September 26: During the early morning hours Venus makes an empowering trine to Pluto. By early afternoon the Goddess of Love and Beauty is conjunct retrograde Mercury. Existing attachments grow closer. An enchanting reunion could be under way. The inclination to revisit the past is increased by six retrograding planets. Pay attention. Something of vital importance may come to light. The Sun’s mid-afternoon opposition to Jupiter helps keep minds open and optimistic. By nightfall the now waxing Libra Moon is in an airy Grand Trine with Mars and Saturn. The fabulous alignment helps partners arrive at common sense solutions. It also fosters good planning and stellar behavior.
Moon in Libra, Venus trine Pluto, Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun opposite Jupiter.

September 27: The morning is the best time of the day if you have serious matters requiring attention. Mercury is in a solid trine with Pluto as the business day begins. Because both planets are retrograde, a thorough review of information may be in order. On line searches and other investigations promise to be fruitful. The Libra Moon’s final aspect is a noon hour square with Pluto. Some issues will likely require more time and study. A void of course Moon period then begins and persists into the evening. As is usually the case, energy and focus ebb. Momentum falters. Bide your time until after dark. The Moon’s evening entry into Scorpio provides an energetic uptick and, coupled with an imminent trine between Mars and Saturn, is advantageous for making savvy decisions and solid commitments.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:21PM-7:15PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury trine Pluto.

September 28: The waxing crescent Moon glides past her own Scorpio South Node today. Karma, as well as recollections, have a subtle and at times powerful influence. Don’t run from uncomfortable feelings and situations. Dive in deeper. In the coming days a great many misunderstandings will be cleared up. Motives will become clear but ambiguity can only be dispelled by finding the truth. Venus’ position at the final degree of Virgo may also jog memories and hearts. An unexpected renewal of ties is another strong possibility. Late night tensions caution against making sudden moves or thoughtless remarks. As always, be kind.
Moon in Scorpio, Mars trine Saturn.

September 29: An intriguing coincidence plays out during the overnight period. Venus enters her own sign of Libra at precisely the same moment the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus. Night owls as well as early risers may be caught off guard by love and other unforeseen forces. The unstable energies can detract from restful sleep. After a listless morning the afternoon hours bring brighter trends. Idealism, street smarts and inner wisdom are all made available through a series of lunar aspects to Neptune, Mercury and Pluto. Creative minds shine. Serving others is rewarding on many levels. By evening the waxing crescent Moon is void of course and a quiet, relaxing night follows.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:20PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Libra.

September 30: Minutes after midnight the Moon enters cheerful Sagittarius. Moods brighten and the future looks more promise promising. The exuberant energies continue to build throughout the night. As day breaks the Moon is harmonizing with both Jupiter and the Libra Sun. Inner peace is supported. Optimism feels justified by the easy flow of events and generous moods. Daytime discussions tend to be philosophical and spiritual. With little astrological activity during the second half of the day, a live and let live atmosphere prevails. Tonight’s activities are influenced by the coming opposition of Venus and Jupiter. Be merry, indulge in pet pleasures but don’t overdo it.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-12:03AM Moon enters Sagittarius.