Spring 2023 Astrology Forecast

It's a dandy spring, for those of us who like action!


“The bad news is you are falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there is no ground.”  — Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

The astrological new year and season of rebirth is here! Get ready for action. Big astrological changes are reverberating across our world. As Saturn, Pluto and Mars move into new signs, life stories turn a page. Before spring is out, another round of retrogrades will begin, and for added intrigue a pair of eclipses provide remarkable revelations. Here are some of the season’s high points, beginning with the recent sign change of Saturn.

During early March, Saturn began a two-and-a-half year stay in mysterious Pisces. The perfection seeking, score keeping Lord of Karma in the sign of dreams, secrets and imagination is an interesting proposition. Saturn teaches through limitations and boundaries. Among the lessons of the coming years are remaining steadfast, even in the face of unknowns or emotional turmoil. It’s time to move beyond old fears and make precious dreams real. Change the world or pursue a favorite hobby, but use your talents for good. Don’t be afraid to take the side of the underdog.

The Sun In Aries

Spring and the new astrological year commence with the Sun’s arrival in Aries the afternoon of Monday, March 20th. The spring equinox horoscope, one of two moments each year when the forces of darkness and light are balanced, is complicated. A solar sextile to Pluto suggests the new year will bring realignments of friends and allies. Necessary resources will be made available. Resilience and persistence are pivotal parts of coming success stories. Yet the Aries Sun is also at odds with Mars. Objectives must be clear and needs must be real. Timing is also important. With Venus conjunct the lunar North Node, peace and loving kindness are qualities we all need to cultivate.

The very next afternoon, on Tuesday, the 21st, the Moon is new in Aries, marking the start of the year’s first activity cycle. Get input from friends and co-workers before launching projects. Define objectives in detail.

On Thursday, March 23rd Pluto exits earthy Capricorn and enters Aquarius. The last time a similar transit occurred was in 1777! The tiny but potent Lord of the Underworld has been in the ambitious Sign of the Goat since the autumn of 2008. The power of big business has certainly grown these past fifteen years. Pluto is always about who controls resources and power, and to what end. This transforming planet has a talent for revealing misuses of authority, hypocrisy and corruption.

In community oriented Aquarius, Pluto will galvanize various groups of people. In 1777 the Revolutionary War was a defining event. How the collective power will be used in the coming decade is the great, as yet unanswered question. Look for hints to emerge this spring. Pluto shines when serving, healing and empowering others. The opposite, darker qualities of Pluto, criminality, terrorism and cruelty, are best avoided. By mid-June a retrograde carries Pluto back into Capricorn.

After a lengthy, seven-month stay in Gemini, Mars enters water sign Cancer on March 25th. Overheated minds and tongues soon cool off. The God of War in the nurturing sign of mom, home and apple pie now stirs protective urges as well as clan loyalties. Let mother have her way the next few weeks. Spring cleaning is going to be energetic.

Thursday, March 30th features a trine between Mars and Saturn followed by a delightful conjunction of Venus and Uranus. This is a fabulous day for business meetings, planning sessions and falling in love. Energy levels are rising with the waxing Moon and warming weather.

Be a thoughtful friend and use tact during the first days of April. Just after midnight on Thursday the 6th the full Pink Moon in Libra shines high in the sky. Across the zodiac the opposing Aries Sun is conjunct exuberant Jupiter. Optimism is rampant, spirits soar and expectations are great. Spirits remain upbeat as we head into the middle of the month. Tuesday, the 11th brings notable blessings. Venus aligns with Pluto to facilitate intimacy and trust. Love is a healing force. The aspect can bring excellent financial news. That evening the Sun is conjunct Jupiter. Moods are celebratory. Count your blessings.

More challenging trends arrive late in the week. Put in the time to nourish important relationships. Certain commitments are tested to the breaking point as Saturn squares Venus on Friday the 14th. Just minutes after midnight of Thursday, the 20th, as Aries season is ending, a solar eclipse occurs with a second new Moon in Aries. Because the Sun and Moon are testing Pluto, a far-reaching change of plans may be in the offing.

It’s Taurus Time For The Sun

On Thursday, April 20th the Sun enters the earthy Sign of the Bull before dawn. This is the traditional sign of money and things we value or that give us pleasure. Peace is one of the ultimate prizes in life. A solar square with Pluto suggests that intense power struggles are going on, both out in the open and behind the scenes. Use your assets with awareness. Every good thing and experience is only possible because of countless helping hands. Show your appreciation, share your talents and treasures.

Mercury begins a three-week long retrograde in Taurus before dawn on Friday, April 21st. Coming off a lengthy period without any retrograde planets, this one may catch folks off guard. Plans may be delayed or cancelled. Minds can change or become increasingly stubborn. Don’t worry, a detour could turn out to be the best route during the latter days of April.

May 1st features an exact conjunction of retrograding Mercury and the Taurus Sun. Pluto also turns retrograde on this day that from ancient times was a celebration of spring and more recently, worker’s rights. Given Pluto’s current station at 0 degrees Aquarius, the sign of community and team spirit, expect passionate displays of people power in countries around the world. The waxing Moon helps instill passion and idealism into the day’s events.

Venus charts a tricky course the first week of May. Her Thursday square to Neptune can herald a spiritual or artistic awakening, but it can also bring a heartbreaking loss. Protect your valuables. Unstable energies are increasing with the waxing Moon. That same Thursday at midnight sees Venus in a comforting sextile to Jupiter.

Friday, May 5th hosts the full Flower Moon in Scorpio. The Sun is closely conjunct Uranus, the planet of surprises. Fate intervenes. Changes for the better are under way. A long-sought, prized goal could be in reach. The Sun overtakes Uranus on Tuesday, May 9th. Be flexible during these first days of the month. Take advantage when an opportunity presents itself, but be ready for unexpected complications. It may seem as though no one is in control. As the brilliant and eccentric Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche put it, “The bad news is you are falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there is no ground.” Take changes lightly.

Use the weekend of the 13th and 14th to assess recent developments. Mercury resumes forward motion on Sunday. Emerging details lead to new points of view. Out of chaos comes creation. Mars is trine Neptune on Monday, the 15th, the perfect aspect for making a dream come true. Jupiter enters stubborn Taurus on Tuesday. Not everyone is ready to change their mind. Be respectful of people and their differing beliefs. Arguing will not be productive under a taut Mars, Jupiter, Pluto T-square. This alignment holds sway until Tuesday the 23rd. The Taurus new Moon marks the beginning of a fresh activity cycle on Friday, the 19th, but momentum is slow to build.

The Gemini Sun

The Sun arrives in effervescent Gemini during the wee hours of Sunday morning, the 21st of May. Potent solar alignments with Pluto and Mars favor the fortunes of ambitious souls. Be efficient. Put communication skills to good use. Build a consensus with mates and co-workers. Notable achievements lift hopes as the week progresses, but the weekend brings a slowdown. Saturday, the 27th’s last quarter Moon could see a necessary change of strategy as new needs arise. On Sunday the Sun is at odds with Saturn, a reminder that both good timing and pacing are important. A waxing Moon pushes us onward.

As June begins, a heart-stirring trine between Venus and Neptune inspires romantic as well as creative souls. The full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius dots the night sky on Saturday, June 3rd. The power of positive thinking, open-mindedness and the wise use of knowledge is spotlighted. Plans change and alliances are reshuffled on the 4th and 5th. Distractions multiply over the weekend of the 10th and 11th as Venus tests Jupiter. Astute souls know to intensify their efforts when Mercury squares Saturn on Thursday, the 15th. Others may finally abandon a project. The likelihood of an ending increases when Saturn turns retrograde during the afternoon of Saturday the 17th. A loved one provides consolation.

Sunday, the 18th is Father’s Day. It is also the Gemini new Moon. The conjoined Sun and Moon are in a testing square with Neptune. Emotions are raw. Regrets and memories can be haunting. Fortunately, old souls and elders offer understanding and comfort. Monday, the 19th is an excellent day for making commitments and decisions. Take care of business as Jupiter and Saturn form a stabilizing sextile. As Spring reaches its end on Wednesday, the 21st, a lunar square to Jupiter again raises hopes. Keep looking up!

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