Test Before You Ingest

For years, in search of the cure for a deep relentless bellyache and inability to digest anything, I tried nearly every diet intervention that I ran across.

I put straight vinegar on my salads, avoided vinegar, ate broccoli, avoided nightshades, ate more eggs, ate less eggs, took supplements, tried to eat raw, tried to eat only cooked food, bought exotic juices. I reacted to nearly every health article I saw until I nearly destroyed my stomach lining and intestines.

Energy medicine teacher Donna Eden helped me reconnect with the ultimate source of true wisdom about my own body. Donna looks at the evolution of man’s energetic immune system, postulating that as the gene pool differentiated and refined itself, some humans carefully observed nature and noticed what seeds and berries the animals ate. A thoughtful and more intelligent man would reach out, hold the berries in his hand, and allow his own energy system to interact with the energy of the food. He would notice any shift in the quality of his heart rate, his saliva, whether his body gravitated towards the food, and any other subtle changes in his energy state. She explained that the semi-permeable skin of the hand allows the vibration of the food to cross into the body, and allows the body to respond. It was designed this way.

Humans who were less evolved did not know how to access this innate intelligence and perished. Therefore, the evolutionary impulse favored the preservation of this innate intelligence, which is our birthright.

While talking about accessing the body’s wisdom with others, a student mentioned to me that her right ear will always start to itch if she picks up chocolate or any other food that she is sensitive to. Another student found that if she tries to stand up straight and hold something her body doesn’t want her to consume, she will veer to the left. She feels as if her liver is pushing her away from the food. Another student shared the concept of eating a small amount of food, and then checking her pulse 20 minutes later. An elevated heart rate meant that the heart was stressed by that particular food or substance, signifying that the fight or flight response had been mobilized.

I learned that a medicine that tested well for me at 2:00pm can cause significant side effects if I take it at 2:00am due to liver energy’s high tide. Donna points to the meridian clock of Oriental medicine, stating that depending on whether an organ is at its peak 2-hour period or low point, the body’s ability to assimilate will vary. She calls into question the hospital practice of waking up a patient at 2:00am to keep a steady level of medication in the blood stream, when statistics point to a peak in drug related fatalities between 1:00 and 3:00am.

I now know for certain that when a food, drug or supplement is tested on a group of people, I am generally not in the bell curve, and have variable reactions to medications. My hormones are different from one week to the next, according to my own cycle as well as the moon phase. These hormones interact with drugs. An afflicted Neptune in my astrological chart confirms this. A drug test that yielded positive results on only 60% of the men and mice who were tested perhaps three years ago tells me nothing useful about whether I can take a certain medication on a full moon eclipse after flying all day and landing in another time zone. My body exists in and interacts with a sea of energy.

I have since learned that like any energy practice, muscle testing/energy testing works only as well as the overall body system, and the system has to be clear. Sometimes, in experimenting with dousing and other intuitive methods, “yes” would mean “no” and “no” would mean “yes.” I would be blocked, reversed, or not get a clear answer. And if I really wanted to eat to certain cookie I could overpower the energy test with my will. So my goal became to balance my energy system, to learn to clear it, and to access my life force in a deliberate way. This is our birthright.

I feel gratified when my acupuncturist checks all of my pulses before treating me, because he is working accurately with my energy system at a specific point in time. At the Spirit of Change expo in September, Ming Wu carefully explained how to prepare his oolong tea. He taught us a simple, beautiful, mindful practice, to stop and smell the tea before sipping it, to harmonize the body with the tea. My holistic dentist encouraged me to have replacement fillings tested for biocompatibility. True healers are helping people find their way back to the source of their own authority and freedom in wellness and health care.

Recently watching the film “Into the Wild,” where Christopher McCandless perishes in the Great North after eating the wrong plant, I wished for a time when the ending would have seemed implausible. Donna hopes that eventually every practitioner who prescribes or recommends any food or supplement will practice and teach energy checking. She hopes that we all learn to “test before you ingest.”

“Stop, look and listen,
Before you start to eat.
First you ask your body’s wisdom
Then you have your treat.”

Patricia Burke is the Director of Earthsong Yoga in Marlboro, MA. Donna Eden is the author of Energy Medicine. Visit her website at http://www.innersource.net.