Use Electromagnetism To Rewire And Recharge Your Health

You can learn to take care of your health energetically by raising your voltage.

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The prevailing paradigm in Western science says that we are chemical, mechanical beings. But a new paradigm is beginning to emerge that suggests we are fundamentally electromagnetic and vibrational. It suggests that we — and the cosmos that is our home — are made up of light and sound and waveforms across an unimaginably vast array of frequencies.

Like fish in water, we are swimming at all times in an ocean of energy. Look around you: Everything is energy! Everything you see is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Not only light bulbs and computers and iPhones but planets, animals, stars, and entire galaxies — it’s all electrical. The page you’re reading, the chair you’re sitting in, the ground beneath your feet, the planet you live on, the sun that heats that planet are ultimately just electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies — in other words, electricity. It’s all energy, frequency, and vibration. Every single thing in our observable universe is in constant motion on an atomic or subatomic level — even things like rocks that appear motionless. As the great physicist Richard Freyman says, “Everything jiggles,” or as I like to put it, “Everything jitterbugs,” thanks to the exchange of positive and negative forces that gives rise to this dance of energy.

There’s no such thing as a “noun” when we get right down to it, because everything is actually a process. (Interestingly, the Hopi language doesn’t contain any nouns, and it better reflects the essential fluidity of the world around us.) When vibrations come together, they start to sync up and resonate at the same frequency in a kind of spontaneous self-organization, which is described in physics as sympathetic resonance. This resonance many also form the basis of what we consciousness, or intelligence, which science is increasingly revealing to be a fundamental property of energy and, therefore, all matter.

For many years in my sound therapy practice, I was treating people’s physical and mental problems by working in their energy fields, also known as the biofield. My skeptical, ever-curious mind quickly led me to a deep and long-running investigation of what the heck I was actually working with. What was clear was that when we refer to this invisible substance called energy in the context of energy medicine, we are speaking of electromagnetic energy as opposed to other kinds of energy (kinetic, thermal, chemical, and so on). So, what is electromagnetism? Simply put, it’s the movement of charged electric particles and the magnetic fields that are generated from that electric charge. In other words, it’s the spectrum of visible and invisible light (or put another way, sound).

What we call voltage is the force that makes electric currents move, also called the electromotive force. The higher the voltage, the stronger the current. In your body, stronger voltage means more energy running through your wires and a brighter inner light. When the amount of voltage flowing through your system drops, we have less energy available to power all the processes in our body. Disease and loss of vitality are the eventual results of a low-voltage state.

Electric Body, Electric Health

While scientists have been studying human bioelectricity for over one hundred years, the new technologies and discoveries of the past decade have brought a much fuller picture of our electric bodies to light. What I have discovered is that taking care of your electric health is a much easier, more efficient, and even more fun way of approaching health than the standard chemical-mechanical approach. It is more efficient because our electric body is primary and causal, so working on this level allows us to get right to the root of things. It is the blueprint for our physiology and the template that gives rise to what is occurring in the body. When we get issues sorted out of our electrical systems — primarily resistance and distortion manifesting as pain, uncomfortable emotions, and bad habits — the issues in the physical body take care of themselves. It’s an elegant, backdoor kind of solution to what ails us.

We can improve our electric health by raising our voltage. When our voltage is high, we have sufficient juice across our cell membranes to keep operations running smoothly and conduct greater amounts of electrical charge. In a battery, voltage refers to the difference in electric potential (in other words, the difference in electric charge) between the positive and negative terminals. Raising voltage means increasing the electric charge between the positive and negative battery terminals, which makes the battery more powerful. Think about it: a light bulb with a higher voltage shines a brighter light because it has greater electric potential.

This is essentially what’s going on inside your own electrical system. Your body is literally a battery. You are full of salt water, which conducts electricity. All your cell membranes carry a charge. Every organ and system in your body has its own electromagnetic field. Diseases are characterized by low voltage and are the result of insufficient battery power. It’s a lack of energy, of juice. You’ve discharged and given away more than you have received and recharged. Your cells need a certain amount of electrical charge across their membranes to regenerate themselves. When our bodies have sufficient energy running through them, they fix themselves. When the flow of energy is blocked, our bodies don’t have the resources necessary to repair themselves and return to a natural energy-conserving state of homeostasis. When we return to a state of higher charge, the body’s natural healing intelligence directs that energy to where it’s needed.

Voltage As PH

I had been studying electricity and the biofield for many years when I discovered the work of Dr. Jerry Tennant. In Tennant’s work, I first encountered the idea that low pH is the same as low voltage. The “pH as voltage” equation was the keystone that really clicked everything into place for me. When you’re looking at health from a chemical perspective, there’s only so much you can do to change your pH: you can eat green vegetables, you can detox and cleanse, you can take supplements. But when you look at it from an electromagnetic perspective, there are so many things you can do to raise your voltage.

Dr. Tennant, an ophthalmologist who is also a board-certified practitioner of homeopathic and alternative medicine, and author of the book Healing is Voltage, argues that the most critical aspect of healing is the body’s ability to make new cells that are able to do their job properly. When our cells go to reproduce themselves, we want the vibrational blueprint to be clear so that they know what they’re supposed to be doing and how to do it.

Tennant explains that pH, or voltage, plays a key role in cell regeneration. Over the course of our lives, we’re constantly putting wear and tear on our systems, and the way we regenerate ourselves is by making new cells. We’re doing this all the time. The lining of your gut is only three weeks old, your skin is six weeks old, and your nervous system is eight months old. We keep ourselves healthy and heal wounds and diseases, first and foremost by making new cells — and it’s when we lose this ability that disease and premature aging occur. If our bodies don’t have the energy to make new cells, diseased organs won’t be able to heal and regenerate themselves. When voltage drops, entropy begins to take place in our bodies due to insufficient juice available to keep everything functioning properly.

Tennant, like myself, has observed that the majority of disease begins as an emotional event. Emotions are stored in and around the body as magnetic fields and also as corresponding molecules that have hidden themselves in various places in the body. If you have a bunch of old suppressed emotions that are stored in one of your organs and in some part of your biofield, that’s going to create resistance and tension and make it more difficult for electrical flow to pass through. If we want to get healthy, from an electrical perspective, the first order of business is to open an inquiry into the vibrational backlog of emotions that is clogging up our circuits and blocking the natural flow of energy that keep us healthy and vital.

One way to think about it is that our emotions are magnetic and our thoughts are electric. Magnetic fields guide currents: our feelings are primary, and our thoughts follow. When we work with our emotions, we’re shifting the magnetic field, which is then shifting the way the electric current is running through the body — and ultimately showing up in certain mental and physical patterns. Physical pain is often the final manifestation of an emotional pattern in the magnetic field. Whenever there is stuck energy in the field, there is corresponding tension in the body. When we release the resistance in the magnetic field, the electric resistance and corresponding tension in the body also lets go.

Solar Plexus: Your Radiant Inner Sun

We have been conditioned to feel powerless and disconnected, to suppress our anger, to hide our light. Deeply ingrained patterns throughout millennia and maybe even lifetimes have dimmed us out, and we are afraid, many for very good reasons, to shine! Not being fully present and engaged in this center can deprive us of the full extent of our power and potential.

The solar plexus, located just above the navel, is our radiant inner sun. It resonates with the frequency of the color yellow, the vowel sound “oh,” and the seed syllable “RAM.” It is a vital and information-filled energy center, with a whole council of intelligent organs working together. On the right side, you’ve got gall bladder, liver, right kidney, and right adrenal, and on the left you have the spleen, pancreas, stomach, left kidney and left adrenal. In the years I spent exploring and mapping the body and the biofield anatomy, I came to have a great appreciation for the solar plexus — and a singular respect for the liver. In Chinese medicine, the liver is seen as the general of the army that is the body. It oversees all operations. People debate about whether the heart or the brain is the seat of consciousness, but I’ve come to see it as the liver, as the ancient Greeks did. Your liver is paying attention to everything! It attends to your respiration, circulation, digestion, and elimination with exquisite attention and care.Soc Electromagnetism Sunflower QuoteEmotionally, we store anger and powerlessness in this center, as well as self-esteem, personal power, and the energies of our mothers and fathers. This area contains so much information that it seems to me that there may be another kind of electromagnetic axis here. It took me many years to be able to differentiate the different tones and frequencies I was finding in this region.

The gut is often called the second brain, but from what I’ve seen, it could almost be the primary brain (I mean, the small intestine looks like the brain!). When we strengthen this energy center and learn to operate from our cores, we unlock a huge amount of discipline, focus, determination, clarity, and personal power. We’re able to set goals and achieve them. We can move forward with projects all the way to the end. We’re able to assert ourselves in a way that’s healthy and effective. We interface with other people’s energies in a way that’s diplomatic, and we set strong boundaries. We also enjoy a strong digestive fire. So much of what I see in people who struggle with food allergies, gas, bloating, and acid reflux is an excess of personal power that’s locked up and stuck out on the sides of the solar plexus. The digestive fire, which should be strong and hearty, gets weakened and diffused.

When the energy of the solar plexus is gathered, it’s miraculous. It’s phenomenal what we can do with it. But when the energy here is scattered, our wills and personal power are weakened. The left side holds the yin imbalance of powerlessness. Here, I find a person’s relationship with their mother — connected to the spleen and pancreas — as well as the nurturance they received in childhood and their ability to properly nourish and care for themselves. The right-side, yang imbalance is related to anger (towards ourselves and others) and our relationships with our fathers. In line with many holistic traditions, including Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, I’ve found anger to be processed and stored in the liver.

Who we are is unimaginably powerful. That’s our nature. But our wills and personal power become weakened because so much of our solar plexus energy gets stuck on either side of the center: in anger, powerlessness, unresolved issues with our mothers and fathers, unhealthy eating habits, and adrenal glands that are running like a toilet with a broken handle. The energy gets siphoned off by difficult characters around us because we don’t have strong boundaries. Fundamentally, anger and powerlessness are both unsuccessful expressions of power. But when we get into the center of the solar plexus, there’s a smooth functionality to how we exert our energies and take action in the world.

Around ten inches off the solar plexus in either direction are two energetic structures about the size of a hockey puck that I call the mother and father zones. We are all strongly informed by the energy of our parents. It lives on either side of our solar plexus and is always affecting our fields. Even if the parents are long dead, the history of that relationship is alive. I can stick a tuning fork in the father zone and tell you all about the personality of your dad. It’s all encoded there. Often, I come into contact with structures that feel like energetic walls, which happens when people shut out their parents. Those structures can really decrease the functioning of the liver and gallbladder on the right/dad side, and spleen and pancreas on the left/mother side by blocking the flow of energy, and it can even move into the kidney, adrenals, and stomach. Creating strong boundaries, but not walls, is a key part of the work of cultivating a healthy solar plexus.

The back of the solar plexus relates to receiving support. Did you receive support from your parents? Are you supporting yourself? Are you paying your bills and getting enough sleep? Being open in the solar plexus is about getting the resources we need from other people, ourselves, the universe, and the flow of nature. We’re getting all the things we need to move forward with the flow of our intentions. That can be very simple. When a stranger holds a door open for you, you can receive and have gratitude for that support. When the universe provides the perfect parking spot for you, you’re being supported. You can change the script, open the portal, and let that support come in. We get all shut down here when we’re walking around with a story that we never get the support we need. Then you’re not even going to notice when support is trying to come in, because you’re too wrapped up in your story. We want to open that up and really let this support into our bodies. The mantra here is: I am open to receiving support. The more support I receive, the more support I can give. I am supported.

When people start exploring the world of energy, they tend to get stars in their eyes around the heart chakra. A lot of New Age practices have this idea of operating from your heart chakra, which can be useful but also limiting. Here’s why I say that. When we get into the heart, there are so many layers of other things going on. There’s hate. There’s despair. There’s depression. There’s sadness. There’s resentment. There’s grief. We want to get to the love that’s there, but it’s like there are all these overlays on top of it. I find that anchoring your awareness in your heart can also have a rather top-heavy quality to it. It’s not fully your center.

The more I work with energy, the more I become identified with my solar plexus. As a place to rest our awareness, I personally find the solar plexus to be much more peaceful and radiant than the heart. My experience is that when I’m anchored in my core, there’s this easy suspension, just like the sun is suspended in the sky, and it spins around and spreads its light. The more you associate with your own inner sun, the more you end up in the flow of your natural orbit. Your digestive fire is stronger. Your mind is clear, and your intention is strong. That power, then, supports and lifts the heart. Trying to live from the heart when you’re not supported from below just isn’t as energy-efficient. I think we want to occupy this golden ball of light in the very center of our beings and to allow that to flow up the central channel and energize the heart.

We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

We are experiencing a turning of the ages in which the old patterns are breaking down and a new pattern is being birthed. Everywhere in our culture, the old stories are unraveling and new ones are being written. This can be a scary and chaotic process, and many of us feel deeply the suffering that is occurring at this moment in history. But as the study of cymatics (study of visible sound and vibration) shows, when then frequency changes, the old pattern falls apart and a new and completely different pattern spontaneously emerges. Even if all we can see if apparent chaos and destruction when we attune ourselves to the new frequency, we start to see the new pattern that is arising.

In our individual lives, it is much the same. When our frequency changes, there is a period of chaos as our old, familiar patterning gives way to a new and more aligned expression. Chaos precedes a new order. This is healing, growth, and evolution. Gradually, we let go of the noise of the pain body and tune ourselves more and more to our own fundamental frequency.

Everyone has in themselves the programming to rise to the occasion of what seems to be an emergency situation on Spaceship Earth. In this new paradigm, we have the tools to solve our problems individually and also collectively. What if everyone tapped into their own greatness and didn’t feel unworthy of stepping into the role that they were meant to play at this time? What if everyone was empowered to shine their light to make a difference? The solutions to all our problems are inside us — we just need to activate our ability to engage those solutions.

 Reprinted with permission of the publisher from Electric Body, Electric Health by Eileen Day McKusick (2021, St. Martin’s Publishing Group).