10 Ways To Invite New Spring Energy Into Your Home

Potted Devils Ivy Plant Inside A Beautiful New Flat Or Apartment.

In traditional spring cleaning we get out the mop and sponge and roll up our sleeves. But when the buds are coming up from the ground and the air is fresh, a new, vibrantly alive energy also arrives, giving you the opportunity to clean your spirit and refresh your soul.

1. Learn to say “no” more often. It sets boundaries and clears repetitive patterns, allowing new energy to come in.

2. Release psychic weight by letting go of physical weight, including clothes that don’t fit or furniture you no longer use.

3. Bring Mother Nature inside. Grow an indoor herb garden, put fresh flowers in every room, hang a sprig of eucalyptus in your shower.

4. Add a splash of your favorite color into your home and wardrobe to bring immediate joy and happiness. Feel the energy shift.

5. Honor yourself by repeating this phrase every day: “I am sacred.” Say it like you mean it, because you are. Feel your mood and spirit change.

6. Heal the clutter and pain in your heart by journaling and forgiving yourself and those you know who also need to be forgiven.

7. Fuel your body — your temple — with the freshest local, organic foods you can. Say no to GMOs.

8. Declare “electronic free” moments, hours, or — better yet — days. In solitude, hear the deeply nourishing silence that you and your soul crave.

9. While showering, recapture your awareness and energy by releasing anger, anxiety, stress and worry. As you lather and rinse, envision it all flowing down the drain.

10. Surround your sacred space with items that touch your heart and essence — and tell visitors the story of your home.

Jill Angelo, author of Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into A Sanctuary, spent two decades in business management before changing the direction of her life to pursue an inner calling.

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