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I was 12 when I became fully aware that my parents weren’t compatible. It wasn’t because of fighting; there wasn’t much. Instead, there was tension. Intense tension. My mother’s voice smacked of resentment, even cruelty, when she spoke to my father. His response was usually silence or retreat. At that point they had been together 22 years and had four children. Promises had been spoken and broken — promises that defined the landscape of our family. 

There was no malintent, just an inability to reconcile and grow together. I remember my brother and me splurging on a pair of engraved silver plate goblets from Shreve, Crump and Low in Boston for their 25th anniversary. There was no celebration. Nothing happy was said to commemorate their marriage. I know without question that their love for us was unwavering, but as time went on their relationship grew more and more corrosive. All was kept beneath the surface, except those times I’d walk into a room and my mother would be silently sobbing. 

It was two or three months after my husband Peter and I got married that my mother told my father she was leaving him for another man, her soul mate. She had been seeing this man for a couple of years and wanted to wait until I was married before creating such a seismic disturbance. The family unit was obliterated. It became clear pretty quickly why she hadn’t been fully engaged with planning my big day. All beneath the surface. I’m only just realizing now, 34 years later, how deeply all this impacted me in ways I hadn’t understood before. Maybe it’s because I’m close to the age she was, with a crone’s perspective.

We all absorb habits and behaviors from our parents; it’s inevitable. What I picked up from mine was that normal and expected choices are often not aligned with one’s truth and what feels right in the heart. My mother had convinced herself that it’s okay to be asleep to her own emotional needs. My father lived in a world that was so much about his own intellectual needs, it was to the exclusion of everyone else. 

What I now understand is that I actually needed to witness my mother’s breakthrough. I needed to see her break away with actions that resulted in some devastating effects and finally listen to her own heart and choose from that place. If my mother hadn’t followed her own truth, there’s a very good chance that I’d still be asleep to mine. Her brave, bold actions after 35 years of marriage smothered in a conservative culture showed me how to break free and gave me permission to unapologetically follow my own heart, to the place where the angels show up and make themselves known in those tiny, sacred spaces within. 

My journey with the angels rose to a new level when I began to make choices from truth rather than from guilt, obligation or ego-oriented responsibility. This was on a subconscious level at first and for many years I was simply making decisions that felt good. Little by little, I was starting to pay attention to a sense of wholeness, which I can only describe as inner peace from the faith that somehow and in some way everything was in perfect order. I now know that these are hallmarks of a partnership with the angels.

The specific details of how each person communicates with the angels is unique. Some people feel a divine calm in their bodies, some hear audible, reassuring whispers, some have a strong sense of gut knowing, but for most people, it’s a combination of several modes. All communication, however, will have the following three noteworthy traits. 

First, angelic guidance is always directing you on the path of love, never fear. For instance, you may feel a nudge to stand up to someone who is treating you unfairly or step away from a career that brings little joy but pays well. Those whispers, feelings and instinctual hits may demand courage to follow through on, but are always based in love for your higher self and highest good.

Second, these senses are built-in as part of who you are. You were born with them. Many of us have learned to tune out these higher levels of sensitivity because it is counter to the busy-ness and material frenzy that drives our culture. Humans are evolving, however, to a new level where trusting your intuition and divine instincts isn’t just a luxury, but rather a requirement. With so much noise around us, we have to consciously go inward to focus on what’s truly meant for our highest good. 

Which brings us to the third and most important point: your angels are leading you to discover and express the most honest and joyful expression of you. They are here to lovingly tune you in to influences and authority figures that have convinced you to do something other than your heart’s desire, like following the path to be a doctor when you really want to be an artist, or believing you’re supposed to be heterosexual when you’ve always secretly fantasized about homosexuality.

When we partner with the angels and enlist their support and guidance, we are tasked with the job of listening to and acting on the truth we discover. Sometimes those lessons can be painful for ourselves and others, but what’s in the highest good for one person is always in the highest good of everyone involved. My mother’s choice to leave nearly broke my father, but it also opened the pathway for a life that was much more joyful for him.

Here’s some helpful reminders for when you are feeling triggered in one of your relationships:

  • Trust yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself enough to insist on following what feels truly right in your heart. Take personal responsibility for each and every decision with faith that you’re being led to goodness for all concerned.
  • View the disharmonious aspects of your relationships as a learning experience with an opportunity to heal and step more firmly into your true self. This could be called coming into oneness with the angels inside you.
  • As you are able, try looking at your relationships from a higher perspective, as the angels do. There are many situations where souls agree to incarnate and be in human relationship together to learn. Are you resolving emotional issues or karma? What can you learn as you raise the level of your perspective of the situation?

It’s essential for you to seek out the help and support you need as you move closer to your wholeness, so don’t be shy about lovingly advocating for whatever you may need — healing or coaching sessions, time spent with supportive friends or families, engaging in activities that feed your body and soul. Everyone deserves this support and happiness. Your angels are here to guide you to every resource, every person, and every experience you need to be the most beautiful expression of you!

Elvia Roe discovered her angels in the early 2000’s after leaving her high-powered corporate career to be home with her children. She has been featured on ABCs 20/20 as an expert on psychic children and is a co-author of several bestselling anthologies. She teaches women and men from around the world how to communicate with their angels to lead happy, truthful, and soul satisfying lives.

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