5 Ways To Survive A Job Loss

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Job loss is an exceedingly difficult experience to undergo. Not only does it affect the individual losing his or her job with feeling lost and confused about the future, but it can also have a ripple effect on surrounding family and friends.

Here are five ways to help you get back on your feet and find the silver lining in your job loss cloud.

1. Discover What Motivates You

To find your motivation after losing your job, you must first acknowledge that this loss plays a critical role in becoming your future self. In order to find what truly motivates you, begin by identifying what makes you happy. Consider the gains you will receive by being motivated and happy, and keep yourself grounded and focused by setting these goals as personal expectations.

Let go of all the excuses you have for why you cannot achieve being motivated and happy in your new job setting, and jump into the process of moving forward. Remember, the most challenging part of anyone’s healing journey is the beginning, so keep going.

Identify at least one scalable goal, like learning a new skill, and think of how you can incorporate this into your life. You can start by listing your interests, then gradually learn and do what interests you that will soon become a skill. It will be beneficial and will prepare you for your next job. Give yourself a reasonable deadline for reaching this goal, keeping in mind the qualities of determination, patience, and commitment that might be required to reach your goal. Keeping a log or journal of your goal and progress may help you sustain your momentum by providing validation, which will drastically improve your self-esteem. Take things slowly; while you may find yourself grieving for a while, with your continued focus on your positive goals you will find yourself becoming more motivated than ever before.

2. Build A Strong Support System

Going through a job loss doesn’t mean you have to deal with it alone. It may seem illogical to think of dragging other people into your problem, but in doing so, exchanging thoughts with other individuals might lead you to inspiration as you seek a new job.

Surround yourself with individuals with a positive mindset. Begin by making a list of people who you frequently interact with, and whom you like and trust. You may include family members, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors. Consider your previous workplaces, your church, restaurants, stores or businesses you frequent. Are there ways you can reach out to these people at this time? By building connections, you may also get leads in new jobs or recommendations to prospective employers.

If you are spiritually inclined, you might seek direction through prayer for guidance and strength to help you get through your endeavors.

3. Develop A Positive Outlook

You can use this time of motivational focus to positively impact your overall health as well, since having a positive outlook significantly lower the risks of dying due to stroke, cancer, infections, and respiratory disease.

Use these tips to help you maintain your positive outlook:

  • Be grateful and express your gratitude
  • Start your day with uplifting music
  • Seek out interactions with positive individuals
  • Practice self-affirmation and positive self-talk

4. Be Organized

Being organized can help you deal with the grief after losing your job. Organizing things is a simple yet effective way to improve physical and mental health. Try these tips:

Imagine the End Results. Set yourself to succeed and envision the results of getting a new job. This will be your focus and vision as you go on with tidying up.

Set Aside Perfection. Save yourself from the dangers of pressure and disregard any hints of perfection. In tidying up and organizing, you do not need to be spotless. You just want to train your mind and look at things from a brighter, more helpful perspective.

Throw Away Things That No Longer Serve You. Minimalism is key. Keeping your things tidy and organized significantly impacts your mental health ,and declutters your mental space of unnecessary confusion.

Minimize Distractions As You Declutter. You want to be laser-focused on your commitment that you are all in on this.

5. Focus and Enhance Your Skills 

Job loss is never the end of your career. Rather, it can be the open door to bettering your craft and skills.

Identify things you are good at and enjoy doing. Consider starting a new hobby or brushing up skills on an old one. You could even invest your time and money in new things that are challenging and are way beyond your comfort zone by enrolling in a new course of education. Think of it as a way of telling your future employers that you have the skills they need and the growth mindset that would bring value to their company.

While going through job loss may be a challenging time, ultimately the experience is merely setting you up to become the person you are destined to become.

Kenneth Garcia has a passion for writing, and sees his position as an opportunity to touch a multitude of individuals coming from different races and various walks of life. You can read more of his work at biblekeeper.com.

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