7 Ways To Combat The Winter Blues

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While wintertime can certainly be jolly and very festive, suffering from the winter blues is also quite common. As the days become shorter and we see less and less sun, we will naturally not feel as energized or upbeat.

If you are feeling the winter blues, here are seven helpful tips to make yourself feel better.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Even though it may feel completely counterintuitive, spending more time outside in the winter can actually make you feel better.

One of the main causes of the winter blues is our reduced exposure to sunlight, so make a point of heading out for a crisp walk while the sun is out. Bundle up well, though, especially if you are the kind of person who hates being cold.

You can also engage in some winter sports, like snowball fights or building snowmen – even if you believe yourself to be well past the appropriate age.

Stretch More Often

We spend too much of our day sitting and looking at a screen all year round. But when it’s cold and miserable outside, we are much more likely to increase our screen time even more.

You might already have a set workout routine or be on your way to establishing one. In any case, set a reminder for yourself to get up and stretch several times a day. The improved circulation will be a great boost to both your mental and physical health.

Drink A Warm Beverage

Introduce a relaxing ritual and make yourself a warm beverage every day. If you incorporate it into the winding down part of the day, it can serve as a great de-stressor. This is how you’ll tell your mind that it’s time to unwind and relax.

If you would rather make this ritual a part of your morning routine, making kratom tea can be a great choice. This tea can make you feel more energized and upbeat, so it’s a fantastic beverage for the start of the day.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Journaling is another great routine you can adopt in order to de-stress and feel better about the winter blues.

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by negative thoughts that we have no headspace to make ourselves feel better. Simply by writing these thoughts down, you will make room for a mindset shift and get out of a slump faster.

Clean Up Your Social Media Feed

The accounts we follow on social media have a huge impact on our mood. If you are constantly exposed to images of other people having fun in the sun or engaging in a range of activities you don’t have time for, for example, you will start to feel drained.

Take some time to clean up your social media feed. Mute or unfollow all the accounts that make you underappreciate yourself and your lifestyle. You can always unmute or follow them again at a later time.

Limit Your Access To The News

Another toxic element you are likely often exposing yourself to is the news. While you should certainly stay up to speed with the latest global developments, limit your news intake to once per day.

All you should be doing is scrolling through the main headlines of your preferred news outlet. Don’t even click on any of them. Ask your friends and family to update you if anything groundbreaking happens to ensure you don’t miss something important to you, if that will make you feel better about your mini detox.

Mind What You Eat

Winter is a time when we crave comfort meals. And while there’s nothing wrong with indulging in them from time to time, you should still try to feed your mind and body with plenty of fruits and veggies. They will help you feel better both mentally and physically.

Your choices may be limited during winter, but you can still make it a point to increase your vegetable intake. You can also always reach for frozen veggies if you don’t like what’s in season.

The winter blues are very real, and they can affect any of us. When they do set in, don’t feel bad about your impaired mood. Let the blues pass and try to implement some of these tips to make yourself feel better sooner.

Joneil Suezo is a freelance health and wellness writer who enjoys skiing, cooking and traveling to new destinations around the world.