8 Tips For Employment Success

Does unemployment have you down? Try these tips to help you promote your employment success in any economy.

Find a job in an area of interest to you. Are you still interested in the same category of work? If you have been unemployed for a while, your interests may not be the same as they once were. By asking yourself what you are interested in for work and reviewing your current skills and future aspirations, you will be better able to narrow down your job searching, take additional coursework if necessary and find more satisfying employment.

Target specific companies you want to work for and can visualize yourself succeeding in instead of applying for every job you find online. Tailor your resume to suit each one, even if they are not actively hiring. Companies don't always post jobs online, so send your resume to their HR department anyway and be persistent in following up. If you wish to start a new career don't be hesitant at starting from the bottom because you can work your way to the top.

Use your social networking skills to network professionally. Let everyone know you are seeking employment and ask if they have connections to the specific companies you are targeting. Resumes coming from sources within the company have a direct line to hiring managers; resumes from outside applicants often get lost in the shuffle.

Consider work doing a hobby on the side, which may or may not provide future employment. Can you make crafts to sell or maybe teach your skills to others? Everyone has talents, skills and hobbies they can share.

Learn the basics of manifesting. Know what you want and be sure about it. Visualize your success. Expect the best to happen and stay positive. Manifesting is about creating what you want in life. Apply for jobs you want, visualize yourself working in that position, feel like you already got it and expect to get it. Don't counter the manifesting you have worked hard on by applying for jobs you don't want. Do something every day related to your job search, whether it's mentioning it to your mailman or making another follow up call.

Conduct an energy audit. Take note of the people around you, the media you are subjected to, and the energy of your home and workspace. Positive people, happy news, music, art, literature, and a clean, organized home enhance your surroundings with positive energy. Negative people, disorganization and being subjected to a constant barrage of news broadcasts and mainstream media can be draining.

Build your confidence. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more confidence you will have in your daily life. Two books I highly recommend for building confidence are Natural Self Esteem by Olaf Schwennesen and Spontaneous Happiness by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Know that you are not alone and you are not a victim. Millions upon millions of people worldwide — not just in the USA — are in the same position. See this situation as a challenge you can be victorious over.

Jessica Caracciolo is a professional psychic medium, manifesting teacher, multi-modality energy healer and artist in the greater Boston area. She can be reached at caracciolojessica@gmail.com or visit www.jessicacaracciolo.com.