9 Practical Self-Improvement Tips

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If you are someone who wishes to grow, improve yourself and become a better person, we have a lot in common. I’m passionate about personal growth, and want people around me to live a successful, better, and happier life, too. Here’s a compilation of my top 9 practical self-improvement tips.

1. Read, read, read!

Books provide a wealth of knowledge. You understand more and more about the world as you read more. Books are an excellent source of information.

I recommend reading books that will help enrich your life by improving yourself. Here’s my top five book list:

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R Covey
  • The Alchemist Paulo Coelho
  • Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Design Your Life: Build A Life That Works For You by Bill Burnet

These books have the potential to truly transform you into a better person.

2. Do something new.

Learn a new language, start a new hobby, take up a new course…basically anything that sparks your interest and can add to your skills.

My main languages are Hindi and English. Out of interest, I started learning Punjabi and realized that learning a new language and understanding the culture is a mind-boggling experience!

You can also try starting with an old hobby and elevate your skills. It could be anything from playing golf to cooking to artwork.

Try taking a course to help you gain knowledge in your area of interest to expand your knowledge even further. Start small with workshops and seminars before signing up for a long-term course to help you gauge your interest early. Sign up for a course you really feel passionate about or think about which skills you wish to achieve and work from there.

3. Overcome your fears.

This is one of the most commonly overlooked self-improvement tips. We all have fears but we must overcome them in order to grow. Instead of running away from them, start seeing them as a compass for your growth.

If you have a fear of water, take up swimming lessons. It might be hard to start, but you will get the hang of it eventually. Your fears are waiting to be addressed, and once you do, you will be able to grow into a better and stronger person.

4. Start your day early.

Waking up early has worked for personal growth experts Robin Sharma and Anthony Robbins, and I’m quite sure it’ll work for you too.

If you go to sleep by 10-11 pm and wake up by 6 am, you are increasing your overall daytime productivity hours. You have ample time to get a head start on the day, meditate, and collect your thoughts.

I’ve made it a habit not to look at my phone for an hour after I wake up. I sit down with my cup of coffee, plan my day, write my to-do list and water my plants. This helps me stay relaxed and focused throughout the day.

5. Acknowledge your flaws and let go of bad habits.

We all have flaws and bad habits. The best thing we can do about them is to acknowledge and work on them. Constantly thinking or talking negatively about yourself and others, procrastinating, and chronically making poor food choices can not only make you unsuccessful, but can even be deadly. The good news is that you can quit bad habits and polish off the rough edges of your flaws.

6. Learn from the people around you.

Think about your friends, family, and people that you admire or inspire you. What are the qualities that you see and wish you had?

As humans, we all have a set of good and bad qualities, and we can pick up other people’s good qualities, while consciously avoiding the negatives. Spend quality time with your loved ones and learn from their mistakes, experiences, and adventures. Seek their advice when you are in need of support.

7. Spend time journaling.

Journaling is an excellent method of self-reflection to become aware of yourself. Writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you gain clarity and a deeper sense of who you are, what you want and how to achieve it.

Since journaling is no longer limited to a pen and paper, you can even start a personal blog or download apps such as Day One, Diarium and Five-Minute Journal.

8. Meditate.

Meditation will help you become calmer and more mindful. Start with a few minutes of meditation every day to see the difference you will feel in clarity and fulfillment.

9. Commit to your personal growth.

You can only change yourself if you’re committed to it. You’ll never be able to improve yourself if you’re not serious about it. We’re all responsible for our own personal growth, and no one else can do it for you. The path to change and growth is a lifelong process and will require constant effort, but I guarantee you will be worth it.

Shristi Patni is the owner of F and B Recipes, and is currently working on her second cookbook. Connect with her at shristipatni@gmail.com.