A Festival of Universal Cooperation

Photo by Flickr

Nature evolved a creature that could think and speak. This creature created technology. Human technology was initially primitive, gradually becoming more sophisticated. With the scientific revolution of the 17th century, science and technology exploded into whole new horizons. The impact was so great that the 18th century Enlightenment coined the term “progress.” The 19th century Industrial Revolution seemed to affirm the promise of a better life for all. The 20th century saw more invention than all previous centuries put together.

Now, in the opening decades of the third millennium, all life on Earth is threatened by environmental despoliation and nuclear war. We have reaped the lunatic fruits of knowledge without wisdom, rationality without virtue, mentality without heart.

Survival necessitates planetary citizenship — a pragmatic, humble, compassionate, cooperative, heart-centered way of thinking and living. This demands a change of mindset. The universe evolved a species to think globally and change its behavior. Our wisdom must expand to match our technological prowess; otherwise we will destroy ourselves.

A resurgence of radical democratic activism could yet transform civilization, from patriarchal tribalism and militaristic, self-consuming consumerism to a green and healthy festival of universal human cooperation, caring for each other and Earth while preparing for quantum leaps in explorations of both inner and outer space.

— Stefan Schindler