A New Star In The Sky


Spirit of Change co-founder, Marcia Manoogian, is now numbered among the stars up in the sky.

Marcia is the voice of “Let’s do it!” in the Spirit of Change story:  “In the early weeks of 1987 in a cozy little natural foods store in central Massachusetts, three friends lamented the lack of a local holistic magazine. “Why not publish one ourselves?” mused one. “Let’s do it!” cried another. “I’ll advertise!” declared the third, the owner of the store.

And so the seed was planted for 7,500 copies of the very first issue of Spirit of Change to be delivered in October 1987.”

A Sagittarian visionary and way-shower, Marcia opened magical gateways of new ideas and possibility just by being Marcia. Spirit of Change is here today because Marcia ignited the spark.

We are so grateful.