Announcing The Next Generation: Spirit Of Change Magazine Online!

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The last time I wrote from this space, I was bidding farewell to a beloved, old friend and source of livelihood for 35 years —Spirit of Change Magazine in print.

Faced with an uncertain future for the feasibility of continuing with Spirit of Change online, I set a timeline for the end of February 2023, to determine whether this was possible. I am a magazine publisher, not a website publisher, and lack many essential skills and resources for digital publishing success. Through much of a quiet fall and winter I dreamed and wondered, reflected and regenerated, actively working on a daily basis with new and exciting self-healing projects.

As the February fork in the road loomed closer, requiring a choice to be made and action taken, I realized there was nothing I wanted more than to continue sharing holistic news, self-healing information, and planetary transformation by publishing Spirit of Change online.

So, I posted online ads for “publishing partners,” hoping to get clarity about how to move forward from the responses received. As if they were waiting on cue, wonderful people with essential skills responded, filling in details for a way forward. Any doubts I had that Spirit of Change was meant to go forward online completely disappeared, replaced with the exhilaration of vitality, gratitude and endless possibility.

Within three weeks, the new Spirit of Change Magazine Online coalesced, facilitated in large part by Natural Living Expo producer Michella Brudner — also my daughter — who had the necessary skills and time available to build the infrastructure. In addition to offering a weekly newsletter on Wednesday, weekly events digest on Sunday, and periodic in-partnership-sponsored-content, a one-year strategy being implemented will optimize our digital outreach and visibility online. Thank you, Michella. Thank you, essential responders. Thank you, big plan of perfect timing.

I see the opportunity to continue publishing not only as a green light for Spirit of Change to carry through to the next level, but a powerful affirmation of human self-healing potential itself. While the evidence of my own self-healing over the past five years is remarkable to me at age 63 and ever-expanding, the lightning speed and precision that launched Spirit of Change Magazine Online reinforces my commitment to keep exploring and sharing this information with others.

While still in its infancy as a science and far from mainstream, there is a need for this self-healing information and affirmation to be freely available, so each of us can access exactly what we need at exactly the right moment. Once we discover one-by-one the latent power of our own self-healing, we also realize how powerful we are to create the world we want. Healing can happen in an instant; so can planetary transformation, as the flame of healing awareness jumps cell to cell and being to being, eventually sparking the wildfire of human alchemy.

The rise in self-healing awareness signals we are far from powerless in this world! The biggest challenge resides in shifting our belief from external healing to internal healing. While we all need healing tools and practitioners to help in our healing process from time to time, we are our own best doctors. Once you dip even one toe into the pool of self-healing potential, the effects of generating healing energy and consciousness are cumulative; the more you heal, the more healing you want and will experience. While we still have many unanswered questions about the science of self-healing, eventually all humans will heal themselves, and the sciences of genetic medicine, emergency and restorative surgery can shine alone as the crowning achievements of Western medicine.

Spirit of Change is excited to continue delivering this transformative content, and resources for living your best life from our new online platform. Share our link with your friends and family and encourage them to sign up here to receive all the unique benefits we have been known for since 1987.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change Magazine Online. Stay in touch at