Astrological Forecast For Fall/Winter 2020

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“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” — André Gide

As September’s calendar page opens, the historic triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto continues to transform our lives and institutions. This momentous Capricorn stellium has pushed businesses and governments to the breaking point, costing millions of people their livelihoods as well as claiming thousands of lives. Government and corporate malfeasance are now rampant. Systemic racism and police brutality are receiving long overdue attention. Minority voices are being heard. A new focus on being involved, informed and actively working towards a new national agenda is emerging.

While those in power exploit their positions for personal gain, months under lockdown and self-quarantine have led countless souls to disengage from the treadmill of a job or school. This is good time to reflect upon the purpose of one’s life. The essential workers are this era’s new heroes. The full depth and lasting impact of today’s once-in-a-millennium alignment is yet to be understood.

During the six-month forecast period, significant astrological shifts occur. In December, Jupiter and Saturn both leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius, the egalitarian sign of friendship and community. For millions of unemployed people, the struggle for survival hinges on government action. Hopefully we’ll soon see new political alliances struck, ones that support peace and harmony between people and nations as well as socially responsible, environmentally sustainable business models.

As 2021 begins, the rare configuration is losing intensity, much like a pressure cooker letting off steam. Due to the enormity of our societal problems, they won’t disappear overnight. The COVID-19 pandemic has wracked our world, leaving people stressed beyond comprehension. Fear and uncertainty are now facts of life. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, on the other hand, inspire communities to deal with the ongoing challenges of inequality.

The July 4, 1776 Independence Day chart features the Moon in Aquarius. This placement has contributed to the idealism woven throughout American history. Aquarius is known as a tolerant, freedom-loving sign. In a nation’s chart the Moon represents its people. Expect to see a far more motivated citizenry, with innovative plans coming to the forefront.

Complicating progress are tense square aspects between Jupiter and Saturn to Uranus. These “question authority” configurations persist throughout the winter. Debates will be lively. Various new approaches will be tried and then replaced by different strategies. It’s worth remembering: every change carries a measure of risk. Just as the Founders did, people of vision and principle must proceed with faith in their ideals and the belief that “a more perfect union” is attainable.

September 2020

We’re in full Moon fever mode as the month begins. Minds and senses are hyper alert. Excitement is palpable. Anticipation of better times is encouraged when Uranus aligns with the Moon and Sun on September 2nd. Timely Mercury aspects promote “can do” thinking during these early days of September. Mixed trends on Saturday, the 5th complicate holiday weekend plans but moods rebound nicely, and Labor Day is notably joyful. Going back to work or school is most appealing as the Sun forms a trine to scholarly Jupiter on Wednesday, the 9th. Mars, the God of War, turns retrograde in his own sign of Aries that evening.

Don’t force the pace or any other issues as the Virgo Sun nears an opposition with Neptune. The challenging aspect is exact the afternoon of Friday, the 11th. Mistakes and misunderstandings are likely. After a quiet weekend, some relationships flourish while others could see a parting of ways around Tuesday, the 15th. The Virgo new Moon on the 16th has steadfast support from Saturn. The stabilizing influence bodes well for projects launched at this time.

Work extra hard at “to the point” communications the week of Monday, the 21st. Autumn begins with the fall equinox and the Sun’s entry into Libra on Tuesday, the 22nd. Emotions could boil over around the first quarter Moon phase of the 23rd. Venus and Mars harmonize on Monday, the 28th, offering a respite from worries. More ominously, retrograde Mars tests Saturn the next day, and with Jupiter and Pluto hovering close to the Ringed Planet, the specter of a sharp rise in COVID-19 infections looms large.

October 2020

We begin and end October with luminous full Moon energy. Wednesday, the 1st features the Harvest Moon in Aries. If possible, extend an olive branch and make peace. An unexpected turn for the better could dramatically improve some partnerships. Relationships are less secure the following week. Mercury tests Uranus on Wednesday, the 7th, trying patience and even the most open of minds. Mars’ square to Pluto on Friday, the 9th is a two-edged sword, highly motivational but also prompting aggressive tendencies in less evolved souls. Libra is known as the sign of peace and beauty, but it can also spotlight a lack of harmony. This mid-month period is filled with ups and downs, at best a challenging scenario.

Feelings are passionate the morning of Saturday, the 10th. Fortunately, the evening features a lovely trine between Venus and Uranus, a harbinger of friendship and good will. The Sun squares Jupiter Sunday morning, leading overbearing folks to pontificate, boast and point fingers. Quietly confident voices are heard in the night, and again on Monday, the 12th. Jupiter is sextile to Neptune early Monday morning. Dreams sweetly flow by. Kindness and compassion support fence-mending and true understanding. Mercury’s noon hour sextile with Venus also aids poets, lovers and peacemakers.

Tuesday, the 13th brings more complications. The Sun is opposite Mars while both stars test Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio. Runaway issues, the pandemic, corporate corruption, politics as usual and environmental insecurity may feel overwhelming. Personal challenges feel intense. The Libra new Moon of Friday, the 16th underscores the work that needs to be done. Formulate your game plans the weekend of the 17th and 18th.

From Monday, the 19th through Saturday, the 24th, Venus in Virgo makes a series of trine aspects to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Alliances are firmed up. Networking and mobilizing are facilitated. Economic outlooks are more hopeful. The Sun enters Scorpio the evening of Thursday, the 22nd. Pre-election controversies are at a fevered pitch this week, but the question voters ask, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” has a clear answer. People are ready for change as Halloween brings a “blue” full Moon in Taurus, and the Moon stands conjunct freedom-loving Uranus.

November 2020

A sobering square between retrograde Mercury and Saturn dominates the 1st. The solemn aspect holds firm until Friday, the 6th. Mindsets are realistic and dutiful, ready to make short-term sacrifices in exchange for long-term stability. However, Tuesday, the 3rd’s Election Day stars suggests there will be most likely be numerous voting controversies. Just after noon, Mercury resumes forward motion leaving the door open for confusion as well as incorrect tallies impacting vote counts. Alarmingly, the Gemini Moon’s evening square with Neptune is another harbinger of skullduggery. Expect complaints from both parties.

Whoever comes out ahead in federal and state elections, it will take time to get used to the newest reality. By Monday, the 9th, we’ll all have a clearer idea of what and who we are dealing with. Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on Thursday, the 12th. Extraordinary feats are possible. Applied talents, hidden gifts and willpower can make a huge difference. The Scorpio Sun fosters unity, learning and purposefulness as mid-month nears.

On Sunday, the 15th the Moon is new in Scorpio and we begin a fresh achievement cycle. Partnerships endure pressures and strains. It’s hard to ignore differences of opinion while Venus is in square to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Divisions loom large while Mercury opposes Uranus on the 17th, but out of adversity new ties are born. To minimize friction, focus attention on mutual needs and interests. More changes soon follow.

The Sun arrives in Sagittarius on Saturday, the 21st. That same day Venus enters Scorpio and the Moon enters Pisces. Get your bearings before setting a project or anticipated adventure in motion. At the onset of Thanksgiving week many clever ideas surface. The holiday unfolds under stressful lunar squares. Social distancing and travel delays can feel onerous. Don’t overcook the dinner!

On Friday, the 27th one person’s stroke of genius may fail to impress a key partner. Give others the time they need to think things over. A weekend break from routines can be refreshing. The full Moon in Gemini on Monday morning the 30th is eclipsed. Stay humble. Even the cleverest of plans are likely to be revised as additional facts come to light.

December 2020

On Tuesday, the 1st Mercury enters Sagittarius, infusing minds with welcome optimism. Loving spirits receive another boost when Venus trines Neptune on Saturday night, the 5th. Ordinarily this would be a fabulous auspice for a party or concert. Given the void-of-course Leo Moon and the reality of social-distancing, it may be time to watch a movie, have a Zoom gathering or listen to music. In most cases, hearts are open. Creative souls flourish.

The last quarter Moon on Monday, the 7th calls for recalibrating plans and commitments. It’s time to cut losses and let go of ineffective ideas and relationships when the Sagittarius Sun tests Neptune on the 9th. Don’t be overly concerned. New projects and like-minded soulmates soon fill any gaps. Follow your passion on Thursday, the 10th. Enjoy the weekend but be sure to take it easy on Sunday, the 13th, an ideal time for a rest.

The midday Sagittarius new Moon/solar eclipse of Monday, the 14th is the appropriate moment to launch new endeavors. Take a few minutes to meditate. For tuned-in souls, eclipses come with sharpened self-awareness. A splendid supporting cast of planets is ample reason to proceed with confidence. However, be ready to adjust your thinking and plans as emerging conditions may dictate.

The winter solstice is a powerful day. The Sun enters Capricorn the morning of Monday, the 21st. Jupiter is conjunct Saturn at the first degree of Aquarius. Eyes turn to the future. The Aries Moon reaches the tense first quarter phase that evening. Out of the darkness of the year’s longest night comes inevitable rebirth. Mars is at odds with Pluto this week so expect birth pains but forging ahead is the only option. Proceed with caution.

Momentum builds as Mercury and the Sun align with Uranus, and the aspects are excellent from Thursday, the 24th through the moonlit 27th. A lunar sextile to Neptune adds sweetness and magic to the Christmas holy day. The final full Moon of 2020 is exact Tuesday night December 29th. With the Moon in Cancer, sentimental feelings surface along with memories of those we’ve lost.

New Year’s Eve brings a celebratory mood. The Moon is in fiery Leo but testing lunar angles with Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus warrant observing common sense rules and precautions, especially after midnight. Happy New Year!

January 2021

The first aspect of the New Year is promising. Mercury’s magical early morning sextile to Neptune has dreamers thinking they’re on cloud nine. There are simple pleasures to enjoy the first weekend of 2021. Sunday preparations for going back to work or school hold an air of excitement. Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Monday, the 4th. Minds have laser-like focus. Powers of observation are acute. Applied intelligence and psychological insights can be profound. With Moon in discerning Virgo this is a great day to be at one’s job.

Having been in Aries since late June, Mars finally enters Taurus on Wednesday, January 6th en route to a momentous conjunction with Uranus. Sidestep an argument that evening. Mercury arrives in Aquarius the morning of Friday, the 8th, joining Saturn and Jupiter in the early degrees of the sign. The trio are at odds with Mars and Uranus, an explosive setup that requires consummate self-control as well as the will to persist. Friday evening sees Venus entering Capricorn, defusing some tensions while the Goddess of Love and Beauty harmonizes with Mars and Uranus. Unexpected partnerships make news.

Mixed trends are with us much of the month. It feels a bit like follow the bouncing ball; up and down we go. Saturday, the 9th brings pleasures as well as new commitments that have staying power. Good news as well as loving ties are enjoyed on Monday, the 11th but beliefs may be tested and plans left in shambles as early as the following morning. Mars’ grinding square to Saturn wears patience thin on the 13th. Venus’ trine to Uranus lightens hearts that evening. Fulfill an obligation while the Sun passes by Pluto on Thursday, the 14th.

More volatile trends proceed to take hold. On Sunday, the 17th Jupiter’s square with Uranus sparks fireworks over differences of opinion and moral values. The Sun reaches Aquarius on the 19th, energizing Saturn and Jupiter but also adding fuel to continuing squares with Mars and Uranus. That explosive Mars/Uranus duo makes their exact conjunction on Wednesday, the 20th. Be as careful as you possibly can while performing routine chores, especially while using machinery of any type. Of note, it will be amazing if Inauguration Day goes off without a hitch.

On Friday, the 22nd opinions continue to be sharply divided as Mars squares Jupiter that night. Play kiss and make up over the weekend. Venus forms a soothing sextile with Neptune Saturday afternoon and the evening is perfect for taking a vow or renewed ties as the Sun aligns with Saturn. Karma could well be in play.

The Aquarius Sun’s square with Uranus underscores all that is uncertain. The aspect, exact on Tuesday, the 26th, may require quick thinking and a change of plans. Detours and alternate routes lead to unexpected blessings. While not without its challenges, the full Moon day of Thursday, the 28th offers potential financial gains, friendships made, as well as excellent learning opportunities. The Leo Moon forms a power packed T-square with the opposing Sun, Saturn and Jupiter. These stars also test Uranus and Mars. Leaders may shine but any misuse of personal position or power is liable to set off a firestorm of protest.

Even as we digest the dramatic events of the full Moon a new wrinkle appears. Mental Mercury turns retrograde on the 30th, good reason to slow down and reflect on where life is taking you.

February 2021

Venus joins the crowded live-and-let-live skies of Aquarius on Monday, the 1st. Five of the ten major planets are in the freedom loving sign. The Aquarius Sun is at odds with Mars early that same morning. We can’t always get what we want. Sometimes we must compromise. As the song goes, we get what we need. It is the waning Libra Moon that offers comfort. Awareness and consideration of others helps ease friction between competing factions.

The Scorpio last quarter Moon of Thursday, the 4th precipitates a great deal of soul searching. It’s a good time to re-evaluate individual goals and the effectiveness of tactics. Different opinions could lead to a break-up on Saturday, the 6th. Choices must be made. Mercury’s retrograde may bring up numerous second thoughts and regrets during the mid-month period. Welcome reconnections may also occur. The afternoon of Thursday, the 11th sees a fresh activity cycle launched with the new Moon in Aquarius. Think big as six planets gather in the forward-thinking sign. Long ago and far away friends may also frequently come to mind. Happiness blossoms as we near the upbeat 14th. Valentine’s Day reunions are another possibility.

Rethinking and backtracking may be a necessity when Saturn squares off with Uranus on Wednesday, the 17th. The aspect pits cautious traditionalists against more adventurous, progressive souls. A major political realignment could be brewing. Somewhere Earth is shaking. The Sun slips into Pisces during the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, the 18th. Imminent change and perhaps a subtle foretelling of spring is detectable. The daylight hours are getting noticeably longer.

The month ends with a busy week. Mercury resumes forward motion the evening of Saturday, the 20th. After a brief period of mental recalibrating, certain matters can now be more easily cleared up. The waxing Moon facilitates the pro-active phase. Also helping the forward push is Mars’ empowering trine to Pluto the night of Wednesday, the 24th. With hard work much can be accomplished. On Saturday, the 27th glorious moonlight and celestial energy max out with a silvery, post-midnight full Moon in Virgo. The Moon sails serenely overhead. For a little while the sky is at peace and all seems well in the world.

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