Astrological Forecast for Spring/Summer 2022

Spring Summerastrology

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“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”  — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Humankind is at a juncture that includes numerous threats. The increasing impact of climate change, a worldwide pandemic and political instability hasten the rapid evolution of attitudes and institutions. Our democracy is under attack from within and without. Neighbors and even families are divided. Corporate controlled media pushes its own agenda. Those same corporate interests have conquered the halls of government with armies of lobbyists. If you believe polls, both parties are out of sync with voters. For years the performance of governing bodies has disappointed millions of people on all sides of the political spectrum. Hopes rise and fall with each daily news cycle. Many frustrated and overworked voters have tuned out. Social change can seem retrograde, woefully slow or all too infrequently, exhilaratingly fast.

Over two centuries our nation’s story has unfolded. We were founded on the precept that “all men are created equal” and among other “unalienable rights…are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Founding Fathers neglected to include women, enslaved citizens or the country’s original inhabitants, the true Native Americans. The path forward towards “a more perfect union,” looks rugged. 2022 features the USA’s first Pluto return, a make it or break it juncture for most empires. The first exact return date was in February. A second comes in July and a third at the end of December. As President Biden aptly put it, “We are in a battle for the soul of America.”

Somber, realistic and hard-working Saturn is visiting the USA’s natal Aquarius Moon. In a nation’s chart the Moon is the astrological symbol of its people. This is not the time to shy away from the responsibilities of living in a democracy. We all need to stay involved, informed, make our voices heard, and come November, get out and vote.

Despite the seriousness of the times, let us not for one minute overlook the wonders of spring rebirth and fertile summertime. Winter’s chaotic energies ease with the warm weather months but tensions, fueled by a re-tightening of the square between Saturn and Uranus, are again on the rise by mid-summer. We can harness the energies for constructive change, or allow events to spiral out of control. Be clear in your goals, steadfast in your values and true to yourself. Stay humble. Adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Questioning authority and prevailing beliefs can be a good thing, if you have a better alternative.

March 2022

Tuesday, March 1st is Mardi Gras. I expect many celebrations to be muted due to continuing Covid concerns plus a tired Moon near the end of her cycle. We are at a time of completion, rest and renewal. Longtime readers know to start projects while the Moon is waxing, between the new and full phases.


On Sunday, the 13th we move our clocks ahead one hour. This can be a day of notable dreams and spiritual experiences. Sleeping in can also be delicious.


The new Moon in Pisces anchors super busy Wednesday, the 2nd. The Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all conjunct. Confidence and hopes surge as the next activity cycle begins. There are no retrograde planets. Astrologically, we are in “all systems go” mode. Another planetary trio in Capricorn intensifies passions. This stouthearted Venus, Mars and Pluto stellium is irrepressible early in the month. Love well and commit fully to your heart’s desires. A Mercury/Saturn pairing, also exact on Wednesday the 2nd, reminds us to be thoughtful, patient and realistic. Not even the prospect of six more weeks of winter can dampen spirits.

During the first week of March the stars give a rousing balance of optimism and pragmatism. Social inclinations are strong the weekend of the 5th and 6th. Traveling in tandem, Venus and Mars are at the last degree of Capricorn on Saturday. The Sun is also conjunct Jupiter and Neptune. Magic is at work. Moods are buoyant. The mysterious forces of nature amuse and entice. Art, music, movies and loving ways stir folks from the winter doldrums.

Mid-March sees mellower trends. The Sun passes by Neptune on Sunday morning, the 13th. Early that same morning we move our clocks ahead one hour. This can be a day of notable dreams and spiritual experiences. Sleeping in can also be delicious. Epiphanies, healings and other transformational experiences are likely around the time of the full Worm Moon of Friday, the 18th.

On Sunday, the 20th the Sun enters Aries and spring officially begins. The spring equinox also marks the start of the zodiacal year. Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter suggests a whole lot of truth-telling is imminent. However, Neptune is also in the mix so be sure to verify facts before you have your say or make an important move. Creativity is inspired this week, although Mars’ testing square with Uranus on Tuesday, the 22nd is likely to alter many plans. Slow down, watch your step and be extra careful around machinery and sharp-edged tools. Partners, mentors and parents are wise to proceed thoughtfully when both the Moon and Venus pass by Saturn on Monday the 28th.

April 2022

Just two hours into the month the Aries new Moon kicks off a fresh achievement cycle. The widening gap between Saturn and Uranus signals a relaxing of tensions. In fact, as the new month begins, Saturn is conjunct Mars and Venus, increasing the bonds of friendship as well as awareness of our interdependence. If one person can make a difference in the world, imagine the impact millions of like-minded people can have. Mars’ April 4th conjunction with Saturn asks that we evaluate our commitments and either engage more fully or move onto other playing fields.

Thursday, the 7th and Friday, the 8th are good days for discussions and negotiations. The weekend brings uneven going. During the wee hours of Saturday morning the first quarter Cancer Moon stirs deep memories and protective feelings. Sleep can be difficult. Late morning brings uplifting trends but the evening hours present new challenges. Try to remain calm, tactful and cooperative.

The waxing Moon provides good momentum during the middle of the month. On Tuesday, the 12th Jupiter overtakes Neptune, igniting imaginations as well as opening hearts and minds. Compassion is genuine, faith is unshakeable. The Sun’s same day sextile to Saturn suggests brilliant concepts can have practical benefits. Dare to dream!

Exact Saturday afternoon, the full Pink Moon in Libra dominates the weekend of the 16th and 17th. Many relationships are touch and go. Handle partners and loved ones with care and affection. Venus helps elevate moods Sunday evening. A notably enjoyable night follows but Monday morning sees tensions rise. Unresolved issues and insecurities are at the heart of the unrest. Monday afternoon sees a new wave of healing energies. Be bold. Kiss, shake hands and make amends as the Sun prepares to exit Aries.

Late on the night of Tuesday the 19th the Sun enters earthy Taurus. Eager gardeners best wait until Thursday, the 21st or Friday, the 22nd to plant hardy crops. Friday is also Earth Day and a succession of favorable aspects promises heartwarming celebrations.

Be attentive to friends during the weekend of the 23rd and 24th. Sidestep worries by taking a walk, run or bike ride. Mother Nature, visits to museums and movies all offer rewards on Sunday afternoon. Magical trends are in play on Wednesday, the 27th. Venus, Neptune, Jupiter and the Moon form a powerful, mystical stellium in late Pisces. Look for divine inspiration in ordinary things and places. We are nearing the first of two springtime eclipses. Realizations are the order of the day. So, too, are unexpected surprises.

Pluto turns retrograde on Friday, the 29th. Power sharing arrangements are apt to change. Greed and overbearing self-interest are hard to tolerate. Stay intent on helping others. Even the smallest of efforts transforms the potent energy into a force for good. April 30th hosts the Taurus new Moon and solar eclipse. Every eclipse brings elements of discovery as well as uncertainties. Things begun the week of an eclipse seldom play out as originally conceived. Because unpredictable Uranus is close to the Sun/Moon conjunction we can expect plenty of odd occurrences during the coming weeks. But don’t worry; Venus’ conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune while all three planets sextile Pluto indicates that each and every challenge can be successfully navigated.

May 2022

Venus’ healing May Day sextile to Pluto is the month’s opening planetary alignment, and it’s a favorable one! With love in one’s heart all good things are possible. Sunday, the 1st is also a fine day for a walk in a park. Stop and smell the flowers or watch clouds float overhead. Upbeat trends continue. On Tuesday, the 3rd Jupiter makes an encouraging sextile to Pluto. Serenity, faith and good moral values are promoted.

Mars forms a sextile to Uranus on Wednesday, the 4th. Ambitions are kindled and success is likely. Late that night the Taurus Sun is in an exact conjunction with Uranus. Trust may be shaken. Earth changes, instability in financial markets and other surprises are strong probabilities. A quick recovery and return to efficient progress is also likely as the Sun is sextile Mars on Saturday the 7th.

Sunday, the 8th is Mother’s Day. Lunar squares to the Sun and Uranus require everyone to be flexible. Treat mom like royalty and all will be well under the edgy first quarter Leo Moon. As the Moon waxes and momentum gradually builds, two big changes occur on Tuesday the 10th. Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini, and Jupiter enters Aries. Expect stunning transformations of heart and mind in the most unlikely places.

During the weekend of the 14th and 15th many folks suspect something big is brewing, and they’re right! On Sunday the Taurus Sun is at odds with Saturn and harmonizing with Neptune. Some things are about to end while others prepare to blossom. Choose the path of least resistance.

Luna is nearly full and will eclipse the Sun just minutes after midnight on Monday, the 16th. This total lunar eclipse is visible here in the eastern US. Because Scorpio and Taurus host the Moon and Sun, material plane security is a central concern. Expect a personal realization or two, as well as surprising developments on the world stage. Tight eclipse alignments are also perfect for cultivating inner awareness. In some Eastern cultures this full Moon is associated with the return of Buddha’s spirit to Earth’s plane. Tune in.

On the night of Tuesday, the 17th pay attention to both the weather and what you put in your body. A Mars/Neptune conjunction increases sensitivities, and can have serious side effects. Subconscious forces may be active. Make sure idealism is well grounded and has practical benefits. Thought processes soon become clearer. Decisive action is favored on Thursday, the 19th. Trust your hunches and stay true to your principles.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th where, traveling close to Mercury, the duo harmonizes with Jupiter. Travel and learning receive a healthy boost. Broaden your horizons but don’t overlook what you already know. The new work week of Monday, the 23rd begins with a dazzling solar sextile to Jupiter. Ambitions are kindled and progress is rapid most of this week. Energizing Mars enters his own sign of Aries during the evening of Tuesday, the 24th. Money and control issues may surface on Thursday night, the 26th. Remain cooperative and receptive to suggestions but say no to anything at all confrontational.

Sunday, the 29th is a busy final day of the lunar cycle. Spirits are uncharacteristically high for this lunar phase as Mars overtakes Jupiter that morning. Many souls will be primed for a day trip or other springtime adventure. The morning is the best time to be working in the garden. Socialize after noon. Monday the 30th brings the Gemini New Moon. The new cycle begins with powerful assistance from Jupiter and Mars. Kick up your heels and make ready for fun!

June 2022

The first two days of the month are mellow, then things get interesting. On Friday, the 3rd mental Mercury resumes forward motion. Minds are in flux. It may take an extra effort to get even simple messages across. The next day, Saturday, the 4th, is Saturn’s turn to change direction. The Ringed Planet turns retrograde in late Aquarius. Many folks rethink their goals, friendships and other alliances. The first quarter Moon of Tuesday, the 7th may also occasion more shifts in plans. In quite a few instances a new idea represents an improvement over an older strategy.

Engaging social auspices arrive the evening of Friday, the 10th. Conversations are pithy and meaningful. Venus meets up with Uranus Saturday evening. This can be an amazing day for parties and other gatherings. Transformative and visionary forces are in play, and hearts are easily enchanted. Have fun!

Watch your speed on Monday, the 13th. The waxing Moon raises the tempo and crescendoes with the full Strawberry Moon in Scorpio early on the morning of Tuesday, the 14th. Mind what you say. A slip of the tongue or other gaffe can prove costly. Mixed trends continue into the following weekend. Be aware of partners. Kindness and consideration are indispensable. Sunday, the 19th is Father’s Day. Emotions run fast and deep. Express your gratitude and appreciation for whatever dad taught and did for you. A pending angle between Mercury and Jupiter helps make the day enjoyable.

Summer arrives the morning of Tuesday, the 21st as the Sun enters Cancer. At this sacred solstice the longest hours of daylight envelope the northern hemisphere. Venus is in a fabulous trine with Pluto to start off the new season. The enduring power of love is written in these stars. Venus soon enters Gemini, where she assumes a favorable angle with Jupiter. Prosperity, fertility and good cheer are supported as the month nears its end. The night of Tuesday, the 27th hosts the Cancer new Moon. This is an excellent omen for launching boats and other enterprises. Romance is also favored. Venus wraps up the busy day with a satisfying exact sextile to Jupiter just before midnight. Loving hearts are content. Gardeners take note: the fertile Cancer Moon holds sway on Wednesday and most of Thursday.

July 2022

The cosmos sends mixed signals as July begins. After a thoroughly enjoyable day, the evening of Friday, the 1st is dominated by an ominous square between Mars and Pluto. Avoid trouble. Steer clear of temperamental types. Be alert on Saturday, the 2nd for potential upsets and confusion. Independence Day finally brings more consistently upbeat trends. The evening’s lunar trine to Uranus invigorates freedom-loving fans of democracy.

Wednesday, the 5th sees gradually increasing tensions. That night’s first quarter moon in Libra tests many partnerships. Be kind. Help pals fulfill their needs and all will be well. The waxing Moon is again building momentum as the weekend of the 9th and 10th nears. Early Sunday morning the Sun forms a sextile to Uranus, supporting adventurous and inspired acts. Try something new this weekend.

The full Buck Moon in Capricorn makes a big impression on Wednesday, the 13th. The Sun is conjunct Mercury, and Pluto is conjunct the Moon. The four opposing planets each harmonize with Uranus. However promising the future looks, it is wise to have contingency plans in place before springing into action. Make sure partners are on board with plans. Don’t take anyone for granted.

Summer fun is on many peoples’ minds as the weekend of the 16th approaches. Beautiful escapes are appealing with the Cancer Sun and Mercury in trine to Neptune. Water is especially captivating, whether a pond, lake, river or ocean. The working week begins with Mercury and the Sun opposing Pluto. Mercury’s sign change the morning of Tuesday, the 19th adds to the challenges. Seeing clearly is the number one priority. Projecting inner unrest is common under these opposing forces. Don’t just point fingers. Ask yourself how you contribute to current difficulties. Complicated issues will take time to sort out. Stay humble and treat partners with respect as the last quarter Moon energy plays out on Wednesday, the 20th.

The Sun arrives in regal Leo during the afternoon of Friday, the 22nd. A change of scenery is enticing so finish up work in the morning and make ready for weekend adventures. Saturday travel is facilitated by a well-timed midday trine between Mercury and Jupiter. Progress is uneven on Monday, the 25th and Tuesday, the 26th. Mercury is at odds with Mars. Some folks feel cranky, others struggle with bad timing and poor word choices. Try to be tactful. Drive with extra care and caution this week. The Leo new Moon on Thursday, the 28th coincides with a tough Mercury/Uranus square. The risk of accidents remains elevated. Jupiter also turns retrograde the same afternoon. We all have more learning to do.

On Saturday, the 30th Mercury’s testing opposition to Saturn underscores the need to stay focused and keep an open mind. Some souls are called to look after neighbors and close relatives. Fortunately, July has a happy ending. The Leo Sun trines Jupiter the evening of Sunday, the 31st. A sextile angle between the Moon and Venus ensures captivating fun and enjoyable socializing.

August 2022

Mars is in a volatile conjunction with Uranus on the 1st of the month. Extreme caution is advised in all activities. Watch your step. Take pains to avoid misunderstandings. A new path forward could present itself, but uncertainties remain. On Tuesday, the 2nd vastly improved trends arrive. Defuse any residual tensions and then go about fully enjoying the upbeat, life-affirming energies.

The working week ends with a number of difficult circumstances. Friday, the 6th’s first quarter Moon is part of a tense grand square configuration. There may not be any truly good options to choose from. Make the best of your circumstances. We are again experiencing the impact of the destabilizing square between Saturn and Uranus. If the risks are unacceptable, waiting may be the best choice. Sunday, the 7th sees an uplifting trine between Venus and Neptune at midday. By late afternoon Mars is at odds with Saturn and it’s time to slow down. Loving ties are tested on Monday, the 8th. Seek peace with partners but stick up for yourself if necessary.

The full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius is exact the night of Thursday, the 11th. Again, the Saturn/Uranus square is involved. The Moon is conjunct the Ringed Planet, forming a challenging T-square with Uranus and Mars in Taurus. Life can appear to be spiraling out of control while market and political chaos add to worries. However, Mars also forms a stress relieving sextile to Neptune. Empathy, compassion, prayer and unconditional love all can help defuse tensions. It’s a great day to practice mindful non-attachment!

Pragmatists do well on Sunday, the 14th. This is a superior day for analyzing what is. It’s also a fine time for literal as well as figurative yard sales. Let go of clutter in your mind, home, car and anyplace else. Lightening the load will hasten progress during the coming week. On Tuesday, the 16th Mercury is trine Uranus, a fine omen for making fast tracks and learning new tricks. Be sure to fully enjoy Venus’ joyful midweek trine to Jupiter. Living passionately is encouraged.

Tricky trends dominate Sunday, the 21st. With Mercury opposite Neptune and the Moon at odds with both planets, confusion is likely. Out of the fog come ingenious solutions. More answers appear as Mercury trines Pluto on Monday, the 22nd. That night the Sun enters Virgo and harvest season begins!

The Virgo new Moon occurs on Saturday, the 27th. Venus is at odds with Uranus and Saturn, while the new Moon is testing Mars. Roll up your shirtsleeves and fasten your seat belt. The road ahead will surely have its challenges, but there’s nothing that can’t be handled, rest assured. The journey will be smoother if we focus, pace ourselves and work with partners who share our core values. Keep looking up!

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