Becoming Self Aware

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Returning to oneness is not the return to the source of all things, but to the wholeness of your own sovereign being, as the unique higher aspects of your own fragmented soul return to merge in a state of grace.

Oneness refers to the integration of all aspects of self; this includes current and past life identities, memories of inter-dimensional and incarnational experiences — galactic, stellar and inter-universal — as well as the reintegration of parallel expressions of your current form existing simultaneously on other timelines of experience, or what you would consider to be other versions of this planet Earth.

Simply put, it is the reunification of all higher versions of soul self, incarnate or pure consciousness, retrieved from across all time, and all space.

It does not mean the return to the parental care of an omnipresent and somewhat benevolent being standing on a heavenly threshold somewhere, with a glass of milk in one hand and a plate of cookies in the other, waiting to welcome you home like an errant child, ready to stroke your hair and croon, “There, there…”

You are home! And you are everywhere in every moment of time and at every point in space able to be realized in the simultaneous now moment.

The 3D reality as experienced on Earth is the anchor for all of your over-arching experiences. It is a realm of free expression from one perspective — experienced and perceived as relative to another — in a structure of duality. The experience was designed by you, for you. It is not reality in the same way your childish mind has been led to believe, but an illusion created for your protection while immersed in this experience, much like childhood itself.

The Earth project is an experiment in emotion, in which we chose to play out on a stage set in an emotional body constructed in a material realm. It is a holographic projection of light-encoded frequencies filtered through a two-dimensional lens (black hole at the center of the sun) and beamed onto the denser matter fields of manifestation and various refracted colored rays or vibrations. The hologram is pre-programmed by our own higher minds, with the energy of our own thoughts and emotions projecting electromagnetic signatures that ripple through the consciousness grids of our human collective.

Immersion in the game is like entering an altered state, as in deep sleep or unconsciousness. The period of awakening is likened to a holographic projection becoming self-aware! Metaphorically, it feels like the earth is quaking beneath your feet; cracks appear in your sheltered and neatly structured lives and relationships, and your sense that all is not as it seems is super heightened. The seamlessness of your reality matrix shudders, flickers and begins to break down. As you rub the sleep from your eyes, the memories of who you are skirt your consciousness like the remembrance of a dream. Beware, the bright light of a new day can be blinding. Do not fall asleep again.

Alison David Bird, C.Ht., is the originator of Marconics, an evolutionary energy healing system carrying the ascension frequency of higher dimensions. She is the author of Marconics: The Clarion Call and Angels of Atlantis. For more information visit

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