Generosity Brings Abundance

Opportunities to be generous may show up where you least expect them.

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If you have $10 and you donate $2 to others you are left with $8. Simple math, right?

However, if you add a spiritual dimension to the equation, a karmic calculator comes into play. Using the karmic calculator, if you have $10 and you donate $2 to others, you then have more than $10.

How is this possible? You may have heard the expression what goes around comes around. In karmic terms that means the $2 you donated to someone comes back to you and simultaneously multiplies itself.

The key to this mysterious multiplication effect is the intention with which you shared that wealth. If the intention is selfless and there is no expectation of payback or personal gain, the return of this generosity is greatly enhanced.

The virtue of generosity comes alive when your heart is open to sharing what you have. That could be the sharing of physical things like gifts or money, virtues such as peace or honesty, support in helping others or sending good wishes, cooperation with your pure attitude, etc. What you share with a generous heart certainly comes back to you and multiplies itself. When this type of sharing becomes part of your life, your acts of generosity bring abundance into your own life.

Many years ago, I heard a story about a man selling bananas from a street cart. One day two yogis came to him to buy a few bananas. During the interaction with them the vendor was moved by their peaceful nature and he experienced an awareness of their divine qualities, so he decided to give the bananas to them for free.

He then learned that the bananas they purchased would be used to feed those who came to their ashram. At that moment, in his heart he was inspired to do something more for the yogis, so he decided he would send some bananas to them every now and then free of charge. Within a few years his business increased so much that he grew from selling the bananas from the cart to owning a big shop, to selling truckloads of bananas that were distributed to far distant places. He had one pure thought to share what he had without expecting something in return; in other words, he demonstrated the virtue of generosity. In return for this pure action of donating the produce his business grew to reward him with enormous abundance!

Generally, people think if they have an abundance of things, that sharing them with others is being generous. One type of generosity is to give something you have plenty of and the other is to give what someone wants or needs. These are quite different from one another. If someone is looking for a cup of water and you offer them a variety of desserts, their need is not being met and they will still be thirsty.

To be generous means to have an open heart, a big heart, and to be able to give what is needed at the time. It is good to donate things like food, clothing, money etc., to those who are in need, but one can also support others generously by holding space for them to experience something deeply or sending good wishes to someone who is having a difficult challenge in their life.

In another way, if someone does not have patience or makes poor choices in life or is dishonest, the general tendency for others is to blame them, dislike them, reject them or talk meanly about them behind their back. To be generous-hearted in this instance means to become an embodiment of elevated virtues in a practical way to demonstrate patience or discernment or honesty.

And in another way, if someone does not know how to be light as they face the challenges of life, allowing your lightness to shine so brightly that the other person is touched by it and easily learns from your example is an act of generosity.

If someone does not have inner strength to make good practical choices for themselves, you can share your inner power in the form of subtle thoughts of good wishes and pure feelings for them, to help them visualize better choices with the power of your thoughts. This is a true act of generosity.

Your acts of generosity bring you abundant blessings and help you succeed in everything you do!

Om shanti.

Dev Lingadevaru is a Rajayogi for the past 30 years. He started his spiritual path with the Brahma Kumaris during his young student life back in India, and now teaches and facilitates workshops in positive thinking, managing stress and many other self-development classes. Visit

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