Getting Into Solution Mode

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Each one of us lives with a unique set of problems to solve. There are upsets. Things are not always as they seem. You may suddenly find yourself yanked away from a situation that was comfortable or discover new issues have suddenly cropped up in your life — health, abundance, survival. You may have issues with family. Our problems are often similar to what others experience, but what makes the problems unique are that they are yours.

The Old Way Of Solving Problems

There are many ineffective ways people try to solve their problems, including:

  • Run. Some people will try running away from the problem, believing that if they run far enough, it will not be there when they get back. They may try to occupy their brains with other concerns, or simply ignore the problem because they believe avoiding the pain will make them feel better.
  • Worry the problem away. Some people will focus all their time and energy in worrying instead of sitting down and facing the problem directly to solve it.
  • Blame. Accuse the circumstances, conditions and other people.
  • Share. Perhaps by sharing it with enough people over and over the problem might go away or become diluted if enough people are involved.
  • Shut down. When all else fails, some people go into crisis of biology, a shut-down mode where it is better to be sick or die than to face the problem.

How To Create Win-Win Solutions

These are entirely normal reactions, but they belong to the old way of doing things that understands things in purely linear thinking. With more awareness, we might discover a more elegant win-win solution using intuition and energy consciousness, an entirely different paradigm with these three steps.

  1. Analyze why the problem exists metaphysically. “Why has this problem been brought to my attention now, and why am I involved in this situation?” There is something for you here, along with the problem if you will stay open and curious. Facing the challenge means that you have the capacity to solve it, since every problem contains its own solution just waiting for you to find it. However, first must come this peace and balance over the situation, and then comes revelation and solution. Peace over worry  is absolutely necessary for a win-for-all solution! This is different way of handling problems, as we usually run to solve problems and seek to do things before being in peace.
  2. Take responsibility for the problem. Regardless of how big it is or whether it appears to be an accident or not, at some level you own the problem, and therefore you can solve it. It is not something that has happened to you, but something you are involved with.
  3. Expect Synchronicity. This is critical. Own the concept that for every problem, no matter how large, there is a solution that has already been created, one that it is available and that it is grander than you can imagine. It exists with your name on it, so you are the only one who can solve it. It is the responsibility of the higher self within you to use the ability and the gift to stand up and make things happen. Reach out to others and find out what synchronistic things take place to allow for your life to move forward.

So, what are you going do with that problem you’re handling now? If you choose not to fully understand the problem you face — if you flee from it, worry about it, create drama or even go into shut down mode — it will not be dissolved from its root cause. You’ll continue to experience the problem in many different ways over and over, to give you another chance to see through it. So, you’ll always have a chance to solve it and see it for what it is: something very small in the cosmic theme of things with a solution that you prepared a long time ago. A problem is often metaphorically gift-wrapped with tears until you unwrap it to discover the gift.

Dalia Olshvang, PhD, MBA, is a senior teacher and practitioner of Hibur le Muda’ut AL, a Hebrew phrase meaning “unifying life-enhancing knowledge from the human spirit rather than the logos.” Dalia is a featured lecturer at Brandeis University and a trained crisis hotline facilitator, where she has introduced advanced tools for volunteers to apply in times of need. Experience a free introductory online event and harmonizing healing treatment February 11, 2023 or visit

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