Good News Headlines 10/13/2020

Mathias Appel Tasmanian Devil

© Mathias Appel via Flickr (public domain)

For The First Time In 3,000 Years, Tasmanian Devils Return To Mainland Australia

by Alex Fox, Smithsonian Magazine

A reintroduction project recently released 11 devils at a 1,000-acre wildlife sanctuary in Barrington Tops National Park about 130 miles north of Sydney… Read More


The UN World Food Program Wins The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

by Alex Ward, Vox

Millions are going hungry. The Nobel committee wanted to highlight that and the global body’s years-long work… Read More


Uganda Is Getting 3 Million New Trees

by Melissa Breyer, Treehugger

The plan is to plant more than 3 million trees, supporting long-term and large-scale restoration of the Albertine Rift Forests. The area is an important habitat for endangered chimpanzees… Read More


Canada Will Ban Single-Use Plastic Items By The End Of Next Year

by Simret Aklilu, CNN

The move is part of a larger effort by the nation to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030… Read More


‘Caravan Of Joy’ Brings Smiles To Seniors Isolated In Suburban Nursing Homes

by Erin Ivory, WGN9

A slow-moving caravan of short, fluffy and extra-long tails paraded around a suburban nursing home Wednesday with no motive other than bringing smiles to those on the other side of the glass… Read More


An Entire Village In France Built For People With Alzheimer’s

by Alexandra Marvar, Being Patient

With a grocery shop, a hair salon, a coffee parlor, music recitals and more, the village is an experiment by researchers and the French government in providing autonomy to people living with Alzheimer’s… Read More


Couple Turns Barren English Estate Into Conservation Eden, Rewilding To Attract Rare Species Of Astonishing Biodiversity

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

The 3,500-acre estate in West Sussex, about 41 miles south of London, was seemingly cursed with low farming yields when Charlie Burrell finished agriculture school in the 1990s… Read More


With Polling Sites Lacking Workers, A New Generation Steps Up

by Hailey Fuchs, The New York Times

Older volunteers are reluctant to work during the pandemic. High school students, who are increasingly politically engaged and have more time, are taking their place… Read More


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