Good News Headlines 5/19/20

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Why Some Kids Are Happier Right Now, And Other Unexpected Effects Of Quarantine

by Elissa Strauss, CNN

They are less busy, have more control over their time, are sleeping better, seeing more of their parents, playing more alone or with siblings — and feeling better for it… Read More



Humpback Whales Have Made A Remarkable Recovery, Giving Us Hope For The Planet

by Dr. Kirsten Thompson, TIME

In the depths of the ocean, and out of sight for most of us, there’s a quiet miracle happening. Many humpback whale populations, previously devastated by commercial whaling, are making a comeback… Read More



Hundreds Of Cities Worldwide Make Streets Into Cycling And Pedestrian Walkways—With Plans To Stay That Way

by Michael Goonan, Good News Network

With greenhouse gas emissions set to decline a record-breaking 8% this year, a happy accident of the novel coronavirus pandemic has been its positive impact on cities… Read More



Gang Kingpins In South Africa Call Truce To Help Community During Pandemic

by Tim Wyatt, Independent

South Africa’s coronavirus lockdown has unexpectedly brought warring gangs together to deliver food parcels to those struggling to make ends meet… Read More



Headspace Offers Unemployed Americans A Free Year Of Mindfulness

by Stephanie Mlot, Entrepreneur

Nearly a quarter of the American workforce is out of a job due to the COVID-19 crisis, so healthcare app Headspace is offering a full year of premium access to jobless or furloughed U.S. residents aged 18 and older… Read More



Anonymous Donors Wipe Out College Debt For 400 Bay Area Students Who Rose Above

by Michelle Griego, CBS Pittsburgh

A group of anonymous donors, moved by stories of students overcoming the direst of circumstances to succeed in their college and work careers, has given hundreds of them an eye-popping gift which could move them to even higher levels… Read More



Entrepreneur Plans To Roll Out Travelling Grocery Stores 

by David Nickle,

The company, which is expected to launch its services in July, is a cross between a grocery store and a grocery delivery service in the form of a tractor trailer that travels to communities stocked with food supplies… Read More



Plant-Based Meat Companies Are Hotter Than Ever Right Now

by Katherine Martinko, Treehugger

As meat processing facilities across the United States and Canada have closed due to virus outbreaks, companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are suddenly able to compete more closely with the price of real beef… Read More


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