Good News Headlines 5/5/20

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Scuba Divers Make Face Masks Out Of Recycled Ocean Plastic

by Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch

While some people are heading outside in snorkeling masks as makeshift protection, a group of scuba divers is using their social distancing time to help people and the oceans… Read More



Coronavirus Is Driving Down Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions To Levels Last Seen 10 Years Ago

by Steven Mufson, The Washington Post

The world’s CO2 emissions will plunge 8 percent this year, a reduction six times as large as the previous global record set in 2009 when the financial crisis rocked the world economy… Read More



Pakistan Hired 63,000 People, Unemployed By COVID-19, To Help Plant 10 Billion Trees

by Tod Perry, Upworthy

If there is a bright spot to the COVID-19 epidemic, it’s the positive environmental impact that social distancing has had on the planet… Read More



Urban Beekeeper Using Bee Sounds And Honey To Make Experimental Music

by Kimberley Mok

Wrapping our heads around the scale and huge impact of colony collapse disorder on global bee populations is a difficult task. That’s where artists like UK-based Bioni Samp come in… Read More



Americans In Stable Financial Positions Answer The Call To Donate Their $1,200 Stimulus Checks

from Good News Network

Since the United States government began issuing stimulus checks to Americans this week, a group of volunteers from North Carolina has rallied thousands of people in stable financial positions to donate part of their stimulus checks to help people affected by COVID-19… Read More



Around Orlando, Families Are Getting ‘Tea-P’d’ With Kindness

by Patrick Connolly, Orlando Sentinel 

Around Orlando, some families are gazing out in their front yards only to discover they’ve been “tea-p’d.” Except this kind of gesture is not looked upon with scowls and shaking fists, but rather with smiles and sometimes tears of joy… Read More



Washington State Now Has the Most Diverse Supreme Court In History

by Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, elevated Grace Helen Whitener to the state Supreme Court. Whitener is a disabled black lesbian who immigrated from Trinidad… Read More


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