Good News Headlines 10/28/2020

Eba Whale Dog

Provided by Dr. Deborah Giles / Courtesy of UW/Center for Conservation Biology

This Rescue Dog’s Poop-Sniffing Skills Help Save Endangered Killer Whales

by Jen Reeder, Today

Eba almost died as an abandoned puppy. Now she helps conservation biologists study Southern Resident killer whales… Read More


Poll Shows People Are Picking Up Healthy New Habits As A Result Of Being Home In Pandemic

from Good News Network

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed that more than a third have picked up and embraced good habits during lockdown…  Read More


Booker T. Washington’s Letter Shows South Berwick-Tuskegee Connection Was ’Meant To Be’

by Amy Miller, Seacoast Online

A letter discovered by an antique collector in South Berwick indicates to at least some residents the sister city relationship created with between South Berwick and Tuskegee was always meant to be… Read More


This Cargo Ship Cuts Emissions 90% Using An Old-fashioned Trick: Sails

by Adele Peters, Fast Company

The tens of thousands of cargo ships that travel the world’s oceans—carrying everything from jeans and smartphones to cars and bananas—collectively emit more CO2 than most countries… Read More


New Study Shows Social Connections Improve Your Brain Health

by Bryan Robinson, Ph.D., Forbes

Older adults who get together with friends, volunteer, or attend classes especially have healthier brains… Read More


A Maryland 7-Year-Old Was Bullied. He Responded By Opening A Food Pantry.

by Sydney Page, The Washington Post

Cavanaugh Bell stands just slightly taller than the tires on the 53-foot semitrailer he and his mother filled with thousands of pounds of supplies… Read More


Virginia Lawmakers Vote Unanimously To Make Juneteenth A State Holiday

from Good Black News

Juneteenth marks the day in 1865 when news of the Emancipation Proclamation and the abolition of slavery reached Texas via a Union Army general Gordon Granger, setting off celebrations among the newly freed… Read More


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