Good News Headlines 10/6/2020

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Hundreds of young activists joined an inspiring Youth Climate Strike in Santa Rosa, to demand action on climate change. This North Bay strike was organized by young climate activists Lucy London and Kelley Tillman, along with their peers at the Novato High Earth Club. © Fabrice Florin via Flickr CC

‘2020 Really Belongs To Us’: The Youth Climate Movement Rallies Around The Election

by Brian Kahn, YES! Magazine

Legacy environmental groups will certainly have a role to play, but it’s the burgeoning youth climate movement that’s poised to help at the margins to create a new Democratic coalition that centers climate policy and pushes the party to take bold action… Read More


These Indigenous Educators Are Bringing Western And Native Science Together In The Classroom

by Natalie Rademacher, Ensia

By meshing laboratory science with Traditional Ecological Knowledge, college professors aim to cultivate better environmental decision makers — and decisions… Read More


12 Organizations Creating Food Products From Upcycled Food Waste

by Danielle Nierenberg and Sean Taylor, Food Tank

Entrepreneurs are taking on food waste across the world in some truly creative ways—turning what many consider garbage into delicious—and nutritious—products… Read More


Student Activists Lead Grassroots Movement To Ban Synthetic Herbicides

by Francesca DiGiorgio, Food Tank

Founded by undergraduates at UC Berkeley, HFC works to eliminate synthetic herbicides from schools across America… Read More


Climate Champion David Attenborough Breaks Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram Record

by Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch

Sir David Attenborough wants to share a message about the climate crisis. And it looks like his fellow Earthlings are ready to listen… Read More


Scientists Engineered Plastic-Eating ‘Super-Enzymes’ That Can Break Down Bottles In Days

by Aylin Woodward, Business Insider

Used at scale, they could reduce our reliance on fossil fuels (which are needed to produce new plastic), instead allowing manufacturers to reuse the same plastics over and over… Read More


Another Record-Setting Organ Donation Year In The U.S. In 2019; Transplant Rate In 2020 Stays Strong

from Good News Network

The unprecedented growth in organ donation is “growth that has made the U.S. donation system the world’s leader in lifesaving organ transplant rate,” said Tom Mone, chief executive officer of OneLegacy… Read More


Americans Have Grown A New Appreciation For Nature During Quarantine

from New York Post

Fifty-eight percent of respondents shared they didn’t appreciate nature as much as they should have before the COVID-19 pandemic… Read More


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