Good News Headlines 11/10/2020

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Major Study Finds Psychedelic Treatment For Depression Effective

by Alexandra Kelley, The Hill

A landmark study suggests that a key chemical ingredient in the hallucinogens known as magic mushrooms can help people battling depression… Read More


This Vermont Mountain Retreat Is A Mecca For Dogs And Dog Lovers Across The World

from Good News Network

The Dog Mountain resort in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, has been attracting dog lovers and their pups for almost 20 years—and leashes are optional… Read More


Green New Deal Champion Chloe Maxmin Unseats Powerful GOP Incumbent In Rural Maine

by Julia Conley, Common Dreams

Two years after winning a seat in the state House of Representatives, representing conservative, rural District 88, Maxmin secured a win in her challenge to state Senate Republican Leader Dana Dow… Read More


This White Paint Could Reduce The Need for Air Conditioning

from Purdue University

Purdue University engineers have created white paint that can keep surfaces up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than their ambient surroundings – almost like a refrigerator does, but without consuming energy… Read More


‘Major Victory’: Federal Court Rejects FDA Approval of ‘Frankenfish’

from EcoWatch

Food safety campaigners on Thursday welcomed a federal court’s finding that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) violated U.S. law in its approval of genetically engineered salmon… Read More


National Parks, Lands To Be Free For Gold Star Families

from Associated Press

The U.S. Department of the Interior has accepted a proposal from two Maine lawmakers to make admission to national parks free for Gold Star families… Read More


Microwaves Could Turn Plastic Waste Into Hydrogen Fuel

by Tom Whipple, The Times

From the yellowed bottles in landfill to the jellyfish-like bags clogging the oceans, plastics pollution is an apparently intractable problem. Yet, chemists lament, it shouldn’t be… Read More


Scientists Are Investigating A Common Weed For New Cancer Treatments

by Helen Albert, Forbes

A common weed in the cabbage family has anticancer properties and could be the answer to developing new and better treatments for the disease… Read More


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