Good News Headlines 11/24/2020

Tristan Da Cunha Brian Gratwicke

© Brian Gratwicke, Flickr CC

World’s Most Remote Island Creates Largest Atlantic Ocean Sanctuary

by Tiffany Duong, EcoWatch

In the South Atlantic Ocean, a tiny island of 250 people has made a significant contribution to global marine conservation by protecting a huge swath of ocean under its control… Read More


“Historic” Pick For Interior Secretary? Biden’s Team Vets Native American Rep. Deb Haaland

from News & Guts

She’s being vetted for the job by the Biden transition team, The Hill reported on Wednesday. She’d be the first Native American ever to serve in a presidential cabinet… Read More


New Study Shows Healthy Sleep Habits Help Lower Risk Of Heart Failure By 42%

from Good News Network

Adults with the healthiest sleep patterns—those who are morning risers, sleeping 7-8 hours a day with no frequent insomnia—experienced a 42% reduction in the risk of heart failure compared to those with unhealthy sleep patterns… Read More


UK To Ban Sales Of New Diesel And Gasoline Cars In 2030

by Charles Riley, CNN Business

The United Kingdom will ban the sale of new cars that run only on fossil fuels in 2030, a move that is designed to phase out polluting vehicles earlier than any other major economy and support the country’s recovery from the pandemic… Read More


The Conservation Area In Montana Bringing The Serengeti To The American Prairie

from The Economist

The American Prairie Reserve (APR) was founded as a charity in 2001 and aspires to become the largest park in the Lower 48 states. Already it stretches over nearly 420,000 acres (from 29 ranches it has bought so far), and will eventually grow and stitch together another 2.75 million acres of public land… Read More


Owl Found In Rockefeller Center Tree To Be Released Back Into The Wild

from Associated Press

A tiny owl that was found dehydrated and hungry in the branches of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is eating its way back to good health and set to be released back into the wild Saturday… Read More


Researchers Make Biodegradable Tableware From Sugar And Bamboo So It Will Be As Cheap As Plastic

from Good News Network

Scientists have designed a set of “green” tableware made from sugarcane waste and bamboo that doesn’t sacrifice on convenience or functionality and could serve as a potential alternative to plastic cups and other disposable plastic containers… Read More


Yale Study Suggests Psilocybin Can Help Treat Migraines

from The Optimist Daily

What the researchers found was that a single dose of psychedelic psilocybin can reduce migraine frequency by 50 percent for a least two weeks… Read More


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