Good News Headlines 11/24/2021

Indianapolis Circa August 2017: John Deere Dealership. Deere Manufactures Agricultural, Construction, And Forestry Machinery V


John Deere Strike Ends As Workers Win Higher Wages, Bonus And Better Pension

by Sharon Zhang, Truthout

Union workers for equipment manufacturer John Deere voted to approve a new contract on Wednesday, ending a strike sustained by over 10,000 workers at 14 locations for nearly five weeks.

Refugees In Cameroon Have Turned A Treeless Desert Camp Into A Thriving Forest 

by Good News Network

“Everywhere we look is green now,” says Luka Isaac, president of the Nigerian refugees in Minawao. “The trees have grown, we have shade and we will have enough trees to make our environment beautiful and healthy. Before, the air was very dusty. Now the air we breathe is very good.”

Seven Amazing Trends The Media Ignores That’ll Make You Feel Great About The Future

by Tod Perry, Upworthy

“There’s also the nature of the media,” she added. “Obviously sudden, noteworthy and rare events are the ones that make headlines, whereas long-term slow, steady, incremental progress is just not as interesting.”

High School Runner Pushes Her Brother In His Wheelchair During Every Race

by Catherine Garcia, The Week

While most high school athletes have their family cheering for them on the sidelines, Susan Bergeman’s brother Jeffrey is there every step of the way during her 3.1-mile cross country races. For every practice and meet, Susan, 14, runs while pushing Jeffrey, 15, in his wheelchair.

Incredible Cave Paintings 8 Miles-Long Revealed Deep In Amazon Forest: The Sistine Chapel Of Ancients

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

Tens of thousands of pristine cave paintings were found daubed across an eight-mile stretch of rock in a once-in-a-century discovery in Colombia’s Amazon rainforest. Hailed as the “Sistine Chapel of the Ancients,” it’s the kind of discovery that changes the world of archaeology.