Good News Headlines 12/22/2020

Robert L.b. Tobin Land Bridge

The Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge now connects Phil Hardberger Park across a six-lane highway in San Antonio, Texas. Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy

San Antonio, Texas Unveils Largest Highway Crossing For Wildlife In U.S.

by Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch

The Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge, which connects San Antonio’s Phil Hardberger Park across a six-lane highway, opened Friday afternoon for people and animals alike. A project ten years in the making, the bridge is now the largest completed wildlife crossing of its kind in the U.S… Read More


Zoom Drops Time Limits For Families To Celebrate Holidays Together

by Catherine Thorbecke, ABC News

As health officials urge Americans not to travel home for the holidays, Zoom said it was removing the time limit for meetings on free accounts during certain holidays this year… Read More


While It May Seem Too Simple, Science Shows Light Lamp Therapy For Treating SAD During Winter Can Work

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

Aside from exercising and staying outside, light lamp therapy can be used to treat seasonal affective disorder in people who must remain indoors for work, COVID, or both… Read More


A Herd Of Elephants Is Rewilding Virunga National Park

by Mary Jo DiLonard, Treehugger

A herd of around 580 African elephants entered Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from neighboring land, causing an unexpected transformation to the park… Read More


France Will Become The First Country To Label Electronic Devices With Repairability Tags

by Ashri Khandelwal, Times Now News

In a landmark decision, European Parliament has voted in support of the right of consumers to get a clear understanding of the estimated lifetime and repairability of electronic items like mobile phones, laptops, fridges… Read More


Swapping Red Meat With Beans And Nuts Can Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

from Optimist Daily

A new study based on 30 years of observation has found that replacing red meat with high-quality plant foods such as beans and nuts may be associated with a significantly reduced risk of coronary heart disease… Read More


Bowhead Whale Population Recovers Despite Arctic Warming

by Tiffany Duong, EcoWatch

In good news that has scientists excited, bowhead whale populations are nearing pre-commercial whaling numbers in U.S. waters…Read More


When This Generous Restaurant Owner Was Down On His Luck, A Grateful Community Swooped In To Help

by Paulina Firozi, Washington Post

Mannan said the donations will cover expenses, about $45,000 a month, and help him rehire some staff. Meantime, he said, more food orders have been coming in from patrons… Read More


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