Good News Headlines 12/29/2020

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The Grocery Stories: Quantum Physics Kindness

by Mary Ann D’Urso, The Boston Globe

What I know about quantum physics wouldn’t fill a small grocery bag. On a very primitive level, I understand it is the study of the relationship between energy and light… Read More


Scientists Find New, Rare And Rediscovered Species In Bolivian Andes

by Tiffany Duong, EcoWatch

Biologists and expedition team members hiked for more than two weeks through the valley to access the ecosystem… Read More


Scientists Spot Beaked Whale Believed To Be A New Species

by Elizabeth Claire Alberts, Mongabay

On November 17, the research team was sailing aboard the Martin Sheen, a vessel operated by conservation group Sea Shepherd, when they spotted the three beaked whales… Read More


Husband And Wife Create And Donate Thousands Of Toys To Local Kids: ‘It’s So Much Fun’

by Sophie Dodd, People

Mike Sullivan isn’t making a list, or checking it twice — he’s just making toys, for anyone who wants one… Read More


‘Reef Goats’: Seaweed-loving Giant Crabs Could Help Save Corals In The Florida Keys

by Adriana Brasileiro, Miami Herald

A study by Florida International University showed that increasing the abundance of the Caribbean king crab, found in Florida waters and throughout the Caribbean, can reduce algae overgrowth and help restore the natural balance, improving coral health overall… Read More


14 Years Ago The Amazon Was Being Bulldozed For Soy – Then Everything Changed As Corporations Joined Activists

from Good News Network

Over the last 14 years, a unique public-private initiative has reduced soy farming deforestation in the Amazon, so much so, that almost no soy coming from the Amazon currently contributes to deforestation… Read More


Friluftsliv: How To Socialize In The Cold Without Feeling Miserable

from Optimist Daily

In Norway, the art of embracing the outdoors, regardless of the weather, is known as friluftsliv. It’s a good art to learn, especially since it’s much safer to socialize outdoors… Read More


New Zealand Offers Free Covid-19 Vaccines To Neighboring Nations

by Kaelan Deese, The Hill

New Zealand announced Thursday that it would provide free COVID-19 vaccines to its population of 5 million, plus additional free vaccines to neighboring nations… Read More


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