Good News Headlines 2/14/17

photo from Seattle Symphony Twitter page


This Land Is Your Land: Seattle Symphony Responds To Trump Travel Ban With ‘Music Beyond Borders’

by Brendan Kiley, The Seattle Times

At least one quarter of SSO musicians are immigrants, said principal trumpet player David Gordon, and they felt an urgency to respond to President Trump’s executive order… Read More



Monsanto’s Roundup Must Carry Cancer Warning Label, Judge Decrees

by Dr. Joseph Mercola,

Fresno County Superior Court Judge Kristi Kapetan recently struck another nail in the company's coffin, striking down Monsanto's attempt to overturn California's 2015 ruling to require Prop 65 warnings on glyphosate… Read More



Company Develops Shipping Pallet That Can Be Transformed Into Sports Equipment For Refugees

from Good News Network

With the backdrop of increasingly negative rhetoric and government policy directed at displaced people, this Brooklyn-based company is working to make sure that refugees — specifically the 51% of whom are children — are afforded the basic human right of the ability to play… Read More



6 New England Patriots Skipping Visit To Trump’s White House

by Gabrielle Levy, US News and World Report

At least six members of the Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots say they won’t join the team for the traditional post-championship visit to the White House, with at least half explicitly citing their discomfort with President Donald Trump and his administration… Read More



Cannabis Exerts Powerful Neuroprotective Effects And May Soon Be Used In Stroke And Cardiac Emergencies

by Marco Torres, Prevent Disease

The reason cannabis is so effective medicinally is directly related to its ability to interact with receptors in the body which inhibit inflammation and prevent disease… Read More



Yale Renames Calhoun College Over Namesake’s Ties To Slavery And White Supremacy

by Maquita Peters, WBUR

The vote by the Ivy League’s trustees comes after years of debate and it overturns last April’s decision to keep the name. That decision had fueled campus protests from student activists… Read More



Huge Win For Renewables In Maryland As Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto

by Stefanie Spear, EcoWatch

The renewable portfolio standard (RPS), according to the Maryland Climate Coalition, will result in an additional 250 megawatts of solar energy in the state and more than 1,000 megawatts of additional renewable energy in the region… Read More



Melinda Gates Pledges To Help 120 Million Women Access Birth Control By 2020

by Jillian Kramer, Glamour

Gates’ pledge is even more important today than when she first made it in 2012. As Republicans begin work to repeal the ACA, there’s been a surge of women seeking alternative ways to obtain birth control and a growing fear they'll no longer be able to afford their desired method, such as IUDs… Read More



How Two Cities Are Taking A Major Stand Against The Dakota Access Pipeline

by Andre Grant, Good Magazine

Seattle, Washington, and Davis, California, have both divested their individual assets from Wells Fargo over concerns with the bank’s role as lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline project, NPR reported… Read More



Huge Counter-Protests Overwhelm ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ Rallies

from Common Dreams

Hundreds of different counter-demonstrations, large, small and in between, were held across the country Saturday – overwhelming the anti-choice rallies… Read More


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