Good News Headlines 2/16/2021

A view of deep space

“Hubble Sees a Star ‘Inflating’ a Giant Bubble” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0

These Stunning 4K Space Videos From NASA Will Help You Escape Earth’s Orbit For a While

by Andy Corbley, Good News Network

Taking a moment away from your work to stretch out your mind can be a great way to manage stress, and these NASA videos of our Sun, Moon, and Earth are perfect ways to do so… Read More


Howard Teen Uses Lunar New Year Service Project to Help Reduce Growing Anti-Asian Sentiment

by John-John Williams IV, Baltimore Sun

For the Kim family in Woodbine, the Lunar New Year always has been a time for celebrating family, prosperity and health. This year amid a pandemic and anti-Asian rhetoric that has turned violent in some cases, the holiday celebrated by Asians across the globe takes on special meaning for the Korean American family in Howard County, which has one of the largest Asian American populations in Maryland… Read More


From Raising Cows to Growing Veggies: Ranchers Go Vegan

by Teresa Bergen, INHABITAT

Richard and Cindy Traylor are part of a growing number of ranchers who have made the surprising switch to plant-based agriculture. In 2018, Honey, Cindy’s favorite cow, was injured. Cindy had become so attached to Honey that she didn’t want… Read More


Active Ingredient in Psychedelic Tea Puts the Brain in a “Dream-Like State,” Shows Promise as Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders

by Virgilio Marin, Alternative Medicine News

A potent compound in psychedelic tea can make you “dream while awake,” potentially opening new opportunities for treating psychiatric disorders… Read More


Enough: How Practices, Paradox And Permaculture Can Create A Future Of Work That Works

by Ginny Whitelaw, Forbes

Practices that evolve our consciousness, that can grapple with paradox and borrow from permaculture can help us create a future of work that is a future we want… Read More


Samella Lewis, Artist and Historian Focused on Advancing Black Art, Awarded CAA’s Highest Honor

by Maximilíano Durón, ARTnews

Lewis, the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in art history from Ohio State University, has also been influential as an art historian, carving out space for Black artists and creating scholarship on their art since the ’70s, a time when the mainstream often ignored or denigrated their art… Read More


This 3D-Printed House Is Made From Recyclable Materials and Will Be Zero Waste

by Samantha Pires, My Modern Met

This project features futuristic dome-shaped dwellings located near Bologna, Italy. The unusual forms and uniquely layered interiors make TECLA interesting enough on its own, but the style is not what makes this project so special… Read More


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